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Girls Night last weekend in Appleton was a blast. Only Mandy and Beth made it, but they were the two I wanted to see and catch up with the most, so I was more than happy with the turn out. Found a new polyester swim suit on sale for $55 down from $80, and I'm all "Yay!" about that because the blue one I had been wearing has seen at least a year of hard use and I was just waiting for some seam to rip or something during swim lessons - not a nice thought considering it was the only one I had until I got the new one (well, two - I got an Ugly a week or two before in Stevens Point, but still). Also found a pair of new shoes on sale for $95 down from $120.

We also helped Mandy find a nice interview outfit, I tried on a goofy dress I wouldn't be caught dead in just for the hell of it, and generally just had a fun time wandering around the mall window shopping. Beth did manage to convince me to spend $40 on makeup, but I figure the lip pencil will last me the rest of my life - possibly even longer considering how rarely I wear makeup - so it should be worth it in the end.

Next up was glaming ourselves up and dinner at Olive Garden; I wore a skirt sexy boots *and* makeup - would've attempted to do my hair, too, especially as it was kind of behaving all blah-like anyway, but we ran out of prep time (hey, by the time we left the mall, we only had 45 minutes left to get to the hotel, change, and get back to the other side of the mall area to Olive Garden, so all things considered, I think we did pretty well), so it was just... blah. Managed to leave it down for maybe forty minutes before pulling it back into my more typical messy bun.

Then we spent a half hour or so at a salsa bar and shared a really tasty margarita before hitting Skyline Comedy Club for the 10pm show. I didn't find the two opening acts all that amusing, but the headliner, Nick Vatterott had me chuckling quite a few times. The line about being high as a kite and checking the time, only to see "End" on his microwave clock had all three of us rolling. And being the wild child I am, my two drink minimum consisted of a rootbeer and a decaf coffee. Am I bad, or am I bad? ;)

After the comedy show it was back to my hotel room, where we spent an additional hour or two jabbering before I shooed them both out and home as they still had to drive a bit and by this point it was 2 am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. I showered and was in bed by three, where I maybe got two hours of sleep and I was up again by 8:00 because I am a glutton for punishment. Still made it home it one piece, though, and it was an awesome night and I'm super glad I set it up. I cringe every time I think about how much money I spent, but every penny was so totally worth it for the chance to catch up with Mandy and Beth again.

Also, spent New Years Eve with Emmies. We ate at El Mez, had a Disney Movie Marathon (Sorcerer's Apprentice and Tangled), and then I stayed up until 3 with her watching the Batman television series from the 60s. Then I drove home the next day on two or three hours of sleep with a snow storm doing it's damndest to blow me off the road. Thankfully it did not succeed and I made it home all in one piece. :)
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Okay, so the timer is telling me i still have about twenty minutes of computer time before the library kicks me off. So, a quick'n'dirty Year In Review, totally not spell checked so I apologize ahead of time.

Not doing a long ramble this time around, just some highlights that I can remember off the top of my head.

* December 2009 - I graduated with a BS in Geoscience. By the end of February 2010, I had gotten a temporary position as the GIS Specialist at Ice Harbor Lock and Dam in Burbank, Washington. Hurray for internships! (Sadly, my $160 stipend is the most reliable paycheck I've ever had)

* Mid-March - my parents and I drove 1800 miles across country from Wisconsin to Washington in my little 1996 Geo Tracker. 12 hours a day on the road is not the most fun in the world, but we saw some really cool places along the way.

* Mid-to-late March - Started working at Ice Harbor Dam! Discovered that I had forgotten almost *everything* about GIS in the year it had been since I took any classes, but it was all quick to come back with a little research. Issues with the computer programs I needed (or the lack there of) plagued the first month, but after that it was pretty smooth sailing.

* Late May into June - Manda visited! We hit Paluse Falls (which is awesome), watched a bunch of movies, toured the Ice Harbor visitor center, and played on the toys at Columbia Park.

* July - I met the lovely Andrea and got to see Vaidah, Jodie, and Krissy for the first time in SEVEN YEARS when we hit the Lilith Fair in George, Washington. It was awesome beyond words.

* September - Housemates Beth and Walter and I went camping on Mount Rainier, taking a day to visit Mount Saint Helen's while we were in the area (COOLEST PLACE *EVER*) and quite accidentally ran across one of the biggest swap meets/flea markets in the United States.

* October - I attended the Geological Society of America's annual meeting in Denver, CO with two fellow UWSP Alumni, Angela and Liza. It was way fun, and I visited the Cheesecake Factory for the first time ever.

* November - I went home to visit the family and friends for TWO WHOLE WEEKS over Thanksgiving, which was fantastic! I also had an Emmies for two days worth of those two whole weeks, which was also awesome. I MISS YOU GUYS!

And that pretty much covers it! 2010 was a pretty good year for me - I had a lot of fun, was able to see a lot of amazing people and places, and for the first time in my life I wasn't super worried about Financial Issues. Also, for the first time in six and a half years, I didn't have to take a single test or complete a single paper. ;)

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2011 is a great one!

(wow, a whole 8 minutes left! Go me!)
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Happy New Year!

Dustin's party last night was very fun. We played Werewolves (aka, Wink Murder, only with cards) and I was lynched 5 times even though I was a lowly towns person all 5 times. Apparently, when it comes to card games, I seem like a werewolf, but it was still fun and you got a present when you died, so it was all good.

Also played Apples to Apples, in which we pretty much disregarded the rules and just kept trading cards even after Dan technically won. It was extremely amusing.

We *tried* watching the ball drop, but apparently *none* of the channels give a damn about the Midwestern/Central Time Zone New Year, because the one we were watching went to commercial four seconds before midnight, and all the other channels we were able to flip to in time weren't even paying attention to a countdown. That is so not on.

In other news, I think I am already sick or I am getting sick and will be miserable by this afternoon/this evening with a cold, because I spent most of the day yesterday sneezing a lot more often than usual and my throat is doing that scratchy sore thing that is just irritating. Also, there was a little two-and-a-half year old running around at the party yesterday coughing and feeding us chips with his sticky two-year-old hands. He was a big fan of the guacamole dip, and every time he scooped some up on a chip for himself or to give one of use, his fingers ended up touching the dip a little bit. So, yeah... Kinda hard to avoid Little Kid Germs at that point. Still not sure if this cold is the result of me shoveling snow outside wearing only a long sleeved shirt earlier in the week (I was hot, darnit, and I didn't want to go inside and get a lighter jacket) or if it's from Mark (little two year old) or from a combination of the two, but I'm not going to begrudge either much cause I haven't gotten sick since mid-September and I *know* it is going to hit, so I'd rather it hit now when I have all sorts of free time on my hands and an All Day Bones Marathon on TNT to watch, than when school starts and I am buried under massive amounts of homework.

So, that is my day for now. Drink lots of orange juice, crack open my last box of Kleenex, and watch Bones. If I still feel human around 6:00 pm, I might try and join Dustin and co for some bowling at 5 Star, but I don't think that's going to pan out at this point. Woe for missing the chance to throw heavy objects.
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Dustin is having a New Years Eve Party at his place. I made more roasted almonds and a plate of apples and oranges to take along. I made the almonds yesterday and I finished the apple and orange plate about an hour ago. Then I had nothing left to do.

So, In one of those moments resulting from a mix of boredom and "what can I do to kill time before I leave?", I decided to put makeup on. Then I took it off cause I didn't wanna leave makeup on Dustin's pillows should I end up crashing there tonight instead of driving home. Then I put it back on because it made my face look quite a bit less broken out. Still broken out, but not quite as ANGRY RED INFLAMED SKIN and more of a "almost blends in with the blush I was using", so it works.

It did, however, serve the purpose of killing a half hour or so and now I can leave without feeling like I'll get there at "Oh My God, I Have No Life" early.

Happy New Years Eve, everyone! I am off to bring in the new year with Booze and Bingo. Or at least Bingo. Unless Dustin actually goes through with his threat to spike the punch in order to get me to drink, even if it is unintentionally.
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Happy New Year!

Its a few hours late, I know, but I figure better late then never. We only just got back from a New Years Eve gathering at Jerome and Sheree's in which there was much munching and stocking giving and chatter. I now have TAPS on my computer! Or, well, a sticker at least (thank you, Dustin! Even though you will never read this :) ). And a bunch of chocolate that will probably last me all of two days, at most.

And now I am going to crash. All the best for 2008, my friends!
::smooches all around::
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Went to Dana's for a little New Years Eve gathering. It was mostly Uriah's friends, therefor rather amusing. There were jell-o shots (yes, I had one. Everyone else had five or six by the time I left), a few rounds of Mario Kart and Smash Brothers, pretzels with really good dip, and lots of screaming obscenities at each other. Probably would've been more fun had I not been completely exhausted, but it had its moments, even through my sleep-deprived haze. And yay getting together with Dana!

Also, Happy New Year, Everyone!

I'm going to bed now.
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Oh, hey, lookie there... it's 2006 and I didn't even notice. Not that I was staying up to celebrate or anything, because yeah... watching a big glass ball slide down a pole just doesn't say "excitement" to me, ya know? Didn't even watch it this year - got distracted by two shiny new chapters of Lacoon's Children to read instead.

But, anyway:
Happy New Year, Everyone!
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In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Start a cult.

Get your resolution here

Involving dancing goats in sequins. Because if you're gonna start a cult, you may as well do it in style. ;)

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Make millions in the rubber ducky industry.

Get your resolution here

Which will also be dancing and wearing sequins. Yes yes, there shall be dancing goats and rubber ducks wearing sequins!

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Invade a small county.

Get your resolution here

First a small country, and then THE WORLD!
::cackles evilly::

(Why yes, I am tired and a bit sleep deprived, how'd you guess?)
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Yeah... So, am once again being bad about the whole keeping up with my LJ friends thing. So, to make amends, I'm reading through the 100 most recent entries on my friends list. Started around Dec.30 and now I think I'm up to the first or second, and everyone is posting their new year's resolutions.
Now, see, I've never really seen the point to new years resolutions. I mean, if you wanted to change something in your life, why wait until the new year to do it? Why not just start right away? I'm not saying that New Year's resolutions are bad; quite the contrary, there a good thing (barring some freaky one like Commit Mass Homicide or something like that), and I have partaken with them in the past (and proceeded to give up on them about a month into the new year). I don't think I'm gonna post one this year, mostly since yeah, don't really have one. Instead, I'll just do what I do every year - make the most of what comes and hope it turns out for the best. :)

But, I will post some highlights of 2004:
* Finished my first year of college with a 3.5 semester GPA and a 3.3 cumulative GPA
* actually made more then $1000 at work (which was what it was in 2003... so very sad)
* Saw my brother get married in Hawaii in July and managed to get through the entire week over there without getting sunburned (minus a small patch on my shoulder and arm where I missed a spot when I smeared myself up with sunscreen every two hours)
* Watched my best friend get hitched a month later in Monetary, CA, to a guy who couldn't be better for her.
* Got glompped by the Emmies [ profile] lostnyanko and Melody [Unknown site tag] in October and got to spend an entire afternoon with them!

So, yeah, all in all, I think 2004 has treated me pretty well. There were a few hard times that still seem to be lingering, but I think the good outshined the bad. :)
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Am in a much better mood now that I have several hours of [ profile] yuletide fic reading behind me. :D

Meant to post this sooner, so the image says Merry Christmas. For all those of you who don't do the Christmas thing, just ignore the words and enjoy the adorableness that is Niner!

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So. It's January 1st, 2005.

We're right in the path of an oncoming ice storm.
I feel like crap and wish this cold would just go a way.
Dad is moping. Again. And he's trying to spread the holiday cheer by dumping it on mom.

Happy friggin new year.
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Wow do the Bourne movies take you on a wild ride... it's up, it's down, it's high-speed car chases, it's explosions, it most defiantly keeps you on your toes. My brain hurts after trying to figure out what the hell was going on... and I'm *still* confused, but wow are they good. Must. Find. Soundtrack!

In other news, HAPPY NEW YEAR! to all you all on the east cost!
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Oh, yeah...


Yeah, so it's a day late, but isn't it always said "Better late than never!"? :)

Also? YAY new Joan of Arcadia, Stargate, and JAG next week!

You know you live in Wisconsin when... (two this week since I forgot to do it last week)
· Cheese is a necessity for almost every meal in some way, shape, or form
· Cheese is in almost every recipe (including some desserts)
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Well, happy 2003 everyone!
And, since I'm a lemming, I guess here are one or two new years resolutions, or as [ profile] ofluvandblood put it, New Years goals so I won't feel as guilty if I break em. :)

~Seriously work on getting my drivers license. I may hate driving with a passion, but when you live 12 miles from the nearest decent size civilization, it's kinda a necessity.
~There was another one, but I forgot was it was. So, I'll just put Save money for ScaperCon 2003... (heh, that's an easy one... and will be even easier if I ever fricking get a job! ::glares at places where she's applied who haven't called back::)

Ooo, Kimberley just came on... Gonna go babble aimlessly now (and I'm sure penis or porn or both are likely to come up... {{{{huggles Kim}}}}}}}} )
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Wheee! Cristin is here!
We're watching movies all night. Already watched "Precilla, Queen of the Desert" and now we're working on "Jurassic Park." It's at the T-rex part with the cars and the lawyer dude is about to be chomped.

Though now Cristin is leaving cause she wants to get home before the drunks hit the road after midnight... ::pouts::
But, I got to see Cristin before she left to go back to Minneapolis! YAY! I'm happy. :)

Aaaand I'm gonna go watch the rest of Jurassic Park now... :)


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