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Facebook is stealing what I would otherwise spam on LJ.

So - in brief - an update

* Friday, Nov 11 - spent a good chunk of the day driving around with Dad. He had a meeting with a guy who hit it rather big in the Ethanol sales in the early-to-mid 2000s... and then he got Too Big, and government types (not just senators and the like, we're talking DNR and Forestry Department, even the DOT) did everything they possibly could to bury him. Depressing to hear, but informative and now hopefully we can learn from his mistakes and wiggle around some of the confinements on Ethanol production. We're also never going to "go big", which is hopeful because everyone pretty much left him along until he started making too much money.

* Saturday, Nov 12 - while playing with the dog, Buddy managed to jab a stick into my right eye. It was red and gunky and irritating the rest of the weekend, which pretty much killed my motivation to do anything else. On the bright side, it was almost totally better by Monday, and generally back to normal yesterday, so hurray for the healing power of the ocular orbs!

* This coming weekend, Nov 18-21 - fair to middling chance I'll be heading up nort' to do some camping with a friend of mine. Bright side - his family owns a rustic cabin in Nicolet National Forest, complete with wood stoves and bunk-beds. Down side - no electric or running water, so my hair is going to be driving me nuts. I predict lots of braided pigtails and hats in my future.
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Last night in the Van Pool on the way back to the Tri Cities, one of my co-workers, Joyce, asked "Hey, do any of you all want some fresh vegetables? My neighbor's garden has been very prolific this year, and she's looking for people to give the excess to."

As she mentioned it, fresh-made salsa started sounding reeeeeally good to me, so I told her I'd love enough vegetables to make a batch.

This morning, I'm walking in and Joyce is standing at the "front desk" area talking to another co-worker. She sees me and she says "Yeah, so I brought you enough vegetables to make salsa for the *whole dam*." I walked with her back to the kitchen where everyone leaves their garden goodies, and there is an entire *laundry basket* full of fresh tomatoes, green peppers, and jalapenos (of the big green and little green variety). She even tossed in a few limes and some cilantro she picked up at the grocery store.

She went on to suggest I take a portion of my day and make a batch or two for lunch for the rest of the building. As I am still kind of at loose ends, I agreed, and I spent the last two hours chopping up tomatoes, onions, peppers, and jalapenos. I made two batches - one that, for now at least, is relatively mild, and another batch that I added twice as many peppers and jalapenos to. And might I just say, those little green jalapeno-looking peppers she brought in? They seem to pack quite a punch. I tasted a tiny piece of one to see how strong it was (no one else had any clue) and my eyes were watering almost as soon as it touched my tongue. Also? My fingers are now burning, even after washing my hands at least three times in the last ten minutes since I've finished everything, and I lost track of how many times I washed them during the actual chopping process. Me thinks I will have to be veeery very careful about getting my fingers anywhere near my eyes for the next day or two.

I have to say that, though, that so far at least the end results have been quite tasty. Not much beats fresh salsa. ::noms:: I cannot be responsible for what will happen to either concoction, though, once they've stewed in their own juices for a few hours.
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Ow, headache. And still an hour before I get to leave.

Darned full-time jobs. ::grumbles::
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Eddie Izzard discussing Star Trek )

... I kind of want to make a Bumper Sticker of "Captain, this entire planet is made of weedle-whee!" now.

In other news, spent the entire day driving around with Pete getting GPS coordinates on new fences for some of the HMUs and pump houses on the river. Hurrah for exercise, but there is a very very annoying weed with very sharp pokey seeds that is growing freaking everywhere at the moment, and the get in *everything* from the knee down. Shoes, socks, seam of your pants, and heaven forbid you have even the slightest cuff rolled in your pants leg because *the entire thing will fill with pokey seeds*. Doesn't matter how tight your shoes are laced, they will get in through the lace holes or the crease between the shoe tongue and the actual shoe where your foot is, and then they will get into your socks and jab and jab you and JAB YOU until you give in, take of your *entire shoe* and pick out each and every seed one by one - the ones in the laces, the ones in the liner of your shoes, the ones between the edge of your insoles and the *side* of your shoe, the one stabbing you in the ankle, the ones trapped in that fold of material between the tongue of your shoe and the the laces of your shoe; everywhere it is possible to go in you shoe? They will be there, jabbing you. And if you're lucky, you'll even get a half-dozen or per sock, too. ARRGH!

And, of course, the next time you walk through even the thinnest stretch of native grasses, you will have to do the whooooooooooooole process all over again. If you're walking through a few hundred feet of field or overgrown ATV trails like I was, IT IS TEN TIMES WORSE. Damned weed.

BUT, it did mean I got to spend the day outside rather then staring at a computer screen, so even for that it was worth it. Also, we got all the pump houses and most of the fence lines I need to draw on the map yet, so NO MORE WALKING THROUGH FIELDS, YAY! At least until next week. ::sigh::
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Did more tree planting-type stuff today. Got out there aroud 8 am and only just got back about 15 minutes ago. No planting, but we *did* have to size out small hoses to each tree, drill holes in the larger hoses and stick the smaller hoses into there, and then stick some sort of small green stake into the ends of the hoses and then stick the stake into the mounds of dirt the trees are planted in. There were 110 trees. It was a rather time consuming job. I was extremely tired of it by about noon, especially since it is still a bit windy today. Now my face is either windburned, sunburned, or a little bit of both. Ah, the joys of working outdoors.

But! I helped plant 110 trees for future generations to enjoy! Hurrah! Granted, most of those trees will either be eaten by deer or be unable to survive for some other reason and out of the 110, *maybe* 20 will live to see another summer. It's the thought that counts, right?

And now I am going to call it a day and head home early cause my head hurts and there remains nothing else I can do until the software thing is figured out. Yay for Fridays!
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I have seen Avatar in 3D. It was quite worth it, even if I did have a rather impressive eye strain headache by the end of it. It did take my eyes about an hour to even adjust enough to enjoy the 3D effects, but first hour is kind of dull anyway so no big loss.
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Oooowwww... I just typed up a 56 minute transcript (which ended up being about 7 pages) of my grandfather talking about his experiences as a soldier during World War II. I did not expect it to take as much time and effort as it so far has; I have a whoooooole new respect for those Mystery Things (not sure if they are computers or people) that end up typing the closed captioning during live news programs, or just typing up closed captioning in general. My wrist hurts, my hands hurt, my *fingers* hurt, and even my back is kind of sore from sitting so long in a not-so-supportive chair... and I still probably have another 3 minutes or so to type up before I'm completely finished. All of this is *after* I started the thing around 11:00 this morning, too. Who'da thunk something that takes 56 minutes to listen to would take six and a half hours to transcribe?

Ow. If my hands aren't stiff as boards tomorrow, I will be very very surprised.

In other news, the phone interview seemed to go well enough. I should hear back from them in a day or two to let me know what they decided.
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I went swimming for the first time since Manda was here! Mom had to work at the Marshfield YMCA today for a whopping two hours, so I decided to tag along because I hate that I'm not getting much (if any) exercise of any sort anymore. I haven't gained much more weight, but I know I'm losing muscle tone and stuff and I miss having an excuse to walk everywhere these days.

Anyway, came in with mom and swam a few laps. I did manage to swim the 500 plus three or four additional laps as a cool down, but man did it feel sloppy. My ankle, which is pretty much healed but still has a few "ow" moments decided it really didn't like the whole flippy-kick motion you're supposed to use for the flutter kick (legs straight, momentum coming from an ever so slight bend of the knee and flick of the ankles; aka, the kick you are supposed to use with the front and back crawls). My shoulder, which I also randomly hurt around the same time I twisted my ankle, wasn't too happy about the elbow-up-and-out-of-the-water-reach-forward motion needed to do the front crawl properly, so yeah, my front crawl - which is usually on of my strongest strokes - looked pretty crappy today. I was still able to do the breast stroke relatively neatly, though, so that was good. Swimming the 500 (yards) did take me a bit longer than it used to, but seeing as I haven't gone swimming, well, *at all* in over 6 months, the fact that I could still make it without stopping made me happy.

Now the question is whether or not I can keep this whole "exercise" thing up. I love swimming, but I am shallow and don't want to start doing it on a regular basis again because it completely fries your hair. Maybe with enough motivation I'll start working out again, especially now that I know my membership here at the Marshfield YMCA is still good.

Now, though, I am waiting for Mom to finish up and taking advantage of the YMCA's free wireless. Yay free wireless!
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::yawns:: Alas, this seems to be a bit of a theme - no sleep the night before a 8:00 am final, despite whether I'm anxious about it or not. For this one (Remote Sensing), really not all that anxious because I'm doing rather well in the class and would probably still swing a B even if I did bomb the final (which hopefully won't be the case). Still didn't manage to fall asleep last night, despite going to bed around 9:30 because I wanted to get up early to study. Brain did not want to shut off - kept "planning" stuff like when I might want to have my graduation party or what holiday ornaments to make for my friends or other random, non-school stuff like that. Also, I did something to my shoulder around the same time I twisted my ankle, and whatever it is decided to be irritatingly achy all night long. Not in an "OMG, OW!" kind of way, but in a persistent "I'm going to twinge just enough to keep you awake and make every position you try and sleep in ever-so-slightly uncomfortable" kind of way.

Anyway, seeing as I usually wake up when roommate gets up at 4:30ish, I figured that would be a good a time as any to do the same and look over the Remote Sensing Power Points again (also, roommate doesn't leave until 5:30, and I would be getting up at about 6:00/6:30 otherwise, so trying to go back to sleep for a half-hour seems a bit useless). I had hoped I might get some sleep before having to get up, but such is life.

And now I am going to go make myself a nice strong latte. Or at least as strong as I can make it without having an espresso machine.
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Taking a short study break because ow, my brain. Chemistry continues to kick my ass, and the final is tomorrow at 10:15. The good news is that even if it kicks my ass and my grade kicks the bucket, Chem qualifies as an elective on my transcripts, so I should still be able to graduate without much difficulty. Right now I'm kind of in the mindframe of "Whatever happens, happens, and freaking out will only make you lose sleep and probably do even worse on the test." Whether or not that mindset remains when I go to bed tonight and Thinkity Thoughts fill my brain because there is nothing else to do, I have no idea. Guess we'll see how sleep deprived I am tomorrow.

And now I am off to try and find a short fluffy fic to read before it's back to the grinding stone. Chemistry, you still suck.
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So, today after Remote Sensing (8-10) lab I did a bit of charcoal counting, then I wandered off to the UC in search of some lunch at a little after 11. Or at least I would have, had I not tripped down the stairs and end up twisting my ankle rather badly. Then of course I had to gimp halfway across campus to the Student Health Services, only to be told that they were booked solid until 1 pm, so then I gimped all the way *back* to the science building because I figured if I was on campus I might as well go to my last class - it's not like it would've been convenient to hobble over to the bus stop, get on, hobble the 1 block to my house after I got off the bus, only to turn around and do the whole thing again in reverse less than a half an hour later (yeah, I was pretty slow - took me about 15 minutes to walk 1 block).

So I went to Chem discussion, tried to keep my ankle elevated, and then swallowed my pride and made a general request to the anyone in the class who may have a car handy if they were willing to drive me the block and a half back to Student Health building cause the idea of walking that far was not at all appealing. One of the guys who sits next to and behind me was kind enough to offer his vehicle to the cause, for which I was profoundly grateful - though my ankle was kind of okay before I sat down (as in, I could hobble on it, albeit very very slowly), it started to stiffen up and get rather achy pretty quickly, and by the time Chem got out, there was lots of ouchy. Also, you know, cute guy offers his services, who am I to turn him down? I think his name was Jason. Or Justin? I'm pretty sure it started with a J in any case.

Anyway, I made it back to the SHC and they checked out my ankle and gave me an ankle brace/stabilizer, pain medication, and yes, a set of crutches - which, by the way, are as annoying as hell. Hopefully I'll only have to use them a few days, but I'm also glad I have them because I walk or take the bus to school every day, and I don't think the 1 block walk from the nearest bus stop to my house would've been at all fun otherwise.

So, yea, I am now on crutches for a few days, and I'll probably be wearing an ankle brace/stabilizer for a week or two after I turn in the crutches. On the bright side, I only have one class tomorrow, and no plans for the weekend, so at least I don't have to hobble around school too much.

In other news, IT'S SNOWING! Finally! Yay! No idea if it will last, but it was still nice to sit in while I was waiting for Jason/Justin/J-something to pick me up (his car was parked about a half a mile away, so I ended up waiting a bit for him to fetch it before we made our way to the SHC), and kind of nice to hobble through on my way to the bus stop after I got my pills and crutches. Thankfully, it's the first snow we've really gotten so far this year, so the sidewalks were merely damp, not slippery or icy - yet.
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Today I spent a good chunk of the afternoon quite literally crawling around under Coyote's hood (yes, I am in fact using "literally" in the proper sense - there are no pictures to prove this, but I had one knee on the container that holds the windshield washing fluid, another knee on the corner of the frame right above the passenger-side headlight, and my head hovering somewhere around mid-engine) as my father and I tried to un-attach a bunch of wires in really hard to reach places, only to reattach them with the wires of an E-85 conversion unit that was supposed to allow my engine to run on E-85 fuel without damaging it. My left thumb is minus some skin and I bruised my knuckles, but we did, in fact, manage to install the E-85 converter thingy, and I learned a bit more about my engine in the process. Unfortunately, the converter seems to be defective, and it's causing my car to run pretty bad at the start up, so chances are we will have to take it all apart and put the engine back together again like it was originally, but oh well. Father-daughter bonding for the win! And, you know, I love my car, so learning how to take stuff apart and put it back together again properly under the hood is always a handy lesson.

Did not brave the Black Friday frenzied masses to try and get some Christmas shopping in (apparently Walmart and Target, at least, were pretty much wall-to-wall cars when my mom drove in to work this morning). When Dad and I were giving Coyote a test drive to see if everything worked okay with the converter and put some E-85 gas in the tank, though, we did swing by the grocery store for taco fixings for dinner tonight, and I hit Coffee Cabin for my Chai fix. Considering Coffee Cabin is right next to Target, it wasn't as busy as I thought it would be. Of course, we also swung by there at about 3:30 in the afternoon, well *after* most of the crazies had gotten their shopping fixes and were already at home cackling gleefully over their pirated booty, so there is that.
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My poster is starting to look like an actual poster instead of just a few text boxes on a big empty white sheet. Huzzah!

In order for it to start looking like a poster, though, I ended up spending three and a half hours making graphs and resizing pictures to fit neatly. I got home around 4:30 (after leaving at 7:30 this morning) with a massive eye-strain headache that two Aspirin didn't even put a dent in, only to leave again 15 minutes later because Walmart had told me my order had arrived and was ready for pick up (I have been in the mood for B-rated natural disaster movies for months; thanks to a $25 Walmart gift card, now I have Volcano, Category 6: Days of Destruction, and Day After Tomorrow; granted, only one of those is technically B-rated, but yay for more disaster movies!). Picked up some take-home Chinese on the way back since it was along the way, and after I got home I turn out all the lights in and around my room except for my sparkly glitter 'lava' lamp that gives just enough light to see clearly, turn on the audio copy of Journey to the Interior of the Earth I have on my computer, and then cover my eyes and crash for two and a half hours. My eyes were incredibly grateful for the reprieve, and 10 chapters from where I began the headache was mostly gone and I was able to feed my internet addiction.

And... thats about all, really. Now the question is to continue to do the internet thing, or to not tempt fate and do something non eye-strainy until I turn in in another hour or so. Choices choices.
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Oh, yeah, and I think I may have broke another toe. Or, well, cracked it at least.

I was just about to bike back home from the university when I lost my sandal. Since I was already moving, I figured I'll just make use of the breaks a bit, slow down easily, and straddle-walk back to get it. Unfortunately, my bike had other ideas; when I lost my shoe, I zigged and zagged a bit before I got my now-bare left food back on the pedal. This zigging and zagging ended up sending my bike into the grass just at the edge of the sidewalk, and I wasn't going fast enough to get over the slight bump between grass and cement, so my front bike tire scrapped along the cement of the sidewalk for a few inches before finally getting up and over, which threw off my balance, and of course the bike starts tilting in the direction of the un-sandaled foot, so I end up having to put my bare foot against the cement to slow/stop myself before I tipped the rest of the way over, and lo, I hurt my toe - the second one from the biggest on the left foot, to be exact. At least it isn't crooked, so I think it's only a crack rather than an all-out break. Still hurts, though.

So, yeah, I went from never having a single broken bone to breaking two of them within a year of each other (even if they were both toes). Klutzes for the win.
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Ow. Eye strain headache. Looking through a microscope for almost two hours straight=not fun. Kinda cool, but not fun.

In other news, new Eureka tonight! Granted, I won't be able to see it until it's posted online tomorrow, but yay Eureka!

Also, I got paid today! YAY! Me thinks a Starbucks frappichino (only spelled right) and something pastry is in order to celebrate.
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First the grey hairs, now the Random Aches That Occur For No Obvious Reason. I must be getting old.

Actually, both of those have been around for years. Random Achy Hip, however, has just started, well, aching again, and so I complain.

And that paired with the Backache of PMSiness, and I am very much "body, you kind of suck right now." Woe is me.
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My legs still hate me and now my left shoulder has decided to join the party, too. Still not sure why on that last part. And going down stairs continues to be some form of new, horrible torture.

That said, random change in subject:
I've made a few fruity discoveries thanks to Dole's Tropical Mix Immunity blend. The first being that mangoes are quite good, tasting kind of like a mix between melon and peach. The second of which is I could do with out papaya. Lastly, frozen kiwi and strawberries on a hot day are probably the best thing ever.

One more random change in subject - I am tired. I went to bed at 10 last night and set my alarm to go off at 6:30 so I could get to school to study for my GIS midterm for an hour or so before class. However, despite turning in plenty early, I still only got about an hour of sleep, and that was probably between about 11:30 and 12:30 - the rest of the night I did a lot of tossing and turning, maybe slipping into a light doze occasionally but nothing more than that. Not sure whether to blame the lack of sleep on some sort of buried worries about my GIS exam (I don't think I was stressing, but the subconscious is a funny thing) or the fact that lying in pretty much any position caused some part of my poor abused body to be in pain - or, most likely, some mix of the two - but either way, it still was much with the not being fun.

Thank god tomorrow is Friday. Even if I won't have much of a weekend cause of all the GIS labs I need to finish, at least I'll be able to sleep in.
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I was right. My legs totally hate me today. Walking is okay (albeit rather slow), but going up and down stairs is murder. Also, standing up and sitting down. Owwww.

With the "Owwwww!" thing and the raining thing, I will not be running today. Will hopefully be able do a much much shorter jog/walk tomorrow.

Did I mention Ow?
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* I have had "So long and thanks for all the fish" in my head *all day* and I don't know why.

* I still don't watch Supernatural, but I do occasionally read Supernatural fic. And thanks to This Night and it's sequel This Road We're On by [ profile] cordeliadelayne, Ruby/Castiel is now my new crack. If I can find anymore of it, that is. I get the impression it's not one of the most popular pairings in the fandom.

* Yesterday's impulse buy at the grocery store was Eggo's Cinnamon Toast Waffles. I have since worked my way through 3/4th of the box.

* Do anyone elses' feet cramp up painfully on a fairly regular basis? Or is it just me that's blessed with that particular curse? Ow.

* No new Chuck *or* Castle until next season. Monday nights are dead to me.
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I don't know how I did it, but I somehow managed to snort orange juice up my nose. It is not a pleasant sensation.

I suppose it could be worse, though. I imagine snorting something with jalapeƱos in it would burn a whole lot more.
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Took about five and a half hours (though the first half hour was spent trying to figure out how the hell to change the page layout in Microsoft Power Point 2007), but I am finished with my Glacial Geology poster. Yay!

Now I am gonna go wander off to take some aspirin, though, cause staring at a computer screen for five and a half hours straight (minus the three or so minutes I was in the bathroom) has given me a headache. Ow.
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You know that kind of twinge your foot gets just before it cramps up so painfully that your toes start resembling claws? Yeah, both of my feet have been doing that all day. It's like I'm waiting for the axe to fall or something (or the tendon to tighten as the case may be).

Which brings me onto the actual point of this post - I need new boots. My Sorells are great and I love them for cold and/or cold and soggy winter weather, but with temperatures warming up, they are a bit too exetreme in the insualtion department. My current late fall/early spring boots are the shoes I'm wearing to day which are causing the "Ow, feet, you suck!" problem because I've squished what little insoles they had to begin with to non-existance.

So... any suggestions on a feet-friendly brand. I'm hoping for something that is at least partially water-resistant (or that I can make water resistant with that spray stuff), medium-warmth brands that will be kind(er) to the tendonitis in my arches. I'm willing to fork over up to about 80 bucks (even better if I can get 120-150 dollar pair on sale for that much) for a good pair that will last me a long time.
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* I hate my uterus. I want to stab it.

* I had a dream last night that we were back at my dad's old store, only it wasn't a store it was a house, and it wasn't us it was one of those random dream families, and it was being haunted by three teenage boys who looked remarkably like the human, non-cartoon version of the Animaniacs.

* I have a headache.

* I hate the Double Stuffed commercials

* I *despise* the new Geico commercials with the money and plastic eyes. I want to stab the TV whenever those come on.

* I should probably eat something other than Pringles and muffin mix.

* I want a pair of jeans that actually fit. Or, rather, I want the clothes making companies to get their act together and make clothes with the same size on their tag, oh, I don't know, *the same size*, and *then* I want a pair of jeans. I have, like, four pairs of pants ranging from size 9 to size 13 that I actually wear. It is annoying.

Stopping now. At least until I have more stuff to stab * point
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* Skipped my Mineralogy class. I know, bad me, but I feel much better for the additional sleep

* Met with Lisa, one of my old teachers, to find out about doing my senior thesis by myself rather than with a group. I can do one by myself (with the help of a staff member) and I can take it any semester rather than just the spring semester like I would have to in the group class. This made me YAY and if all pans out, it means will still be able to graduate come December instead of having to hang around an additional semester to take the group class, which is only offered in spring.

* Got another "We're totally going to be there!" confirmation for coming to my b-day bowling party on Sunday. That brings the Confirmed Guests up to 10, the Probably Going To Be There Guests up to 4, and the Plus Ones (aka, boyfriends/girlfriends, significant others, whatever) to an as of yet still undetermined number. I feel loved. Also, I hope I have enough cake.

* Was amused by the prof playing with liquid nitrogen and matches in the Chem lecture. At one point I wished I had a video camera because he totally had a Funniest Home Video Moment when he grabbed the wrong end of the match he was trying to stick into the test tube to start/put out in the test tube.

And just now I discovered that your hand will start to cramp up with any extended typing on one of the itty bitty keyboards supplied on the kiosk computer stations scattered in the hallways and stuff. Ow.
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First off, Ooooowww... Tendonitis is not at all happy with returning to the "on your feet all day" schedule. My left foot started twinging and pulling around 12:00 this afternoon, I was gimping by about 3, I very much wanted to sit down and not move by about 4:30, and as soon as I got home ten minutes ago, the first thing I did after I put the groceries away was get an ice pack out of the freezer. Now my foot is very cold, but at least it doesn't hurt anymore. At least not at the moment. That will likely change as soon as I attempt to start walking around again.

Second, we had our second class of Glacial Geology today. I actually really enjoyed the lecture, and it turns out the teacher is one of those really awesome lecturers who can get by without Power Point. Instead, she just had a basic outline and she adds all the important stuff as she speaks, talking plenty slow enough for us to take notes and not be all OMG, SCRIBBLE SCRIBBLE WAIT I DIDN'T FINISH THAT SLIDE GO BACK! and end up getting a hand cramp by the end of lecture. So, you know, we actually *listen* to what she is saying. It works out quite nicely.

Also had our first GIS lab today. We had to use DOS for part of it. That was all sorts of not being fun, but I managed to get through the DOS part with only two or three mistakes that required a retype, and then I made it about two thirds of the way through the lab itself. I'm thinking I have at least an hour and a half left, though, which I'll hopefully be able to finish up this week sometime.

Oooookay, thats enough with the ice pack. I can't really feel my toes anymore.

And lastly, went to Plover to get a W-2 that was mailed to my old address instead of my new address and I got to snuggle a Rufus. Or at least pet him like mad and go "OH RUFUS, I MISS YOU!" Headed to Micky Dee's for a late lunch around 3:30, and then to ShopKo in search of a cheap comforter cause I was kinda cold last night. Did not find one, woe, but I did discover that the little travel bags I had been eying for the last year or so were on sale for half price (19.99 down from 39.99), so I didn't leave empty handed. Alas, my color choice was kind of limited (a kind of eye-straining black/white pattern, what I think might've been some stripes, and a plain green one) so I did not get the purple one I had been hoping for. I did get the last dark green one, though, so I'll count that as a win.

Then I got groceries and only spent 21 dollars. Go me!

Gonna go try and talk myself sending in my resume for that Earth Magazine internship now. (What can I say, I am chicken shit. I still have every intention of applying, but I keep "accidentally" forgetting it cause I am a coward who hates paperwork. Ignore the fact that the internship would involve writing a bunch of articles which totally fall into the "paper work" category).


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