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Dinner at El Mezcal on Sunday with Kristin, followed by a walk through the park where I FINALLY got to see the Rotary Club's Winter Wonderland/Festival of Light or whatever even though they've been doing one every year for the last five or six. 1,000,000 lights this year!
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Earlier this week I decided that whether I had anyone to go with or not, I was going to go up to Wisconsin Interstate Park this weekend and enjoy the fall colors. So I did, and I didn't even have to go by myself, hurrah! My friend Ethan joined me so the three hour drive wasn't as boring as it could've been as we are pretty good at maintaining conversations. Definitely made the trip seem to go faster, so yay for that.

Left about 9 am yesterday and Ethan asked to go to a flea market just outside of St. Croix Falls (where Interstate Park is). Spent a good hour or two there, at least a third of which was spent chatting up the gentlemen who had a really cool rock shop there. So cool, in fact, that I got a free 5 dollar petrified wood pendant from one of the guys. Granted, it was probably partially because Ethan left with at least $130 worth of rocks (that he got for $70 - must love Flea Market discounts!), but they also just really seemed to enjoy talking to some kindred spirits in the rock world. So that was pretty awesome.

Got to Interstate Park about quarter after 2 pm, and it was just as pretty as I knew it would be in Autumn. Walked three or four trails over the course of about 2.5/3 hours, took lots of pictures, and generally just really enjoyed myself. Left to head back home about 5:30ish and got back around 8:30ish. Ethan hung around until about 10:15 doing the jabber thing - like I said, it's rare that we ever lack anything to talk about - and then I proceeded to crash like a mad crashing thing by midnight (had to shower, after all, and stock the woodstove for the night) ... only to wake up at 4:30 am because I hadn't eaten anything in almost 12 hours and my tummy was very unhappy with me. But that's okay because I just curled up in my ugly fuzzy blue robe and a blanket, with some crackers and orange juice and an episode of Stargate SG-1 and then went back to bed for three an a half hours after I finished it.

Now I am lying on the couch in my PJs with Ancient Aliens on the TV and my computer in my lap. So far? Awesome weekend. Possibly to get even more awesome as my friend Beth from high school whom I haven't seen in almost two years is planning on paying Marshfield a visit at some point in the next three days, so there's a good chance I'll get to hang out with her for a bit, too.

(only downside of the weekend so far - I spent at least 80 bucks on gas and an additional 70 or so on groceries in the last three days, all of which went on my credit card. Ugh, money sucks)
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Two weeks left out here, and of *course* everything GIS that my co-workers have been putting off and putting off is all of a sudden "OMG, we need this DONE!" On the one hand, yay I have actual work to do! On the other hand, seriously... could you not have done this oh, I don't know, back in July and August when I was sitting around doing nothing for weeks at a time?

Though I suppose in their defense, all the stuff that Kye is all "OMG, need to be done now!" is Park Ranger stuff, and technically I work for the Natural Resources/Wildlife people, not the Park Ranger people - I'm just kind of on loan to them for a week or so because I have all the stuff for Mark (actual boss) pretty much done already.

In other news, I have been here almost a whole year and this morning was the first time I have actually seen any of the elk they've told me hang out in the cotton wood plantations just to the south of the dam, so that was nifty. Two does (sp?) off in the field and shadows kind of far from the road, and two full-antlered bulls standing in the pre-dawn light (the sun rose about 15 minutes after we drove past them) right next to the it. Very cool, and it would've made an awesome picture if I would've had a camera handy. Darnit.

and for those curious about The Boy... )

That sounds like I am going through way more drama than I really am. I'd be content with either result, but then, I am a very simple creature who can easily be distracted by... Ooo, ball!
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I don't really watch Dancing with the Stars, but the second week I did catch the last half hour or so because it came on right before Castle. Dirty Dancing's Jennifer Grey was the last routine I saw, and seriously, it boggled my mind. The woman is 50 years old and still gorgeous, and it has been 23 years since Dirty Dancing came out and she can still dance beautifully. After that I was kind of hooked - or at least I made it a point to at least watch one of her dances on You Tube for the following weeks. It is *amazing* what that woman has gone through and yet she still manages to steal the show pretty much every week. Also, Derek (her partner) is pretty damned amazing as well. The guy is like the Fred Astaire of this 2010s (Becca, you would probably really enjoy the Quick Step they did for week 8).

It's taken me awhile, but I did finally catch their most recent dances from last week's Dancing with the Stars. The waltz they did? Quite possibly one of the most beautiful dances I have ever seen.
Jennifer and Derek, Way Over Yonder )

I am not ashamed to admit, I am totally rooting for her. Of course, I also haven't seen many of the other couples dance. Maybe three of them, and only once each, so it would probably be unfair for me to vote. That does not stop me from throughly enjoying the clips of Jennifer and Derek on You Tube.

More \o/

Oct. 2nd, 2010 01:26 pm
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* I now own Iron Man 2!

* I also found a pair of clunky boots for my Abby costume that can double as my Dress Up Shoes provided I wear long pants, AND they were on sale -$39 down from $60 or there abouts.

* Got up early this morning and went and got pictures of the sunrise on the Columbia River. It was quite pretty. Afterward I came back to the house and wandered around creeping out the neighbors as I got my Macro on and took lots of pictures of the flowers in their yards. Quite a few of them turned out quite nice, and no one called the police on me, so hurrah! (okay, so I pretty much stuck to the sidewalk, so I wasn't *really* doing the Creepy Neighbor Thing, but it sounds more interesting when I say it that way)

* Found some fall colors! One house about three or four blocks away has two maples in their yard, both of which were turning bright red, so woot for that! Also, parents are driving down to Fountain City, WI this weekend to visit some friends, and they promised to take lots of fall photos and email them to me.
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An hour and 15 minutes is A Good Nap for me. Feeling kinda blergy with what I assume is allergies, even if they've so far only manifested themselves as lots of sneezing, I decided to take one today. An hour and 15 minutes later, give or take, I woke up, and I should've stayed that way. But, no, I decided "Just a few more minutes!", fell back asleep, had a dream about driving around in a really nice old car (I almost want to stay it was my mom's old cranberry red Cutlass Colonnade) with my brothers (who reminded me more of Sam and Dean Winchester than my actual older brothers) buying groceries and ... other stuff I can't remember, and meeting our parents at my dad's old store in Marshfield, where I re-potted a plant using one of the ash buckets for cleaning out the fireplaces. There is more, but it falls into Girly TMI )

And then I woke up again about an hour and a half later, and now I am all tired and stuff because a did not need a three hour nap. Hour and a half, reasonable, and I feel more awake after I get through with it. Three hours? Too much of a good thing, and I usually feel more tired after one than when I went to take a nap in the first place.

Also, now I probably won't sleep tonight. On the one hand, woo, I'll be awake for the Castle premier at 10! On the other hand, I probably won't fall asleep until 2 am, then I'll wake up at 4, and be out of bed by 5:30 and spend the day running on two hours of sleep. Tomorrow should be fun.

ETA 4:29, because it is a car worth oogling - a picture of my mom's old cutlass, with my two brothers - Ben in the foreground, Gus in the background - raking pine needles down at my Gramma and Grampa's when they were wee and small (Grampa Lindow is in the back, leaning against the hood with the beach ball). I can't remember what year the car was, and I only remember it in the vaguest sense (I have more clear memories of the beige 82 Cutlass she got after, which was less of a muscle car, but still had it's fair share of horsepower), but both my parents still remember it quite fondly and have told lots of stories.

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Back from Idaho. I climbed halfway up the side of the mountain, decided "Yeah, so not conditioned for this kind of thing" and promptly stopped right where I was to wait for Sam (the guy we were up there to talk to) to finish whatever he had to do top-side without me. At least I was able to make it half way, though, which was probably about 1500 feet of a rather steep grade - 30, 35 degrees, at least. Hurrah, I'm not a total failure, only a partial one. ;)

ANYWAY, despite my lack of climbing skillz, I did take a ton of pictures and learned a bunch of stuff and got to see some kick-ass landscapes. Much fun was had.

Some observations:
1 - HOLY SHIT, DWORSHAK DAM HOLDS BACK 3.5 MILLION WATER ACRES! (Water acre = enough water to cover one square acre with a foot of water - aka, A LOT OF FREAKING WATER!) The dam itself is massive (more than 700 feet tall), and behind that massive wall of cement is a Big Freaking Reservoir Of Water. Seriously, BIG FREAKING RESERVOIR! 53 miles long, several hundred feet deep... Should that thing ever fail, anything down stream within 10 miles of the place will be *obliterated*, washed completely away, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars, and anything within 20 miles will probably see some serious damage. Lewiston, which is about 40 miles down stream? Would be hit with a 40 foot wall of water. So, yeah...freaked me the hell out when I first saw the size of the dam, and it didn't get less freaky as the week progressed. However, scariness aside, it does make for some really gorgeous topography and landscapes, and it was pretty damned cool in and of itself.

2 - Wow, I forgot a *ton* of the GIS stuff I had drilled into my head just in the last year since I've taken any GIS classes, but hopefully now I'll be able to retain some of what the last two days has re-drilled into it, especially since I will definitely be using some of the tips and shortcuts Sam showed me.

3 - Our Trimble GPS units need to be replaced. Like, a lot. Sam's 2008 (I think) version is ten times faster and can do way cooler stuff. Still, WHEEE, GPS! Because I really am that dorky.

Now, however, it is insanely nice to be back down in the Flatlands of eastern Washington, not a tall hill in sight (okay, so there are a few of them, but not nearly as tall as the one's in Orofino). Also, I get to sleep in my own bed tonight, hurrah! Supposedly the hotel beds were high class and quality, but something about them just did not lay right with me (ha ha, I made a funny) and while I have gotten sleep the last four nights, I can't really claim it was "good".

Will post a few of the better pictures later. The NCIS Dear Abby Marathon on USA is calling to me right now. ;)
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So I went home and stuff yesterday cause I had to go to Marshfield for some tax-and-insurance-stuff, and after that was taken care of, it was only another 15 minutes to go visit parents. It was also hot and I was super stressed and figured I could really use some parental comfort, so home I went. Got to the house about 2:00 ish, talked to my mom and dad a bit, and then I went outside to see NinerGirl. She can no longer walk or eat, she can barely hold up her head, and it's getting really hard for her to breath. Seeing her like that was the horrible angst-flavored frosting on The Stress Cake That Is Maren's Life (stealing your metaphor, Emma, cause it totally fits) right now, and it was also the emotional smack-down that broke through the walls I had been building up contain the dread Freak Out until I could deal with it at a proper time. This, of course, freed the Freak Out and I spent the next hour or so in my room crying into my pillow. I figure it's best to get it out of the way now, though, so hopefully I'm good for a bit on the Freak Out front, especially because these next two-to-five weeks are going to be rough.

cutting the List Of Stuff To Do These Next Few Weeks cause it is long )

And then the week *after* finals, the GIS II class starts Monday, May 18, and that will be the beginning of what I shall now refer to as The Three Weeks of Geographical Hell, in which classes run from 8 am to 12 pm, Monday through Friday, and that's not even including the additional hours I will no doubt spend at school working on all the labs. I kind of want to weep just thinking about it.

SCHOOL STUFF ASIDE, Mom and Dad continue to be awesome. I hate showing anyone my Emo, but it's nice to know that they'll be there for me no matter what. Like I've said before, some times you just need your Mommy/Daddy.

Also, Dad grilled burgers for dinner and they were good. And then there were storms all over the place, so the sky was doing all sorts of cool stuff and we had a big, bright *rainbow* that lasted a good half hour/hour or so that we took lots of pictures of, and then there was a super cool lightning show and Dad and I spent a good 20 minutes with the camera trying to capture some of the lightning in a picture (after taking at least 20 pictures each, we each got one really good shot out of it).

Then I had a cool dream... )

And then today Gramma took me out for Chinese. It was tasty, and it was really nice catching up with Gramma.

We all know I could ramble more, but I'll spare you all the space on your friends list. :D
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Back from Gramma's Thanksgiving dinner. I ate purple mashed potatoes. AND I LIKED IT! Enough so that I went up for seconds.

Again, ate entirely too much. My stomach is all "OMG, NO MORE FOOD FOR A WEEK!" on me at the moment thanks to overindulging twice over the course of three days. I will really be surprised if I haven't gained at least five pounds.

Also, saw Aunt Sandy and Uncle Mike and my cousin Merrium and told stories and quoted Get Smart and had the chicken salad I made go over really well cause there is hardly any left at all. Also took more pictures. Will have to send out Thanksgiving Pictures to all the aunts and uncles one of these days.

That said, Thanksgiving is over now, so BRING ON THE HOLIDAY LIGHTS! Oh my god, I have been itching to go wandering around wherever there is a Bright Sparkly Star (usually hanging over someone's door) to lead the way and going nuts with the holiday picture taking. Enough so that I am trying to convince Dustin to go to the awesome light display in Wildwood Park in Marshfield for his Birthday Thing, followed by bowling at the Rose Bowl cause Marshfield also passed a no smoking ordinance this last spring and the idea of going bowling for a few hours without inhaling an ashtray is very very appealing to me and everyone else I might go bowling with. And if there happens to be Glow Bowling involved (aka, Black Lights and Pretty Color Laser Pictures), all the better, because it will feed my I WANT PRETTY LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHTS-monger! It's like the Word Muncher, only I'm zipping around chomping on pictures of houses/businesses/whatevers decorated in holiday lights and turning into SUPER MUNCHER, only instead of a cape, I have strings of colored lights flaring out behind me and wrapping around those Troggles and strangling the life out of them. SHIIIIIIINY!

(yes, I am still wired. Is it that obvious?)
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Its snowing! Big white fluffy flakes and very little wind, which to me qualifies as The Perfect Snowfall.

This can only mean one thing - HOLIDAY SEASON HAS ARRIVED!

And, with Holiday Season comes Holiday Cards! If you all want a holiday card from me this year, please leave your snail mail address in the comments (which will be screened) or email me at I know a lot of people have recently moved - myself included - so even if you think I already have your address from last year, please leave it again. This year there will probably even be a bonus Year In Review Letter because of all that has happened these last few months, so join the party! Tis the season, after all!

Also, if you can direct me to your own Holiday Card posts that would be great, too. I know I've hit a few, but I'm sure I've missed just as many. :)

::goes to play in the snow:
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Watching Dead Zone. Only two more episodes left for season 5, which is the last season I own. Woe on the soon to be lack of Dead Zone, but yay for Johnny Oogling. Alas, he still hasn't quite gotten past the Dress Shirt and Suit Jacket stage, but season four and five they have been un-tucked and more t-shits are sneaking into his wardrobe, and the leather jacket (as well as the denim? one I liked so much from season 6) have made a few appearances. Considering I'm pretty sure Anthony Michal Hall seriously must've went to work on his abs around the end of season four, said t-shirts and The Jackets showed that little tidbit off nicely. Still not as many opportunities to oggle as season 6 (which was pretty much the only redeeming factor of that season, aside from one or two episode gems), but still. I am not complaining.

::wanders off for more oogling::

Also, the guy who played Harding Welsh from Due South was totally the bad guy this last episode I watched (Revelations). I find it highly amusing that he went from Cranky Chief of Police But All Around Good Guy to Extreme Criminal Bad Ass. He did it pretty darned well, though, even if the years haven't been as kind to him as they have been for others.

ETA 4:00 - Black dress shirt unbuttoned over black wife beater. Yum. ::rewinds to play it again::
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This gets long. Not cutting cause, you know, this *is* a journal and all that, but felt I should warn you all that this will likely be a rather boring, non-fandom post.

Back at Point house. Insanely nice weekend. I am so very glad I had it off, cause there ain't no way we'll get another one like it any time soon.

Left Saturday at around 10:00ish. Drive home was uneventful aside from treating myself to a large iced Chai from Coffee Cabin (which will always be the best, dammit), which was very tasty.

Got parents house by around 11:30, where I was pretty much put to work. They're in the middle of some minor renovations (aka, a new Picture Window in the kitchen) and some major cleaning (Gus will be coming home from Hawaii mid-November, and Mom wants to have the up stairs "apartment" available for him and in working order. Our house was originally designed to house two families, so there are two bathrooms, two kitchens, and two living rooms, it's just that over the last two decades or there abouts, we've gotten all this stuff and the upstairs has been turned into mostly storage. Bathroom still works, kitchen functions and all (though there aren't any appliances up there, just a kitchen sink with a bunch of space for any necessary appliances), but the upper floor is so packed full of junk that... we'll, I really wouldn't call it a living space any more, just space.

Anyway, after a walk down the road with Nine (who gets priority cause she is spoiled), Mom put me to work washing dishes and freeing all of our outdoor furniture (picnic table, bench, deck table) from the rocks and detris that had accumulated on them over the course of this past summer. It was freaking beautiful outside, so it really wasn't a chore. Dad kept working on the window, while Mom made some lunch. Ate around 1, did a bit more cleaning, and then people started arriving around 3:30 for the get together. The two Kims (affectionately referred to as Big Kim and Little Kim when together - not cause one or the other is fat, but Big Kim is *tall* - gotta be at least 5'11, 6'), Jeff, Laurie and her hubby Ken, who also brought their two grandchildren, Scott - who is 10 - and J...something, the little two year old who absolutely adores cows and kept walking down to the end of our drive way to look at the ones across the street. Scott was a rock-man, which is right up my ally, so we spent a good portion of the evening with him showing me rocks and asking what they were. It's nice to feel useful.

Started cooking round 4:30ish - turkey burgers and dogs, beef burgers, brats, and potato brats, and then a bunch of other stuff like fruit salad and cheese and crackers and other picnic-ey type stuff. There was food, fire (made without using matches), and lots of political/economical woe and no shortage of dirty jokes. Also the roasting of ancient marshmallows, cause that's what bonfires are for, doncha know.

Most people left around 7, so then parents and I went inside, cleaned up, and watched this weeks episode of Mythbusters, which was awesome as usual. Parents crashed around 10:30 and I did an hour later. Slept quite good, despite not having My Pillow. Also, no allergy attack at home like I usually get! Yay!

This morning I got up around 8:30 and did the internet thing cause I brought my computer along and everything. Then I showered cause my hair felt icky and I was too tired to shower last night before going to bed. Sat around looking at pictures and listening to stories with parents before we all got ready to go meet gramma around 11:30. Checked Coyote's fluid levels and tire pressure before it was off to Marshfield to pick up Gramma. Left my car at her place while we all piled into hers and headed up to Wausau for the afternoon. Fall colors were *amazing*, and the only reason I didn't find myself with another 115 new pictures was cause I was in the back seat and didn't really have a good picture-taking angle.

Lunched at Denny's at about 1:00, then we went in search of Emmie's place so I could glomp her and drag her along with us to Rib Mountain. Got to her place by around 2:30 and I finally met Jack, who is adorable and soft and jumpy and I WANT ONE, and then I went and pounced an Emmies up in her room. Dragged her out of bed, went down stairs to give her room to change and to play with the puppies some more while she got dressed. Talked to Daddy Anderson a bit before going up stairs to pester Emmies some more cause Dad - who was waiting in the car with Mom and Gramma - was pestering me via text. Managed the impossible and actually had Emily dressed and out of the house and even semi-conscious by 2:41. I was impressed.

With Emmies giving directions (cause Wausau is a mass of One Way streets and curvy roads around two big lakes and one windy river) we made it to the mountain by a little after 3. There I noticed that my shirt matched the leaves almost perfectly, we all got bombarded by Japanese Beetles, and Emmies and I immediately went and climbed the Queen's Chair (big pile of rocks on top of the hill right next to another, bigger pile of rocks on top of the hill called the Kings Chair, which I also climbed), Emmies a bit more slowly than myself cause, yeah, she'd only been awake for 20 minutes. Got Japanese Beetles squished all over my hands and likely all over my pants as well in the process, but I don't care cause it was *fun* and I hadn't climbed those particular rock piles in more than 10 years.

After I got the climbing out of my system, we proceeded to take a bunch more pictures of all the pretty gold leaves and the natural rock formations (both the King and Queen's Chair were actually trucked up there years and years ago so the hill would be high enough to qualify as a mountain - it was about 20 feet short, hence the unnatural rock piles) consisting of a very impressive and sturdy form of quartzite that has survived the last 1.6 billion years, give or take. As we are a family of photographers, there was lots of posing in front of said trees and rock formations and going a bit Shutter Bug Happy, but that's okay, cause it means I *finally* have a picture of Emmies and me together even if it will need some PhotoShopping cause the flash kept going off and washing out our faces like woe and the one time it *didn't* go off we both had our eyes closed. Damned cameras.

*Anyway*, though I doubt I reached anywhere near the 115 I took Friday, I imagine with the combined forces of my camera, my dads camera, and my mom's camera we reached well over the century mark. Wheee, pictures! Did not make it up to the top of the viewing tower, though. Woe.

With our fill of Pretty Leaves and Cool Rocks, we probably left the park around 4:30. Dropped Emmies off so she could go back into hibernation and then headed back to Marshfield. Almost got lost in Wausau, but didn't, so yay us. Got back to Gramma's by about 5:30, where I retrieved my car and my leftovers from last night (mmm, homemade apple sauce and brats) and parents continued on the way back home. I, myself, got back here to the Point House by around 6:30, where I changed into my pjs cause my bra was getting really uncomfortable and my pants were starting to cut into my hips.

Watched Practical Magic, ate french fries, and saw Mandy rise from the catacombs of her room to return to the land of the living once more to catch the tail end of the movie. Then I spent the last hour writing up this day summary. Must love online journals.

Now I'm either going to go to bed (cause OMG, TIRED) or I'm going to have a Pop Tart and *then* go to bed. Choices choices.
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Today I got it in my head to go take pictures of the pretty leaves within walking distance of the Point House.

An hour and a half and 115 pictures later, I returned home and proceeded to send some of the highlights out to everyone in my gmail contacts list Yeah, so I may have gotten a bit carried away, but... Pretty leaves!

Anyway, I picked out a few of the highlights - though "highlights" is a rather relative term; there were, after all, over a hundred pictures to choose from - to share with everyone here on LJ. I made a slide show rather than copy and past all the html. I can't seem to get it to post properly in LJ, so I'll just give you all the direct link.¤t=194b78b5.pbw

Album should be public. If not, let me know and I'll try and figure something out.
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Watching that Samauri Girl thing that ABC Family is putting on. It's actually pretty good. Enough so that I spent the entire afternoon procrastinating watching all six hours.

On hour five now. And I gotta say. Severan is hot. I mean, I really didn't notice it at all the first four hours - yeah, he's English, and yeah, he's got a snazzy accent, but didn't really turn my head at all. I liked his character, but didn't have any "oo, pretty" moments.

Then he goes and takes his jacket off and is wearing a long-sleeved grey form-fitting t-shirt underneath, and I get a damned good look at his chest and abs, and I'm alll "guh". And then I go "guh" some more. Then there is a scene change, and I mourn my loss of Grey Shirt Severn.

He's also an older actor. Again my thing for older men.

Oooo, he's back on. Sans jacket. ::oogles like woah::
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I know it's been linked before, both by me and many of my other friends, but Hot Library Smut is one of those pages that I doubt I will ever get tired of.

::tries to pet the books through her monitor::
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Chuck is pretty. Not so much in his Nerd Herd digs, but in jeans and a t-shirt? I would happily lick him.

Whee, random is fun.
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pretty colors )

And those would be a few pictures of the Stevens Point/Plover area and the UWSP.
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You know, I know he's a bad guy and everything, but Bal is really really hot. Especially in a black wife beater and blue jeans. And he has an accent when his voice isn't all warped by the voice thingies they use, which makes him even hotter. Just... Yum. ::drools::
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Because it has been far too long since you all have been spammed with Niner pics. :D And, you know, black dog on top of gold leaves makes a very nice contrast.

Under here cause I was too lazy to shrink them )

And ooooo... Pretty golden leaves
And oh, the leaves are gold )

See? Wasn't that fun and random? :D

Also, tis the season to be thinking about Holiday Cards! So, if any of you all would like a holiday card from me this year, please leave your address in the comments (which will be screened). Even if you already gave me your address last year because, um... I kinda lost the sheet of paper I had them all written on. <.<
Also, I have not one, but *TWO* spiffy holiday card sets already bought because I just couldn't decide between them. ;) So, along with your address, let me know if you want a shiny and pretty card, or a cute and amusing card from me this year. YAY holiday cards!
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We have two new monarch butterflies! I found a few catipillers a few weeks ago on one of my walks with Nine, brought them back home and hooked them up with some fresh milkweed plants out in the sunroom. They made cryisalys (only spelled right) a day or two later on like September 5, so now we have two brand new butterflies drying their wings on the front porch! Well, maybe even 3, but one of them crawled away in catipillar form and we haven't seen it since. Probably out on the porch some where. But, hee! New butterflies! Watch as Maren relives her childhood. (my brothers and I went out searching for monarch catipillars when we were little and we had this special screen "cage" to put them in. We watched as they ate like mad, turned into pretty green crysili?, and then transformed a few weeks later. It was always one of the highlights of our summer. :) )

We also found two already made cacoons (cause, yeah, not gonna try and spell it again) a week or two before I brought back the catipillars. Those haven't 'hatched' yet, and probably won't considering how long they've been sitting out there with no change. That kinda sucks, but it's still cool that we have the other two butterflies now.

And now I have to go to class. ANd then work until 7:30 tonight. Bugger.
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Am watching something called The Transporter on FX. No plot I can make out as of the moment, but so far there has been lots of pretty explosions and some spiffy fight scenes. Also? Pretty boys with accents. And girls for that matter, too. Bit of sex, but I can forgive that one small oversight for the moment.

YAY weird foreign-kinda action movies!
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Its 7:30 in the morning. I've been up for the last 20 minutes. I don't have to be up for another hour or there abouts, yet here I am. Same thing happened yesterday morning. Both mornings it has been bright, sunny, and cool (upper 40s-low 50s) - very refreshing. I think it's having an adverse effect on my sleeping habits, because not only have I gotten up at 7:15 or there abouts, but I've actually been *awake* and, like, almost *wired* when I got up. I mean, I've always been something of a morning person, able to get up at god-awful hours and, after a few minutes of bleary "just woke up. gimme a few minutes rejoin the land of the living", perfectly ready to go and face the day. No bleariness this time around though, just a roaring "Up! Up! Gotta get up! Get up and move around! Make breakfast for the parents! Or something! Just UP!" with the urge to start singing "It's a beautiful morning!" at the top of my lungs (an urge I managed to repress, thankfully, as neither of my parents were up yet, either).

So, yes, I haven't even been to Germany yet and already my sleeping habits seem to be shifting slightly. Granted, two hours earlier than I might normally get up without work or school as an excuse is a far cry from the 7 hours earlier it's gonna be in Germany, but usually the whole shift in sleep pattern comes *after* I spend a week in a time zone several hours earlier or several hours later than my own. Tis weird, yo. Maybe its just the weather.
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Am watching the Sci Fi Inside Sci Fi Friday special on Sci Fi right now (never thought I would see that used three times in the same sentence before... ;) ). Few things to say so far:

Ben is so pretty. ::admires::

Jamie is pretty too. And he has an accent. YAY pretty boys with accents!

But WHeee! Sci Fi Inside! Watch as Maren geeks!
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Jerry O'Connal is pretty.
::pets him::


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