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One thing from Facebook I do wish had gotten adopted by LJ - the ability to post links and have it show up all neat and tidy like with pictures and *everything* on the page with no effort on my part. If there is a way to do that on Live Journal, I haven't figured it out yet, and I've been on here for more than 10 years now.

So, instead, I just post a regular plain old link. Princess Bride Reunion through Entertainment Weekly that you all who are fans of the movie should go check out RIGHT NOW, OMG, because the cast photo is awesome as are the little tidbits from the actors.
Billy Crystal: “True love is the greatest thing in the world — except for a good BM.” I remember the only trouble with the scene was Cary trying not to laugh while he was laying on the slab, because he’s supposed to be mostly dead but slightly alive.

And then there are YouTube Videos!! (youtube version of the Good Morning America story) (Part Two of the Good Morning America story that aired the day after)
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So, going through some of the stuff that has gathered in my Documents folder, I ran across some additional Yuletide 2007 recs that it would appear I never got around to actually posting. So, here they are, almost 3 years later - Yuletide 2007 fic recs, part 2.

Yeah, no idea what happened in most of them anymore, but I'm assuming they are worth a read considering I liked them enough to start a word document on my hard drive for them.

ETA 1:51 pm
Umm... I have absolutely no idea what is wrong, but for some reason all of the links in this entry have my LJ web address before the actual Yuletide address in the < a href > coding - something which does not show up whenever I attempt to go in and correct it; "Edit Entries" just show me the regular HTML coding and the proper address for what I am attempting to link. It is extremely confusing, and I can't seem to fix it, so I'm assuming the error is LJs, not mine. So, I'm just going to post the links without the fancy HTML coding. Seriously, LJ... WTF?

lets try this again )

There, that should at least make the links accessible if not fix the initial problem.


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