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So I've figured out how to cross post from here to LJ, but not from LJ to here. So I do apologize if there is any sort of double posting.

That said, fic recs! A whole bunch of them all at once because I lack the patience to do them one by one today. And dude, there are like twenty of them here.

Stargate SG-1
Aggravated Destruction of Property by Kalquessa. JONAS AND VALA. TOGETHER. IN A JAIL CELL. Nuff said. Happy fic that makes me happy.

Nocturne by purple shrub. I can't actually remember what happens in this one, so I'm mooching the authors note and summary. SPOILERS : Hmm…this takes place both 1st season, before Fire and Water, and 7th season, post Fallen. I’m told familiarity with Meridian is needed to understand it.
SUMMARY : Teal’c/Daniel friendship

Wherever We Go by gingasaur. "You should just write about Jonas and Vala going on a picnic." She was joking. And yet here we are. In which Jonas is trying to be angry and wallow in self pity in peace, but Vala won't let him.

Stargate Atlantis
Walk Beside Me by Rachel500. When a diplomatic mission is interrupted by the Wraith, Sam and Teyla wrestle their personal demons to work together and find a way back to Atlantis. In other words, Sam and Teyla being awesome and bad ass. And oh, hey, bonding a bit along the way, too.

Dr. Who
The Tragic Demise of the Psychic Paper by alsodinosaurs. Title pretty much covers it. Fluff.

well, you know by roachpatrol. Series 1 AU, It is July in New New York, 099: the dawning of the latest and greatest era of beauty, freedom, truth and love, but mostly love. And when it comes to Rose Tyler and Jack Harkness, a lot of beauty. John Smith is so hopelessly in love with his two best friends that sometimes he thinks he could just about explode. But he's no one special. Not really. Lyrical and slightly melancholy, but lovely in it's own way.

Handyman by pluto. Donna is breaking. Shaun can't help but try and help fix her.

White Collar
A Wake-up Call a Mean Ragout by china-shop. Another one I can't recall much of what happened, but there is Neal being sneaky and Peter being oblivious. And El making a mean ragout.

No, and here's a dozen reasons why by china-shop. Peter on why it would be a Bad Idea, but who is tempted to take the risk anyway.

Nothing Says 'Feel Better Soon' Like Grand Theft Larceny by OnYourMark. On why you do NOT mess with Elizabeth Burk, because "dirty" doesn't even scratch the surface when Neal Caffrey really wants to play ball.

Strays by sahiya. Neal and some kittens. Yes, KITTENS. And NEAL. I'm not sure it is possible to get any more adorable than that. Fluff of the fluffiest.

Vorkosigan Saga
The Stuff That Dreams by dsudis. Bad dreams and having someone to hold onto.

Vorkosigan Sousleau by Philomytha. "I freely admit that I don't know much about boats," Cordelia said, treading water, "but I'm pretty sure the sail is supposed to be pointing up." Aral and Cordelia fluff

Here Tomorrow, Gone Today by Tari Roo. SGA/SPN Crossover AU. One shot. The world ended and not how any hunter would have imagined. A BSG-style fleet of refugees on the run, with Dean Winchester aboard the Hammond. Shep POV.

Quick Like a Bunny by innie-darling. Sherlock/Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. I kid you not. Nuff said.

And stick a fork in me, I'm done.


Jun. 1st, 2005 12:24 am
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window opened: 6:45 pm Tuesday, May 31

* I've had the NCIS theme stuck in my head all day. I do not know why.

* Does anyone know what 'Tu Sabes' means? Cause it's on the shirt I'm wearing today (it had a cool pattern with lightning and what looks like kinda like the Mayan calendar on it, so I picked it up last summer cause I thought it looked spiffy, even if I didn't know what what was written on it meant) With my rough Spanish knowledge, closest I could come up with was 'You Know' or 'To Know', but I have no idea why some company would write that on a shirt. But, I suppose if it is the Mayan calendar on it, and the Mayans used their calendar to predict future events, something about knowing might make sense. I never really thought t-shirt making people looked that far into things, though.

* Watching Queer Eye always makes me hungry. All the food Ted makes looks yummy. He makes me wanna eat all the foods I wouldn't otherwise eat, like fish and all that yucky stuff. Also? Kyan is pretty. I never noticed this before, but he really is. Or at least he is when he's having a good hair day.

* temperatures got all the way up to 77 degrees today! YAYness! My feet are still cold, though. But for the first time since like April I can wear sandals without fear of frost bite! Wohoo!

* those scratches I got from the attack thorn bushes we had to walk through when we got lost on the mound? Itch like mad, yo. How come owwies always itch after they've been healing for a few days when itching off the scabs would probably do the most damage... Pesky healing process.

* My hair is getting long again. I try and scratch my back with my hair in one of those high-ish pony tails and I end up grabbing hair. Course, that might be because I haven't cut it since last June. Should probably get it trimmed one of these days seeing as the ends are getting all tangly.

* I really like this song. Thank you, Cristin, for uploading it for all us to download a few weeks ago. ::hums along::

* Hee! Natalie rewrote the cast of Star Wars. Life is so much more fun when half your friends list are Star Wars geeks.

Mini rant kinda sort about NCIS but not really ahead (some of which some of you might not agree with), feel free to skip

* as I am still skip=150 on my friends list, I'm getting a lot of reactions to season finals. the NCIS final in particular (or, well, like maybe three people on my friends list... the other two are not on LJ and freak out about it over MSN). Some are cheering, some are ready to go after the writers with torches and pitch forks, some don't wanna watch the series ever again because of what happened. I'm kinda "Eh, such is life" on the whole thing. spoiler ). Whatever, I still have every intention of watching the series a) because the writing is good, b) dude, snark!, and c) how can one not love Mark Harmon snarking on Michael Weatherly with lots of pretty explosions and the occasional gun battle/fight scene? Besides, it's only TV... I never understood how someone could invest so much into one television series. I mean, yeah, they're enjoyable to watch and what's not to love about a good drama, but dude... it's a television show. How can some people get so worked up over a piece of fiction? Yeah, so sometimes you can connect with the characters, and even I admit to getting a kinda sniffly if one of my favorite characters died (by kinda I mean very very little. I didn't even cry when Aeryn died on Farscape. My eyes teared a bit, but nothing ever fell and I was perfectly fine and back to normal within two minutes), but in the end it's still television. I just don't get it.
But, hey, I'm weird and often times confused... What else is new? YAY NCIS!

/kinda sorta but not really NCIS rant

* My foot fell asleep. Tis annoying. Guess that's what I get for sitting on it the past half hour.

* Words cannot express how much I adore the song Robert Mackenzie sung by Paul Gross. Dude, I want to see some Due South. *Now*, dammit! ::sulks because she had not the DVDs. Or a DVD player, for that matter::

* [ profile] wisdomeagle linked to a pretty cool Andromada kinda sorta AU (can it be an AU if a writer for the actual series wrote it?) here if anyone is interested (its the one on the bottom). It made way more sense to me than the few episodes I've seen of this latest season (keeping in mind I hadn't followed the series since first season when I mention the latest-season episodes), and I so totally would have tried to keep up with the series if that's what it was leading up too. I don't know how to explain it to pique anyone else's inerest, but... the idea of Big Bang = Heaven exploding and Heaven = Love, in a kinda-sorta way interest you... Well, how bout I just copy and paste a bit of it for you ). I should also probably mention that Trans early seasons purple again in this version of a possible series final?, so that might explain a bit. or not. Yeah, have I mentioned I don't know how to explain it? :D

window closed: 12:21 am Wednesday, June 1

Hey, look! It's June!
And I think that's enough for today. Bed time! Night everyone.


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