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So, I've been toying with the idea of using the money my gramma gave me for Christmas to buy a Nook, but so far I have resisted because $150 is kind of a lot that might go toward better use, especially since I won't have *any* money coming in for at least a month or two once I finish up here in March.

However... with the continuing computer issues annoyance I've been going through, I *also* haven't had much opportunity to access all of the fan fiction/ebooks I have saved on my computer, which has caused me no small source of frustration, especially since many of them are no longer available online, or I can't access where they *are* archived on my work computer because the website is blocked.

So, I pose a question to all you Nook/Kindle owners out there - is it possible to open any kind of Firefox or Internet Explorer file on the Nook? I use the Scrapbook add on for Firefox to store some of my favorite fan fictions on my lap top, which saves the "website" as a web index file that I can open up in Firefox or Internet Explorer even when I don't have access to the internet.

I read that Nooks can handle PDFs, but I don't think that would do me much good as I don't have any kind of PDF converter on my computer even if it is actually possible to save a website as a PDF, which I find unlikely. However, if it is indeed possible, it would definitely tip me over the edge on the "To buy or not to buy, that is the question!" fence.
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Since I *will* be driving cross country again in a few months to get back home, and because there is a very good chance it won't be the last long drive I do within the next year, I am thinking about signing for AAA.

My biggest question to you all with experience with the company is whether it will, in fact, cover out-of-state travel. Their motto is "Anytime, Anywhere!", but I just want to be sure they *mean* "anywhere", and not "anywhere within X miles of where you are registered". My car will be registered in Wisconsin, and Wisconsin AAA is where my membership would be purchased from, but I'm currently kinda sorta on the other side of the country, and though I'll be back in Wisconsin for a few weeks after I finish up here, there is a very good chance I'd be relocating again within a month or two of getting back home.

AAA *seems* like a really smart idea, especially as my car is old and beat up and even though it has given no indication of imminent break-down, I've noticed that ever since it *did* have that horrendous break down not long after I got it, I've been rather paranoid about another one occurring and stranding me in the middle of nowhere. It is a completely irrational paranoia as my boy Coyote has been running just fine ever since his engine was rebuilt (minus a few break issues and a weird radiator thing - the former of which was an issue when I got him, and has finally been fixed; the latter of which has never caused any problems), and I've heard from multiple mechanics that despite the rust and the Mystery Smoke, he's actually in pretty good shape all things considered (he has survived 14 Wisconsin Winters) and I really probably don't have anything to worry about. It's called Irrational paranoia for a reason, after all.

ANYWAY, yeah, AAA would be a super nice back up plan should my paranoia prove not so irrational after all, and it would also ease my worries a lot about long trips because it would mean there'd be someone around to come rescue me should the need arise, no matter where I happen to be at the time. I just want to get a bit more information on it before I purchase the membership.

So... suggestions? Words of wisdom? Member stories where AAA came in and saved the day? Bueller?
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Random question, but did any of the participants of Girls Night In 2008 happen to save our chat log? If I did, I have no idea where I put it, and I want to add it to that particular entry for nostalgia value.

Just thought I would ask.

Also, on that same note, should any of you want to do another Girls Night In, I would TOTALLY BE 100% GAME LIKE WOAH. I still miss everyone like crazy, and only three of us showed up for the last one. :(
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Due South geeks - anyone know what kind of car Ray K drives before his father returns the GTO to him somewhere around the beginning of season four?
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I am in a chatty mood. It is summer now, so people might actually have *time* and stuff, so I'm thinking another Girls Night, maybe watching some movie or series on broadcast, or just watching a favorite episode/series on Hulu. Any takers? Also, any suggestions? I vote the season premier of Eureka whenever they manage to get it up online, but I'm game for pretty much anything.
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Do most people actually believe that the term "Celtic" (as in the people, not the basketball team) is pronounced with an S instead of C? See, I've always known it was the "C" sound, and I always do a double take when anyone mentions the basketball team because "Seltics" just sounds wrong to me. Maybe it's just a northern thing?

Or maybe my brain is just wired weird, cause even though I know in most cases "Sean" is pronounced "Shawn", I still read it as "Seen". I think this might stem from the fact that one of the first Seans I met actually did pronounce his name "Seen" and not "Shawn".

This post brought to you by my rereading of the book Urban Shaman by C. E. Murphy, which brings up both of those names as well as some other names with weird pronunciations.
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Anyone happen to have a Adobe Photoshop serial number I could borrow?

That said, back in Point. Am tired. Thinking about going to bed.

To shower or to sleep, that is the question.
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I'm looking through my fic and story folder and noticing that it's actually getting pretty full, and not just with the unfinished stories. All of my writings paired with the 200+ fic recs I have scattered throughout my live journal has me starting to wonder if it might be worth it to get my own web page, if only to give back what little I can to the fandom(s) that have given me so many hours of enjoyable procrastination time. Not sure if it would be worth it to actually *pay* domain space, but maybe a free domain somewhere that isn't completely horrible.

So you website-owners, is it worth it? No? Yes?
If yes, any free domain places you would suggest? Cause it would be nice to actually have my stuff read by more than two people, and while I did cave and get an account at, I would much rather have my own page cause, well, kinda sucks.

Suggestions would be appreciated.

And now it is 10:37 and I think I am going to go to bed, even if it does mean I am a wuss.
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Anyone know if I can use Free AVG (anti virus) without having to uninstall Symantic?

In other news, HA! FINALLY! Both the season premier of Ghost Hunters from last night *and* last week's Ghost Hunter International Season finale are up on Hulu or Sci Fi channel. YAY! My soul is at peace now. Well, half of it. And I think the other half gets appeased tonight when Bones finally returns. Wohoo, here be a happy soul.
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You know that kind of twinge your foot gets just before it cramps up so painfully that your toes start resembling claws? Yeah, both of my feet have been doing that all day. It's like I'm waiting for the axe to fall or something (or the tendon to tighten as the case may be).

Which brings me onto the actual point of this post - I need new boots. My Sorells are great and I love them for cold and/or cold and soggy winter weather, but with temperatures warming up, they are a bit too exetreme in the insualtion department. My current late fall/early spring boots are the shoes I'm wearing to day which are causing the "Ow, feet, you suck!" problem because I've squished what little insoles they had to begin with to non-existance.

So... any suggestions on a feet-friendly brand. I'm hoping for something that is at least partially water-resistant (or that I can make water resistant with that spray stuff), medium-warmth brands that will be kind(er) to the tendonitis in my arches. I'm willing to fork over up to about 80 bucks (even better if I can get 120-150 dollar pair on sale for that much) for a good pair that will last me a long time.
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Completely and totally random question here that I am pretty sure no one has any idea about, but I can't help asking.

Anyway, question - does anyone happen to remember the song that what's her face was singing in... I think it was the first or second season finale of Xena (in my blind internet searching, I've discovered that it may have been a later season)? The one with Xena's history and her first crucifixion and the... slave was it? who taught her how to do the cut off the flow of blood to your brain move pinch (wow, it's been awhile if I've forgotten what *that* was called). They were on the boat and Whats Her Face was singing and it was very pretty and celtic-ey kind of.

I ask because it is in my head. Why it is in my head? I have no idea, but it is. I wonder if that scene is on youtube...

ETA 8:49
Ha! Found it! Really really bad quality, but as long as the audio is good I'm happy.

I also found out that Whats Her Face's name is M'Lila, played by Ebonie Smith who also happens to have been Murtaugh's youngest daughter in all the Lethal Weapon movies. Learn something new every day.
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My left ear phone died. Woe.

Which means I am in the market for a new set of headphones for my mp3 player. Anyone know if they have managed to invent a *comfortable* set of head phones as of yet? The ones I have were pretty good, with a hook that went behind your ear and a speaker that actually rested just inside your ear canal, so I shoveing a hard, plastic ear bud in your ear in hopes that they will stay put longer before falling out was unnecessary, which was nice. I could usually wear them about two to two and a half hours before they started hurting my ears.

Anyway, I got this set when I got my MP3 player back in 2005/2006 and I think they cost me about 10 or 15 dollars. Has the headphone evolved at all since then? Maybe into something more comfortable with, I don't know, speakers set in gel or rubber rather than hard plastic? Cause if I could find a comfortable pair of headphones, I'd probably be willing to fork over another 10-15 dollars for them.
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Does anyone have a ball park on how long eggs last? I have a few left in the fridge, and the expiration date on the container says the expiration date was Jan 23, which was two days ago - I know milk is usually good until about a week after the expiration date on the container, but I don't know if that is the same for eggs.

In other news, I am watching Extreme Waterparks on the Travel Channel. Noah's Ark in Wisconsin Dells was #10, and I now have a very strong desire for warm temps so I can go to Wisconsin Dells and play in the water. I have never been to Noah's Ark, which is kind of a crime for Wisconsinites every where, but seriously... that place is expensive. $32 dollars for a day pass. Still... Wanna goooooooooo... Actually, I'd be happy with any decent water park at this point.

Though, you know... the water park in Alberta looks pretty impressive, *and* it has a wave pool. Also, that one is an indoor water park, so it would probably be open in winter... ::ponders::
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Watching Victoria's Secret has given me a strong desire to make a Due South wall paper. Sadly, I can't find any good screen captures from the episode. Woe.

Anyone know of a good Due South screen cap website? I particularly want one of The Revolving Door in the first part.

Not that I would actually *use* the wall paper... Though I might, considering what I have in mind is really generic and only really big fans would have any idea what I am getting at, but still... I wanna make a Due South wall paper!
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I few weeks ago, I was extremely pleased when my first attempt at a Girls Night In was a complete success. Enough so that I'm thinking about doing another one.

So, anyone game for another Girls Night In? I'm thinking January 31, which is a Saturday, cause by that time all us college types will be back in school and Last Minute Homework Assignments. Or at least I'm pretty sure I will be.
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I have finally seen the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Much more cheerful then the last few, which I highly appreciate. And the last scene made me wonder if the Doctor ever accidentally locked his keys inside the TARDIS. You think the Sonic Screwdriver would work on TARDIS's door? Which then made me wonder if she ever got ticked at him for some reason or another and locked him out on purpose.

This is my brain. It makes me wonder sometimes, too. (hee, accidental joke)
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Vaaaadiah! I need your help! Or, you know, anyone else who happens to be able to read Japanese.

I am still in major cooking mode, and the home made Chex Mix is currently in the oven. I'm trying to make it gluten free for my dad, but since I didn't have any of my own, I used Mandy's worcestershire-like (and I have no idea if that is spelled right) substance from the fridge. It looks like worcestershire, it smells like worcestershire, so I am assuming it is worcestershire. However, the label is in Japanese, so I can't be sure.

pictures under here )

I apologize for the bad picture quality. Apparently my camera isn't good at doing close ups.
Is it actually worcestershire or some variant there of? And if it's not, does anyone know if it has wheat or gluten in it? Cause if it does, I probably won't be giving it to my Dad for Christmas.
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I was just struck by an awesome idea. Or what I hope will be an awesome idea. I don't know, I guess it will depend on whether or not it pans out.

I propose a Girls Night In. I know, I know... All of us live miles and miles away from each other and none of us have any money so the chance of actually being able to do a Girls Night in person is kind of out of the question for the time being. HOWEVER - we all have an internet connection, and we all have MSN messenger or AIM, *and* I'm sure we all have at least one movie that we all own or can rent for the night that we can pop in at a certain time and watch together and make random comments like "OMG, HE IS SO PRETTY! or "Wow, those boobs are totally fake" or, more likely, stuff like "Yeah, so that background is fake" or "I SO PORNED THAT!" and quote lines at each other or something. We could even do a LJ post and tag and comment reply thing if we want to immortalize the night for all time.

I know it wouldn't be as good as actually being able to see you all and cuddle up with you in person, but we could still cuddle up with a warm blanket and our favorite movie munchies and our computers and have a blast.

my movie list )

So... Anyone interested? Also, feel free to spread the word to anyone else you think might be interested. I figure the more the merrier!

ETA - so far we have a vote for The Mummy as a good scaper movie. Feel free to post your own suggestions!
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23 Holiday Cards written, 12 Holiday Letters enveloped and ready to mail out, 5 holiday letters not quite ready to send out cause I still need addresses (family members mostly, and Dana and Uriah who just got married a few months ago and I don't know if they've moved or not), and a slightly cramped hand. Yay holiday cards!

Speaking of holiday stuff, I have a question/request. I've already told my friends and family that I just cannot afford buying presents this year, so I'm going to be making some instead. Current plan involves femo clay and hand made ornaments, but wanna do more than that. Specifically, I was hoping to do some sort of snack/munchie type food that I can bag up and send along, like trail mix or home made potato chips or some sort of candy/taffy/whatever. The hard part is that, as I think I've mentioned before, we're pretty sure my dad has some sort of wheat allergy, so finding gluten-free recipes is a bit of a challenge.

So, onto the request - do any of you have some good, non-perishable, gluten-free snack ideas I might be able to make? Homemade Chex Mix sans pretzels, wheat Chex, and possibly rye chips is first on my To Make list, with Rice Krispy bars next, but those seem kinda... Unoriginal? If you have any other suggestions - specifically for candy-type goodies - I would love you forever and ever if you help me out.
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Electra is on FX. I've never seen it (though it actually got two stars according to the Info thingy). Is it any good? Or is it more of a "pretty girl kicking ass in tight leather outfits" kinda thing?

In other news, we're under a Winter Weather Advisory. I'm wondering if I should go get my groceries now rather than tomorrow.
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Once upon a time, back in ye days of Windows 98 and earlier, Windows used to come with a million desktop themes, like "Space" and "Nature" and "Jungle" and stuff like that. Anyone know if they still do that? And if so, where might I find such themes?
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I've seen it all over my friends list lately, and even been so curious as to investigate it a few times, but I still don't really know what it's all about.

So, um... What is LoudTwitter? I have been assuming it's kind of like making an LJ post via text or the like, but I don't know how close to correct that assumption is.

That said, some * points:
* Ow, tendonitis sucks

* I actually passed my Sedimentology lab with a 76%! I have no idea how. However, since Sam is going to let us "correct" using notes and the text (with a bit of extra writing for the multiple choice and T/F questions) and then give us a final score of the average of the First Attempt and Corrected Attempt, correction it is. I figure I can use all the help I can get.

* It was a bit chilly today. Temps in the mid-to-upper 20s and low 30s, but lots of wind. Kinda cold for walking to and from class. I did anyway, though, which is probably why my foot hates me.

* Holiday Cards! post is still open for address trading. So far I only have four people. Woe, no one wants Maren Love. :(

* New Bones and Ghost Hunters tonight! ::soul is PWNED::

* Wow, that last * gave me really weird visuals involving Souls in the place of Slaves when it comes to Training of any sort. And then I got even weirder visuals of incorporeal bondage, which consisted of one Floaty White Spirit Blob in a leather corset holding a whip and another hovering between two shackle chains hanging from the ceiling. My brain is weird, yo.

* Headache. Ucky.

* Intro to Soils and Water Resources test on Friday. More ucky (especially since I'm thinking this one will reach "Insanely Hard" levels)

* Dude, Brain! Stop Pornifiying things!

* Is it the end of the semester yet?
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Anyone want to suggest a free photo manip program? I don't have one on Shadownight yet, and I have kinda been missing that a bit.

In other news, I haven't accomplished anything, at all, all day. Wouldn't the world be a nice place if dishes could be washed all by themselves? And osmosis really did work?

::apparently has no motivation even with impending Class Bombing::
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If I were to take the mini shirt I wore for my costume in Halloween 06 and pair it with a black t-shirt (or my orange Skull Head/Rock and Roll shirt, not sure which would work better), a chain choker (with a lock hanging off it, even), some black wrist cuffs (aka, the bottom 5 inches or so of the sleeves I cut off an old turtle neck), and my hooker boots, do you all think I could pull of Abby from NCIS for Halloween?

Not that I actually have *plans* for All Hallows Eve yet, but I like being prepared.


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