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No 'in which' for this one, you just get a boring 'Quote List, pt 73' )

Though I suppose "in which it becomes slightly more obvious that Maren is a geek", but I'm pretty sure I've used that or something similar before.
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In honor of Election Day, more quotes! Some of them are even from political-ish people.

In which there is no rhyme or reason )

Speaking of election, at Dustin's right now for a Election Day Party. I ate a bunch of pizza and crazy bread. And chocolate cake. Mm, cake.

Way to go USA for the kick ass turn out so far!
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In which some of the great questions of politics and religion are asked, and a few are even answered quite accuratly. )

Also, it seems that the Point House is officially Move-In ready. At least we have a functioning toilet and half a bathroom, which is all anyone can ask for, really, the day before school starts. :D

... Damn. School starts tomorrow.
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In which there is intermixed snark and philosophy. And sometimes both. )

::wonders if it would be too much to tag her Quote List posts not only with "quote list", but also with any of the series that she gets the quote from in the first place::

Nah. I think my tags line would end up getting too crowded, cause my average quotes post probably snarches quotes from at least 4 different fandoms. This one in particular had some Doctor Who, Bones, Buffy, and some Dead Zone, and just to specify, I'd probably end up doing something like "quotes: doctor who", "quotes: bones" and the like.

::stops talking to herself and goes to bed::
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In which we discuss Life, Politics, and the Politics of Life )

In other news, hit a high of 78 degrees F today with lots of sunshine. Nice.

Also, for the most part, I am caught up! At least I no longer have any "late" assignments I need to finish for a particular class. I still have to study for a Statistics quiz tomorrow and a Biogeography test and the knappweed report on Thursday. Poster for climatology is due Friday, but I think I got a pretty good start on that. I just have to restrain my tendencies to talk too much (or, as the case may be, write too much) when it comes to paper-writing cause excess babble won't fit on a 4x3 foot poster. Or, well, it *will*, but not at a size text that is easily read from five feet away, hence negating the whole "poster" idea.
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in which some famous and not so famous people said memorable stuff )

In other news, Kids Club was even more obnoxious and loud than usual today. My head started throbbing around 1:55 and hasn't stopped since. Ugh.
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In which a bunch of famous people make fun of politics )

In other news, I'm leaving at 6:00 tomorrow morning for St. Cloud. Only thing I'm really nervous about? Getting there without getting totally lost. I'm not Catholic, but if there is a Patron Saint of Direction/Not Getting Lost, I sure hope he or she smiles upon me...
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Thanks to the Quotes of the Day feed in the Google personalized home page, I've added another ten quotes to my quote list. So, therefor I give you Quote List, part 54. (I copied and pasted them directly from whatever page I found them on, so any spelling errors are so not mine)

in which a bunch of famous people and one fan fic writer make me quote them )

Ack! The damn LJ Navigation Strip just showed up! Someone please tell me how to turn it off?
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I said I would add another chapter to my Quote List once I had gotten another ten quotes collected. So, here it is.

in which I really need to finish Resturant at the End of the Universe one of these days )
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Watched Serenity again (we got it off of Pay Per View and it's one of those "all day" things that keeps reshowing it until about midnight). I still want to lick Simon's back at the end, among other things (DOWN, hormones! Back I say, BACK!), but it was just as good the second time around. YAY Serenity.

That said, I give you the very last episode of Rensong's Quote List (or at least until I find another ten quotes somewhere, but chances are it will be awhile).
And now, the end is near, and I face, the final curtain... )

Well, there you have it folks. Almost two months and 50 some posts later, the entirety of my current quote list in all it's glory. Hope you enjoyed them!
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I have just discovered that there is no part 48 of my quote list posts. It goes directly from 47 to 49. Ah, well, I'm too lazy to go change them all right now.
::has vague flashbacks of grade school reading when there was no 19th floor at Wayside School:: ::wonders if this has weird twisted parallels that could be worked into that::
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We have a balmy -12 outside, with a windchill of -28. Ah, winter... How I haven't missed thee. Okay, so that's a lie... I do rather love winter, I just don't like bitter cold. You know, anything under about 15 degrees Fahrenheit or there abouts.
Tomorrow morning the predicted temps are around the range of -25, *not* including windchill. Oh joy.
But YAY for all the snow we have now!

in which high heels are evil )


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