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Three months ago I had just sprained my ankle, bad enough that it still isn't 100% healed today. I had also finally given in to multiple promptings to watch the first episode of Eastwick, and I was both duly impressed and unsure if I could handle Fraser as a Bad Guy. However, getting to see him wet was *totally* worth it.

Six months ago I was just starting my last semester as an undergrad and continuing my Paleolimnology internship as an independent study for college credits. Also, Wisconsin was under an Air Quality Advisory for the first time I recalled in the 25 years I have lived here.

Nine months ago I was really missing Rainbow Falls and had water(parks) on the brain. Also, Sleestack are Scary.

One year ago it was a beeea-uuu-ti-ful spring day and I was stuck in classes from 9 am until 5:30 pm and having a huge "Oh, *fuck*!" moment because I had been convinced all day that my Mineralogy test was in the afternoon, not early morning.

Two years ago, sex toys had been legalized in Texas and everyone was celebrating by writing sex-toy drabbles!

Three years ago, I was home from Saint Cloud for a much needed Spring Break.

Four years ago, I was ded from the cute. AND I had a shiny new laptop that made me glee and name it Shadowlite!

Sekrit Message for Emma )

Five years ago, Grampa was home from the hospital, mom had the flu, and I was about to get together with Dana for some hot tubbing.


Dec. 8th, 2009 09:29 pm
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LJ is not sending me comment emails. Bad LJ.

We already have about 3 inches of snow, and that isn't including the snow drifts. Tomorrow should be fun.

My first final is the Chem exam at 8:00 am Monday morning. Not fair, final schedule; the earliest we even had a Chemistry class of some sort or another is 11. Rest of my exam schedule:
Rock Climbing - tomorrow during the last class (Weds, 11 am)
Structural - Tuesday, not sure what time
Remote Sensing - Wednesday, 8:00 am

I want this week and next week to be over now. Anyone have a time machine handy? Or maybe a fast forward device.

Is 9:30 too early to go to bed?
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I just got the strangest craving for Gorp (M&Ms, Pretzels, Peanuts, Raisins and whatever else we felt like adding - aka, Trail Mix). Strong enough that I am seriously tempted to go to the grocery store so I can get the rest of the stuff to make some.

Since I've already spent 30-some dollars on groceries this week (not to mention 15+ on fast food because I am so freaking sick of bagel sandwiches), I'm doing my best to resist this random craving. It is a lot harder than it should be.

On an entirely different note, you all remember the Name Brand Condoms email meme that went around in the late 90s? Well, I have updated it. Actually, I updated it a few months ago now when I still had cable in my room, and I spent an entire evening actually paying attention to the commercials trying to find some new material. Alas, it would seem companies are a lot more careful about what slogans they use these days because I didn't come up with more than 20 or so new ones, but still. It was entertaining.
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My legs still hate me and now my left shoulder has decided to join the party, too. Still not sure why on that last part. And going down stairs continues to be some form of new, horrible torture.

That said, random change in subject:
I've made a few fruity discoveries thanks to Dole's Tropical Mix Immunity blend. The first being that mangoes are quite good, tasting kind of like a mix between melon and peach. The second of which is I could do with out papaya. Lastly, frozen kiwi and strawberries on a hot day are probably the best thing ever.

One more random change in subject - I am tired. I went to bed at 10 last night and set my alarm to go off at 6:30 so I could get to school to study for my GIS midterm for an hour or so before class. However, despite turning in plenty early, I still only got about an hour of sleep, and that was probably between about 11:30 and 12:30 - the rest of the night I did a lot of tossing and turning, maybe slipping into a light doze occasionally but nothing more than that. Not sure whether to blame the lack of sleep on some sort of buried worries about my GIS exam (I don't think I was stressing, but the subconscious is a funny thing) or the fact that lying in pretty much any position caused some part of my poor abused body to be in pain - or, most likely, some mix of the two - but either way, it still was much with the not being fun.

Thank god tomorrow is Friday. Even if I won't have much of a weekend cause of all the GIS labs I need to finish, at least I'll be able to sleep in.
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* I have had "So long and thanks for all the fish" in my head *all day* and I don't know why.

* I still don't watch Supernatural, but I do occasionally read Supernatural fic. And thanks to This Night and it's sequel This Road We're On by [ profile] cordeliadelayne, Ruby/Castiel is now my new crack. If I can find anymore of it, that is. I get the impression it's not one of the most popular pairings in the fandom.

* Yesterday's impulse buy at the grocery store was Eggo's Cinnamon Toast Waffles. I have since worked my way through 3/4th of the box.

* Do anyone elses' feet cramp up painfully on a fairly regular basis? Or is it just me that's blessed with that particular curse? Ow.

* No new Chuck *or* Castle until next season. Monday nights are dead to me.
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Do most people actually believe that the term "Celtic" (as in the people, not the basketball team) is pronounced with an S instead of C? See, I've always known it was the "C" sound, and I always do a double take when anyone mentions the basketball team because "Seltics" just sounds wrong to me. Maybe it's just a northern thing?

Or maybe my brain is just wired weird, cause even though I know in most cases "Sean" is pronounced "Shawn", I still read it as "Seen". I think this might stem from the fact that one of the first Seans I met actually did pronounce his name "Seen" and not "Shawn".

This post brought to you by my rereading of the book Urban Shaman by C. E. Murphy, which brings up both of those names as well as some other names with weird pronunciations.
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Maybe I need to break out the low-cut shirt again, because I'm eating Lucky Charms (or the generic version called Magic Stars) right out of the box and I keep dropping bits and they disappear into the couch or somewhere.

My life, so hard.
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Okay, so the last few days I've been entertaining myself *a lot* just by going through my music list and making a bunch of play lists and trying to come up with cool album covers for them (no TV, remember? I gotta entertain myself some how).

So... Anyone want to receive a random CD or zip file full of music that I picked out just for you? Album cover and everything! And if you want to send me a specific picture you want me to use for said cover, feel free example )

In other news, I think I may have actually done okay on my Glacial Geology test ::knocks on wood:: despite my study woes last night. Not *great*, mind, but hopefully at least C-worthy. Guess I'll find out in a few days.
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Random thought that entertained me through my Chem lecture:

If I had a Rodney McKay muse in my head, do you think he could help me with my Chemistry assignments?

In other news, thinking about doing another Girls Night now that a few more people actually have access to a computer, and also because we haven't done one in awhile. This time, though, I'm wondering if it might be possible to watch a TV show together instead of a movie. Not sure if it would work since a lot of us don't watch the same shows, but I suppose it would be an opportunity to try and convert people if nothing else.

Anyway, currently the shows I watch are Chuck, Castle, NCIS, Ghost Hunters (thank you Sci Fi Rewind!), Scrubs, and Bones. I also gave Better Off Ted a shot last week and it was entertaining, so I'll toss that one in there, too. I don't watch Heroes, Lost, or Pushing Daisies, but I'd be willing to watch an episode with a bunch of you just for the fun of it since I know a lot of people on my friends list watch them. Other series suggestions welcome, but I am kinda limited to broadcast channels cause I only get channels 1 through 14 (aka, basic cable). As long as you can get access to them online, though, I should be good.

So, what do you all think? Worth a shot?
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Random comment of the night:

I wonder if grade schools still use Mr. Goodbody to teach Health.

/random comment

Additional random comment inspired by original random comment:

Wow, I never realized how much Mr. Goodbody sounds like a porn star name.

/random comment part 2
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Watching NCIS on USA. And I've noticed it before, but it seems even more note-worth in this particular episode (Blowback) - McGee is freaking adorable. And rather pretty in the geeky kind of way. I would totally hit that, and my One True Hope for the series is that he gets a smoking hot girlfriend at some point that he can rub in Tony's face.

Isn't random fun?
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I have finally seen the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Much more cheerful then the last few, which I highly appreciate. And the last scene made me wonder if the Doctor ever accidentally locked his keys inside the TARDIS. You think the Sonic Screwdriver would work on TARDIS's door? Which then made me wonder if she ever got ticked at him for some reason or another and locked him out on purpose.

This is my brain. It makes me wonder sometimes, too. (hee, accidental joke)
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You know, for underware that isn't supposed to ride up, this underware rides up an awful lot.

In other news, it is sunny and shiny and bright and 32 degrees outside today with very little wind. Walking to school was actually kinda relaxing (as compared to the "Zomigod, cold wind down shirt!/I can't feel my face anymore" that it has been for the last few days)


Nov. 5th, 2008 09:02 pm
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Started at 4:21 pm

* It appears that Quaker Snack Mix no longer makes their "Traditional" flavor, which makes me sad. They still make "Baked Cheddar" flavor, which is better than nothing, but still... I miss Traditional.

* Watching Cash Cab! Yesterday I made, like, 500 bucks on there. Today I think I've maybe gotten two questions right. The Trivia Faeries are not being giving with their knowledge today.

* I have a 15 dollar Best Buy rewards card. Get Smart came out on DVD yesterday. I waaaaaaaant, but I don't want to drive all the way across town to go get it.

* We have wireless at home again! For the time being, at least.

* NEW BONES AND GHOST HUNTERS TONIGHT! Or if it's not new, the Bones is one I haven't seen. Ghost Hunters is the highlights of last week's Live Halloween Investigation

* I got a 64 on my Hydrogeology test, with a mid-term grade of 70.5%. So, you know, I'm almost passing.

* Chance of thunder storms tonight! I don't think any are going to hit us, but still... Thunderstorms in November are alway cool.

* First episode of Ghost Hunters is on right now! (now being 6:00) Cool! And they start with a Bowling Outing Among Friends! Oh, show. ::hearts::

* spoiler for Ghost Hunters )

It's now 9:00 and I think I've spammed enough. Also, I have to pee. Which you totally don't need to know, but I'm very fond of stating the obvious.
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As with any house, mine makes funny noises in the middle of the night. And it is way easier to imagine Creepy Things when I don't have Mandy around to blame said noises on.

At least it's not as bad as it was last night, All Hallows Eve, when spirits can walk the earth and I was sleep deprived and imagining things (as I am apt to do when sleep deprived - two words, *Demon Squirrel) and the damned stairs kept creaking! Ignore the fact that by the time I got to bed it was almost 4 in the morning on All Saints Day, which means supposedly all the Saints were in the process of chasing all the roaming spirits back to their graves. I think. At least thats what my Dad told us when we were little.

Though, you know, watching Live Ghost Hunters for an hour or so before the bar hopping thing probably didn't do my imagination any favors.

* - when I was younger, I'm thinking in my teenage years, I hadn't been able to get a decent nights sleep for about two days. I was insanely tired, but my brain didn't want to shut off. I heard a funny noise come from the direction of my window (covered by window quilt) and some how my brain jumped from "It's probably just a mouse. Dammit, just what I need." to "Demon Squirrel", complete with glowing red eyes sitting outside on my window frame ready to gnaw its way through the wood to get a taste of my blood. The sensible half of my brain processed all of that, looked at me funny, and said "Are you freaking *nuts* (hee, unintentional joke), but the rest of my brain was still "DEMON SQUIRREL!" and at some point the general insanity of it all made me start giggling like mad and both halves completely agreed when I said "Oh, god, I need sleep".

To this day, however, random noises coming from the general vicinity of a window make me think "Demon Squirrel!"
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Totally random thought, but does anyone else find it kind of... startling? that we're less than a year and a half away from the year 2010? Just a thought that occurred to me just now. I was thinking about Shadownight's warranty, and how in three years it will run out and I was wondering if I would have an excuse to make them spend money on her between now and then, and wondering if Microsoft Office will still be worth using or if they would have fork over another 70 bucks to upgrade to Microsoft Office... Woah, 2010.

Wasn't it just a year or two ago that we were all worried about Y2K?
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I got the weirdest craving for salt water taffy. Enough so that I rode my bike the half-mile or so County Market for the sol purpose of getting a bag of it. While there, I also got some cinnamon crumble cake mix and some pop tarts, but those were just random "hey, this looks good, too" and cause I felt kinda silly riding all that way just for a 89 cents bag of salt water taffy.


In other news, My Fair Lady is on TCM. I loved it as a child, but I'm finding myself a bit annoyed at it right now. It might be because it's at the boring part with the races, though. Before That Line that makes it all worth it.

Ah, there it is.
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Shoulders are fine. Hands not as achy as they were. Lower back ooooowwwwwww. Not OWWWWW, but definitely owwwww. Bending over is all sorts of unfun, and putting pants on not much better.

A good chunk of the Wisconsin River is currently being drained so as to make repairs on a dam or something. Which means that the part of Wisconsin River that runs through Stevens Point is down by about 10-15 feet. I am sooo so very tempted to see if I can rent a metal detector for an afternoon and to do some treasure searching, cause it hasn't been this low for a very long time.

I am out of food. Well, not *out* out, but I am out of bread and orange juice and cereal and even, SHOCK, chocolate. I've been stealing roomies' cereal and living off left over pizza. Me thinks it's time to get groceries.

As an addition to last night's vid recommendation, I followed the links and ran across the vidder's website. Apparently she graduated with degree in Media Studies, which is why her videos are so impressive. At the site you can find a whole bunch of Doctor Who vids, as well as a few from other shows. Good Stuff, yo.
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I just realized that all of my friends have seen me naked or half naked. Does that make me an exhibitionist?

Though in my defense, I don't believe any of my roommates have seen me naked.
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I have this nagging desire to reread the Dragon Riders of Pern series by Ann McAffrey. Good books and all and I've read them three or four times now, but it was mostly cause "I'm out of stuff to read. I know, I'll reread Dragon Riders!", not an actual "I wanna read Dragon Riders!" urge.

Not that I'm complaining. Well, yeah, I kinda am complaining cause all the Pern books are at parents house and so forth kinda out of my reach at the moment.
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* Pantine ProV must put some sort of kitty crack into their shampoos and conditioners, because Kaza is even more obsessed with my hair when it is wet fresh from the shower. He just spent ten minutes curled up next to me on the arm of a chair with his face buried in my hair, purring like there was no tomorrow
* Dustin and Mandy claim that they haven't become re-addicted to any of the games on their old Nintendo 64. However, that has not stopped them from playing it for several hours straight these last three nights since they dug it out and plugged it in to feed Mandy's random Tetris fix on Saturday night.
* It is supposed to be above freezing for a high temperature all week! Yay!
* Amanda should have Kick Ass Driving Conditions all day Saturday. Double YAY!
* Die, Asian Beetles, Die
* Kaza might have the right idea. My hair really does smell good fresh from the shower
* Four more days until Amanda! YAY!
* I so totally do not have the brain power right now to write a page on comparing and contrasting the three spatial analysis articles from last week's 280 class. I hope she made the deadline for it on at midnight tomorrow so I can write it after class
* I need to get myself a boyfriend, if only to have someone to smear lotion on that *one spot* on my back that I can never reach
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Totally random, but...

I LOVE [ profile] palpitation LIKE A MAD, LOVING THING!



No, seriously. There is much hard-core love-age going on here. I totally haven't said that enough recently.

See? I told you it was random.


Dec. 28th, 2007 10:54 pm
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Is it possible for one to be an extremely light sleeper and still snore? As a really light sleeper, I don't *think* I snore, because usually it doesn't take much noise to wake me up, and I think any sort of snoring - mine or otherwise - would therefore end up waking me up. However, I have been told that I talk in my sleep; wouldn't that wake me up too?
Anyone who's slept with me want to verify either of the above? Cause now I'm kinda curious.


Yes, I am strange. I consider it part of my charm.
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Chim-chiminy chim-chiminy chim-chim-chree...

flashback )
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Watching Numb3rs, cause it came on after Moonlight and nothing else is on. HIYEEEEE WAAAALT! At least now I know why you left Dead Zone. He's the head of the FBI SWAT team (does the FBI have a SWAT team?), though I'm not sure he's a recurring character cause I don't watch Numb3rs.

And here ends tonight's episode of Randomness.


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