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Went shopping today - I've been looking for niceish, button-up short sleeved shirts I don't hate to wear over my tank tops for at least a month or two, and I also wanted to go looking for one of those sun shades you put in your car to keep it from getting to a billion degrees inside. Found a shirt, so yay for that, as well as two new pairs of underwear because half my pairs are getting rather old and holey. Did not find a sun shade, but I suppose 1 out of 2 isn't bad.

The reason I'm posting, though, is not really because of either my fashion success or my failure to beat the heat. Nah, I'm writing because Target and ShopKo both have their Back to School Corners set up already, and I may have gotten a wee bit nostalgic when I walked past them. This will be the first fall since 2003 where I won't be joining the educated masses as they stock up on all the pens, pencils, notebooks, and folders they'll need to survive another semester of school, and I am kind of at odds on how to feel about that.

On the one hand, I absolutely love learning and going to lectures and taking notes listening to guest speakers in a subject I'm interested, and I won't be doing that anymore (or at least not for awhile; I might go back for my Masters in a few years). On the other hand - no homework, and I will never have to take another Chemistry test again, which is fantastic beyond belief.

Alas, I am torn. Mostly leaning toward "Ha ha, enjoy, suckers!" because I can totally go to lectures and take notes and listen to guest speakers at any Geo-conference for only a small sum (usually it's between 50-75 dollars to register and get a year of membership in whatever society is doing the conference), and I *still* NEVER HAVE TO TAKE ANOTHER CHEMISTRY TEST AGAIN!

So, you know, small sacrifices and all that.
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So I went home and stuff yesterday cause I had to go to Marshfield for some tax-and-insurance-stuff, and after that was taken care of, it was only another 15 minutes to go visit parents. It was also hot and I was super stressed and figured I could really use some parental comfort, so home I went. Got to the house about 2:00 ish, talked to my mom and dad a bit, and then I went outside to see NinerGirl. She can no longer walk or eat, she can barely hold up her head, and it's getting really hard for her to breath. Seeing her like that was the horrible angst-flavored frosting on The Stress Cake That Is Maren's Life (stealing your metaphor, Emma, cause it totally fits) right now, and it was also the emotional smack-down that broke through the walls I had been building up contain the dread Freak Out until I could deal with it at a proper time. This, of course, freed the Freak Out and I spent the next hour or so in my room crying into my pillow. I figure it's best to get it out of the way now, though, so hopefully I'm good for a bit on the Freak Out front, especially because these next two-to-five weeks are going to be rough.

cutting the List Of Stuff To Do These Next Few Weeks cause it is long )

And then the week *after* finals, the GIS II class starts Monday, May 18, and that will be the beginning of what I shall now refer to as The Three Weeks of Geographical Hell, in which classes run from 8 am to 12 pm, Monday through Friday, and that's not even including the additional hours I will no doubt spend at school working on all the labs. I kind of want to weep just thinking about it.

SCHOOL STUFF ASIDE, Mom and Dad continue to be awesome. I hate showing anyone my Emo, but it's nice to know that they'll be there for me no matter what. Like I've said before, some times you just need your Mommy/Daddy.

Also, Dad grilled burgers for dinner and they were good. And then there were storms all over the place, so the sky was doing all sorts of cool stuff and we had a big, bright *rainbow* that lasted a good half hour/hour or so that we took lots of pictures of, and then there was a super cool lightning show and Dad and I spent a good 20 minutes with the camera trying to capture some of the lightning in a picture (after taking at least 20 pictures each, we each got one really good shot out of it).

Then I had a cool dream... )

And then today Gramma took me out for Chinese. It was tasty, and it was really nice catching up with Gramma.

We all know I could ramble more, but I'll spare you all the space on your friends list. :D
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The Geeky:
Watched last night's Chuck. And seriously, I didn't think it was possible, but I think I love it even more now. No spoilers, but I will say that I did *not* see that coming. Not even a little bit. Chuck has succeeded in surprising me where most shows no longer can. Awesome.

The Scholarly:
Have a rather lot of homework stuff to do this week. So much for staying caught up.
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On campus waiting for my last class of the day to start (Chem discussion at 1 - since we haven't done anything yet, I don't know how much we'll actually have to discuss).

Since I have class at 12 every day, my "lunch" hour is now 11-11:50. This is good in that the bowl of cereal I usually eat for breakfast around 8 wears off right about 11, so yay not spending an additional hour starving.

What is not so good about it, however, is the fact that the baked goodies (like donuts, huge cinnamon rolls, giant rice crispy treats, etc) have not yet been thoughly picked over by the rest of the student body, which means I can pretty much take my pick. This is a Yay on the tasty front, but a Not So Yay on the eating healthy front. The last three days I have consumed: one giant cinnamon roll (on Tuesday), a bag of Chili Cheese Fritos (yesterday), and a frosted twisted donut (today) right along with the usual bagel sandwich I bring from home.

And here I thought being in school again would *decrease* my calorie intake. Woe is me.


May. 17th, 2008 08:43 am
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* STATISTICS ASSIGNMENT due tomorrow 5/2
* Stats Exercise 24 due Friday
* Finish adding grid boxes on Delorm for biogeography preferred by tomorrow
* Tree Ring practice spreadsheet due ASAFP

* Knapweed report due Thursday
* Compare tree cores at some point
* Climatology Final Poster due Friday, 5/9
>>Saturday 5/10 and Sunday 5/11 drop off
>>Saturday 5/17 and Sunday 5/18 pick up

Finals Week
Tuesday - Statistics final, 12:30 pm. STUDY, BITCH
Wednesday - 280 final class meeting 5:00 pm; watch and summarize presentations
Thursday - Climatology final class meeting 12:30 pm; poster presentation
Thursday - Biogeography final meeting2:45 pm; compile class project stuff
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Yesterday, I heard American Pie on the radio. Now I kinda want the whole song.

Also, I miss Shadowlite. I only copied my "favorite songs" folder onto this one, because I had *hoped* to have my beloved computer back by now. Yay for favorite songs and all that, but I kinda want my "Emo" list right now. I'm fine, honest. I'm just PMSing and while school stuff isn't quite getting to me yet, its still made its mark on my brain-fryage and stress increase, so I think I totally deserve some emo music.

Speaking of emo music... Anyone have "How to save a life" that they might be willing to share with me?
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Watching Hook on TNT. Can Robin Williams actually skateboard? Cause, like, even as he's currently in the "adult tight-ass" mode for the movie and fell onto the skateboard "accidentally", the fact that he actually stayed *on* it without doing a face plant gives me the impression that he might actually know what he's doing. No way in hell could I ever manage to stay on a skateboard, especially not "accidentally".

Huh. Something to think about, I suppose.

In other news, I still haven't touched my homework, and classes start again tomorrow. I suck.
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I should totally be at school working on my statistics homework. Instead, I'm rereading the Key's Watcher series. Bad Maren, no cookie for you.

Why can't Spring Break be more than a week? While I am insanely happy that Manda was able to make it for a visit, *FINALLY*, and that the world didn't even implode or anything, I did kinda miss doing absolutely nothing for the entire week instead of just the last three days.

Only two more months until end of semester.
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Ever since I read that Smallville/Buffy crossover I linked too a few days ago, I've had Run Away Train in my head. I don't suppose anyone has a copy of the song I might be able to snarch?

::hums/mumbles:: (run-away train never coming back/wrong way on a one way track/feels like I should be getting somewhere/somehow neither here nor there...)

In other news, I wave of "OMG, TIRED!" just washed over me to the point where I actually stopped typing for a few seconds because I didn't have the energy. Semester needs to be OVER, plz, kthnxbye.
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In a pique of laziness, I spent the day in my pajamas and didn't leave the house once. I did, however, do my laundry and dust and vacuum my room, so it wasn't a complete waste. After those few accomplishments, though, I spent the rest of the day watching TV (caught the last half of Santa Clause - The Movie - Ye Olde Childe of yonder 80's remember the one I'm talking about? With Patch the Elf and magic lolly pops that made you fly and John Lithgo (sp) as the Evil Step Uncle? Anyway, total grade school flash back there) and reading, as for the first time in a month I am completely caught up on my homework and today was probably the last chance I'll have to be lazy for the next three weeks.

Oh, yeah, and I also finished the cartography lab necessary to be completely caught up with my homework.

So, now that I really think about it, I did actually accomplish quite a bit today, despite not getting out of my pajamas. Go me.
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My parents are awesome. I don't say that enough, but they really are.

I woke up this morning at about 6:15 feeling almost human, but then the whole "stress, omg, how am I ever going to get everything done?!" factor that was partially responsible for causing me to leave school last year (not to anywhere near the kind of extreme it was then, though; just enough to make me insanely anxious and unable to doze off back to sleep, and knot my stomach up a wee bit; nothing like the constant nausea and inability to eat like it was last year), and in a needy-near-weepy moment, I called home around 7ish because I wanted to talk to my mommy.

Mom answered, and I'm assuming that when Dad heard who she was talking too, he also decided to pick up because, yeah, our daughter never calls this early unless something is wrong. Anyway, I whined and worried to them for a few minutes, asking them to tell me that I was just being silly, that I was doing well in all my classes and really, had nothing much to worry about, which they did and then some, telling me it was okay to be stressed, especially after being sick for the last few days, and my anxiousness was probably at least in part due to the fact that hey, yeah, I hadn't eaten more than a few rice cakes and a handful of carrots in the last three days, and that even if some of my classes (GIS) were a bitch, that I had to remember I was learning something that could one day prove extremely valuable in the job market, etc, etc, etc. The last part was mostly Dad, because he's also taken the GIS course I'm in right now, and it kicked his ass a bit, too.

Anyway, just talking to them managed to calm me down - sometimes you just need to hear it said out loud by someone else. Then we talked a bit about non-school things, like Thanksgiving plans and how the dogs were doing and what not, which helped to further calm me down, and I felt mostly normal by the time we hung up the phones. Then Dad called me again a few minutes later and offered to bring me homemade chicken soup and shoufer (sp, I know) me around today if necessary (not sure if I mentioned it before, but lack of food had Maren getting extremely light headed when she stood up yesterday, which doesn't bode well for driving skills). Unless my car doesn't start, I told him I probably wouldn't need the driving around bit - is after all my longest day at school, even with skipping Cartography this morning - but I took him up on the chicken soup offer, which he said he would drive over here with by 10:30.

So, yes. My parents rock. I have no idea how I got so lucky, but I can't help but be thankful that I did.

::iz ded::

Nov. 17th, 2007 07:53 pm
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Zomigod, I just spent the *entire* day working on my annotated bibliography. And I'm still not finished. However, I only have to do three more citations (and Son of a Citation is so totally my new favorite website) and their respective 100-200 word descriptions, and I already have the books picked out, so I officially declare myself *finished* for the night.

I should be able to finish up the last three citations and the clean things up a bit tomorrow night after I get back from visiting (brother) Ben down in... somewhere by Madison. He and Shana just moved back up to Wisconsin this past summer, and we haven't had a chance to see their new place, so Mom and Dad are going to pick me up tomorrow morning and we're going drive down there for a visit. Should be back here around 5-ish tomorrow night, so I'll still have time to finish. The bibliography isn't actually due until Wednesday, but I also have half a lab to finish for Cartography and an entire lab to finish for GIS, both of which are also due on Wednesday, and I'm pretty sure those are both going to take awhile, too. Especially since I have to do the GIS lab at school because that's where all my files are. And where the necessary computer program is.

Ugh, the next four days are going to suck. Thank god Thanksgiving is on Thursday - I need a break before my head explodes. Grey matter is *such* a pain to get out of the carpet.
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I do not want to to to Geology. I would much rather go back to the house and read Stargate SG-1 team!Fic. Or, well, Stargate in general Team!Fic since SGA is on there, too. So totally not in the mood for learning. (Ignore the fact that this class only meets once every other week, so I really shouldn't be all that bitchy about having to go)

In other news, I have found out that one of the Cartography labs that I thought was due this week isn't due until next week, so YAY for a reprive in the workload!

Speaking of workload, Emily is still alive (at least she was last night when I talked to her - Yay, she has a cell phone now!) YAY!

... maybe I should go add her new name to my filter so I could've actually seen her most recent posts.
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(to get in the right mindset for this reaction, get in your time machine and go back about an hour and a half for when I was about two thirds of my way through my last class of the day)


The walls were closing in when I was OUTSIDE! That just ain't right.
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pretty colors )

And those would be a few pictures of the Stevens Point/Plover area and the UWSP.
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I am skipping my night class - Environmental Geography - tonight. Shame on me. Though considering the professor said on the first day that technically everything you would hear in lecture can be found on the notes he posts on D2L, it's kinda his own fault.

Who wants to bet that the one time I skip, the professor is going to have a pop quiz or something? Not that it would really matter all that much as far as I'm concerned since I still haven't read any of the assigned chapters in that class. ::slaps hand:: Bad Maren! No cookie for you!
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Oh, and you know what else I discovered today? All of my Tuesday classes will have the workload of a lab, but only one officially counts as a lab. Not fair, yo. :(
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(updating this via the Update Journal thingy on the website and am totally not going to go through the effort of spell checking it. You have been warned)

As I predicted, parking is a bitch, and I'll have to head back out to the parking lot and move/put more money in the meter in a half hour or less, but otherwise, the first day has been okay. Of course the first day would have to be a Tuesday, and of course Tuesdays are my longest days, but at least I have a lot of time between classes.

First class: Intro to Cartography, 9am
This would be my big lab class this semester. And I'm pretty sure that I'll be working my ass of to stay caught up. The teacher is my advisor, and I've kinda sorta alread met him a few times as he was also a teacher my father had when he was coming for his second bachlors degree back in the late 90s. Hopefully I'll have more luck in the class than Dad did cause it's mostly computer based (we'll be reading and eventually making maps), and Dad has never been all that computer savy. Even with the work, though, I think it should be pretty interesting.

Second class: Intro to Geographic Imaging Systems (GIS) - 3-4:50
While this one isn't technically a lab, and it's only worth two credits, the teacher flat out said that we'll be doing almost as much work as we would be doing if it was a lab class. Which means a bunch more homework. Bugger. Teacher seems really fun, though, and it should also be quite interesting. More maps, wohoo. Okay, so not really wohoo. More like "Ugh", but still, these kind of skills are like gold when it comes to the job market, so it is a necessary evil. Also extremely computer based. We shall see

Third class is my GEOG 100: Environmental Science class, which doesn't start until 6:30 (and it goes until 8:10). Being a night class kinda sucks, but this is one of the classes I'm looking forward too most. Wheee, Environmental Science! Will talk about it after I finish tonight.

Now I'm gonna go move my car or fork over an additional two and a half dollars so I can stay parked where I am. Ugh, I hate parking on college campuses.

ETA 5:07 - Oh, yeah, I also talked to The Emmies today between classes! We were both bored and she called me first, but I had my phone on silent and didn't hear her, woe! So then I called her back, and the same thing (or something similar) happen to her cause, yeah, at school, and then she called me back and we chatted and then she went to class and then she called me back ten minutes later because the teacher for the class she went to had resigned on Friday, which amused me.
/spazzy run on sentence
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Yay, we have internet back! It was down for a few days.

Um. Not much has happened over those few days, though. Went home on Saturday and picked up my TV and DVD player, then I bought a TV shelf thingy that I put together once I got back to Plover. And then I spent the rest of the weekend so far watching TV and DVDs. And sleeping.

Classes start tomorrow. Tuesdays are my all day classes - first one starts at 9 in the morning and the last one ends at 8:30 at night. Me thinks parking is going to be a bitch, but thats my biggest worry so far since I only have three classes on Tuesdays despite having an earlyish morning and a lateish evening. We'll see if I have that same opinion by tomorrow night. Woe, I shall miss Eureka.
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I am attempting to write out my weekly class schedule (you know, with the columns along the top and side being Weekdays/hours of time so you can look at a week day and follow your list of classes that day down the column in proper order). The spiffy program from UW Marshfield/Wood that did it for us makes it look entirely too easy.

In apartment news, will be moving in mid-to-late afternoon today because D and his girl friend are still in the process of cleaning out a room for me, which hopefully means I'll be all moved in by tonight.
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Okay, now that school is less than a week away, I'm getting kind of nervous. And anxious. And worried. And mildly freaked out. There are all these "What if" factors going through my head; what if it wasn't just St. Cloud? What if the same thing that happened there happens here? What if I get sick again? What if I'm just not cut out for the stresses of school anymore? What if I can't make enough money?

What if what if what if... Usually I am ever the optimist and manage to keep the What If Factors to a minimum, but it's amazing what one bad experience will do for ones self confidence.

I'm not freaking out too bad yet, but who knows what the next few days will bring.
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I just cut my hair myself by bending over and brushing it all in front of me so I could see what I was cutting. Front part is slightly-below-shoulder-length and it angles back (fairly) evenly to about mid-back or slightly above. Doesn't look too bad wet, but I guess tomorrow we shall see if it looks decent enough dry.

In other news, another double shift today. Was at the Y from pretty much 10:30 to 6:30 - could've been worse, but as today was the last day of swim lessons for the summer, things didn't seem quite as wearing with an end to the 7+ hour days in sight. I'm still double shifted three or four more times before the pools close for cleaning last week of august, but now my days will be 5 and a half to 6 hours instead of 7 and a half to 10 hours, which is manageable.

Now all I have to worry about is finding a place to live, finding a way to *pay* for that place to live, and figuring out a way to pay tuition. Financial aid will cover my tuition if I do the Staford Loan thing - not something I want to do, but in this day and age it's rather impossible not to make use of the loans you can get. And I worked out that I *should* be able to live with rent, food, and bills on $650 a month. Ideally, this would mean finding a job that pays 8 or 9 bucks an hour for four or five hours a day with a hours that I can fit around my school schedule. However, finding a job like that with my under-grad qualifications might be a bit of a challenge. There is a personal in-home care job available through the university that pays $9-something an hour during the day and $6-something overnight that I'm interested in. I'd be one of the people helping take care of a man with Cerebral Palsy. Now, I am a lifeguard, which means I am certified in CPR and First Aid, and I have worked with lots of *children* with special needs, but never a full grown adult, so I'm not sure if they'll want me. I suppose it doesn't hurt to ask.
Otherwise, any other suggestions welcome. I'd apply at the Point YMCA, but that would be a case of only getting $7.00 and hour, and that won't be enough to live on unless I work a *lot* more than 4 or 5 hours a day, which is about all I can do in order to set time aside for homework and sleeping and stuff. Yeah, I know you all are going "You're a college student! You don't need sleep!" but I kinda do. I function best on 6 or 7 hours a night, and once the stress of school sets in (especially on top of everything else), I imagine that number will increase. So, yeah. Either I find a job and get a place to live, or I travel back and forth from home and spend 15 hours on the road every week. Otherwise, Maren=SCREWED.
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Roommate meeting thing was a bust - girl didn't show up and didn't call or communicate otherwise to give a reason for the not showing up bit. Hazard of scheduling a meeting with someone you don't know, I suppose.

However, the trip wasn't a total bust. Dad and I looked at the boarding house kind of set up that I had called a few times for information - we decided it wasn't worth the $200 a month, and some of the "neighbors" really didn't look like people I wanted to be sharing a bathroom with. We also drove around randomly looking for other places to rent in the area. Found a really nice studio apartment near campus for $380 (utilities included! YAY!) that opens up on the first of September. It's a little out of my price range, but if I can get it before anyone else lays claim, I totally will (and then I will have to ask my grandmother to take pity on me again for this semester and give me money, cause, yeah, did I mention out of my price range?).

On a slightly different note, I am this {} close to a total burn out. Work is starting to really ware on me (but we got paid today, yay! Almost five hundred dollars this paycheck around, which is extremely nice), and all this stress with school starting soon and trying to find a place to live and being able to *afford* it through the entire lease period and trying to squeeze my friends in somewhere between now and Sept. 4 (which is extremely challenging as I am working 7+ hours a day at the Y, all of it either in a pool that never feels warm enough these days or on a hot pool deck, so I am either chilled or over-heated, and as a lifeguard, it's a constant state of awareness because You Never Know) is really starting to get to me. I'm no where near freaking out yet. However, passing out due to utter exhaustion or having a bit of a cry fest because I'm so friggin' tired and in dire need of a break (or being an over achiever and doing both) are well within reason.
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Today I spent 80 bucks on school stuff. Okay, so I spent about 10 bucks on school stuff, 20 bucks on a new pair of jeans (cause, woe, my Levis have both gone holy now), and another 20 bucks on a Champion hoodie sweatshirt. I also spent 10 bucks on a new pack of empty CDs for dad and I to use, and I found a black Speedo swim suit with *black* lining on the front *AND* the back, OMG YAY, for only 20 bucks. Swim suit, school stuff, and CDs qualify as needs, jeans qualify as kinda need, and the sweatshirt was all "I want a new hoodie, dammit". Over all I don't think I did too shabby.

In other news, I spent another two and a half/three hours talking to Amanda this evening. We complained about boys, discussed how to annoy telephone salesmen, yayed over her getting a new job, read each other amusing emails we had received, and did a bunch of other stuff, too. Twas much fun. I miss my 'Manda.

Also got a short call from Emmies. We *will* get together one of these days, dammit, cause I miss Mah Emmies, too. ::glomps [ profile] lostnyanko::

Will hopefully be able to go see Rush Hour 3 with Luke on Friday, so yay friends and movies!

Also, parents had friends over to watch the Perseid meteor shower tonight. I went out for a few minutes to walk Auggy (one of the parents' friends was a bit fearful of dogs, so he was in his kennel pretty much from 6:00 pm when they arrived all the way to 11 pm when they left, and he was getting all restless and whiny) and saw one or two big ones and two or three little ones in the few minutes I was out there. Wheee, pretty meteors.
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Today dad and I headed up to Stevens Point for transfer orientation day. It was a much more subdued orientation than the one for St. Cloud was, as there were only maybe 50 or so students. It was still very informative, though, and now I am all registered for classes in fall and have a few ideas on what to take in spring. I also got my student ID, in which my hair is rather messy and it looks like I'd been riding in a convertible for a few miles. Which, in all honesty, I had been since we took Dad's Tracker up there. The top was technically up, but the zipper on the back window is a bitch, so while the top was up, the back was open, and since Dad and I both had our windows open fully - well, you can guess the wind woosh!-age that was going on in the cab.

We also probably walked a good three or four miles around campus trying to find everywhere we needed to be, so YAY exercise. The campus, as I already knew, is quite lovely, and has a much friendlier feel than St. Cloud did. Met a few other people who were transferring there, including a girl from Marshfield that I might be able to car pool with should the situation arise.

All in all, it was a very productive day, and I'm really looking forward to the coming semester. Now I just got to figure out how I'm going to pay for it and I'm all set!


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