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So I've figured out how to cross post from here to LJ, but not from LJ to here. So I do apologize if there is any sort of double posting.

That said, fic recs! A whole bunch of them all at once because I lack the patience to do them one by one today. And dude, there are like twenty of them here.

Stargate SG-1
Aggravated Destruction of Property by Kalquessa. JONAS AND VALA. TOGETHER. IN A JAIL CELL. Nuff said. Happy fic that makes me happy.

Nocturne by purple shrub. I can't actually remember what happens in this one, so I'm mooching the authors note and summary. SPOILERS : Hmm…this takes place both 1st season, before Fire and Water, and 7th season, post Fallen. I’m told familiarity with Meridian is needed to understand it.
SUMMARY : Teal’c/Daniel friendship

Wherever We Go by gingasaur. "You should just write about Jonas and Vala going on a picnic." She was joking. And yet here we are. In which Jonas is trying to be angry and wallow in self pity in peace, but Vala won't let him.

Stargate Atlantis
Walk Beside Me by Rachel500. When a diplomatic mission is interrupted by the Wraith, Sam and Teyla wrestle their personal demons to work together and find a way back to Atlantis. In other words, Sam and Teyla being awesome and bad ass. And oh, hey, bonding a bit along the way, too.

Dr. Who
The Tragic Demise of the Psychic Paper by alsodinosaurs. Title pretty much covers it. Fluff.

well, you know by roachpatrol. Series 1 AU, It is July in New New York, 099: the dawning of the latest and greatest era of beauty, freedom, truth and love, but mostly love. And when it comes to Rose Tyler and Jack Harkness, a lot of beauty. John Smith is so hopelessly in love with his two best friends that sometimes he thinks he could just about explode. But he's no one special. Not really. Lyrical and slightly melancholy, but lovely in it's own way.

Handyman by pluto. Donna is breaking. Shaun can't help but try and help fix her.

White Collar
A Wake-up Call a Mean Ragout by china-shop. Another one I can't recall much of what happened, but there is Neal being sneaky and Peter being oblivious. And El making a mean ragout.

No, and here's a dozen reasons why by china-shop. Peter on why it would be a Bad Idea, but who is tempted to take the risk anyway.

Nothing Says 'Feel Better Soon' Like Grand Theft Larceny by OnYourMark. On why you do NOT mess with Elizabeth Burk, because "dirty" doesn't even scratch the surface when Neal Caffrey really wants to play ball.

Strays by sahiya. Neal and some kittens. Yes, KITTENS. And NEAL. I'm not sure it is possible to get any more adorable than that. Fluff of the fluffiest.

Vorkosigan Saga
The Stuff That Dreams by dsudis. Bad dreams and having someone to hold onto.

Vorkosigan Sousleau by Philomytha. "I freely admit that I don't know much about boats," Cordelia said, treading water, "but I'm pretty sure the sail is supposed to be pointing up." Aral and Cordelia fluff

Here Tomorrow, Gone Today by Tari Roo. SGA/SPN Crossover AU. One shot. The world ended and not how any hunter would have imagined. A BSG-style fleet of refugees on the run, with Dean Winchester aboard the Hammond. Shep POV.

Quick Like a Bunny by innie-darling. Sherlock/Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. I kid you not. Nuff said.

And stick a fork in me, I'm done.
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So I know "Joe Citizen" wasn't exactly a stellar example of how awesome Stargate SG-1 can be (though the writers do get brownie points for being able to so blatantly make fun of some of their weaker episodes), but there is some serious potential for Crack!Fic out of it, or just some amusingly mundane gen fic in which Jack and Joe stay in contact and have random phone conversations about the events of their totally different lives.

Come on, a total outsider who knows everything about SG-1 and has no desire to do anything with the knowledge except tell a few stories (that no one will believe anyway)? Jack said it himself: "Actually, I found it rather relaxing."

Please tell me someone decided to expand on that. Please? Anyone?

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And on an entirely different note, I am way more amused by this than I should be - but Stargate *does* actually have a teeny tiny basis in truth. Behold, the Puerta de Hayu Marka (also known as the Stargate)

Alas, it requires a specialized golden disk to actually transport anyone anywhere, which obviously isn't something we mere humans have any access too as the last guy who was transported interdimensionally took it with him and never brought it back. I am, however, extremely amused by the fact that there really is a Peruvian Stargate and I kind of wish Stargate SG-1 had taken advantage of the fact, but alas, they did not.
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cut for Frozen spoilers and an idea of epic awesomeness )

See? Totally epic. Unfortunately, it would be epic in size as well, which is why I will never write it. It would still be awesome, though.
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Usually I do fic dumps one post at a time so I can keep them all neat and organized in my LJ Memories. With the mess of computer issues I've had the last few weeks month and a half, though, I am far too lazy to make ::counts:: at least a dozen separate entries. So, you get one huge fic dump instead. Enjoy!

Dresden Files
Holy Wars by TigerKat. This one is actually a crossover with a movie, but sharing what that movie is would spoil the surprise. Suffice to say, Dresden and co find themselves in charge of a very very special young lady that multiple parties would love to get their hands on.

Moose Bites Can Be Pretty Nasty by TigerKat. There is a demon moose. It bites. That is about all I can remember

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1
Nobody Does It Better by eretria. Stealing authors summary because it has been long enough I don't actually recall what happens in this one. In which everyone loves Rodney, Vala is a stowaway, John is smart, Sam is flummoxed, Daniel is jealous, Ronon and Teyla realize all Earth people are peculiar, and Elizabeth is reminded that guests are like fish. (Pegasus Project based teamfic with a side-dish of John/Vala and Sam/Rodney - Prequel to "A question of perspective Or Reality Doesn't Always Come in Second to Fantasy").
I have not read the second one, so I have no idea what happens in that one, either, but I figure I'd link it just to have it handy next time I go on a fic binge.

Starting Over by pogrebin. Post-series - After Atlantis lands back on Earth, the Pegasus team has to figure out how to start over - again.

In Short by penknife. A few short, snarky "missing scene" kind of blurbs covering the whole of both series.

Stargate SG-1
Anarchists Invaded by voleuse. Fluffy Vala/Sam friendship fic

Big Bang Theory
Progression by lurkisblurkis. Sheldon is not sure what to do if one loves a woman. One-shot, based on a series of random prompts.

Iron Man/West Wing
That Kind of Crazy by neonhummingbird. Pepper Potts calls her BFF Donna Moss to complain about her crazy superhero boss

Star Wars
Inversion by Lisse. What if Bali wanted a son instead of a daughter? Looooove this story so very much. My only protest is that it wasn't longer, because the potential is endless.

NCIS/Stargate Atlantis
Prodigal by Domenika Marzione. Again, it's been awhile since I read this one, but from what I recall NCIS ends up suspecting one of the Pegasus crew in a murder, and thus there ends up being all sorts of secret keeping that drives NCIS up the wall and John Shepperd being a pain in the ass because he kinda has to. Also, lots of amusement and banter and team awesomeness, too, as is true to both series.

White Collar
Our Dance Gave Allegiance by vain-glorious. Pre-series, mildly AU - in which Neil ends up stealing something he never, ever expected in the midst of one of his heists.

B-Team by ana-grrl. In which Simon, Kaylee, and Wash end up being the Big Damn Heroes this time around, with a little help from Jayne toward the end.

There you go, two months of fic recs. Even without the separate posts, writing all that up took way longer than I thought it would.
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Went to Red Rock Canyon instead of Ring of Fire on Sunday, but I still took way too many pictures and spent a bunch of money that probably could've gone toward better, less frivolous uses, but whatever, I now have a new long sleeved t-shirt and a bunch of really pretty postcards that did a way better job of capturing the Red Rocked-ness of Red Rock Canyon than I ever could.

Also, on the way back from the park, we saw numerous signs warning of "Wild Burro/Big Horn Sheep Crossing", and we looked at them, looked at each other, and kind of shrugged because, okay, like deer crossing, only probably less likely. Three miles later, traffic was stopped by a trio of wild burros blocking the road, and they were quite content to stay right there until a police officer actually had to stop and chase them away. He also looked slightly amused and mildly resigned... I guess it happens often enough, especially when the tourist try and feed the beasts. Anyway, the whole ordeal caused myself and Cristin to bust out laughing, because seriously, WE WERE STOPPED BY A HERD OF WILD BURROS! Who'da thunk? (and yes, I do have pictures).

Yesterday it was brunch at IHOP and some SG marathoning (Urgo, Crystal Skull, The Storm, and Echos) before Cristin dropped me off at the air port and I was on my way back to Washington. Had a very awesome and lovely weekend with Cristin, saw a bit of Vegas, and didn't actually spend as much money as I thought I would, so yay for that!

Of course, now I have no one in the area to share my abject SG love with, and I am resigned to obsess over it all on my own again. ::dramatic sigh:: Also, slightly sleep deprived. Is it nap time yet?
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Today I am Thankful for Stargate fic, because I am once again at work and I have NOTHING TO DO. Particularly, I am thankful for Cleo the Muse's fic, because it is mostly fluff, often very amusing, and always Made Of Win.
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The Sound of One Hand Clapping by [ profile] iphignia939. “The first rule of The Daniel Thing is: We don’t talk about The Daniel Thing.” Ascended!Wash, for LC, who had the idea before I stole it. Because I am a bad, rude girl.
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Visiting Hours by [ profile] teand. Cam is in the hospital again and he is not at all happy about it because it reminds him of The Thing He Doesn't Want To Be Reminded Of. All of SG-1 take turns to distract him and sneak him non-hospital food. Warm and fuzzy fic filled with teamy goodness, though again, there is also some Cam Angst, but mostly, teamy warm fuzzies.
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I wonder if a wireless signal would transfer through the Stargate. I mean, radio signals and stuff do, right? So if, for example, the SGC crew got creative and hooked up a wireless router (assuming they could even get internet 28 levels down, but I figure they at *least* have to be able to get email, right?) in the Gate room, would it in turn be able to shoot a wireless signal through the Stargate that would let any off world SG teams with lap tops - provided they were close enough to the gate to recieve the signal, of course - surf the internet from X-billion lightyears away?

Possible or not, I'm getting a kick out of the visual of some SG teammember watching YouTube on some other planet.

ETA August 7 - My speculation has led to SGA Twitter Fic. Because I am Just That Geeky. And I don't even *USE* Twitter!
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I CAN HAS A MOVING GIF ICON! I finally figured out how to make moving .gifs, and I found out entirely by accident. Woot, go me!

Yeah, so I'm still in a bit of an SG-1 kick. Almost through Season 4 on the re-watch!

And, you know, feel free to steal, just comment and credit. The world needs more SG-1 love.
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Wow, a post every day for two whole weeks now. Will wonders never cease? It's probably been almost a year on that front. I suppose this is what happens when I suddenly find myself with an abundance of free time and I don't even have anything to procrastinate on.

And because of my abundance of free time, I start reading more fan fic, so the next few posts are going to be recommendations.

Displacement by [ profile] smilebackwards, a Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis crossover that takes place at the SGC (mostly) after the SGA crew is booted out of Atlantis by the former owners in The Return. Shepperd is homesick and morose, but he gets by with a little help from his new friends. John isn't really sure how to feel about the fact that he seems to have been unofficially adopted by SG-1. It is both fluffy and slightly sad at the same time. I have no idea how the author pulled it off, but it works and I am totally going to go read it again now even though I still have more than 11 months until self-imposed "Don't reread for a year!" deadline is up. Yes, it really is that good.
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It is completely unfair that the complete series of Stargate SG-1 is on sale for $105 bucks - *1/3 of the original price* - and I still can't afford it., you are so cruel.

I am still working my way through the series online, though, so I suppose that's something. About half way through the first season, so only nine and a half more to go!
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I am watching the first two episodes of Stargate SG-1 for the first time in probably about 5 years.

do I really need to cut these if the episode aired more than 10 years ago? )

I predict a rather long SG-1 marathon in my near future. Yet another reason I haven't tried to rewatch the series in a few years - there are 10 seasons, more than 200 episodes, and two movies to get through! I still haven't seen the movies, either, which is why I decided to do the rewatch. Ignore the fact that I probably only *really* need to re-watch seasons 9 and 10 in order to understand what the heck is going on in them.
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I am writing again! Kinda. At least I just wrote up about a page of notes for the His Dark Materials/Stargate SG1 story I attempted to start yeeeeeears and yeeeears ago (give me a break; SG1 is the only series I could think of with dimension-hopping that might work even a little bit as a crossover with Golden Compass/Subtle Knife/Amber Spyglass-kind of dimension-hopping). Unfortunately, if I go with the new ideas I just came up with, what I started writing yeeeeeears and yeeeeears ago will pretty much have to either be completely rewritten or discarded all together. Granted, that stuff doesn't even come to a full page and a half, but it is still a really kick-ass page and a half and it would suck not being able to use it.

Now, though, I am going to attempt to go to bed. Considering how the most annoying and non-ignorable plot bunnies tend to pounce just as I'm dozing off, though, I have no idea how successful said attempt will be.
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Operator by Salieri. What would happen if you took SG1 and dumped them into the Matrix and then shook things around a bit to mix it up? Probably something like this. Jack stands behind Daniel and looks through the streaming code at the digital dream Sam Carter thinks of as herself. Like everyone in the matrix, she's asleep. Unlike them, she almost knows it. "Awesome" is the only word I can think of to describe it further.
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arrg. is slooooooooooow today. i'm not one to frequent there, but i discovered today that my scrapbooked version of actualize this - a sg1/invisible man/sentinel xover and one of my favorite stories - is incomplete and the link i have for the author's website is dead, so the only version thats still available is ob and i havent been able to get the damned site to load all day. :(

(also, sorry for lack of capital letters. am typing one handed cause i'm leaning on my other hand and am too darned comfortable to move - at least until my arm falls asleep)

sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy. is 9:02 too early to go to bed?
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Tempus Fugit. Sam meets an interesting character at an Astrophysics conference.
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Been meaning to post a bunch of new fic recs for awhile now, I just haven't really had the time. Now, though, I figure is as good a time as any. So the next few entries are going to be fic recs.

First off, Blood and Water by Commodore Norrington. Stargate SG1/NCIS crossover in which a marine is found murdered in the SGC and the NCIS team is called in to investigate (early season's NCIS - Kate is still in the picture). Few nit picks on the writing style, but nothing too bad cause you know me and my Grammar Fiend tendencies, and the plot and team banter - on both sides - is totally worth it.

There's also a few small refs to a previous NCIS-only story by the author (Ties that Bind) which in all honesty I really didn't like, but I figure I would mention it just in case. Not really a required read, but spoilers frome Ties that Bind that might make Blood and Water less confusing for those who want to know anyway )
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Okay, so Holiday Fever has officially bit me in the butt. Enough so that went and re-read the SGA Fluffy Fic I recced a few months ago, and then I went and looked for all of the holiday stories I had recced in the past, and then I did a Google search for "holiday + fic + fluff", which didn't give me much, so then I went through the first half dozen websites listed in my "Fic Pages" folder and did a CTRL > F(ind) for "christmas" and clicked on whatever stories there were listed for any fandoms I had even an iota of knowledge about. And now I'm going to share the good ones with you all.

Kim Possible
It's Not About the Shopping - Ron tries to get Kim the perfect Christmas gift

Stargate SG1
Faithful Friends Who Are Dear To Us - The gang is all together for Christmas; family, friends, and a few new faces. The bit about Prometheus is a little bitter-sweet (though I love that the author remembered her), but still extremely heart-warming and just the kind of holiday fic I was looking for.

ETA December 2010 - sadly, it appears that Azar's site has been reset or is under construction and the story is no longer available. It is, however, available in the WayBackMachine here

Be My Homeward Dove - Not exactly holiday, but it does involve skiing and curling up together in front of a fire. Warm and Fuzzy like woah.

Scrubs/SGA - My Space Adventure - The Scrubs cast on Atlantis. Not really holiday, but extremely fun.

My Holiday Musical - The Christmas Episode that was never recorded. Seriously one of my favorite holiday fics of all time

Harry Potter
(Marauder years) - Dear Santa... - a Mad Lib filled out by Padfoot. Super short, but it has a few good lines.

A Certain Light - Neville's Christmases, past and present. Not exactly fluffy (the first two are if you ignore the knowledge of what will eventually happen to his parents, which is really really hard but worth it), but beautiful none the less. Also, the world needs more Neville fic.

Tradition! - Winchester family tradition.

Due South
Away - Ray's Christmas Tree, and where it takes him. Total fluff, and about an 8 on the Warm And Fuzzy scale.

Dresden Files
The Magic of the Season - Brotherly love. And no, not of the porny variety. Also, anything that ends in a snowball fight (or at least hints at a snowball fight in the near future) is good on my scale. Book Universe

Auld Lang Syne - Okay, so this one really isn't fluff, but it is totally Holiday. It was one of my Yuletide 2007 recs, and what it lacks in fluff (though there is a bit of that, too) it totally makes up for in Holiday Intrigue and Action. TV series universe

Northern Exposure
Merry Christmas, Dr. Felischman - the people of Cicely want to give Joel something special for Christmas/Hanukkah. I'm thinking this one might qualify as a 8.5 or even a 9 on the Warm And Fuzzy scale.

Christmas Morning Surprise - Not really fluff, but definitely amusing.

Consecration, which is another holiday fic I recced a few months ago. 8 on the Warm And Fuzzy scale, but the only thing that keeps it from being a perfect 10 is the slightly angsty beginning.

Doctor Who (10)
The Gift of the Mad Guy by [ profile] sam_storyteller. A quirky twist on the birth of a King, taking place several thousand years in the future.

Lastly, my All Time Favorite Holiday Story (and probably everyone else's favorite, too, or at least those at all familiar with the show or the movie)
Brimstone/Dogma - Nativity, which I have no idea how to summarize except for a very vocal and adamant AWESOME!!!

I think that's enough for now. I hope you all find something you like!
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I just posted a revised version of my story, Temptation of Judas, in my writing journal [ profile] featheredquill if anyone is interested. It's mostly the same, but I corrected some of the grammatical errors (hopefully all of them, but I wouldn't be surprise if I missed some) and added about a half a page more over-all.

What brought this on, you ask? I spent most of the afternoon rereading a very good SG1/SGA crossover story (The Pegasus Connection) that involved *two* Jacks talking in my head, so I was feeing even snarkier than usual and felt the urge to write some of the said snarky out. So I opened up the snarkiest of my own stories and... made it snarkier. Because I'm weird like that.

And now I am babbling, which is usually a good sign that it is time for bed.
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Icky. I really hate being sick.

In other news, watching Sanctuary. itty bitty casting spoiler that is found out 5 minutes in )

::sniffles:: Ugh, I feel icky. Someone wanna cut off my head? Put my out of my misery *and* take away the Object of Suffering at the same time.
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You know what I am in the mood for? Fluff. Lots of it. Like, novel length fluff. Or at least some really good action/adventure with a minimum of angst.

More specifically, I am in the mood for much much more Past Improbable, which is an amazing and fun Bones/Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover that I have already read twice and which is happily finished, but it's sequel has had only 3 of 10 chapters posted for the last two years, and I want moooooooore, darnit.

I also want more Barista/Assistant Series, which is a phenomenal Stargate SG-1 story told almost entirely from the POV of Daniel's Barista, Kira. I have also read The Barista Series twice, cause it is complete and Made Of Win and I LOVE IT LIKE WOAH and I even broke my "wait a year for a reread" rule because of my abject adoration of the series, but I have only read what is posted of it's sequel the Assistant Series once because it has *also* been sitting INCOMPLETE, WOE!* for over a year. Sadness. Lots and lots of Sadness.

;_; q_p v_v

See? Sadness.

On the bright side, author of Assistant Series has recently posted a new update in which she states that the Writing Itch has been plaguing her again, so there may yet be hope for a continuation once her newborn isn't quite so newborn anymore. And so, I cling to this bit of news like a drowning man (or woman, what with the boobs) will cling to that floatsom stuff until (s)he can cling no more. ::clings like a clingy thing::

This SPAZZTASTIC entry brought to you by Sleep Deprivation. Hel-lloooo Sleep Deprivation. Surprised you took so long to kick in.
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[ profile] troswann wrote herself a MacGyver/SG1 crossover. And she did it very well. There are jaguars and Ba'al and Daniel thinking Mac is Jack in a wicker basket (baskat! sorry, couldn't help myself). You all should go read it.

In other news, parents randomly decided they wanted to go to Portage in search of two historical houses/museums today. They called and asked if I wanted to go along since my house is pretty much right on the way. Since I've had the Museum Bug for about a month and a half or more now, I was very "Hell Yeah, I'd love to go with you!" about it. So they picked me up and we went in search of the historical houses/museums/forts in Portage. Found them, too, though it did take a bit of looking.

They also wanted to check out a car for sale in the area, a Plymouth? Colt. We went in search of the car before we did anything, and we found it! Didn't even get lost or anything. Once the people selling it found out Dad was an archaeologist, they started peppering him with questions and asking him about what all he does and how he got into it and over all we spent about an hour standing around and talking. Well, Dad talked. Mom and I talked a bit, then we started wandering around with the wife looking at her flowers and petting their dog. It was all good.

And, parents got a car out of it. Productive day.


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