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Girls Night last weekend in Appleton was a blast. Only Mandy and Beth made it, but they were the two I wanted to see and catch up with the most, so I was more than happy with the turn out. Found a new polyester swim suit on sale for $55 down from $80, and I'm all "Yay!" about that because the blue one I had been wearing has seen at least a year of hard use and I was just waiting for some seam to rip or something during swim lessons - not a nice thought considering it was the only one I had until I got the new one (well, two - I got an Ugly a week or two before in Stevens Point, but still). Also found a pair of new shoes on sale for $95 down from $120.

We also helped Mandy find a nice interview outfit, I tried on a goofy dress I wouldn't be caught dead in just for the hell of it, and generally just had a fun time wandering around the mall window shopping. Beth did manage to convince me to spend $40 on makeup, but I figure the lip pencil will last me the rest of my life - possibly even longer considering how rarely I wear makeup - so it should be worth it in the end.

Next up was glaming ourselves up and dinner at Olive Garden; I wore a skirt sexy boots *and* makeup - would've attempted to do my hair, too, especially as it was kind of behaving all blah-like anyway, but we ran out of prep time (hey, by the time we left the mall, we only had 45 minutes left to get to the hotel, change, and get back to the other side of the mall area to Olive Garden, so all things considered, I think we did pretty well), so it was just... blah. Managed to leave it down for maybe forty minutes before pulling it back into my more typical messy bun.

Then we spent a half hour or so at a salsa bar and shared a really tasty margarita before hitting Skyline Comedy Club for the 10pm show. I didn't find the two opening acts all that amusing, but the headliner, Nick Vatterott had me chuckling quite a few times. The line about being high as a kite and checking the time, only to see "End" on his microwave clock had all three of us rolling. And being the wild child I am, my two drink minimum consisted of a rootbeer and a decaf coffee. Am I bad, or am I bad? ;)

After the comedy show it was back to my hotel room, where we spent an additional hour or two jabbering before I shooed them both out and home as they still had to drive a bit and by this point it was 2 am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. I showered and was in bed by three, where I maybe got two hours of sleep and I was up again by 8:00 because I am a glutton for punishment. Still made it home it one piece, though, and it was an awesome night and I'm super glad I set it up. I cringe every time I think about how much money I spent, but every penny was so totally worth it for the chance to catch up with Mandy and Beth again.

Also, spent New Years Eve with Emmies. We ate at El Mez, had a Disney Movie Marathon (Sorcerer's Apprentice and Tangled), and then I stayed up until 3 with her watching the Batman television series from the 60s. Then I drove home the next day on two or three hours of sleep with a snow storm doing it's damndest to blow me off the road. Thankfully it did not succeed and I made it home all in one piece. :)
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Right, so... I have no life, hence the lack of posts. But, for those of you who might still be curious:

Monday, April 11 - Stayed in bed sleeping and reading most of the day after spending a good chunk of the night barfing thanks to food poisoning, which still sucks by the way

Tuesday, April 12 - Feeling much better, I think I went into town to do... stuff. I could be wrong, though.

* Fell into Serious Organization Mode and decided to attack one of the moving boxes i had yet to unpack, which was mostly full of clothes, and another that had a bunch of books and binders and the like in it. After stuffing my wardrobe and dresser about as full as I could, and using up all the available storage space in my room, I still had stuff to put... somewhere.

* Unburied the door to the small attic in our upstairs living room, donned a dust mask and a hair kerchief - because the ceiling was very low and full of dead asian beetles in spiderwebs, and the floor was just full of dead asian beetles. And, you know, dusty and stuff - and swept a bit of floor free of dead bugs and dust so I could store stuff in there and relocated some of the plastic boxes cluttering up the living room into there.

* Then I vowed to hit the department stores the next day for storage boxes of my own and maybe the stuff to build another shelf up in my room. By that time it was late afternoon/early evening and I decided I had totally earned a Ghost Hunters break and called it a night, at least as far as Accomplishing Stuff went.

Thursday - Shopping, lunch with Mom and Dad at World Buffet, and then more shopping. Got home around 2 or 3ish, proceeded to fill my bounty of brand, shiny new storage boxes to capacity (well, three of the four at least - turns out I had less stuff than I thought and didn't really need the fourth one) and stored them away. Then I used the excuse of "rearranging stuff in my room, call if you need help with something!" to rearrange a few things in my room for a bit before I spent the rest of the evening until Prime Time curled up in bed reading some more. Then I played on my computer the rest of the evening, though I did kind of half pay attention to the episode of Bones my parents were watching.

Friday - attached two hooks onto the wall in my room, were I can now hang all of my bags, hurray! Also washed dishes, and at some point during the week I did do laundry, but I can't recall exactly when so I'll just stick it here and move on.

And that brings us to today, Saturday, April 16, in which I have accomplished very little except read some more, watch the latest episode of Mythbusters, and made popcorn. So, very lazy day, probably due entirely to the fact that it snowed all of last night and into this morning and the weather has been rather poor pretty much since Thursday afternoon. Cold and windy on Thursday, cold and crazy strong winds (at least as far as Wisconsin is concerned) all day yesterday, which turned into first sleet, and eventually snow last night. Thankfully the ground is warm enough that there was little accumulation, and it will probably be all gone again within a few days, but for now, looking out side is rather depressing.
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I tried to nap this afternoon. It didn't happen, because right in the middle of the attempt, I got hit with a crazy strong craving for chicken fajitas. As I wasn't actually hungry at the time, I still tried to get my nap in, but the damned craving would not go away. At 3, I gave up and went on a mad search all over town for somewhere that sells the pre-cut chicken/peppers/onions mix I could throw in a frying pan and be done with in 15 minutes.

It took *three freaking stores* to find the stuff. On the bright side, I managed to walk in and out of the first place without picking up anything. On the not so bright side, I ended up buying a bunch of junk food to console myself on my failed attempt at the second place, because I had kinda given up at that point as I was pretty sure the only other grocery store on that side of town wouldn't have what I wanted. So I got fudge-covered vanilla wafers, some sort of deep fried frozen tostido thingymabobs that I grabbed with the impression that if I wasn't going to get my fajitas, darnit, I was going to at *least* get something Mexican-ish, beef jerky, and a 12 pack of mini Cadbury Cream Eggs instead.

Then, because I knew it would bother me if I didn't at least *check* - especially as the mad fajitas craving had yet to dissipate - I did actually go and take a look at that last grocery store. What do you know, they had the chicken fajitas I had been looking for, hurray! So I had one for dinner. I've also had at least a half-dozen of those fudge-covered vanilla wafers (at least they are small), several pieces of jerky, and three mini Cadbury eggs.

With the whole being sick thing the last few weeks (flu first, then the Evil Head Cold of Misery a week and a half later), the inclination to get outside and wander a bit more now that springtime is making an appearance, and the significantly smaller appetite that I've had since I moved out here, my weight is back down within five or so pounds of where it was before I stopped swimming and gained all that weight a few years back (167.5 last I tried the scale; I was around 162-164 when I stopped swimming). I had hoped to keep it down. I don't think my latest impulse buys will help me much with that endeavor.
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I have a Nook! ::slightly maniac laughter and clapping::

After months of debate, I finally have a Nook in my hot little hands! $193 for the Nook and cover (same one you have, Emma, because wow, the rest were boring. Or way too pastel for my tastes), and then I went and immediately bought an additional $15 worth of books. So far I am resisting on buying up a bunch of old favorites, so at least my checking account doesn't hate me *too* much... yet. Though, Emma - as it was at least half your prompting that finally convinced me to get one - if there is any particular collection you want to "borrow" from me, feel free to make a request. Were you the one who liked the Green Rider book(s) so much? Cause I totally might fork over extra funds to get digital copies of those.

And... I was going to post something additional that was gleefully Nook-related, but I have totally forgotten what it was going to be.

In other news, while I feel otherwise fine aside from the head-cloggedness and sneezing that I mentioned earlier, I could definitely do with out the burning-tickling-pre-sneeze sensation that has been making my eyes water and my face all flushed All. Day. LONG. Seriously, body, the least you can do is actually *sneeze* when that happens, and not spend half and hour or more torturing me with the pre-sneeze sensation!
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Spent the morning shopping. Apparently there is a Kohls department store around here and I never knew - I only found out about it when I noticed their sales brochure in yesterday's paper when we got to work yesterday. I noticed a sweatshirt that I wouldn't mind checking out, so I asked out loud "Do we even *have* a Kohls?", to which my boss replied "Oh, yeah, it's down below the mall." Like, really - it is down *below* the mall. Not in the basement or anything, but since the Tri Cities is built on the banks of the giant river, you pretty much loose about 25 or so feet for every block you go down toward the river, and Kohls is down one "terrace" below the mall. And I'm pretty sure the reason I never noticed it before is because the place is a bitch to get to. You can see it from the main blvd the mall is on, but there is no left turn onto the street it is on - there are little lane dividers in the way - so you have to go a mile down the street right above it, go around the block to get to the street the store is on, and then backtrack all the way down to the end of the it. It is a pain, I tell you. Also? After all that fuss, the sweatshirt I wanted to check out turned out to be way too short and designed more for someone who doesn't have my massive shoulders. On the bright side, though, I did find a really snazzy pair of camouflage cargo pants that I really like and a new bra, so the trip wasn't a total loss.

Next stop was B&N because I will most likely cave very soon and purchase a Nook, but I wanted to ask about whether or not I could read the e-books I have saved on it. Alas, despite the claim that Nooks have a basic web browser available, apparently they cannot read html files. There is a free online Html/PDF converter I could use, but it looks like I need an active web address on the internet to make a PDF from, not a saved version I have on my hard drive. Considering a lot of the stories I saved are no longer available online, it doesn't do me much good. Ah, well. At least with the source of my computer issues finally determined, I can use my lap top again without fear of it going to black screen on me as long as I don't have it hooked up to the power cord. And I do still plan on purchasing a Nook. I think my bookshelves will thank me for the investment.

In other news, I am all packed and ready to drive down and visit [ profile] noellesan later today! Here's hoping the weather (and my car) holds out!
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I just picked up two boxes of glittery holiday cards. Usually I try and have one pretty card and one cute and/or funny card, but what can I say, this year glitter takes all. :) Plan is to send out holiday cards next week or the week after, so if you would like to receive a one from me this year, please leave your address in this post. I'm planning on using the addresses from last year as well, but I know a lot of you have moved in the last year, so please update me on your new address so I actually send the cards to the right place. :)

More \o/

Oct. 2nd, 2010 01:26 pm
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* I now own Iron Man 2!

* I also found a pair of clunky boots for my Abby costume that can double as my Dress Up Shoes provided I wear long pants, AND they were on sale -$39 down from $60 or there abouts.

* Got up early this morning and went and got pictures of the sunrise on the Columbia River. It was quite pretty. Afterward I came back to the house and wandered around creeping out the neighbors as I got my Macro on and took lots of pictures of the flowers in their yards. Quite a few of them turned out quite nice, and no one called the police on me, so hurrah! (okay, so I pretty much stuck to the sidewalk, so I wasn't *really* doing the Creepy Neighbor Thing, but it sounds more interesting when I say it that way)

* Found some fall colors! One house about three or four blocks away has two maples in their yard, both of which were turning bright red, so woot for that! Also, parents are driving down to Fountain City, WI this weekend to visit some friends, and they promised to take lots of fall photos and email them to me.
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I don't consider myself much of a bag person. I choose bags based on how much use they would get, not how fashionable they are or having a gazillion different bags to match all of my outfits. I don't do fashion, I do comfortable and convenience.

That said, has got to be one of the awesomest sites ever, at least as far as shopping and usefulness. Why? Because not only do they have thousands of bags to choose from made with all kinds of different fabrics and all sorts of different sizes and styles, but you can enter the dimensions of your lap top and *they will give you all the options that fit it*.

I've been looking for a sleeve for my lap top or a new bag that I can fit it into while still having room for other stuff for quite awhile now, and I found one I liked within 10 minutes of running across that site. And *it was on sale*. And I got an entire back pack with a lap top compartment for the same price I would've spent on a nice sleeve from Target or somewhere.

*Technically* it told me my lap top wouldn't fit that particular bag, but I think they mean in that it might be a bit bigger - my HP Pavillion is something like 14"x10"x1.5", and the compartment on that bag is like 16.5"x13"x2". I guess I'll find out next week.
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Housemates and I were invited to dinner with the head of campground maintenance and his wife last night. There was steak and corn on the cob and salad and homemade salsa and all sorts of other tasty treats. Spent most of the evening there, so yay for socializing, even if it is still only with co-workers and I'm too chicken to go out and actually meet people on my own.

Today I did a bit of running around. Coyote is about a half-quart low on oil, so I hit Target first to remedy that situation. Since I've been meaning to give him a good wash, too, I also picked up some soap and one of those shammy car-wash mitten thingies. Also got new undies because all of mine are going holey on me. Since I can't actually remember when I bought said underwear, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised about this. Still darned inconvenient, though.

Next I dug out my courage and braved the mall on the a Sunday afternoon a week before school start because Old Navy was claiming that they were selling hoodies this weekend for 8-12 bucks a pop. It was just as ungodly busy as I thought it would be, and by the time I got there the only hoodies that were left were bright pink and size XL or larger. So, yeah, that was wasted 30 minutes of my life dodging tots, kids, tweens, and teens left and right, but whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? ;) Some of the tots were pretty cute, too, so I suppose it could've been worse.

Spent the rest of the afternoon reading, though there was about two and a half hours there that I attempted the nap thing. Probably won't be able to sleep tonight because of it since I didn't actually manage to even hit the doze/zone state until around 6:00 pm, but such is life.
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Changed my layout because it had been almost two years, if not longer. Still not sure if I like the colors, but for now it works.

In other news, I bought a snazzy, casual army-green button up shirt this past weekend to wear over my brown and green tank tops. I love it and it has all sorts of cool buttons and zippers (even if the zippers are merely decorative and don't actually lead to extra pockets) and I am wearing it today and it looks really good on me, but The Curse of the Big Shoulders has struck again and I can't reach forward or stretch my arms up above my head without feeling like I am about to rip a seam.

And yes, I did try it on when I got it and said to myself "Self, if you wear this shirt it is going to be tight and pull in the shoulders ALL DAY LONG and get irritating really fast," but I loved the shirt so much that I decided to go for it anyway. And I still love it, but now that I've had it on for more than an hour I'm starting to wonder if it would be worth it to find a seamstress and ask them "Is it possible to add more fabric to the shoulders without costing an arm and a leg?"

It is completely unfair how clothing making companies leave jumps and extra folds of fabric that can be easily let out around the stomach and sides of a shirt, but they never add anything like that to the shoulders. Since I *know* I'm not the only woman out there who has the Broad Shoulder Issue, you'd think they might get a clue.
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They're having a whole bunch of stuff going on this weekend in the Tri Cities. The big seller is the hydro races down at Columbia Park, with a bonus air show. I did kind of want to hit the air show, but not if it required braving the masses there for the boat races. Also, I think there is/was an admission fee.

I did, however, go to the art and craft show at Howard Amon Park in Richland, which is a really freaking nice park. The art show was pretty awesome, too. I almost spent 45 bucks on a phenomenal photograph taken at Zion National Park with incredible red and orange striped and layered cliffs as a back drop, and a small waterfall and a few very pretty trees in the foreground. I resisted, though, and spent a more reasonable $17 on a new pair of earrings. I also found a coffee shop where they sell Big Train Chai! YAY! Unfortunately, it wasn't so much a "shop" as a "trailer at the art show", and I have no idea where they keep shop otherwise. Also, it was in Richland (the whole art show was), and I'm almost never over there, so alas, I am once again searching for a coffee shop around here who does decent chai lattes.

It was still a pretty nice afternoon, though. A bit warm as far as I'm concerned - I think we were up around 95 when I was at the art show - but not bad. Totally worth it anyway because I love going to art and craft fairs, and I got some exercise in, so bonus!

Today, though, its supposed to get up around 103, and the rest of the week my Weatherbug is predicting highs between 100 and 104, so I think it'll be a good week to hide inside in the air conditioning.
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Went shopping today - I've been looking for niceish, button-up short sleeved shirts I don't hate to wear over my tank tops for at least a month or two, and I also wanted to go looking for one of those sun shades you put in your car to keep it from getting to a billion degrees inside. Found a shirt, so yay for that, as well as two new pairs of underwear because half my pairs are getting rather old and holey. Did not find a sun shade, but I suppose 1 out of 2 isn't bad.

The reason I'm posting, though, is not really because of either my fashion success or my failure to beat the heat. Nah, I'm writing because Target and ShopKo both have their Back to School Corners set up already, and I may have gotten a wee bit nostalgic when I walked past them. This will be the first fall since 2003 where I won't be joining the educated masses as they stock up on all the pens, pencils, notebooks, and folders they'll need to survive another semester of school, and I am kind of at odds on how to feel about that.

On the one hand, I absolutely love learning and going to lectures and taking notes listening to guest speakers in a subject I'm interested, and I won't be doing that anymore (or at least not for awhile; I might go back for my Masters in a few years). On the other hand - no homework, and I will never have to take another Chemistry test again, which is fantastic beyond belief.

Alas, I am torn. Mostly leaning toward "Ha ha, enjoy, suckers!" because I can totally go to lectures and take notes and listen to guest speakers at any Geo-conference for only a small sum (usually it's between 50-75 dollars to register and get a year of membership in whatever society is doing the conference), and I *still* NEVER HAVE TO TAKE ANOTHER CHEMISTRY TEST AGAIN!

So, you know, small sacrifices and all that.
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This might qualify as the coolest video I have ever seen )

It is *definitely* in the top five, that is for sure.

In other news, this LJ post brought to you by the fact that the computers at work are still down. I drove in, asked if the computers were working, then I drove right back to the house. Hurrah for an extended weekend!

So, because it was 7:30 am and nothing was open yet when I returned, I went and treated myself to a big gooey cinnamon roll at Sheri's (Pacific North West version of Perkin's according to a friend of mine) before I hit Target to get a few odds and ends (I have more razors now! Yay! Still, though, $12.50 for a pack of Mac3 blades? You'd think that with all the four and five bladed shavers out there these days they might go down a few bucks) and then I went to Barns and Nobles because I told Beth I would cashier for her Yard Sale tomorrow and Sunday, and since I finished the book I had been reading yesterday at work (damn computers), I figured it would not be a bad idea to pick up another one... and then I ended up buying two instead.

10 o'clock rolled around by the time I finished the Shopping Thing, so I came back here and proceeded to crash like a mad crashing thing for two hours. Hey, I was already 5 hours into my day by that point, so I figure it is no worse than taking a nap at 1:00 in the afternoon.
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And, you knoooow... I am getting a rather large Tax Return...

::goes off to stare at the picture and argue with myself some more::
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Manda is gone. Sadness. :,(

BUT! The last few days have been a blast, and today was a lot of fun, too. Manda's train wasn't scheduled to leave until 7:30 pm tonight, and both of us have been in search of a new bag/satchel for quite some time, so we figured we would leave late morning for La Crosse and get some shopping in before we went to the train station. Left around 10:30 this morning with my dad's Garmin Roadmate (or something like that) GPS (so named Maggie by my father as it is short for Magellan) suctioned to the windshield of my car, too the "shortest distance" route, which turned out to to be a route I have never driven before. It involved taking a lot of different roads (one of which was really pot-holey, but the rest were fine) that got us to the Onalaska/La Crosse Mall by 1:00 in the afternoon. Dad was doing an artifact show there, so we checked in with him and then we wandered the crowded and noisy walkways for about an hour, myself in search of a new bag I actually kind of liked, and Manda in search of whatever caught her eye. Finally found something at a Native American artsy kind of store that I didn't hate - it is an over the shoulder canvas satchel with a whole bunch of peace signs on the cover flap (my words when I saw it? "It's a bit hippie for my tastes"), but I really like the colors, and it actually isn't as retro as it could be. Wouldn't mind a few more pockets, either, but at least it has a cell phone pocket, which is what sold me over the other two I had been considering.

Anyway, by the time I was successful in the baggage department it was close to 3:00 pm, so we hit the Red Lobster down the road for a late lunch... A lunch that turned out to be a lot more interesting than we thought it would be. Click for story )

After dinner, we headed down the road to ShopKo so Manda could get another charger for her iPod (she left hers in Saint Cloud, and a 6 hour train ride without music can get kinda long), and then we went back to the mall to see how Dad was holding up. He was feeling a bit under the weather, and since Manda and I already finished up with all of our shopping, we decided to pack it up early and head to the train station. Dad had his own vehicle, and he was the only person who knew the area, so we followed him to the station, where he left his car all locked up and stuff in the long-term parking lot - he and Mom are taking the train back from Washington next weekend, and with Gus going to Tennessee for some Ethanol/Alternate Fuel Sources conference next week, they wanted to have a car available to them at the station to drive back home - and Manda and I discovered the station wouldn't open for another hour (it was around 5:00 by this time), so we all hopped into Coyote and dad drove us to Riverside Park to kill a bit of time. Manda and I went wandering along the river for a half hour or so taking pictures and getting some exercise in before we were both stuck sitting in a moving vehicle for a few hours. On the way back to the train station, dad drove us by the World's Largest Six Pack so Manda could get a picture of that as well. Only in Wisconsin, you know? I love my state!

Got to the train station just after 6 pm and sat waiting with Manda for a bit before Dad and I said our last goodbyes and started for home. The drive seemed quite dark and there was one deer standing in the road that certainly gave us a nice adrenaline boost, but the ride was otherwise uneventful.

So, that was our day. YAY for free food and Manda-time! Boo for crowded shopping malls and having to send Manda back to Saint Cloud.
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I spent entirely too much money today.

First, I spent an hour or so at Thimbleberry, a used bookstore in Marshfield, and left there with five new books. Thankfully I had a bit of store credit there, so I didn't spend any actual money on the books. I have been wanting to reread the Dragonriders of Pern *forever*, but I didn't have any copies of my own. Now I do! Well, two of the three - Dragon Quest and The White Dragon. Still don't have the first - Dragonflight - so I hit Book World after I left Thimbleberry in hopes I might find the first book there. Anyway, I also picked up a duel-copy of Through the Looking Glass/Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, some book I've never heard of but which sounds interesting called The Elementals, and A Wrinkle in Time by L'Engle, which is another one i've been meaning to re-read for awhile. So, the next few months will totally involve me reliving my childhood through some childhood favorites, and I see no bad in this.

In search of Dragonflight, though, I wandered down the road to Book World, which isn't the greatest bookstore in the world, but it's the best we have in Marshfield as far as new releases and what not are concerned. Alas, i did not find my quarry, but I did buy two *more* books there - I finally have a hard copy of Bone Crossed (newest in the Mercy Thompson series, or at least the newest until March, when the next hard cover is coming out), and I picked up the first in the Outcast Series by Rachael Caine (Undone maybe?) As new books, those cost me about 18 bucks total, but I know I'll read them again, so I figure I can treat myself a bit.

Next stop was The Daily Grind, a little coffee shop between Thimbleberry and Book World, where I got myself a Chai and started reading Alice in Wonderland while waiting for my dad to finish up with Gramma the clinic (we carpooled). Dad was hoping to hear back from someone he called about looking at a vehicle about 20 miles away, so to kill time we went out for a really late lunch at Perkins after he picked me up at the coffee shop, and then we hit Walmart because I wanted to pick up some of those vacuum storage bags to make the most of Coyote's reeeeeally limited cargo space for the move to Washington next month. Those suckers are expensive! 25 bucks for maybe 5 or 6 bags! Expensive but necessary, so I forked over the funds. I also picked up two new pairs of cargo pants - one I can hopefully wear over a pair of shorts because according to Emma, dressing in layers is pretty much the only way to get through a Day in the Washington Desert, and one pair to replace the pair that just ripped on me earlier this afternoon (you'd thing after how much I spent on the darned things, Eddie Bauer cargo pants would last longer than a year and a half. ::sigh:: ). Both pair were 15 bucks, so I can live with that, but it still means that with the pants and the bags I spent almost 60 dollars at Walmart today.

Before I leave, I also want to give Coyote a nice through mechanical check-up with Simon, and get him a new set of tires, so there goes *another* $500 in the next month. The financial security cushion I hoped to have because I'll spend the next year working in an unpaid position in Washington is quickly shrinking, and almost all of this is for stuff I kind of need. Money stinks.
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Today, I went in search of good, solid, and most importantly, *comfortable* hiking boots to use for the field stuff I'll be doing in Washington. It took three different stores and trying on at least a dozen different pairs of boots, but I finally found a nice pair at Dunham's Sports that are super comfy (Comfort Spring Footbed!), mostly leather, and that were on sale for $33 bucks. Yay good shoes!

Also bought a three pack of white tank tops - one or two of which I am going to dye a brownish-read and write "Play in the Mud!" on with a few muddy hand prints here and there, because I am creative like that and they are almost transparent otherwise (I got the Hane's tank tops instead of the Fruit of the Loom, which is what I usually get, because FotL only had packs of 5. Apparently Hane's doesn't believe in using any more cotton than they absolutely have to). I also got another three pack of sports bras and some water proofing spray for my new boots. Shopping is much more gratifying when it is stuff I actually need.
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One of these days, I will actually remember how much I really dislike nylon and spandex sports bras when I'm at the store and will therefore *not buy them*! ::squirms out of the new sports bra she's been wearing all day::

In other news, Emo snuck up on me again and convinced me that I really needed to get out of the house for a few hours today despite how I really didn't need anything in town. So, I went to Arby's for lunch and then hit Target for some window shopping. Bought two new shirts - a long sleeved hooded kinda-sorta thermal that was on sale for 12 dollars and a Star Wars t-shirt because I am just that geeky and because despite my Geek Pride, I still didn't actually own a Star Wars t-shirt (I do, however, have a Transformers, a Doctor Who, and a Marvel Comics t-shirt, so it's not like I've never gotten my geek on or anything). I also bought two boxes of cereal.

Leaving Target, I was still kind of Emo, so I put on some Emo music on my radio and decided to take the long route home (through the zoo, even, which is on the completely other side of town from Target). Felt significantly less Emo by the time I got there, so koodoes for shopping therapy! Well, fast-food-and-shopping therapy, I suppose, with a dash of Just Driving Somewhere in there, too. Also, I have a Star Wars t-shirt now!
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Thank you [ profile] ladyflowdi, [ profile] castor, and [ profile] alorarose for the lovely snowflake cookies! Nom nom nom!

In other news, my ankle has been feeling pretty good these last few days, so today I decided to try and go out and get some shopping done - both from groceries and for holiday presents (or at least the stuff I'll be using to make the holiday presents). I started off being good and wearing my ankle brace, but it just doesn't fit very well into my shoes and it was pressing kind of uncomfortably against the bruises that have now shown up in all their ugly multi-colored glory, so I ended up taking it off after my first foray into the commercialized world. I did still have it wrapped, though, and actually without the brace I wasn't quite as gimpy as I was with it. Ankle was starting to hurt by the time I made my last stop (Fleet Farm for a few bags of almonds that I will be cinnamon roasting and giving as part of my holiday gifts), but otherwise it held up pretty well. Hurrah for healing!

On the not so happy department, the sticky break caliper on Coyote's front passenger side wheel pretty much gave up the ghost on the way back home. I could still drive just fine, but I could hear it scraping against the wheel even when the car was driving down the road (where as before it had only been scraping when I used the breaks), so yeah, I asked Dad if he could make me an appointment at our mechanics for Friday afternoon. There goes another 120 bucks.

BUT! I refuse to feel guilty because I have been really really good in the "not spending too much money" front, and I actually have 250 bucks in savings still as my "emergency fund for October-December". Since I still have 600 in my checking account on top of that, and have all of my bills payed for December already, the money for fixing Coyote's caliper will come out of that "emergency fund", as well as the money I'm spending to go see Manda. It'll be my Christmas present for myself. :D
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Today I spent a good chunk of the afternoon quite literally crawling around under Coyote's hood (yes, I am in fact using "literally" in the proper sense - there are no pictures to prove this, but I had one knee on the container that holds the windshield washing fluid, another knee on the corner of the frame right above the passenger-side headlight, and my head hovering somewhere around mid-engine) as my father and I tried to un-attach a bunch of wires in really hard to reach places, only to reattach them with the wires of an E-85 conversion unit that was supposed to allow my engine to run on E-85 fuel without damaging it. My left thumb is minus some skin and I bruised my knuckles, but we did, in fact, manage to install the E-85 converter thingy, and I learned a bit more about my engine in the process. Unfortunately, the converter seems to be defective, and it's causing my car to run pretty bad at the start up, so chances are we will have to take it all apart and put the engine back together again like it was originally, but oh well. Father-daughter bonding for the win! And, you know, I love my car, so learning how to take stuff apart and put it back together again properly under the hood is always a handy lesson.

Did not brave the Black Friday frenzied masses to try and get some Christmas shopping in (apparently Walmart and Target, at least, were pretty much wall-to-wall cars when my mom drove in to work this morning). When Dad and I were giving Coyote a test drive to see if everything worked okay with the converter and put some E-85 gas in the tank, though, we did swing by the grocery store for taco fixings for dinner tonight, and I hit Coffee Cabin for my Chai fix. Considering Coffee Cabin is right next to Target, it wasn't as busy as I thought it would be. Of course, we also swung by there at about 3:30 in the afternoon, well *after* most of the crazies had gotten their shopping fixes and were already at home cackling gleefully over their pirated booty, so there is that.
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just a few mostly non-spoilery comments on Castle )

There was more, but those are the only ones I can remember off the top of my head.

In other news, I splurged a bit today cause I got a refund check from Family Heath (I've been switched to Badger Care, so they were reimbursing me for the two months I made payments when I didn't actually have to). Went to ShopKo and got a new button up shirt (mens medium, one of those snazzy ones with a cool screen image stamped on them that was on sale for $4.40), a pair of snowflake earrings (also on sale - $5.99 down from $9.99), a new toothbrush and Rush Hour 1 and 2 (all of which were also on sale; yay saving!). Ended up spending 27 or so dollars, but had the stuff not been on sale, it would've cost me at least twice that, so go me. And now I have Rush Hour 1 and 2 to go with the copy of Rush Hour 3 I got last year. :)
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Went to Marshfield today to try and get together with my gramma. That didn't pan out so well - Gramma's memory is shot enough that she forgets things pretty fast; I called her just as I was leaving Point and told her I would be at her place in an hour, and she seemed pretty happy about that. When I got to her apartment, though, her car was gone and her doors were locked. Thankfully it was because my aunt had come to take her to lunch and Gramma didn't try driving herself, but she still forgot I was coming in less than an hour. It is not at all fun to watch.

I was, however, able to meet up with Mom instead, and we went out for lunch at the World Buffet (which mostly serves Chinese - go figure, but at least it's pretty good Chinese), did a lot of talking and catching up, and then we decided to do some window shopping since we were at the mall anyway. It was really nice - the Marshfield mall is already all decorated for the holidays, and as I was in the mood for Christmas lights, it was a nice coincidence. Mom and I got some serious Mother-Daughter bonding time, too - she's been stressed out with work and trying to make enough to pay bills and my Dad's continuing "woe is me, I can't get a job" depression, and I've been kind of stressed out with school and projects and my looming graduation, so it was a very good thing to just kinda kick back and not worry about stuff for a few hours. We fail at window shopping, though, and both ended up buying a few things. Vanity was having a sale on sweaters, which were all 50% off, so we each got one of those. She also got sweatshirt-jacket type thing, which wasn't on sale but she needed a light jacket anyway, and the full price was only 35 dollars or there abouts, so it wasn't bad. I also found a spiffy new hat for 2 bucks; yay for sale prices. :)

We hit Claire's as well (teeny-bopper store directed mostly toward girls in their pre-teens or very early teens) because she needed some more hair ties, and for all that the place is very very... pink, they do have pretty nice hair accessories for reasonable prices that work for girls of all ages. I got two new hair claws for myself, and she got a few, too, along with the hair ties she went in there for since they were also having a Buy-One-Get-One-Half-Off sale. Again, yay for sales!

It was good to get out and not stress over stuff for a few hours, and even better to catch up with my mom. And! Thanks to the new hair clips, I can put my hair into a bun again! This makes me far more excited than it really should.
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Today I treated myself just a little, since aside from food, I haven't really spent any money on myself in at least a month or two, and I have a bit of extra funding lying around thanks to helping Pat out (woman I kid-sat for summer 2008 and a bit last summer, too) last week and the week before.

So, I went to ShopKo, where they had a Buy-One-Get-One-Free special on the $9.99 DVDs - I got Ghost Rider and the Da Vinci Code - and then while I was standing in the check-out line, I saw a special-edition of TIME Magazine - Great Discoveries: Explorations That Changed History (I can't find the exact copy online, but here's a different cover/edition from It covers discoveries like Hale-Bop, the TITANIC, Machu Picchu, etc and I seriously could not resist.

End of the shopping trip? I had only spent about $25 - including tax - and since I went in there with the idea that maybe I would get myself a new pair of jeans or a nice shirt for a full price around $30, I think I did pretty darned well, especially considering the stuff I did pick up will probably get a lot of use, where as a nice shirt or sweater or something will probably just sit in my dresser until the next family gathering around Thanksgiving, and then it will be stuffed back into my dresser again until the next occasion.

In other news, I completely and totally bombed the Chem test we took on Friday, which is not at all surprising because I didn't study very well and I ended up running out of time to finish it. The good news is that if I manage to get my ass into gear and get better grades on the rest of the tests, the teacher is willing to toss this one out entirely and use the average of the rest of my test scores to replace this grade. I'm really hoping I'll be able to pull it off - I didn't think it was possible for me to have worse Senior-itice than I did last semester, but apparently I was wrong, so it might be an uphill battle either way. We shall see. ::crosses fingers and vows to study harder next time::

On that same note, we also have a test in Structural on Wednesday, which will be missing because of my doctors appointment and will therefore have to make it up Thursday morning. This test scares me. Kind of a lot. ::ducks head under covers to hide from the Trig::
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I just spent $68 on these sandals from L. L. Bean. I probably shouldn't have, but I've been wanting a pair of run-around/get wet kind of sandals for over a year now, and with Amanda coming next week, weather permitting, there will be lots of running around and getting wet, so I'm gonna say it's worth it. I'm also sure I'll use them on a regular basis, so it isn't a waste of money just for one weekend sort of thing.

That said, AMANDA IN A WEEK! Well, a week and a few hours since I pick her up at the air port around 8pm next Thursday. Also, EMMA IN A WEEK AND TWO DAYS! [ profile] wowomom is going to be coming up north for vacation with her family next week, and we're going to try and get together for dinner or something just before they start the rather long drive back to Tenn. Yay for friends!
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Went home last night to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower at my parents house. It was pretty spiffy - I was only out there for an hour and I saw at least a dozen meteors, some of which were pretty darned impressive. We also watched Bedtime Stories before we went out. Cute movie; I saw it at the theatre with some friends when I was bored, and it's still pretty good on DVD.

Today, prof who we're doing the internship took us out to lunch as a thank you for all the work we did this summer. Went to The Wooden Chair - tasty stuff, and healthy, too. I had some sort of turkey and spinach wrap.

Lastly, went to Walmart for school supplies. Actually, first I went to ShopKo but their notebooks were 19 cents each, so I tried Target next but the mechanical pencils I prefer were 3 dollars more expensive there, so finally I went to Walmar and got my school supplies. Not sure if it's just the economy or what, but it seemed like a whole lot of places had a whole lot of nothing when it came to a good stock of school supplies. It wasn't even that they were sold out - though that was the case at Walmart for a few items - there just wasn't as much out as I'm used to seeing three weeks before school starts. But I now have notebooks and folders and two new mechanical pencils (though I had to get pencils with 7.0 sized lead because the 5.0 sizes were either not there or out of stock), as well as a new Taz t-shirt because I am weak-willed and Taz is awesome.

Now I want to go swimming. Or take a nap. At this point, nap is more likely me thinks. Very little sleep paired with some allergy stuff last night makes Maren a very tired girl.


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