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I was going to go visit The Emmies this afternoon, but a rather rotten, sleepless night thanks to horrible allergies and/or asthma (which hasn't acted up in 15 years, dammit!) made me decide I didn't really want to drive an hour and a half, especially with the weather being just primed and ready to spit out severe thunderstorms and tornadoes at a moment's notice (if you're lucky - these storms are moving *fast*, anywhere from 50-70 mph, man). Asthma/allergies were so bad last night that i actually had to use my inhaler for the first time in I can't remember when, and of course Albuteral(sp) is a steroid, and as I have been free of the drug for a decade, my body reacts to it as a steroid and makes me trembley and shaky and massively tense, which makes sleeping impossible, and the reaction lasts several hours. On the up side, at least I could breath again without wheezing. Still not sure it was worth the hassle, though.

In other news, THUNDERSTORMS! Which are, as always, hopping right over the top of us and hitting directly to the north and the south instead, leaving us to stand mournfully in the dry zone with barley a sprinkle as they pass us by. Ah, well, at least we got some nice lightning last night, and we are under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 11 pm, so hope springs eternal and all that.
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I have a Nook! ::slightly maniac laughter and clapping::

After months of debate, I finally have a Nook in my hot little hands! $193 for the Nook and cover (same one you have, Emma, because wow, the rest were boring. Or way too pastel for my tastes), and then I went and immediately bought an additional $15 worth of books. So far I am resisting on buying up a bunch of old favorites, so at least my checking account doesn't hate me *too* much... yet. Though, Emma - as it was at least half your prompting that finally convinced me to get one - if there is any particular collection you want to "borrow" from me, feel free to make a request. Were you the one who liked the Green Rider book(s) so much? Cause I totally might fork over extra funds to get digital copies of those.

And... I was going to post something additional that was gleefully Nook-related, but I have totally forgotten what it was going to be.

In other news, while I feel otherwise fine aside from the head-cloggedness and sneezing that I mentioned earlier, I could definitely do with out the burning-tickling-pre-sneeze sensation that has been making my eyes water and my face all flushed All. Day. LONG. Seriously, body, the least you can do is actually *sneeze* when that happens, and not spend half and hour or more torturing me with the pre-sneeze sensation!
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It occurs to me now as I create "bookmarks" for all of the HMUs I was hired to re-map in ArcMap (saves the location and the scale of the map I am working on so I can bring it back up with two clicks of the mouse), a week and a half or so before I complete this year-long position, that it would've been *way* more helpful if I did this at the beginning of the year instead of at the end, especially as I have over the course of the last 12 months made at least four drafts per HMU.

Hey, I never said I was the brightest crayon in the box.

In other news, after battling the Evil Cold Virus of Misery for five days, I am back at work mostly functional with only plugged ears and an abundance of sneezing interfering with my day. I don't even sound quite so much like a Swamp Monster anymore, though I imagine I could probably pull off a Muddy Creekbed Gollum just fine. Either way, yay for not feeling like total crap anymore!
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I forgot how miserable head colds are. Usually I only have to deal with chests colds - I spend one or two days sneezing and congested, then I spend a week or two hacking up a lung but feeling otherwise fine.

This is definitely a head cold, and we are already on day three without it showing any signs of heading south. On the one hand, yay for the chance to hopefully avoid the lingering cough that makes me sound like I am dying. On the other hand, my ears hurt and are all plugged up and it feels like my head is stuffed with dirty rags. And if past experience is anything to judge by, I still have at least a day (and more likely two more) of this. Boo, not on body.
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Yup, totally a cold. We have reached the sneezing and stuffy nose portion of our evening, but at least my throat isn't quite as sore.

Been in bed pretty much all day taking advantage of NCIS marathon and a free years of Starz programming. The newest version of 'Race to Witch Mountain' is starting now, and I am thinking it will be just as bad as I thought. However, it is also free, and as someone who loved the book as a child, why not? Also, nothing else is on. And I suppose you can't go wrong with a movie that starts with two Storm Troopers getting into the back of a cab. (and now I want a punchline for that joke)
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Right, so I gotta agree with Emma here - it is kind if nice to live in a climate where it is 50 degrees on a regular basis, starting in February. If I wasn't still trying to flush the remnants of whatever bug knocked me down this weekend out of my system, I could look forward to a day of partial sunshine and high temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s.

Instead, after a rather sleepless night - nausea was threatening again, though I managed to not actually give in to it - I decided to take another day to recover. I have also rediscovered the magical healing powers of Lemon Lime Gatoraid and Ginger Ale, so bonus that my stomach isn't nearly as jumpy as it has been the last three days.

On the bright side, I'm actually very pleased that it was this past weekend that the flu bug decided to attack, because that means I should be pretty much back to normal on Friday, when the plan is to drive down toward the Portland vicinity and visit with [ profile] noellesan for a few days.
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What may have started as queasy nerves night before last turned in to me being actually, legitimately sick yesterday and last night. On the bright side, as far as flu bugs go, this one was relatively mild - vertigo, achy, and throwing up, with maybe a slight fever; not fun, but I've had worse. I'm actually kind of glad, because I've been disgustingly healthy pretty much for the last three years, so I've pretty much just been waiting for the ax to fall. Now that it has, hopefully I won't have to worry about getting the flu again any time soon.
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Though I woke up feeling quite poorly, I did not spend the day worshiping the porcelain goddess, so hurray for small favors. In one of those random (okay, not random, usually stress-or-anxiety-related... golly, I wonder what caused that) episodes of body-rebellion that pop up now and again, I felt like crap for an hour or two, and then I was perfectly fine for the rest of the day. Sometimes, I really hate my brain. *Especially* when it turns my body against me.
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I am sick (or at least I'm pretty sure I'm sick - it has been awhile, so I suppose it could be really bad allergies) for the first time in almost a year and a half. On the one hand, ick, sick. On the other hand, this means it isn't lurking in the background waiting to strike when I can least afford it anymore (always a worry, especially when one usually gets a cold at least two or three times a year), and I'd rather get sick now than in two weeks when I'll be on my way to Washington. Also, as far as colds go, it really isn't that bad - I'm tired and I'm sneezing every 10-20 minutes, and sniffling a lot, but so far my sinuses aren't too congested (yet) and I'm otherwise functional. Of course, I still plan to stay in bed all day reading or watching Stargate online. Because I can, and better yet, this time I have an excuse.
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Note to self - never eat a Funnel Cake again.

Spent a chunk of Friday night crashed on the couch because it is closer to the bathroom and my stomach was hella upset. Woke up around 2 in the morning Saturday and decided my tummy was calm enough to be able to risk crashing in my actual room and stuff, so I did. Then I slept in until 10ish and pretty much stayed in bed the rest of Saturday, barring a few excursions down stairs to see if food would actually agree with me (it did, for the most part, but it was kind of touch-and-go when I first ate a bowl of Rice Crispies). Then I called my parents Saturday night and cried at them a bit because sometimes you just need your mommy and/or daddy.

While I know the whole moving-stress was probably a tiny part of the "ugh"ness (and mostly responsible for the crying), I'm pretty sure it had way more to do with the funnel cake I bought on a whim at the baseball game on Friday. I even told myself at the game "You know, if you eat this, there is a very good chance you are going to be sick off it" but I was all, "psh, funnel cake!" and lo and behold, I got sick. I really should listen to me more often.

Moving news - signed up for an account at, even forking over the 20 dollars (on my credit card cause my checking account is getting kind of low) to upgrade my account so it will freeze on me in thirty days rather than three. Also sent off a message to one possible. Planning on sniffing out some "ROOMMATE WANTED" fliers on campus tomorrow before or after I finish my four hours straining my eyes through a microscope to count charcoal particles in lake sediment. Hopefully something will come of either or the campus search. Current roommate and parents have also offered to help me find a new place, so that's nice.

There is also a slight chance I might be moving in with Gramma and driving from Marshfield to Point every day for work, since Gramma is having trouble remembering to take her medication and occasionally getting sick because of it. She's also lonely and could use the company. It would mean no rent (because I'm pretty sure she wouldn't let me pay even if I could afford it), but it would also mean a 45 minute drive every day, which would get expensive with gas prices going up again. I know my parents would feel better if Gramma had someone there to keep an eye on her, and it would be nice to be around family again, but I'm not sure I have it in me to watch as someone I care about a lot slowly fades away to the point where she might start having trouble remembering who I am.

So, yeah. That's my life in a nutshell right now.
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Alright, *now* I am worried. It's 4:13 in the morning and I haven't actually slept yet, and at this point, I doubt I will. I'm actually making myself all sick feeling like with nerves and anxiety, which still isn't a pleasant feeling. And it doesn't help one bit that it is extremely nasty outside, with the winds roaring loud enough to hear quite clearly outside my window, even over the sound of the radio and the air purifier going at medium speed. 3 degrees F with wind speeds averaging 20 mph, creating a wind chill of -18 degrees. Icky.

I was going to play with my computer in hopes of distracting myself, but so far it's not working all that great. Not to mention, you know, having my arms above the blankets is only making me colder. So, I'm going to curl up and *try* to get at least an hour of sleep now, but mostly I'm thinking I'll just be staying warm. Arrg, I hate finals.
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Last night I dreamed that I was in charge of this, like, games/races/whatever festival and about 3000 more people showed up than I had planned for. And then this dude with a microphone came in and took over, much to my relief and annoyance. And then the house/building that was kind of our headquarters blew up.

Then I dreamed that I was antagonizing a noble lord (though he looked like a slightly greasy restaurant keeper) with all sorts of power who sent his guards/police after me, and so I escaped by running through this curtained off area past some dudes who were doing something on stage (so maybe it was the same dream after all, just morphed into something else) and flying/swimming across the lake this whole thing was apparently taking place on the shore of. And then I got back into my "house" through a secret passageway, though I think I was just staying there, as an outsider, cause everyone else who lived there were these snooty, high-born ladies in their foofy dresses, and I got the impression most of them didn't like me.
Anyway, apparently they liked me enough to help disguise me in a fat suit and one of their frilly dresses and do my hair and all that before the guy who I had pissed off found me (cause, as in any twisted Cinderella story, I had had to leave my shoes behind when I escaped from him in the first place). And then me and the other "ladies of the house" had to do a dance for him, and in an awkward dress *and* a fat suit, I was having a bit of difficulty (think Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality). I think the guy was a bit suspicious, but I woke up before he did anything about it.

In other news, I feel almost back to normal today. My sinuses are still a little big congested, and I have no doubt I'll be hacking up a lung before the day is out, but otherwise I feel fine. Yay for an over-active immune system.
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Do the tendons in anyone else's feet tighten up when you spend the better part of two days lying in bed? Or is it just my own personal tendonitis curse.

Also, my ears are all plugged up, and I think I might get an infection in the left one before all of this is through. Stupid cold. ::grumbles::

Anyway, to cheer myself up and to get a a break from all the damned sleeping, I've been rereading [ profile] sam_storyteller's Stealing Harry verse stories. Alas, it has been over a year since he posted anything in the Third Year AU, but the first three stories are just as awesome as ever.
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I feel slightly more human today. I sound like the creature from the Black Lagoon, but at least my head isn't so congested. Still feel kinda icky, though.
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It's like a Sci Fi Channel Reunion! )

So, I think the series has promise. I'm not sure it's the next Stargate - which is what I kind of think the writers were going for - but it holds it's own in the creativity department. The fake accent still irritates me a little, but I think I'll be able to get over it enough to continue watching the series.

Also, Henry and Silvio are awesome.
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Icky. I really hate being sick.

In other news, watching Sanctuary. itty bitty casting spoiler that is found out 5 minutes in )

::sniffles:: Ugh, I feel icky. Someone wanna cut off my head? Put my out of my misery *and* take away the Object of Suffering at the same time.
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I feel icky. Icky enough that I didn't get any sleep last night cause I was up all night snarffling and blowing my nose and all that. Also icky enough that I'm not going to go to either of my classes. Unfortunately, despite the ickies, I will still have to go to school for a few minutes to do the "24 hour" reading for my Sedimentology lab at 3:00 this afternoon. At least I can drive there in a matter of minutes and the Colt's heating system works *really* well, so I won't be shivering all the way like I would be in Coyote, much as I love him.

Speaking of, got a call from my dad. Coyote is fine and dandy. Dad took him to Simon for a "check up" to see if there was anything amiss that would explain mystery foam in the radiator. Nothing was. After some of his own investigation, Dad thinks that the problem was the hose connecting from the reservoir to the radiator itself was clogged, so he flushed it with water and stuff and everything seems okay now. He's going to keep the car for another few days so Simon can do a coolant flush, though, cause what was in there was all icky due to the clog.

So, bad news I'm sick and feel like dog poo (or something disgusting, though maybe not as smelly. Not that I could tell since my nose is stuffed up and I can't smell anything), but the good news is that my car isn't messed up. Yay for small favors.

::goes back to bed::
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Itchy, scratchy throat has morphed into sore throat, stuffy nose, and sinus headache. I think I am officially sick. Dammit.

::snarffles:: At least I only have two classes tomorrow and then the weekend.

I did end up going to the bowling ally to meet Dustin and co ("co" being Dan, JB, Laura and Rod). I didn't play any games, but I did get a ham and cheese sandwich and sit around cheering (or jeering) everyone on for a bit. Twas fun, and happily not as smoky as usual. Still smoky, granted, and my throat is not at all pleased with me, but it could've been worse. I only hung around for an hour before heading back here, though.

Also, I have Iron Man! Got it at Walmart for $14.99! Either it was on sale or the computer mis-scanned it, cause I coulda swore the tag said $19.99. Not that I'm protesting or anything.

Get Smart is next. No clue when it comes out on DVD, though.
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Blecky. Still hacking, but now it's turned into the more phlemey coughs, which is good for the whole "more productive cough" thing, but I think I've swallowed at least a cups worth of throat gunk since last night.

And yes, I know, you're supposed to spit it out but when you're in bed and tired and haven't had a decent nights sleep since last Wednesday, turning over to hawk a loogie into the waste basket takes entirely too much effort.

Going to try and set up an appointment at Student Health Services one of these days to get antibiotics, because I think it's getting worse rather than better - both last night and the night before I'm thinking I might've had a fever since night before last I woke up in the middle of the night with my sleep shirt damp enough with sweat that I stumbled around blindly for a few minutes trying to change it, and this morning just after I woke up around 6, it felt like I was chilled.

Even though I still feel mostly human, I really would rather not be sick anymore.
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I think what I have qualifies as a bronchial infection, cause it's in my throat and my head, but I'm just not having to deal with the stuffy nose that would usually come with this kind of thing. In all honesty, I feel fine, it's just that my chest is majorly congested and my head is slightly congested and I'm attempting to hack up a lung every 10 minutes or so. It's the worst in the morning just after I wake up, because then I do actually have a kinda stuffy nose and snotty TMI ), but once I get up and start moving around, I feel fine aside from the Queen of the Frogs voice. Eventually a small sinus headache will kick in and the desire to go take a nice, long nap is rather prominent, but on a scale of 1-10 on the How Human I Still Feel chart, with 1 being the Most Human and 10 being Giant Useless Miserable Slug, this is maybe a 2, possibly going up to a 3 for the sinus headache and the hacking.

It's still a bit inconvenient, though, especially this time of the year with all the end of semester stuff I have to be functioning to accomplish, and I know it'll just prolong my misery because I really can't afford to spend a day or two in bed trying to get this thing out of my system. Right now I only hope it clears up by next Saturday when I have the first weekend of my internship.
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You all remember Smokey Sensation from about a year and a half ago? Well, she's back. My voice is seriously an octave or two lower than usual. It would totally qualify for phone sex, and I might even be able to keep the mood though the phone call since the hacking cough isn't as as prominent. It's still there, but there are longer bouts between hacking up a lung. Sometimes it even gets up to around 20 minutes. ;)
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Okay, so so far no sinus infection, but that might be because all of it has dripped down into my lungs. Hey, hacking cough, long time no see. But it totally wasn't long enough. Feel free to go now.
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I was able to drink a little orange juice and eat a bit of rice cake a few hours ago and neither has come back up! Small favors and all that - here's hoping the worst of this bug his now over.

Of course, now I probably just jinxed myself.

In other news, new NCIS tonight! Yay!
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Blecky. Still sick.

However, on the plus side, at least I haven't thrown up for a few hours.

I hate the flu
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I'm not delusioal. atleast I don't think I am. but i am sick, and I keep reaching for someone who isn't there znd andevery time i relax I forget how to breathe.

i dont remember the flu being like this. Maybe that's a blessing.


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