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A few nights back I had an *awesome* Farscape/NCIS dream, but sadly I can't remember it totally. I do remember Abby somehow ending up on Moya to help solve an alien murder, and being all ecstatic that she had *literally been abducted by aliens*, which she thought was awesome. And though I can't recall the dead alien, one of the not-dead aliens looked kind of like a weird Audry 2/venus fly-catcher hybred, only instead of Audry 2's one toothy pod, it had like a bunch of toothy green "petals" (kinda like an evil olive-green flower). Anyway, that's all I remember, and I am kinda bummed because that would've made an awesome crossover fan fiction. Ah, well.

In other news, I voted today! I had no clue who any of the people were except for one or two, so I have no idea if my vote will end up putting another asshole in office, but I still voted. Cause it is important. ::nods::

I also did laundry. Yay for having clean socks!
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I was awake until 12 or 1 in the morning because I had this quote stuck in my head and I *could not* for the life of me remember where it was from, and alas, my Google-fu is failing me because I still have not been able to find out.

This is totally paraphrased, which might be why Google is failing me.

The scene is in some crime-ish drama or dramady, like CSI or Bones, and there is a couple. Or someone my brain is convinced is a couple, at least. Anyway, the woman is pregnant, and at least one of them works for the crime-solver people the series is based around, though I can't recall if it is the guy or the pregnant girl. They just walked into a crime scene where some poor soul had been cooked to very very well done.

::both of them eye the remains::
Pregnant Girl - I'm getting a craving...
Guy - What? ::eyes the remains again:: ::looks back at his maybe wife:: Seriously?
Pregnant Girl - Yup.
Guy - Oh, god, don't say it...
Pregnant Girl - ...beef jerky

ETA right now - EUREKA! IT IS EUREKA! Apparently I just had to write it out to figure it out. First or second season finale - and I'll cut for spoilers, because you never know ) Okay, I feel better now.
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Yup, totally a cold. We have reached the sneezing and stuffy nose portion of our evening, but at least my throat isn't quite as sore.

Been in bed pretty much all day taking advantage of NCIS marathon and a free years of Starz programming. The newest version of 'Race to Witch Mountain' is starting now, and I am thinking it will be just as bad as I thought. However, it is also free, and as someone who loved the book as a child, why not? Also, nothing else is on. And I suppose you can't go wrong with a movie that starts with two Storm Troopers getting into the back of a cab. (and now I want a punchline for that joke)
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Lacking any and all motivation to keep working, I decided to brave reading my earliest LJ entries to try and better organize the tags I assigned them. As I started going through old posts and tagging/retagging everything somewhere around 2007, the earliest entries got the short end of the stick as far as keeping them organized without adding a bagillion new tags. Thus, the re-tag attempt.

Anyway, the point to this entry - how in the *world* did you all put up with me back in Ye Days of Olde on LJ? Because holy cow was I spammy, and most of it was crap that *no one* would have any interest in at all, including myself probably. It is like every little thought that crossed my brain was posted to LJ, and every little thought was totally inconsequential. Maybe one entry for every ten had anything even remotely memoir-ish, and even that is pushing it.

So, this is me APOLOGIZING PROFUSELY for any undue dullness you all were forced to read through on my behalf. 10 years later, after a start like that? I'm actually kind of surprised so many of you stuck around. ;)

ETA two days later - also, wow, my spelling was *horrible*. I am still not the greatest speller in the world, but damn... I do not miss the days before I had Semagic and thus, a nice automatic spell checker every time I posted. :)
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Man, I wish I could find somewhere that still sold St. Ives Fresh H20 lotion. So far it is the only lotion I can put on my face without it breaking out - also, it smells really, really good - and I'm down to an itty bitty 3 oz travel bottle that is almost empty. Last I saw it was at Big Lots in Plover more than three years ago. Sadness.
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You know, despite how I haven't really gotten along all that well in the past with Macintosh computers, some days I find myself very much missing the Paintbrush program that they back in the day. Microsoft Paint just does not even come close as far as all the nifty little buttons and tools Paintbrush offered. One in particular I miss - the "multi-draw" tool or whatever it was called - where you could make a little doodle in one spot and have matching doodles draw themselves along several planes of symmetry. Made even the quickest, uncoordinated scribble turn into a lovely geometric pattern. Also? The "gradient fill" option. The gradient fill option was *awesome*. I spent many an afternoon at my grandparents doodling around and sketching all sorts of nifty pictures using the gradient fill.

This post brought to you by Maren being bored and trying to amuse herself by doodling in Microsoft Paint at work. It just doesn't have much to offer, does it? Not even the ability to flip an image by anything less than 90 degree angles. ::reminiscing sigh::

On an entirely different note, hurray, today I ate a whole sandwich without any ill effects! A very small sandwich, mind, with nothing but ham and cheese on it, but still! A sandwich! After three days of Saltines and chicken broth! Small victories, you know?
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Something amongst the building's heating or ventalation system just wooshed and grumbled, and it sounded a lot like thunder. Man, I miss storms.

The downside to not being around much on Facebook anymore - I end up spamming my LJ instead when I am particularly bored. Two hours until freedom. ::sigh::
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Totally lacking any and all motivation to keep working. Yay it being Friday and all, but not so yay that there is still four hours before I can leave.

Also, wow, bored.
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A prologue to the Iron Man/Eureka crossover I wrote last week, because I needed a break from data entry.

In other news, I now own RED, and it is just as awesome the second time around.

Also, it is Friday and there is only an hour left of work! Woot!
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* Thanks everyone with the AAA stories! They have been super helpful, and I will totally be Hittin' That before I leave.

* Saturday I went on a mad cleaning spree the likes of which my little room probably won't see again until I get everything cleaned out of there and packed up for the trip back to the midwest. I vacuumed and did laundry and washed my sheets and I even *dusted*! And *then* I went and cleaned the bathroom. I know, I must've been possessed by a 50s housewife or something.

* Sunday I spent most of the day reading and marathoning ABC Family (caught the end of... something... before they showed Princess Diaries 2, and after that, Goonies) before doing the movie thing at a friends place later in the evening. Mostly finished The High Kings Tomb (third in Kristen Britain's Green Rider series) and now I must wait TWO WHOLE WEEKS before Blackveil (fourth in the series) comes out. I have it on pre-order and it is set to arrive on my birthday, so Happy Birthday To Me. Just, you know, sucks having to wait TWO WHOLE WEEKS for it.

* Monday involved more movie and TV watching and reading. I also got groceries, and after I finished High Kings Tomb, I decided a trashy murder mystery might be just the thing to tide me over until I get my hot little hands on Blackveil. Went to Barnes and Nobel in search of the latest Castle book (because I am still computerless and cannot download it onto my Kindle for PC like I did the first one) and did not find it, sadness. Got something co-written by Iris and Roy Johonson (sp?) instead because I've enjoyed the authors in the past.

Then when I returned to the house, book in hand, I decided "You know, I'm still more in a Nikki Heat sorta mood," and so I grabbed the first J. D. Robb mystery [ profile] wowomom convinced me to buy awhile back and started reading that instead. Three chapters in and I am totally "Wow, so now I know where the Castle/Nikki Heat writers get their inspiration from," because Eve Dallas is Nikki Heat, only slightly more world-worn and, you know, from the future and stuff. In fact, the two are so much alike that Kate Beckett keeps trying to take over as the visual representation of Eve Dallas in my head.

... and now the two are getting into a bitch fight. I am amused.

ANYWAY, that was my weekend. Productive and all together lazy, all at the same time. :D
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Right, so I've been tagged with this like three times already, and I figure since I have time to kill...

100 Truths meme )

Not tagging anyone. So, you know, if you decide you want to post your own version of the above spam, consider yourself tagged and go for it! :D
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Thank you, [ profile] icepixie because Resenting the Hero by Moira J. Moore was indeed awesome and I loved it! Went off to buy the next few before I even finished the first one. :D Of course, now I have to wait two or three whole days before I have something to read again... Bother. ::sigh::

In other news, it may only be 49 degrees outside and overcast right now, but that is not stopping me from enjoying a strawberry smoothie. Mmm, fruity.
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OMG, YAAAAAAAY! Live Journal is working at work again! I HAVE MY CRUTCH BACK! ::dances the dance of the LJ junkie::

That's all. I have absolutly nothing else interesting to talk about beyond my LJ Joy.

So. How are you?
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After printing at least 20 more maps this morning, whatever motivation I had to keep working disappeard with lunch.

So I hit the LOLpets network instead.

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Braaaaaaaaaains... NOM NOM!

And also this one which it wouldn't give me an imbed code for, but which is totally my favorite LOLcat to date!
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Quarter after two in the afternoon, an hour and fifteen minutes before I can escape for the weekend, and I am bored. Finished what I was working on, and I only have one more small thing to do before I have Nothing To Do Again, so I'm hoping to save that bit so I can at least have *something* to accomplish on Monday.

Now, though, I am at loose ends. Friday afternoons always take too damned long to get through.
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Hour left on the last day of work before vacation. Yeah, so not going to get much more work done.

I died in the Dungeon of Rensong

I was killed in a crystalline passage by Jaguar83 the fire elemental, whilst carrying...

the Armour of Ltcolsamcarter, the Amulet of Violentmidnyte, the Sword of Quotes, a Figurine of Dreams Of Ice, the Crown of Zeedoubleu, the Sword of Everagaby, the Dagger of Cheapevilgirl, the Crown of Alorarose and 124 gold pieces.

Score: 174

Explore the Dungeon of Rensong and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

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Huh. They are making a new Karate Kid movie... with Jackie Chan. Trying to wrap my brain around that particular tidbit is proving difficult (Mr. Miagi = Jackie Chan just seems weird, even if they are using totally different names), but still, I'll probably give it a shot.
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I am bored. Like, a lot. Like the kind of bored that is pretty hopeless because nothing you might otherwise do to entertain yourself has any appeal what so ever.

Anyone willing to spam this post with comments? Or maybe pictures? Or anything else that you think might be mildly entertaining? Type in random stuff in Google Search and then comment about what you find? Hell, even give *me* a random and/or ridiculous thing to do a Google Search for and then have me post it in your comments? Or my own comments, whatever.

I know this plea is probably doomed to failure just because my friends list is so tiny, but I figure it's worth a shot.

Pretty please? Anyone? Bueller?

Few Suggestions:
dancing bears in sequins
naughty flower arrangements
state porn (don't ask, it was an AIM chat full of Farscape Shippers... we porn anything)
evil laser trout of doom
cereal killers and/or Shredder Wheat (okay, that one was pretty thin, even for me)
Evil Death Ferrets


Mkay, done now.
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Going through old entries. Posting some of the highlights because I AM BORED, OMG!

I was on a bit of an Anita Blake kick in Summer 2005. I geeked over the books often and ranted about the new covers.

According to Nicole, ovens are evil. And then I porned cup cakes with Star Wars. Because I am just that talented.

Some interesting stuff my friends posted in their journals, one of which being [ profile] comedownstairs's Pic Spam Entry in which she requested pictures down people's shirts, among other things. Also, I give you material from said pic spam.

Out of context:
"Wow, riding Purplesaurusrex sure is a moving experience!"
"Oh, yeah! Even the ground is moving!"
"Hang on! I'll take you to Scorch in no time!"

In context: I really don't know if this is much better, honestly )

And I think that's as good a spot as any to stop. Hurrah, up to June 2005!
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I have about 30 CDs (not even half of which I've actually listened to in the last 5 years), 2.37 gigs of music on my hard drive, 65 movies, and at least 119 books.

That said, I have 300 fics on my recommendation page. And those are only the ones I even *liked* enough to rec - I don't even want to think about how many I've actually read all together.

So, yeah... Can you tell what I usually do to entertain myself?
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No update, just a bunch of spam links.

Top 25 Un-PC Gifts... So, so wrong for the most part, but I kind of want the WTF snowglobe. And the Hillary Clinton nut cracker was extremely amusing.

Paper cut outs that will make you go "Woah". The humming bird one is *amazing*.

Antikythera Mechanism is an ancient computer, and a video of a working model. Now I want one. A lot. Especial if it's still accurate and stuff.


Dec. 8th, 2009 09:29 pm
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LJ is not sending me comment emails. Bad LJ.

We already have about 3 inches of snow, and that isn't including the snow drifts. Tomorrow should be fun.

My first final is the Chem exam at 8:00 am Monday morning. Not fair, final schedule; the earliest we even had a Chemistry class of some sort or another is 11. Rest of my exam schedule:
Rock Climbing - tomorrow during the last class (Weds, 11 am)
Structural - Tuesday, not sure what time
Remote Sensing - Wednesday, 8:00 am

I want this week and next week to be over now. Anyone have a time machine handy? Or maybe a fast forward device.

Is 9:30 too early to go to bed?
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Woah. The copy of the Da Vinci Code I got a few weeks ago for 5 bucks is a two disk special edition. Nice.
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I am posting. Not a darned thing of interest to say, but the little calender thingy in my journal side bar says I haven't posted anything on a Wednesday in a month, so I'm posting just because.

And now I am going to go take a shower.
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Huh. I really shouldn't be surprised, but apparently there is a a dating site for Sci Fi fans. Linked on the bottom of the page are also a dating site for Fantasy fans, what I'm assuming are Anime fans, and Horror fans.

Must keep that in mind next time I get an attack of the Emo. Still probably won't use it because my interest in dating disappears as soon as I get the Emo out of my system, but still... Interesting.

Wow, three posts in one day? I must be feeling spammy.


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