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I am way behind on my fic recs and I think I have at least ten to post from the last few months, but not tonight because my head hurts something fierce.

So we'll start with the one I just finished and leave it at that for now. With My Feet Toward the Stars (let me remember you as you were when you existed) by Rinsbane. Lovely and beautiful and lyrical, fractured and bittersweet. At age five, Spock informs his mother that it is illogical to wish him “sweet dreams” at bedtime because Vulcans do not dream. “Oh, Spock,” she says.

The Enterprise becomes sentient, and Spock is the only one who can hear her. The story jumps around a lot, and I don't recommend reading it with a headache, but it is definitely worth it.
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Of Two Worlds by [ profile] yahtzee63. Spock gets the option to choose between his universe and Spock Prime's universe.
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As promised, next few entries are going to be fic recs. White Collar was my drug of choice this time around (and I fall *hard* into the Neil/Peter/Elizabeth OT3), though there are a few Star Trek Reboot, Supernatural, and Firefly as well from the last time I did the fic thing, which was quite awhile back, so I reserve the right to steal the author's summary since I doubt I could remember enough to come up with my own anymore.

Something Like a Countdown by [ profile] vixys - The first time it happens, it’s a surprise. The second time, too. But when it keeps on happening, even Kirk can figure out that something’s going on. Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura.
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Your Mom by waketosleep. In which Kirk, Sulu and Chekov feel guilty for no good reason, Spock feels bewildered, and McCoy feels an aneurysm coming on. And there are Your Mom jokes. And Spock has THE BEST LINE EVER!
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It Takes a Village by [ profile] chaletian. There are times (when being attacked by Klingons, for example) when life on the Enterprise is a million miles away from McCoy’s country practice. There are other times when it’s exactly the same.
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Eddie Izzard discussing Star Trek )

... I kind of want to make a Bumper Sticker of "Captain, this entire planet is made of weedle-whee!" now.

In other news, spent the entire day driving around with Pete getting GPS coordinates on new fences for some of the HMUs and pump houses on the river. Hurrah for exercise, but there is a very very annoying weed with very sharp pokey seeds that is growing freaking everywhere at the moment, and the get in *everything* from the knee down. Shoes, socks, seam of your pants, and heaven forbid you have even the slightest cuff rolled in your pants leg because *the entire thing will fill with pokey seeds*. Doesn't matter how tight your shoes are laced, they will get in through the lace holes or the crease between the shoe tongue and the actual shoe where your foot is, and then they will get into your socks and jab and jab you and JAB YOU until you give in, take of your *entire shoe* and pick out each and every seed one by one - the ones in the laces, the ones in the liner of your shoes, the ones between the edge of your insoles and the *side* of your shoe, the one stabbing you in the ankle, the ones trapped in that fold of material between the tongue of your shoe and the the laces of your shoe; everywhere it is possible to go in you shoe? They will be there, jabbing you. And if you're lucky, you'll even get a half-dozen or per sock, too. ARRGH!

And, of course, the next time you walk through even the thinnest stretch of native grasses, you will have to do the whooooooooooooole process all over again. If you're walking through a few hundred feet of field or overgrown ATV trails like I was, IT IS TEN TIMES WORSE. Damned weed.

BUT, it did mean I got to spend the day outside rather then staring at a computer screen, so even for that it was worth it. Also, we got all the pump houses and most of the fence lines I need to draw on the map yet, so NO MORE WALKING THROUGH FIELDS, YAY! At least until next week. ::sigh::
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Five Times Jim Was Neurotically Mothered By His Crew (And One Time He Mothered Them Right Back) by [ profile] _seven_crows. Don't need to summarize this one because the title pretty much covers it. Mostly fluff, with a bit of "Kirk!whump" (as he author calls it) at the beginning.
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How Many Roads? or 27 times Jim Kirk Hit On Nytoa Uhra by [ profile] captanddeastar. In which Kirk is an ass, and yet still manages to pull of sweet, caring, and all-in-all one of the best friends a girl could ask for. Funny, adorable, and fluffy to boot. It also makes me want to hug them and love them and squish them all in a giant bear hug. And I am totally going to break my re-reading rule and go read it again now.
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Lunch and Other Obscenities by [ profile] rheanna27. Kinda hard to summarize this one without spoiling some of the fun, so I'm stealing the author's summary. Nyota liked her roommate just fine until she met her. The development of Uhura & Gaila's friendship.
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Lastly for the night, my favorite story of this particular fic rec dump.

Rising Sign by [ profile] ninety6tears. Stealing authors summary because I'm being lazy. When Kara Thrace flies through the wormhole near the end of Season Three, she finds Earth-- but not the Earth that Galactica's been searching for. Instead she finds herself hailed by a ship calling itself the USS Enterprise. Loved loved *loved* this story. I admit, I gave up on BSG around the end of season two because it was just getting too damned complicated and trying to follow was starting to give me a headache. I did catch the series finale at a friends house, though, and I was extremely disappointed in how they dealt with Kara. I am a firm believer that it's okay to drag your characters through hell, but you *damned* well better give them a happy ending if you do. The writers didn't do that for Kara; [ profile] ninety6tears did, and impressively enough, she made it extremely believable, too... in the Star Trek Reboot universe. Sounds rather crack-tastic, but it isn't, and it *works*.
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Next few posts are going to be fic rec dumps. Just an FYI.

How to Avoid Kicking Puppies and Other Valuable Lessons in Leadership by [ profile] sparky77. Totally just read this one because I just couldn't resist a peek after that title, and I'm glad I did. Very amusing, and I can totally see something like this happening. Poor Chekov. Authors Notes: Notes: I was amusing myself by imagining Kirk attempting to be an authority figure and this is what happened.
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Earlier today I ran across an article for one of my assignments about how a paper written in 1955 on the extremely low probability of life in Hadean Period (for those of you not familiar with the Geological Time Scale, the Hadean Period starts at the beginning of Earth's life cycle way back 4.6 billion years ago and goes until about 4.2 billion years ago) due to the harsh chemical qualities of the still forming earth had been retracted by the author because he discovered it was being used as ammo in the Creationist vs. Darwinism debate that continues to rage on the Origin of Life. Because Dad is also interested in geological history and also has a bit of an interest in religion, I decided to pass the article along to him because I thought he would find it interesting. This is the response he sent me:

"There was no life in the Hadean period. That was before Picard and Q stimulated the enzymes in the primordial goo. Everyone knows that."

Who says Geekiness isn't inherited? ;)

html of the New York Times article under the cut for anyone interested )
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Okay, so even though I know most of you have probably already seen this, well, what can be done can also be over done. Trek Geeks (or anyone with the slightest hint of interest in either the Original Series or Next Generation) would do well to check out some Star Trek Next Generation cast behind the scenes, as well as any number of other high-quality Trek-related photos. This one is probably my favorite. Scotty! ::sniffs::
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An Element of Blank by Carmen Sandiego. Ninth Doctor is beamed aboard the Deep Space Nine not long after the war, where he finds a bit of a like mind and spirit in Dax.
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Ooo. Malcom had a tightish grey t-shirt on at the end of the last episode of tonight's Enterprise marathon. He's got a nice chest.

/hormonal sci fi geek

In other news, I'm going to go to bed, cause my head still hurts and I still have to get up at 7:30 tomorrow morning. More hours is nice, but I kinda miss sleeping in.
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I got home a little before 3. Since I got home, I have done nothing but watch TV. Parents are gone to the annual church conference, so I can veg free of guilt. And I very much have.

The daily episodes of Voyager on Spike (though I napped through most of those two hours because I was hella tired), Beauty and the Beast, a whole bunch of episodes of Enterprise that my dad had recorded, the new episode of Kyle XY, and now more Enterprise, because it is there and I feel like frying some brain cells. Who needs them anyway. Also, I may kinda sorta adore Trip. And Reed really isn't to far behind him on the "omg, Love!" scale. Yes, I am a sci fi dork. Point and laugh and mock as you so choose.

However, one down side of frying brain cells means I also have a headache thanks to staring at a screen for the last 6 hours.
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Watching Enterprise. And I have come to the conclusion that I ship Trip/T'pol. I'm not sure why, especially since she's Vulcan and supposedly doesn't do the emotion thing, but every time I see the two interact, I can't help but go "awww!" just a little.

Also, it's a tossup between Trip and Reed for favorite character.

And here ends this completely random and pointless update.
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Random Star Trek comment, because Luke and I are discussing the pros and cons of all the most popular Trek series.

Janeway filled out her dress uniform *way* better than Picard did

/random Star Trek comment
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You know what would be fun? A Pirates of the Caribbean/Star Trek crossover. The crew of Next Gen meets Jack Sparrow!
I see:
* Data trying to make sense of what the heck Jack is talking about and attempting to imitate pirates on his quest to become more human
* Elizabeth getting into a bar fight with someone (don't ask me why or with who, though. I'll leave that to your own imaginations. Dianna, maybe?)
* Worf originally hating Jack and fighting the urge to cut of his head, but by the end of the episode they're spending all their time in the Forward (or whatever that bar thingy on the Enterprise is) drinking a lot and teaching each other their favorite drinking songs, with O'Brian joining them soon thereafter
* Norrington and Riker comparing battle plans
* Crusher wondering why the hell Jack hasn't killed over due to alcohol poisoning
* I'm not sure why, but I also see Picard and Gibbs hitting it off. After Gibbs had showered, that is. And Picard and Gov. Swann would totally be drawn together by their love of tea.
* Q would turn up in there some place. He just would.

Okay, now I kinda want to read this. Anyone want to write it for me?
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I just finished reading a highly amusing Buffy/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover, which worked waaaaaaay better than one familiar with both 'verses would expect. Stupid Portal by Tara. Buffy and Spike are banished to another universe through a portal, and the people there aren't quite sure what to make of them. And, because hey, it's Buffy, the undoubted Prophecy is soon to make itself known, and Giles go through to prepare them. There is much snark, a little R-rated smut, Klingon mating rituals, and a fiesty, sword-wielding red head. Oh yeah, and Q. Can't forget Q.

I admit, it took me a bit to get into this one because the characters were a bit off from what I know of the Next Gen and Buffy universes (or at least *my* ideals of the characters. I admit that I haven't watched Next Gen in years, and never got into Buffy, even though I'm pretty familiar with both series), but once I got into it (and, honestly, once Giles showed up and Post-Resurrection weepy/bitchy Buffy became less annoying), I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Enough so that I added it to my ScrapBook, and am now posting it here so I can add it to my memories.
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More Multiverse recs. Because I can, for the first time all friggin week. Oh, I think this whole working/thinking thing for 12 hours straight might just be the death of me. Or something.
::makes a note *NOT* to sign up to do every 4 hour shift at the Y in October::

Battlestar Galatica 2003/Firefly/ - Resting Place
More River and Roslin insight, and quite a bit of Simon, who tends to be otherwise left in the background when it comes to Firefly fic (after River, Simon and his cute, insecure, bumbling innocence is probably my favorite character, so YAY Simon fic!) Not happy, but not really sad either. I also think it stays pretty true to the feeling of both series, which is always welcome.

Battlestar Galatica 2003/Farscape - Ride the Lightning
Kara meets Crais. And Talyn. What more do you need to know?

Firefly/Star Trek NG - Colorblind
Yes I admit, I'm a sucker for River fic. If I can get my hands on it and it doesn't drive my inner Grammar Nazi batty, I will read it... Gen, het, fem, or smut. This, as you've probably figured out, is a River fic. In which Q sends her to the Enterprise. After reading it, my only wish is that there was a sequel, because yes... I would so read that. You all would probably wanna read it too. Read it and you're understand why. ;)

Farscape/Star Wars OT - Where the Stars are Strange
It's Yoda and Moya. And a bit or Rygel, but mostly it's Yoda and Moya. And, as I love Moya dearly, it's always nice to get a bit of her mixed in when she is often times left unexplored. In all honestly, Pilot and Moya were probably my favorite characters on Farscape, so whenever I can get a bit of either of them in a fic, I'll usually jump on it. And, hey, it's Yoda. Who doesn't love Yoda?
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pointless poll

I have a very smart friends list. They think that Sean Connary is hotter now than he was in his Bond days. Couldn't agree more. ::nods nods:: Or, well, the majority of them do. Was pretty close, actually. YAY Sean Connary!

Also, apparently only two of you know who Paul Gross is. Must remedy that. ::goes to upload Ride Forever and Robert Makenzie to YouSendIt::

The original Batmobile takes the cake for coolest car ever, followed closely by the General Lee. Dododododododododododododo BATMAN!

No one likes Enterprise. Poor Enterprise. It's not your fault, you know. Next Generation had already claimed the title "Best" before you were even an itch in Rodenbury's fingers. ::pat pat::

And no, I was not wearing pink underwear. :p~~~~~ I think I was wearing dark blue that night, actually.
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So, am watching that new movie Sci Fi has premiering tonight, Dark Light or whatever it's called. like anyone really cares about getting spoiled on a B-rate sci fi movie, but I'll cut cause I'm nice )
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::tries not to throw things at the TV::

My dad is watching a Star Trek - The Next Generation episode on SPIKE at the moment... and episode in which there are two Rikers... Ugh, I have enough trouble watching with *one* of those bastards on board the Enterprise, two just makes it all the worse... and the fact that one of them is currently hitting on Daina (sp?) in really really sappy ways is making me hard pressed to hold back my gag-reflex... Just... ::shudders::
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There are four lights

I wonder if there's any way to appeal to Canada to see if they can't, I dunno, like adopt the Midwest into their country? Cause, yeah... I don't wanna be American anymore. ::sighs::

In other news, I'm like two to three days behind on my friends list. Will try to catch up this weekend.


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