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Last Tuesday - spent the WHOLE LOVELY AFTERNOON jabbering and catching up with my dear friend Beth from high school, whom I hadn't seen in almost two years. Had a yummy lunch at El Mezcal and then spent an hour or so at Wildwood wandering around and jabbering some more. It was great!

Saturday - Hiking on Rib Mountain and enjoying the fall colors with my friend Kristin. Car almost overheated on the way up the hill, but since there has been this Thing with the radiator (air must be getting into the system somewhere, because the inflow suck tubes don't seem to do their job very well) for years now, I've taken to keeping a jug of antifreeze in the back. First time I had to use it since we first noticed the Thing back in 2008 or 2009, so I figure I'll call it win. I just have to make sure I check the radiator itself more often and not depend on the amount of fluid in the antifreeze reservoir.

ANYWAY, after the smoking engine scare (it wasn't redlining yet, but it was very close), Kristin and I spent a good two or three hours on the hill taking tons of pictures and OOOing and AAAHing at all the pretty leaves. Then we headed to Point for FREE FOOD FOR 100 PEOPLE AT PLAYERS LOUNGE thing that Dustin won (he's on their mailing list) and had a really great time catching up with some of my Point and Plover friends (and introducing Kristin to them, which went awesome because I always knew she'd get along great with the rest of mah peeps). Spent a good hour or two jabbering with my old roommate Haley, who I hadn't seen since I a week or two after I graduated, catching up a bit with Kristin and Steve because I hadn't seen them since their wedding back in May, and a handful of others as well. Then Dustin decided that we were all going to head down town for some bar-hopping just because it was Homecoming Weekend and we were all having fun and didn't want the night to end really (and the Free Food was mediocre at best, so once all of us were no longer starving, staying at Players kind of lost some of it's appeal)

Finally headed back to Marshfield around 11:30, dropped Kristin off by about 12:30, and only got home myself around 1 in the morning. Showered and crashed by 2 and spent a very lazy Sunday watching movies and trying not to fall asleep because three hours of hiking followed by three more of food, friends, and Downtown Stevens Point on Homecoming Weekend made for an awesome but also slightly exhausting day.

And I think that is everything of interest that has happened in the last two weeks. Hurray for friends and awesomeness!

On an entirely different note, with money being super tight and just a general unwillingness to spend $15 on something that will only stay nice a month or so at most, I cut about 4 inches off my own hair tonight. Showered, shampooed, conditioned, and then I hung my head upside down and made like Cousin It so I could see the ends as I trimmed. Final result is not perfect, but one of the many bonuses to having long hair is that it doesn't really have to be in order to still look good. :D
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Shoulders are fine. Hands not as achy as they were. Lower back ooooowwwwwww. Not OWWWWW, but definitely owwwww. Bending over is all sorts of unfun, and putting pants on not much better.

A good chunk of the Wisconsin River is currently being drained so as to make repairs on a dam or something. Which means that the part of Wisconsin River that runs through Stevens Point is down by about 10-15 feet. I am sooo so very tempted to see if I can rent a metal detector for an afternoon and to do some treasure searching, cause it hasn't been this low for a very long time.

I am out of food. Well, not *out* out, but I am out of bread and orange juice and cereal and even, SHOCK, chocolate. I've been stealing roomies' cereal and living off left over pizza. Me thinks it's time to get groceries.

As an addition to last night's vid recommendation, I followed the links and ran across the vidder's website. Apparently she graduated with degree in Media Studies, which is why her videos are so impressive. At the site you can find a whole bunch of Doctor Who vids, as well as a few from other shows. Good Stuff, yo.
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(to get in the right mindset for this reaction, get in your time machine and go back about an hour and a half for when I was about two thirds of my way through my last class of the day)


The walls were closing in when I was OUTSIDE! That just ain't right.
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Kaza is busy bating at my fingers as they type on the keyboard. It is probably one of the most adorable things ever. Especially since these cats are so sweet that they know not to use claws when playing with their humans. Or, well, usually at least. Sometimes they slip up.

But seriously. I never new cats could be this sweet. In my experience with those of the feline variety, there have been a few nice ones, but all of them had the Holyer Than Thou kind of attitude. I mean, I've never had anything against cats, to begin with, despite being allergic, but none of the cats I ever played with before were such huge attention whores as these guys are. Yay friendly kitties.
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pretty colors )

And those would be a few pictures of the Stevens Point/Plover area and the UWSP.
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Oh, and you know what else I discovered today? All of my Tuesday classes will have the workload of a lab, but only one officially counts as a lab. Not fair, yo. :(
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(updating this via the Update Journal thingy on the website and am totally not going to go through the effort of spell checking it. You have been warned)

As I predicted, parking is a bitch, and I'll have to head back out to the parking lot and move/put more money in the meter in a half hour or less, but otherwise, the first day has been okay. Of course the first day would have to be a Tuesday, and of course Tuesdays are my longest days, but at least I have a lot of time between classes.

First class: Intro to Cartography, 9am
This would be my big lab class this semester. And I'm pretty sure that I'll be working my ass of to stay caught up. The teacher is my advisor, and I've kinda sorta alread met him a few times as he was also a teacher my father had when he was coming for his second bachlors degree back in the late 90s. Hopefully I'll have more luck in the class than Dad did cause it's mostly computer based (we'll be reading and eventually making maps), and Dad has never been all that computer savy. Even with the work, though, I think it should be pretty interesting.

Second class: Intro to Geographic Imaging Systems (GIS) - 3-4:50
While this one isn't technically a lab, and it's only worth two credits, the teacher flat out said that we'll be doing almost as much work as we would be doing if it was a lab class. Which means a bunch more homework. Bugger. Teacher seems really fun, though, and it should also be quite interesting. More maps, wohoo. Okay, so not really wohoo. More like "Ugh", but still, these kind of skills are like gold when it comes to the job market, so it is a necessary evil. Also extremely computer based. We shall see

Third class is my GEOG 100: Environmental Science class, which doesn't start until 6:30 (and it goes until 8:10). Being a night class kinda sucks, but this is one of the classes I'm looking forward too most. Wheee, Environmental Science! Will talk about it after I finish tonight.

Now I'm gonna go move my car or fork over an additional two and a half dollars so I can stay parked where I am. Ugh, I hate parking on college campuses.

ETA 5:07 - Oh, yeah, I also talked to The Emmies today between classes! We were both bored and she called me first, but I had my phone on silent and didn't hear her, woe! So then I called her back, and the same thing (or something similar) happen to her cause, yeah, at school, and then she called me back and we chatted and then she went to class and then she called me back ten minutes later because the teacher for the class she went to had resigned on Friday, which amused me.
/spazzy run on sentence
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Today dad and I headed up to Stevens Point for transfer orientation day. It was a much more subdued orientation than the one for St. Cloud was, as there were only maybe 50 or so students. It was still very informative, though, and now I am all registered for classes in fall and have a few ideas on what to take in spring. I also got my student ID, in which my hair is rather messy and it looks like I'd been riding in a convertible for a few miles. Which, in all honesty, I had been since we took Dad's Tracker up there. The top was technically up, but the zipper on the back window is a bitch, so while the top was up, the back was open, and since Dad and I both had our windows open fully - well, you can guess the wind woosh!-age that was going on in the cab.

We also probably walked a good three or four miles around campus trying to find everywhere we needed to be, so YAY exercise. The campus, as I already knew, is quite lovely, and has a much friendlier feel than St. Cloud did. Met a few other people who were transferring there, including a girl from Marshfield that I might be able to car pool with should the situation arise.

All in all, it was a very productive day, and I'm really looking forward to the coming semester. Now I just got to figure out how I'm going to pay for it and I'm all set!
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Still on hiatus, but I wanted to share. I got into Stevens Point for the fall, which is very much a YAY because I wasn't entirely sure I got my registration in on time. YAY. Also, the whole thing in St. Cloud really brought down my GPA, so I wasn't sure they would take me after that, but they did. So, I am YAYing. YAY!

Now I just got to figure out how the hell I'll pay for it.
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Dad took me to Stevens Point to look around today. I'm seriously considering joining their Physical Geography major for the fall. Dad got his Anthropology degree there a few years ago, and the campus itself is pretty nice and open. Also, its only an hour away, which is much better than the five it was to St. Cloud.

Anyway, Dad took me up there to introduce me to a few of the professors he had, as well as some friends he made. We talked to Ray - the Director of the Archeology lab - first, who is actually a pretty good friend of my dads. They go out arrowhead hunting together every now and again, and Ray was in Australia for a few years, so he has lots to talk about. Then we headed grabbed something to eat because it was 11 in the morning and both of us had skipped breakfast. The Student Union - where there used to be lots of food places - was all tore apart, so they have a little "cafe" set up in the library instead where you could grab a sandwich and something to drink. After food, we went looking for another former professor and friend of Dad's. I can't remember his name, but he's the one that does the annual plant walk up on Powers Bluff. Unfortunately he wasn't in his office today, but the lady in the office next to his was, and she was also a botanists, so Dad ended up showing her the book he set up *about* all the plants on Powers Bluff, and so we talked with her for a bit until a student came to talk to her.

At this point, we still had an hour or so to kill before our meeting with some other professor who's name I can't remember (to talk about the Geography/Geology program I'm interested in), so we went over to the little museum they have there on campus. I hadn't seen it since I was in 4th grade, but according to Dad, everything had changed around just within the last few years since he had graduated, but it was still cool, especially since now they have a little live snake display, which made Maren go "wheee!" cause I love snakes. We also ran into another friend of Dads while there, so there was more talking. Then we went up to meet with whats-his-face at 1, where he told me about the Physical Geography major program and Geology minor, as well as a new major related to Climatology that they hope to have in play within the next year.

All in all, it was a very informative trip, though I am a bit worried as to whether or not they will accept me with the train wreck last semester made of my GPA. I guess all we can do now is apply and wait and see.


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