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So I've figured out how to cross post from here to LJ, but not from LJ to here. So I do apologize if there is any sort of double posting.

That said, fic recs! A whole bunch of them all at once because I lack the patience to do them one by one today. And dude, there are like twenty of them here.

Stargate SG-1
Aggravated Destruction of Property by Kalquessa. JONAS AND VALA. TOGETHER. IN A JAIL CELL. Nuff said. Happy fic that makes me happy.

Nocturne by purple shrub. I can't actually remember what happens in this one, so I'm mooching the authors note and summary. SPOILERS : Hmm…this takes place both 1st season, before Fire and Water, and 7th season, post Fallen. I’m told familiarity with Meridian is needed to understand it.
SUMMARY : Teal’c/Daniel friendship

Wherever We Go by gingasaur. "You should just write about Jonas and Vala going on a picnic." She was joking. And yet here we are. In which Jonas is trying to be angry and wallow in self pity in peace, but Vala won't let him.

Stargate Atlantis
Walk Beside Me by Rachel500. When a diplomatic mission is interrupted by the Wraith, Sam and Teyla wrestle their personal demons to work together and find a way back to Atlantis. In other words, Sam and Teyla being awesome and bad ass. And oh, hey, bonding a bit along the way, too.

Dr. Who
The Tragic Demise of the Psychic Paper by alsodinosaurs. Title pretty much covers it. Fluff.

well, you know by roachpatrol. Series 1 AU, It is July in New New York, 099: the dawning of the latest and greatest era of beauty, freedom, truth and love, but mostly love. And when it comes to Rose Tyler and Jack Harkness, a lot of beauty. John Smith is so hopelessly in love with his two best friends that sometimes he thinks he could just about explode. But he's no one special. Not really. Lyrical and slightly melancholy, but lovely in it's own way.

Handyman by pluto. Donna is breaking. Shaun can't help but try and help fix her.

White Collar
A Wake-up Call a Mean Ragout by china-shop. Another one I can't recall much of what happened, but there is Neal being sneaky and Peter being oblivious. And El making a mean ragout.

No, and here's a dozen reasons why by china-shop. Peter on why it would be a Bad Idea, but who is tempted to take the risk anyway.

Nothing Says 'Feel Better Soon' Like Grand Theft Larceny by OnYourMark. On why you do NOT mess with Elizabeth Burk, because "dirty" doesn't even scratch the surface when Neal Caffrey really wants to play ball.

Strays by sahiya. Neal and some kittens. Yes, KITTENS. And NEAL. I'm not sure it is possible to get any more adorable than that. Fluff of the fluffiest.

Vorkosigan Saga
The Stuff That Dreams by dsudis. Bad dreams and having someone to hold onto.

Vorkosigan Sousleau by Philomytha. "I freely admit that I don't know much about boats," Cordelia said, treading water, "but I'm pretty sure the sail is supposed to be pointing up." Aral and Cordelia fluff

Here Tomorrow, Gone Today by Tari Roo. SGA/SPN Crossover AU. One shot. The world ended and not how any hunter would have imagined. A BSG-style fleet of refugees on the run, with Dean Winchester aboard the Hammond. Shep POV.

Quick Like a Bunny by innie-darling. Sherlock/Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. I kid you not. Nuff said.

And stick a fork in me, I'm done.
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I Don't Smoke by dress without sleeves. It is no secret that Wendell is my favorite squinturn, so when I saw I story that was all about his initial reaction to the Jeffersonian team? I could not resist. ::hearts it like woah::

Variations on a Theme by TamsinBailey. Awesome look at how Booth and Brennan met in the End in the Beginning universe.

White Collar
Compliments of the FBI by OnYourMark. Adorable fluffy fic on how Peter and El got together.

Star Trek Reboot
Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit by Suppi-chan. It Really does take a village to raise a Jim Kirk. Incredible Kirk insight while he grows up as the unofficial mascot of one of the smallest groups in Starfleet - crew and passengers from the last voyage of the Kelvin. Makes me want to hug him. A lot.

Serenity, Nevada by Christina K. Oz's summer road trip takes him to a sleepy little town in Nevada- one that just woke up with a big new problem, and the local sheriff and citizens may have to face a reality they never expected before the closing credits. THIS IS THE SERENITY CREW! Spot-on characterization for all of them... they just happen to be the working folk of a small Nevada town in the 21st century instead of a handful of space cowboys ecking out an existence on the edge of civilization in the 26th. And there are vampires, too.

Named by mclachland. Jesus Christ is dead. Somehow, that isn't the worst part of Dean's week. Everyone in and even on the edges (like me) of the Supernatural fandom has probably read this one already, but in case there are a few left who haven't - and because I want it on had if i ever decide to read it again - I'll link it none the less. Truly and amazing story, even if I'm not quite sure if I'm happy where it went. Of course, I've also only ever seen one episode of Supernatural, and it was in the earlier seasons when they were still more along the "bad guy of the week" kind of show before it got all super complicated with plots and subplots and characters literally going to Hell and back. According to my friend Di, who I mooched the link from, for all you long-time Supernatural fans - this is the ending it should've gotten (minus the smutty scenes, of course, because I don't think CW is allowed to be quite that graphic, though I certainly am not protesting. ;) )
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Negotiating with Terrorists (and Other Post-Apocalyptic Adventures) by [ profile] pyrbi. Castiel tries to settle the angelic ranks, Dean tries to live a normal life, Sam tries to not actually exist, and a gaggle of dead hunters tries to take over Heaven. There are varying levels of success. Crack fic.
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Asunder by rageprofrock. Mostly fluffy (though there is angst, too, of the heart-achy brotherly - brothers only, nothing more - kind. It is, however, slightly out-weighed by the fluff, hence the designation "mostly fluff") Supernatural AU involving a wedding Dean does not want to attend and what is supposedly a completely accidental incident with a staple gun wielded by Jo. Dean/Castiel
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(I can't remember if I ever posted this, so here it is. I actually created the entry months ago when, go figure, I was hormonal and looking for some hot, steamy smut. I did find a few)

Because I am hormonal.

How Many Miles to Babylon by [ profile] lyra_wing. In which the Water Nymph Made Them Do It. Arthur/Merlin

Body Language. Same author as above, who freely admits that his is complete and total porn without plot. Between John, Ianto, and Jack, which was just waaaaay, way too pretty for me to pass up.

Big Bang Theory
All Your Hands are Verbs. Penny/Sheldon. Woah. Just... woah. I've only seen a few episodes of Big Bang - I know the basics about the characters, and that's about it. Which is why I decided to give this story a shot; enough to make me understand the characterization, but not enough to ick me cause of that weird "no smut from shows I actually watch" thing I do, and... woah. Way hotter than I ever imagined, and yet, so extremely well written that... yeah, "woah" about covers it.

There's Got to be a Punchline in Here Somewhere. Body swap, and a lot hotter than I thought it would be.
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Seasons of Mist by [ profile] girlupnorth. I can't really think of a good summary for this one, so I'm just going to copy and paste one of the first lines from the story. It’s been two days since Ruby left the Winchesters in Bumfuck, End-of-the-US, when she comes back to her room to find her protective spells broken, and an angel standing by the wall.
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* I have had "So long and thanks for all the fish" in my head *all day* and I don't know why.

* I still don't watch Supernatural, but I do occasionally read Supernatural fic. And thanks to This Night and it's sequel This Road We're On by [ profile] cordeliadelayne, Ruby/Castiel is now my new crack. If I can find anymore of it, that is. I get the impression it's not one of the most popular pairings in the fandom.

* Yesterday's impulse buy at the grocery store was Eggo's Cinnamon Toast Waffles. I have since worked my way through 3/4th of the box.

* Do anyone elses' feet cramp up painfully on a fairly regular basis? Or is it just me that's blessed with that particular curse? Ow.

* No new Chuck *or* Castle until next season. Monday nights are dead to me.
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Okay, so Holiday Fever has officially bit me in the butt. Enough so that went and re-read the SGA Fluffy Fic I recced a few months ago, and then I went and looked for all of the holiday stories I had recced in the past, and then I did a Google search for "holiday + fic + fluff", which didn't give me much, so then I went through the first half dozen websites listed in my "Fic Pages" folder and did a CTRL > F(ind) for "christmas" and clicked on whatever stories there were listed for any fandoms I had even an iota of knowledge about. And now I'm going to share the good ones with you all.

Kim Possible
It's Not About the Shopping - Ron tries to get Kim the perfect Christmas gift

Stargate SG1
Faithful Friends Who Are Dear To Us - The gang is all together for Christmas; family, friends, and a few new faces. The bit about Prometheus is a little bitter-sweet (though I love that the author remembered her), but still extremely heart-warming and just the kind of holiday fic I was looking for.

ETA December 2010 - sadly, it appears that Azar's site has been reset or is under construction and the story is no longer available. It is, however, available in the WayBackMachine here

Be My Homeward Dove - Not exactly holiday, but it does involve skiing and curling up together in front of a fire. Warm and Fuzzy like woah.

Scrubs/SGA - My Space Adventure - The Scrubs cast on Atlantis. Not really holiday, but extremely fun.

My Holiday Musical - The Christmas Episode that was never recorded. Seriously one of my favorite holiday fics of all time

Harry Potter
(Marauder years) - Dear Santa... - a Mad Lib filled out by Padfoot. Super short, but it has a few good lines.

A Certain Light - Neville's Christmases, past and present. Not exactly fluffy (the first two are if you ignore the knowledge of what will eventually happen to his parents, which is really really hard but worth it), but beautiful none the less. Also, the world needs more Neville fic.

Tradition! - Winchester family tradition.

Due South
Away - Ray's Christmas Tree, and where it takes him. Total fluff, and about an 8 on the Warm And Fuzzy scale.

Dresden Files
The Magic of the Season - Brotherly love. And no, not of the porny variety. Also, anything that ends in a snowball fight (or at least hints at a snowball fight in the near future) is good on my scale. Book Universe

Auld Lang Syne - Okay, so this one really isn't fluff, but it is totally Holiday. It was one of my Yuletide 2007 recs, and what it lacks in fluff (though there is a bit of that, too) it totally makes up for in Holiday Intrigue and Action. TV series universe

Northern Exposure
Merry Christmas, Dr. Felischman - the people of Cicely want to give Joel something special for Christmas/Hanukkah. I'm thinking this one might qualify as a 8.5 or even a 9 on the Warm And Fuzzy scale.

Christmas Morning Surprise - Not really fluff, but definitely amusing.

Consecration, which is another holiday fic I recced a few months ago. 8 on the Warm And Fuzzy scale, but the only thing that keeps it from being a perfect 10 is the slightly angsty beginning.

Doctor Who (10)
The Gift of the Mad Guy by [ profile] sam_storyteller. A quirky twist on the birth of a King, taking place several thousand years in the future.

Lastly, my All Time Favorite Holiday Story (and probably everyone else's favorite, too, or at least those at all familiar with the show or the movie)
Brimstone/Dogma - Nativity, which I have no idea how to summarize except for a very vocal and adamant AWESOME!!!

I think that's enough for now. I hope you all find something you like!
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I Will Return to You by poisontaster. It is no secret that I adore Beloved Cars Come To Life type stories, which is why I was all "yeee!" when I saw this posted... somewhere (crack_van, probably). When John Winchester first meets The Impala, told from the Impala's point of view.
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Today I:

Went home and got three bags worth of stuff to sell at the garage sale. I doubt I'll sell any of it, but you can't blame a girl for trying.

Also had lunch with parental units and Gramma. Extra Crispy KFC. Mmm-mmm, tasty.

Found Supernatural Crack!Fic and decided I had to share
Memo from the Desk of Azazael by missyjack. Title says it all. That won't however, stop me from posting my favorite line.
7. Reminder on tortured soul communication policy. Demons visiting the mortal plane are not to pass on messages from the damned. If John Winchester wants to tell his boys howdy, the tightass bastard can pay for a transdimensional phone call like everyone else.
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Hard Rain's Gonna Fall by ErinRua. Sam and Dean head to Pennsylvania to deal with what they think will be a simple, every-day kind of haunting. They thought wrong. Simple but lovely mental images, and historical Civil War data put to a very creative use.
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Fic recs folder is getting crowded again, so you get fic spam. Enjoy.

Polyamorous bisexual incestuous demonfighters, and the dimension-hopping vampire slayers who love them by [ profile] pandarus. Actually, the fic itself is untitled; it seems it started as a handful of stand-alones that decided they wanted to be a part of something bigger. Each chapter has it's own title, though, so it's not *entirely* untitled. Also, the quote gives a good summary of the story. Sam and Dean run into a dimensionally-misplaced Faith at a bar, Dean beats her at pool, Faith steals his wallet, they end up killing vampires together, and vwala! The partnership is now a trio. Eventually they go after... um... The Demon from Supernatural or some Vampire Bad-ass from Buffy, I can't really remember which. Possibly a two-in-one kinda situation, which is what the vague recollections in my brain is leaning toward. Either way, get Dean and Faith together, and the opportunities for snark are endless.

ETA June 2009
It now has an actual title!
Wherever I May Roam
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Okay, I admit it. While Fall Out Boy is fast becoming my newest Fandom By Association thanks to Cristin and Emily, Supernatural is becoming my newest Fandom By Immersion (like Buffy was) because of all the fic I've been reading in it. I have never seen a single episode, and I didn't even know what Sam and Dean looked like until a few months ago, but at this point, I'm pretty sure I could tell you the basic season plot quirks and character personalities without too much difficulty. (as to why I started reading Supernatural fic... Well, you all Old School LJers remember why I started reading Buffy fic? Um, yeah. Pretty much the same shallow reasons. And I was aware from the start that they were brothers. I'd be ashamed if I had any shame.)

Anyway, I've gotten beyond the shallow bits (just like I did in Buffy. See? I'm not completely hopeless) and now I find I'm genuinely interested in the characters. It's to the point where I even stop and read the little summary blerbs whenever I run across a Supernatural rec in [ profile] crack_van or elsewhere, and probably give the stories a look-see about 50% of the time.

That's how I found Old Country, which is a Harry Potter/Supernatural story by astolat, which I found on shallot's fic page, and I know I've recced some of her stories in the past (in fact, they might be the same person. Everyone keeps changing their user/pen names, darnit). Anyway, Dean finds out he's the only living heir to his great-grandfather's (the Baron Taversham) estate, so he and Sam not so voluntarily go over to England to take it over, only to discover that Baron Traversham was a wizard of one of the oldest pure blood families in the area. Anyway, when it rains it pours, and both of them end up getting hussled to Howarts to get their Wizarding degrees and stuff happens. Quite a bit of stuff happens. Not all of it good, but not all of it bad, either. And the Impala totally steals the scene whenever it's around.
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What Comes Around by Paige. Since I have never seen a single episode of Supernatural, and I have never read more than one or two Yule Tide fics for Dark Angel, I wasn't expecting to be really impressed with this fic, but the summary the reccer on [ profile] crack_van wrote made it sound too damned intriguing for me to pass it by without taking at least a little peek. And I was pleasantly surprised, because it *works*. Way better than it should, in fact. Sam twenty years later, haunted by his past (quite literally in some aspects), trying to survive after the Pulse, searching for closure. Then one day in 2019 he walks into a bar in Seattle and finds something entirely different.
What Comes Around ended up being the first of a series, and the links to the sequels and the one prequel can be found in the authors notes.
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It's October. I don't suppose anyone has any good ghost stories they wanna suggest to me? Any fandom would make me very happy. Even original stories would make me very happy. Stories involving ghost!sex would make me absolutely ecstatic, but there really aren't that many out there (this I know. Because I have looked. Frequently), so I won't count on any of those.

Yeah, so I know none of you all read this, and those few who do don't do the fan fiction thing very often, but I thought I would ask. ::goes to google ghost stories::


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