Sep. 24th, 2011 10:37 pm
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* Wednesday - had a phone interview with the Bureau of Land Management in Washington DC. Not sure if anything will come of it, but it was nice to actually get a call back.

* Thursday - had an extra swim lesson, but we were short a teacher. Luckily the group wasn't as big as we were expecting, so we managed. Also, another hour on my time sheet is not a bad thing.

* Friday - Did an awesome impression of a slug all day long and did nothing productive except one load of laundry (which I didn't even fold, even though it was small). Spent the rest of the day reading two epically long (at least it sure seemed like it), epically sappy Labyrinth fics, with a fair dose of angst in both as well. On the bright side, at least the authors were grammatically intelligent, and the plot of the first one was intriguing enough that it almost made up for the sap. Almost.

* Saturday - did all of the stuff I ignored yesterday (two more loads of laundry that I actually folded and washed dishes) before meeting a friend to go canoeing on Lake Dexter for the afternoon. It rained half the time we were out there - apparently the 20% chance of showers ended up right over the top of us), but luckily it was still warm enough (mid 50s) that the rain was less irritation and more "ooo, pretty!" Also, as it is almost October in Wisconsin, both Kristin and I were working the layered look and had dressed with the possibility of chilly weather in mind. Then we went to Melody Gardens for hot cocoa and coffee and ended up getting dinner there as well.
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For self - Swim Instructor Training
Friday, 5/20 4pm-10pm
Saturday 5/21 8am-6pm
Sunday 5/22 8am-4pm
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Because I'm rarely at the YMCA these days, I decided to treat myself and go in search of the often talked about but never seen "Adult Locker Room". After a bit of wandering around, I found it. The lockers are rather old school and kind of beat up, but everything else about the place was quite nice. Sauna *and* steam room, showers that were nice and hot with courtesy shaving cream (which made me go o.O a bit. I mean, courtesy shampoo and bar soap I understand. But *shaving cream*?), and perhaps the most winsome of all, no loud obnoxious children!

Only bad thing is the walk to get there from the Activity pool where all the lessons are taught is about three times longer than it is to get to the regular old Women's And Girls locker room, most of which is through an insanely cold hall way that is even nippier when wet. Can't have it all, I suppose.

And there was another reason I was making a post, but I can't remember what it is at the moment.
So, um. Look! Puppy!
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Went to see Wall-E yesterday night. Very cute film. I didn't love it enough to go "OMG, WANT WHEN IT COMES OUT!" like I was with Get Smart (which I kinda want to watch again. And I almost never watch a movie in the theatre twice), but maybe after a few years when it gets down around 10 dollars.

In other news, I have another job! Kinda. I'm thinking tomorrow might be a trial run. Anyway, it's a work at home mom who wants someone she can call kinda sorta last minute to watch her kids if necessary, like if she has to go to a meeting or some such. She was thrilled when she found out that I teach swim lessons and am a certified lifeguard since they have their own pond/lake/whatever that they swim in out by their house, and this evening she called me when I was on my way home from an aquatics meeting at the YMCA. She wants me to stop by around 1:00 tomorrow afternoon to keep an eye on her kids. $7 an hour, and she also seemed really interested when I offered to give her kids a private swim lesson for a few more dollars.

So, yeah. Possible new job, which I am very YAY about. I'm also kinda nervous because it has been a long time since I did anything in the Child Care Department, and I'm sitting here wracking my brain for what I can do to keep the kids occupied for the 3 hours I'll be watching them. There's also all of this "what if they don't like me? What if something happens? Will I need to make food for them?" and a bunch of other What If stuff. I'm sure I'll be fine and the kids will be great and the mom seemed really nice on the phone and this is just the regular New Job Jitters. At least I really hope it is cause I found out at the meeting today that morning swim lessons are only going to be running for sure for another week, and Kendra will be leaving at the end of July, so unless I find myself another job, I'm even more screwed than I already am.

Only time will tell, I suppose. ::crosses fingers::

In other news, I am watching Lost World: Jurassic Park. Hey, the movie was pretty damned good until they had the damned t-rex get loose in whatever city it was. And hey, the girl uses gymnastics to knock on of the raptors to it's death. I see no bad in that. Also, Jeff Goldblume full of snark and in a wet shirt. He may not have the prettiest face in the world, but he's usually quite well built and rather toned, so wet t-shirts are all for the good with that. See? I can be shallow.
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I got paid for my internship! Finally. Granted, every penny of the 600 I'm supposedly getting (right now I have $515, but i think that's because there was a limit on how many hours we could put on a two-week pay roll) will be going toward rent, and I will once again be a poor college student just shy of living on peanut butter and jelly, but at least I'll have a place to live through June. I really should start looking for another job that gives me more than 10 hours a week.

In other news, drove to Chili and back yesterday to get my tires rotated. Apparently the lug nuts Coyote originally used aren't made anymore, so what we found when we tried to rotate the tires was a hodge-podge of two different sizes. A few of them had also collapsed and were a bitch to get off - one pretty much refused to move until we had ground it away to almost nothing. So, Dad and I went into Marshfield to get me a new set of 20 all the same size. Had to get a new wrench, too, because the one that came with the car was now too small to do me any good if I did run across some bad luck and blow a tire. Dad payed for the new lug nuts and the wrench, even as I was fishing my check book out of my bag... again, I tell you, my parents rock.

Had lunch with Mom at the Y before heading back to Simon's where we left Coyote so he could use his handy-dandy wrench gun (or whatever it's called - the air-powered tool mechanics use to loosen and tighten lug nuts on cars that makes this cool "whiiiiirrrrrrr" sound) to pop those lug nuts on in no time. So, now Coyote has shiny new lug nuts on all of his tires.

By this time, it was getting up around 2:30 pm and I had to work at 4, so I started back to Point. Got gas along the way - $3.99 a gallon. I cringe to think what i would be spending if I didn't live in Plover and instead had to drive the 13 miles to Marshfield every day, or worse, the *45* miles to Stevens Point every day from my parents house to get to school/work. Coyote gets good gas mileage - about 25 miles per gallon highway, and 23 in town - but it's not *that* good.

Anyway, I pull into Point right around 3:45. Since I had paperwork and stuff to fill out before class, I just went directly to the YMCA to get ready. Had to fill out report cards for all my kids to see if they're moving up to the next level of swim lessons or not. A good chunk of one class is moving up, and about half of another class, which is actually a pretty good ratio compared to usual. Yay for kids that can swim!

Got home around 7, made a sandwich, watched Ever After for about 20 minutes, and then I read Pirates of the Caribbean fic all night. Oh yeah, I'm a dork.
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Today was actually pretty decent aside from an insanely sore throat (I feel fine otherwise, but my throat is really scratchy and sore, especially around the nasal passages. Not sure if this means I'm getting sick, allergies are making themselves unpleasantly known, or if it's just some sort of bug/virus/whatever that goes for the throat. It's no fun however you put it) and killing my brain with working on statistics for three hours straight (still haven't finished). I ended up getting a call from Mom in the middle of my Biogeography class (I had it on silent, so it didn't disturb the class), and when i called her back after class she told me that she was literally on her way to Stevens Point for some sort of Wellness meeting courtesy of the YMCA. She had no clue where the meeting was taking place because it was in the newly renamed and remodeled Dreyfus University Center. Mom hasn't been on campus since it reopened, so she as kinda "Maren, where do I go! I'm already three hours late for this meeting!" Of course, since by this time the meeting was on break for lunch, she decided to just hit the afternoon half and have lunch with me instead. So she got me lunch and we spent an hour catching up, which was really really nice because despite trying to stay in touch with phone calls and going home once every few weeks, I actually haven't had a nice sit-down meal with just me and my mom since... before school started last September, actually. Free food and Mom Time = always a good thing. At least with my mom. And again I say that my parents rock.

After lunch, spent another two and a half hours trying to figure out my statistics and gave myself a headache in the process. That wasn't fun, and I'm still not finished with the assignment. At this point, it's just not going to get done because the teacher wasn't in his office all day so I couldn't get any help and it's due tomorrow at 12 pm, so yeah. I figure 50% is better than 0.

Also taught swim lessons tonight. Due to some mix up with the front desk, I ended up having 6 kids in two of my classes, which was... slightly chaotic, but we managed, and it's nothing I haven't done before. At some point during the night jets started pumping insanely cold water into the pool, so it was a bit chilly for the last class, so that also kinda sucked.

So, yes. Over all, my day would've rather sucked, but the time with my mom totally turned everything into a more positive light. More proof to the fact that Mommy can almost always make everything better. ;)
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Kendra called about the next cycle of swim lessons. I'm only going to be working on Tuesday and Thursday nights this time around - Mondays are out because there weren't enough kids signed up this cycle, so there will only be one or two classes going on. Saturdays I requested to be taken off the schedule because I'll be doing that internship for two weekends in a row.

On the one hand, this is really really good because end of semester stuff will totally be bogging me down very very soon, so more time for homework = the good. On the other hand, even less money coming in than I had been getting, which... wasn't much.

Therefor, this is me kinda going back and forth between "yay, only have to work two nights a week!" and "holy shit, how the hell am I going to pay rent for May."
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Today, work kind of sucked. A bunch of parents were upset that they didn't get progress slips, which I dropped off last week so they could be handed out, but which a) got lost in transmute b) were taken home by Kendra because there were a few skills in the Pikes and Eels classes that she decided were way too strict. When I tried to explain to the parents that they would be getting a call from Kendra at some point this week with information on whether their child would be moving up or not, both parents threw a bit of a hissy fit because they feel I should be able to tell them off the top of my head of their child passed or not. I have 30-40 kids to keep track of, all in different classes, all with different skills they need to be able to do on their before moving up to the next level - it's not something *any* swim lesson teacher would likely be able to spit out off the top of their head, which is *why* we have skills sheets that we keep track of every child's progress on! I had those sheets dropped off with my progress slips last week when, what do you know, I was feverish and possibly slightly delusional, so please forgive me if I can't recall *right now* if I passed your kid up to the next level.

It was just... extremely frustrating. I did everything right, I did the responsible thing and finished my progress slips despite the fact that I was sick as a freaking dog, and then I made sure one of my roommates dropped them off at the YMCA for me so my kids wouldn't be stuck waiting another week. It is not my fault that they are unavailable this week, but I'm pretty sure aforementioned parents are going to blame me for it anyways. I know I can't make everyone happy, but geez... did you really need to give not only me but several other teachers attitude about it?

God, I hope I don't get their kids again next cycle. The kids themselves were great, but the parents were downright rude and condescending.
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I am at school, and aside from the whole OMG, SO TIRED! thing, I feel pretty good otherwise. Had a small bowl of cereal for breakfast, and a small bowl of potato soup for lunch, and so far my stomach has protested neither. YAY for being over the bug! In fact, I'm still kinda hungry. I might go get a mini sub from Cousins if I have the time before work.

No more classes today - only had Biogeography this morning. But, I've been trying to get a hold of my Statistics professor to see when I can come in to take the exam. No luck so far. Also, did an hour's worth of pollen counting for my Climatology class. I got maybe 30 pollen grains. Either the two levels I'm counting in just have, like, super low pollen content, or I'm just really really crappy at identifying pollen grains. Either one is equally likely at this moment.

Swim lessons tonight. I highly doubt I'll have the energy to swim laps before hand, so if I can't get a hold of my Stats prof in the next hour or so, I'm thinking I might head home and try and rest for an hour or two before heading back up town to the YMCA for work. I'm not sure if it's really worth it, though, because I wouldn't be getting back to the house until, like, 2:15ish, and then I would just have to leave again by 3:20ish. I guess it depends on how tired I get over the course of the next hour. On the plus side, I do only have two swim lessons tonight, so I'll be done by 5:45 instead of 6:30. Small favors and all that.

Also, no official lab tomorrow for Biogeography, so, like, I can sleep in. This is good cause last night I crashed at 9:30 and slept like the dead *only* to have some "unknown number" call my cell phone at 1:30 in the friggin morning. Of course, no one was there when I picked up, and of course I had all sorts of trouble getting back to sleep after that. So not only is Maren recovering from the flu, but she is also running on maybe 5 hours of sleep. These things do not mesh very well.

Alright, back to pollen counting. Posting from website, so I am totally not spell checking.
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Ever have one of those days where you just don't want to do *anything*? I am totally having one of those days, enough so that I was bad and skipped biogeography this morning because I just didn't want to go. Now I'm sitting in a computer lab at school with intent to work on the statistics assignment that is due tomorrow at the beginning of class, and I have actually been sitting here for a good twenty minutes, and so far I've answered all of two really easy questions.

Ugh, I wish it were still Spring Break. I mean, yay, my brain is all back and working properly (or at least as properly as it ever did) after one week of not thinking about anything, but my body is all "We just spent the last week doing nothing but lie around and read fic, and now all of a sudden you want me to do *what*?!"

And, to top it off, I still have to work tonight. In a pool that, if last night was anything to judge by, will likely be friggin freezing again, made all the worse without hope of having any time between classes to stand under an insanely hot shower for a few minutes before diving back in. Tuesdays suck.
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Today's high temperature? 52 DEGREES FARENHITE!!! And it was SUNNY! HELL FREAKING YEAH!

Oh, spring... How I have missed thee.
Granted, I'm sure this warm spell is only going to last a few days and then we'll be all frozen and cold again, but OMG, FIRST SIGNS OF SPRING ROCK! I totally had a Shamrock Shake to celebrate. Okay, so it's not a *McDonald's* shake, it's from the Plover Drive Through, but it is the same thing only cheaper, which is all for the good with my lack of funds right now.

Wheee, Spring!

Also, to make the day even better, I only had two swim lessons to teach tonight, and all of the kids were *listening* and *swimming by themselves* and that just totally rocks.
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ZOMIGOD, there are like eleventybillion-point-two things I have to do by tomorrow (okay, so more like 5, but whatever), but they are so totally not going to get done tonight because OMG, SO TIRED!

Swim lessons keel me. No, seriously. I be ded now. Cold and ded. Or at least very very cold because the locker room at the Y is FRIGGIN FREEZING! Want hot shower, NOW, mkay?

On a positive note, I'm Not Sick, YAY! ::knocks on wood until her knuckles hurt::

SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! ::scampers off with flannel PJs and Warm Fluffy Towels::
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You know what is insanely unfair? I think I'm getting sick again. Actually, I'm pretty damned sure I'm getting sick again. I was just sick at the beginning of February! Why, body, why? What have I ever done to you to deserve this?

Okay, so the Stevens Point YMCA doesn't have a hot tub, or even a warm pool (the so called Activity Pool is the warmest at 85 degrees F), so we spent two and a half hours this evening freezing cold. And okay, the locker rooms aren't very nice, so we spent an additional half-hour showering in luke warm water only to freeze our ass off for an additional ten to fifteen minutes getting dressed. But that doesn't mean you should go and get *sick* on me! Come on, we totally can't afford getting sick this week! We have a bunch of stuff due on Wednesday and then we have that lake sediment coreing thing all day Thursday! Can't you hold off until Friday? Then you can knock me out the entire weekend, and even into Monday/Tuesday. Is that so much to ask?
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Oh, yeah, and I forgot to mention - as of Monday, I have a job! Same as I did in Marshfield, teaching swim lessons at the YMCA, so maybe I'll actually, you know, get off my lazy ass and start swimming laps again (my goal is to not look horrid in a bikini by March 17 when we do the Wisconsin Dells trip). Also, it sounds like most of the swim lessons are taught in the Adventure? Pool, which is around 85 degrees, which is a bit warmer than the big pool at the Marshfield Y, so yay for not freezing my butt off as much.

One more meeting set up on Friday morning to sign all the paperwork and what not, and then I should be on the schedule to teach for Monday evening already. Only one small chink in the plan now is the fact that we'll be doing our first of two "out in the field" things for my Climate: Past, present and Future class on Thursday, and the earliest I'll be getting back (we'll be taking lake sediment samples about an hour and a half away, so I get to stand on a frozen lake all day) is around 5:00, which would be bad if lessons start at 4:15. I'll have to be sure to talk to Kendra to see if she can get a sub for me that first day, or just not schedule me at all for Thursdays this cycle - which would kind of suck, because I need the money, but one takes what one can get.
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I just cut my hair myself by bending over and brushing it all in front of me so I could see what I was cutting. Front part is slightly-below-shoulder-length and it angles back (fairly) evenly to about mid-back or slightly above. Doesn't look too bad wet, but I guess tomorrow we shall see if it looks decent enough dry.

In other news, another double shift today. Was at the Y from pretty much 10:30 to 6:30 - could've been worse, but as today was the last day of swim lessons for the summer, things didn't seem quite as wearing with an end to the 7+ hour days in sight. I'm still double shifted three or four more times before the pools close for cleaning last week of august, but now my days will be 5 and a half to 6 hours instead of 7 and a half to 10 hours, which is manageable.

Now all I have to worry about is finding a place to live, finding a way to *pay* for that place to live, and figuring out a way to pay tuition. Financial aid will cover my tuition if I do the Staford Loan thing - not something I want to do, but in this day and age it's rather impossible not to make use of the loans you can get. And I worked out that I *should* be able to live with rent, food, and bills on $650 a month. Ideally, this would mean finding a job that pays 8 or 9 bucks an hour for four or five hours a day with a hours that I can fit around my school schedule. However, finding a job like that with my under-grad qualifications might be a bit of a challenge. There is a personal in-home care job available through the university that pays $9-something an hour during the day and $6-something overnight that I'm interested in. I'd be one of the people helping take care of a man with Cerebral Palsy. Now, I am a lifeguard, which means I am certified in CPR and First Aid, and I have worked with lots of *children* with special needs, but never a full grown adult, so I'm not sure if they'll want me. I suppose it doesn't hurt to ask.
Otherwise, any other suggestions welcome. I'd apply at the Point YMCA, but that would be a case of only getting $7.00 and hour, and that won't be enough to live on unless I work a *lot* more than 4 or 5 hours a day, which is about all I can do in order to set time aside for homework and sleeping and stuff. Yeah, I know you all are going "You're a college student! You don't need sleep!" but I kinda do. I function best on 6 or 7 hours a night, and once the stress of school sets in (especially on top of everything else), I imagine that number will increase. So, yeah. Either I find a job and get a place to live, or I travel back and forth from home and spend 15 hours on the road every week. Otherwise, Maren=SCREWED.
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Worked a double shift again today (did on Tues, too, but was too lazy to complain about it online). And today we had the added bonus of Dick and the rest of his jolly maintenances crew using loud power tools like saws and jackhammers to drill two separate holes in the floor - on in our store room and one between the inner and outer doors to the pool area that are supposedly fire exits - to get to a cracked pipe that, had it been allowed to break completely, would've fried the boiler and cut off all the hot water in the building, including several pipes that put water into the pool system. And that would've been bad.

So for the last half hour or swim lessons and the last hour of my guard shift, I was an unwilling audience to a symphony of buzz saws and jackhammers. It was very noisy.
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Today was an extremely long day. Taught swim lessons from 8:45 until 11:15, then I was double shifted again for guarding, so I lifeguarded from 12:45 until 6:30. The long hours paired with the way too hot temperatures both indoors and outdoors added onto the fact that the Kids Club kids were extremely loud, obnoxious, and naughty today *and* were down there for Two Friggin Hours Straight made for One Unhappy Maren. And, on top of everything else, standing for 8 hours straight in a pair of flip flops that have little arch support (they are the more expensive Speedo types with slight arch support as compared to your average every day cheap flip flops that are just a flat piece of plastic with straps) has made the tendonitis in my left foot act up something fierce. I started hobbling with about an hour and a half/two hours before I finally got done today, and I haven't really stopped since. I cringe to think how bad it would be if I *had* been wearing cheap, flat plastic sandals. Ugh.

On a more positive note, however, it is additional hours I wouldn't otherwise have on my pay check. And, in an another entirely unrelated positive note, I am Truly Clean and not sweaty or chlorieny for the first time since this damned heat wave hit on Tuesday. One takes what she can get.
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* Sunday - skipped aquatics meeting (I've been going to every meeting except for the few months I was at school for the last 7 years. I was due a hookie day) and went with Mom and Dad to see a close family friend (Jackie) of ours instead. She made us *extremely* good soup and spinach dip (with pita chips. Yum!) and she blessed Dad's new car (so dubbed Grasshopper). Yes, I have an odd family. Why else do you think I am the way I am? Anyway, twas fun, and we got ice cream on the way home

* Monday - worked from 8:45 until 3:30 in a pool that was FRIGGIN COLD! Okay, so it was 80 degrees, but when you are in there for four hours straight? Yes, I did, in fact, get chilled to the point where I curled up in a sweatshirt under a bunch of blankets in my room with the fan off and the window open in attempts to warm um. Had to help one of the other guards clean up poop in the small pool just before I left.

* Last night/this morning - Talked to Mah Emmies on the phone until 1 on the morning! LOVE YOU, SWEETIE! And I hope things are looking a bit better today? {{{{cuddles}}}}} I also got next to no sleep thanks to my two hour nap/curl up under the blankets and try and get warm fest when I got home. ::grumbles about not being able to nap after 4:00 in the afternoon without being awake all night to make up for it::

* Today - worked from 8:45 until 6:30 in a pool that was a little warmer and happily did not get chilled. Instead of helping out the guard who had to clean up poop in the small pool, I *was* the guard who had to clean up poop in the small pool. Yes, again. It was not any more fun the second time around. Also, it was hot and muggy outside today, so therefor it was hot and muggy in the small pool, too. That did not make the task any more pleasant

* Tonight - Went to Target with mom after work and got her to by me another pair of pajama pants. Then I requested Little Ceasers for dinner, ate half of the crazy bread on the way home (cause, yeah, didn I mention I was working for almost 10 hours straight), and three pieces of pizza when we got there. So basically, I ate too much. But it was goooooo-oood. ;)

And thats all. My life is rather dull.
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We had a bunch of storms roll through the area today. I was double shifted for lifeguarding - 1-3:30 and 4-6:30. I only had to guard the pool for maybe 10 minutes of the second shift because of lightning, which means I spent 2 hours and 20 minutes getting paid to watch the radar, keep an eye out for lightning, and read. It was a rather easy 15 bucks earned, if I may say so myself.

I also have tomorrow off (Yay Independence Day!). We're making up the swim lessons on Friday, and some of the teachers won't be able to be there, so not only do I have my regular two hours from 11 to 1, but I also picked up Gillian's three from 9 to 11. Alas, it means I have to get up early, but it is another 24 bucks on my paycheck, and I'd rather take on more swim lessons then take on more guard shifts. At least I'm *doing* something when I teach instead of standing around watching everyone else do stuff.

Anyway, that was my day. Yay storms! Not only did it give me an easy shift, but we are also desperately in need of the rain, which is all for the good.
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Dana's parents took their family plus two (the two being myself and another of Dana's friends, Kristy) out to Royal Tokyo for dinner. It was very very good, and it was nice to catch up with everyone. Yay dinner and a show!

Also taught swim lessons this morning for Kayla someone. She had an Eels, a Pike, and a Polliwog. Out of the 6 polliwogs she had, not a single one showed up. So, I swam laps instead, which is when I discovered that I am extremely out of shape.

And thats about it.
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Did the butterfly stroke at work. At least I know I can kinda do it. And one of my kids was actually pretty good at it (another favorite. I know, shame on me), so YAY for that!

Went to Arby's for food afterwards. My hair froze. Like, totally. Last time my hair froze, it was just the part sticking out from the hood. This time, I didn't put my hood up at all on the quick juant from the front doors of the Y to my car about 50 feet away. I get in the car, and I realize that my hair is making crispy noises every time I turn my head. Wow. I was outside for all of 15 seconds and my hair froze. Its cold out there, yo.
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One of my swim lessons gave me a Christmas present! She is this adorable little 4 year old who doesn't like putting her face in the water, but she is totally one of my favorites (sssshhhhh, no tell.... We're not supposed to play favorites). Her name is Maddy and she gave me a bag of M&Ms using one of the Ms as the first letter of her name. Come on, say it with me... Awwwww!

Then I went to Arby's for a Chicken, Bacon and, Swiss. And my hair froze walking between the car and restaurant. It was very very cold.
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Work went well. The skills we teach in each level are quite a bit different (Rays were all older than 6, my Guppies could barely make it across the big pool, and my Minnows were about what I consider Guppy level), and they don't have near as much equipment available, and the pool is *cold*, but otherwise I think things went well. As long as I see improvement, I'm happy. The class times differ a bit, too. Any class in the small pool is only 25 minutes long, no matter the level, and any class in the big pool is 50 minutes. So, less time spent in the nice warm pool and more time watching my kids turn purple in the big pool (with me not much farther behind them), but such is life. I managed to keep everyone busy for the full time, at least. And a got a good workout in the process. ;)
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Today I:
* Taught swim lessons from 9:30 until 1:00, most of which were Guppy level, which means I swam back and forth across the big pool for about three and a half hours straight.
* Got suckered into helping keep an eye on the YMCA Kids Klub as they went on an outing to Marshfield's out door pool, so after I showered I spent another hour and a half standing in the sun making sure none of our kids drown themselves or each other. At least it was nice out today.
* Got caught in a fly-by severe thunderstorm at aforementioned outdoor (Hefko) pool
* Pitied Mom (who was also snagged as an extra pair of eyes, what with there being almost 70 kids signed up for Kids Klub today) into getting me an ice cream cone after Hefko because I hadn't eaten anything since 8:30 this morning. Mmm, strawberry cheesecake supreme.
* Guarded from 3:30 to 6:15 (almost had to guard until 7:00 because someone's mom had to go to the hospital and therefor they couldn't make their shift, but Heather came and rescued me)
* Waited for mom to finish up her stuff until 6:45ish cause she was my ride
* Went to Gramma's and got fresh strawberries
* Got home about 7:30

The long and the short of it? OhMyFuckingGOD I am tired. And my head hurts. And my feet hurt because, yeah, standing standing all afternoon.

But Wheee! Strawberry shortcake tonight!
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Almost all of my swim classes this time around are guppy (YAY!), which means about all we do the whole class period is swim back and forth across the pool. For three and a half hours. And today I left my water jug at home cause I figured I would be doing mostly little kid classes with a polliwog or bluegill tossed in here and there again like it was last cycle (swim levels go in, from least advanced to most advanced: Pike, Eel, Ray for kids 5 and under, and Polliwog, Bluegill, Guppy, Minnow, Fish, and Flying Fish for kids age 6 and over), which really doesn't require much swimming. Yeah, I was wrong. I'm not complaining, mind, because I love teaching the older and more advanced kids, but water would be a very good thing to have. I got home about half an hour ago and felt like I was almost over heating because I hadn't drunk anything except for a small glass of OJ this morning before I left at 8:45 ish and then didn't have anything to drink again until 1:30 in the afternoon when Mom and I grabbed some lunch. And then I drank about 20 ounces worth of water as soon as I got home. So, yes, water = Very Good. Will have to remember that tomorrow so I don't pass out from dehydration or something.

Other than the lack of water thing, first day of swim lessons this cycle went quite well. I think I got at least 2000 yards in just swimming back and forth across the pool with my kids. YAY getting paid to burn calories! ;)


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