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* Saturday, Nov. 19 - Monday, Nov. 21 - let myself be convinced to go spend the weekend up in the wilds of the Northwoods without any running water or - at least on our side of the cabin - central heat with my friend Ethan and some of his family. It was kind of nice in it's own way; super pretty up there with the snow that started falling pretty thickly just after we arrived, and hey, who am I to protest the chance to spend the entire weekend reading guilt-free. It was very cold, however, and the sauna they use to clean up and bucket-shower was swarming with flies, which isn't fun when you're wet and naked. On the bright side, at least I didn't have to go four days without washing my hair like I did when we went up camping on Mt. Ranier.

* Tuesday - didn't do much as I was rather exhausted after three days without sleep (don't sleep - or eat much, come to think of it - well when I travel), though I did go into work for a Water Aerobics drop-in class in the evening. With the YMCA not running any programs this past week due to Thanksgiving, I figured I could use every bit of extra on my paycheck I could possibly manage.

* Wednesday - bit of cleaning, and then I took Buddy to the Marshfield dog park, and was pleased to discover he seemed to get on well with the other dogs. Kind of shy and came running back to me to "hide" pretty often, and he was drooling so much he looked a bit rabid, but no barking, growling or snapping from him or the other dogs, hurray! Might try and do it again soonish - the poor boy loves to play, but we're never around to play with him.

* Thursday, Nov. 24 - TURKEY DAY! - Rode down to Ripon with my parents and my brother Ben to have Thanksgiving Dinner with a good chunk of Mom's side of the family. Had dinner at a catering place owned by a high school friend of Mom's instead of Gramma M going crazy trying to have it at their place again. Ate entirely too much (but less than I usually do at these sort of things) and caught up a bit with aunts, uncles, and cousins.

* Friday - cleaning like a mad cleaning thing, getting ready to host about a two-thirds of my dad's family for that side's Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday.

* Saturday, Nov. 26 - Dad and I were crazy busy in the morning trying to get everything cooked (I was charged with the green bean casserole, twice-baked potatoes, fruit salad, and getting the munchies set to go since we would be eating so late while Dad mostly focused on the cleaning and the sweet potatoes) and all the last minute cleaning accomplished before his oldest sister and her family arrived at around 12:30. Mom finished up the few work things she had and brought Gramma home with her around 1:30 pm and we were able to sit down to a late dinner by about 2:30. Caught up with cousins, ate too much again, and spent the rest of the evening watching movies (Tron: Legacy is awesome) and playing on my computer before crashing at 8:45ish because I was Just That Tired. Of course then I tossed and turned from 10pm to 1 or 2am because of my sorta nap beforehand, but such is life.

* Sunday, Nov. 27 (Today) - did two loads of laundry, otherwise? A whole lot of nothing. Watched another movie (The Tourist with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, where I totally spoiler ), but it was still fun and I'd watch it again and hey, who am I to turn down two such pretty, pretty people together on one screen?

Back to work tomorrow, alas, but I'm very sure my bank account will thank me. Speaking of bank accounts, note to self - You WILL go on another job-applying spree tomorrow afternoon before work. We really, really DO NOT NEED to go any further into debt than we already are.
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Like last year, I am going to try and post something I am thankful for as many days as possible this month, because there's this rather special holiday that comes between Halloween and Christmas that so many people seem to forget about in the Holiday Rush - Thanksgiving.

Today I am thankful for my comfy bed and an abundance of tissues. I might not be getting the cold I thought I was (or if I am, it is taking it's own sweet time to manifest as anything more than fatigue), I would bet money that before the Winter has passed I shall be in need of such little comforts at least twice.

ETA 11/12 - though I haven't posted every day, I have posted several thankfulnesses on Facebook - so, you know, not ignoring my goal.

11/5 - Today I am thankful for tasty soup from Charcoal Grill, lunch with friends, and the opportunity to spend more than an hour and a half in a craft shop. I am now prepared for Holiday Ornament Frenzy 2011!

11/4 - Today I am thankful for Ruff Hewn. Ruff Hewn, you are my hero! At least a fashionably "rugged" clothing brand that actually fits us broad-shouldered, busty babes! I can wear a shirt that is *in my size* and not two sizes bigger and have it fit and be comfortable! \o/
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Thanksgiving was quite lovely. We went down to Green Lake to have Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt and uncle's log cabin this year instead of my grandparents, but there was still quite the gathering. I ate way too much and got to catch up with my aunts and uncles and cousins whom I hadn't seen for more than a year, so that was great. Showed pictures from many of my Washington travels, gushed over the Mt. Saint Helen's visit I was able to do this past summer, and generally had a grand old time. Yay Thanksgiving!

A day late, but Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the United States, and I hope everyone else in the world and a great day as well! I totally fell short on "twenty two days of posting things I am thankful for!", but I'm adding one more because I had meant to post this on Thanksgiving pretty much right from the start.

I am incredibly thankful for my amazing friends and my wonderful family! Seriously, you all helped carry me through some very rough times, and I'm so glad to have you in my life. {{{{hugs}}}} Thank you!

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Thanksgiving comes first - Day 11
I am thankful for having pretty much all of my work done so there won't be anything waiting to be completed for the two weeks I'm gone. Makes for another boring day at work, but that is what fan fiction is for. :D

Day 12 - I am leaving for Wisconsin tomorrow where I will see my family and hopefully a bunch of my friends for the first time in eight months! \O/ Down side is I have to be at the airport by 5ish in the morning, so no sleeping in for me, but as I always get up at 5:15 anyway, this really isn't a huge challenge.
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Yesterday was a very nice day weather-wise. We had rain in the morning, but then it cleared up toward late morning/early afternoon, and it got all the way up to 63 degrees, which is the warmest it's been for about two weeks. I went down and wandered around Columbia Park for a bit before heading over to take care of the dogs I'm watching for a co-worker while they're on vacation. So, to add on to my "Thanksgiving comes first" thing for yesterday, I am thankful for lovely weather and the chance to enjoy it!

Day 10 - For today, a flash back! Thanksgiving 2003 (I think), instead of going to my grandmothers on my mom's side as we usually do, we were going to be hosting my dad's sister, her family, and her mother in law at our house for dinner. Mom and I spent pretty much the entire day before frantically cleaning the house, and then we were probably up until 1 or 2 in the morning baking pies and getting stuff ready to go into the oven for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Dinner was phenomonal, and after every one had left, my parents and I (and possibly Gus as well; he wasn't at home any more, but I think he still lived nearbyish) all layed around watching movies for the rest of the day because the house was totally clean (or at least as clean as it ever was, or probably will be again) and we could spend the rest of the afternoon and evening doing absolutly nothing completely guilt free. It was an extremely nice change.
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Thanksgiving comes first

Day 8 - I am thankful for lovely friends and the chance to share lots of finger foods, drink wine (if you're into that, which I am not, but I am still thankful that my friends were able to let loose) and eat entirely too much.

Went to one of my co-worker's house last night for a Girls Night. There was lots of cheese and Mystery Wine tasting (I did actually do the tasting) and discussions varying from Health Issues As A Direct Result of Being a Girl, lots of wine talk, hair styling, some college football team that several of them were very big fans of, how Joyce really hates her new fridge, and a tour of their very recently remodeled house. I was PMSing and rather tired, so I didn't say much myself, but I still had a very good time munching and listening to the other girl's stories. We got home at 11:30, and as Beth and I had been awake since 4ish, promptly crashed, and then I slept in until 8 this morning. It was very nice.

Also, five more days (including today, as it is still "morning", so I counted it) until I get to go home for Thanksgiving!
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Thanksgiving Comes First

Day 6 - I am thankful to all the soldiers and veterans who fought in the past and still fight today for the benefit of everyone else in the world. I may not be much of a patriot, but that doesn't mean I am not proud of each and every one of you. Thanks for everything you've done.

Day 7 - I am thankful that one of my housemate, who has been looking for a job for months, finally found one little part-time job as a delivery person, and he has hopes for something bigger after a week of good interviews.
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Currently I have a Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks (which hasn't gone all holiday yet! Instead, their paper cups sport non-holiday snowflakes and there are two boxes of what I assume to be holiday decorations sitting unopened next to the pick-up counter with a sign on them saying "Do not open until the holiday season!" Starbucks and I have never been close, but that has totally moved them up a few degrees in my book), I have both Iron Man soundtracks playing over my speakers (even though we're not supposed to stream music at work... shhh, don't tell!), and I have tomorrow off and possibly Friday as well.

Next week, I have a plane ticket that will take me home for Two Whole Weeks to see my awesome family and my amazing friends for the first time in eight months!

So far, things are looking quite good. Now I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

That said, Thanksgiving Comes First - Day 5

Day 1 - Thanksgiving 2007
Day 2 and 3 - Mmm, mashed potatoes
Day 4 - In which I give thanks for fan fiction, because I am a Geek.

Day 5 - In which Thanksgiving is awesome )

Wow, that last paragraph was one big long run-on sentence. No matter, though, because Thanksgiving really was that awesome once upon a time, and it totally deserves to be again.
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Today I am Thankful for Stargate fic, because I am once again at work and I have NOTHING TO DO. Particularly, I am thankful for Cleo the Muse's fic, because it is mostly fluff, often very amusing, and always Made Of Win.
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Woops, forgot to post my 'Thanksgiving Comes First' memory/something I am thankful for last night.

Day 2 - The best part of Thanksgiving dinner is *always* my gramma's mashed potatoes. Totally worth waiting an entire year for.

And while I am at it, today's as well

Day 3 - I am thankful that I didn't have to drive to work this morning in total darkness! Pre-dawn quasi-sunrise light beats total darkness hands down in the Driving to Work department, and I get to enjoy that for at least another week or two before the I'm stuck in the dark again.
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In order to continue the Thanksgiving Comes First trend, I am going to try and write one entry per day until November 25 on something I am either grateful for or on some cherished Thanksgiving memory or story.

Today, I'll start with a bit of memory.

Thanksgiving 2007 )

One day down, nineteen more to go.
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Joining the Thanksgiving Comes First Brigade, because I know I'm not the only one who gets kind of miffed when I walk into Fred Meyer (a slightly more classy version of Walmart, if you squint a little and it gets bonus points for having a coffee shop that *isn't* Starbucks inside of it) two whole weeks before Halloween, and the first thing I notice is that they already have their fake Christmas tree display set up. Or when I hit Walmart for some small, completely non-holiday related thing and I see Christmas decorations right along side the half-price Halloween candy, and a tinny version of "Let it Snow" is playing over the speakers, cheerfully driving me insane as I realize that this is only the beginning of two-and-a-half-months of getting A Consumer's Christmas Carol shoved down my throat.

Once upon a time, way back maybe five or six years ago (I know it's tough, but you can do it! Stretch those memories, people! Remember the days when Bush Jr. was still in office, Kayne West was all over the place, and a NCIS was one of television's biggest dramas - you can do it if you try!), department stores and television advertisements were content to take advantage of the fact that Thanksgiving came before Christmas, and holidays were celebrated one at a time. A magical time, that, when a month or so before Thanksgiving, cartoon turkeys and Pilgrims hit the lime light to sell you car insurance, spread the word that their store was having a "Huge Thanksgiving Sale with savings up to 50% off the original price!", and Thanksgiving wasn't just a quick bathroom break along the long, twisty road that was the Holiday Season, or an extra day to arm for battle before braving the Frenzied Consumer Masses on Black Friday.

Once upon a time, Christmas was more than a greed-filled excuse to supply your family with a bunch of toys, trinkets, and trifles that were destined to become lost, broken, or forgotten again in two months, and Thanksgiving was more than an extra day off during your work week.

When I was a kid, Thanksgiving was the marker for the start of the best, most awesome time of year. In school, it was the time of the year all of the teachers started having to go to conferences and end-of-the-year meetings to discuss Boring Adult Things, and because of it, classes got done a lot earlier and days off for the students got a lot more frequent. During the months of November and December, there were *maybe* three full weeks of school - otherwise, there would always be at least one day per week when we were let out of school early, and if that wasn't the case, we would have all of Friday off, and sometimes even Thursday or Monday as well.

Out of school, we knew that Thanksgiving was just around the corner, and that after Thanksgiving, it would be Christmas. Thanksgiving also meant *four whole days* free from the dreary halls of our grade school, a lovely extended weekend where we could sleep in and sloth off on our homework for a few days. On top of that, there was the promise of way too much good food and the chance to visit with family that we probably hadn't seen since the previous Thanksgiving. Perhaps most of all, though, Thanksgiving ushered in the Holiday Season - a very important job to a seven year old - and my most favorite time of the year, because during that time, everything just seemed a little brighter, everyone seemed a little bit happier, and cities would come to life after dark, shining with the glow of thousands of brightly colored holiday lights.

We wrote Christmas list to Santa of all the things we hoped to receive when he made his annual round-the-world journey, filling our tiny little hearts almost to bursting with the Joy and the Hope of the season. Christmas carols were a tradition, and they were special because that was the *only* time of the year that they were sung and every time we heard one, it brought a little more joy to our heart. Some of us had so much joy bottled up inside that we just had to share it, and so many a church group or friendly gathering decided to carry candles and sing the carols door-to-door, sharing them with our neighbors and being rewarded with hot chocolate, apple cider, and home-made cookies.

Christmastime was special. It was about sharing and family and hope for the new year. It might not be the same for everyone else, but for me, it was never about the presents. They were a rather nice extra, don't get me wrong, and like any kid I gleefully tore into the few brightly wrapped packages under the tree with my name on them on Christmas Morning, but what I remember most now, twenty years later, isn't the mystery and excitement as each new toy was revealed, or the childish disappointment when it ended up being Yet More Boring Clothes. Instead, what I remember the most is the slight sadness I felt after all of the presents were unwrapped and all the big family dinners done, because that meant that Christmas was well and truly over for the year, and I had to wait a whole eleven or so months before the holiday lights and carols would be magic again.

Christmas was special because it was only once a year, and it was magic because it was special. It gave me something to look forward to, and even the sadness of it ending was never enough to overcome the promise that I'd get to experience it all over again next year.

I still love the holiday season, but by the time it actually arrives these days, I am so fed up with the constant barrage of Christmas advertisements, the audio assault of carols being repeated over and over again in a hundred different styles on a thousand different radio stations, and the frustration of fighting wave after wave of fanatic holiday shoppers when all I want is some damned shampoo, that the spark - the magic for the lack of a better term - is gone. And I miss it.

Once upon a time, Thanksgiving came first and it ushered in the most amazing time of the year.

Once upon a time, Christmas was special and my childhood memories didn't so closely resemble a fairy tale.

Thanksgiving Comes First

I know very few people read my journal, and I know some of you who do don't actually like Christmastime all that much - for religious reasons or just a general frustration at how commercialized this once special holiday has become - but I'm still encouraging you all to write your own entries and share your own reasons why The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year isn't so wonderful any more. Maybe if enough people group together and spread the word, the Big Companies will get a clue and we might just be able to rediscover the magic of the season shining through the greed-fueled muck that tries so hard to snuff it out.

ETA Saturday, November 6, 2010
In hopes of backing up the Thanksgiving Comes First thing, I'm going to try and post either one happy Thanksgiving memory per day, or to share one thing I am thankful for. Here are the links to those posts so far.

Day 1 - Thanksgiving 2007
Day 2 and 3 - Mmm, mashed potatoes
Day 4 - In which I give thanks for fan fiction, because I am a Geek.
Day 5 - Why Thanksgiving is Awesome, at least for me
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It's a bit late, but Happy Thanksgiving to all the U.S. folks!

I'm currently at 'rents place for the holiday, and we went to my aunts in Menominee for Thanksgiving Dinner today. Aunt and uncle are both doing the Weight Watchers thing, so everything they had was pretty low-calorie, so hey, bonus for not feeling as guilty about eating so much! Something tells me that the baklava one of the non-Weight Watchers relatives brought wasn't the least bit low calorie, and what I saved in the meal itself was probably totally blown away by the four pieces I ate for dessert. Everything was still really good, though, and I probably ate quite a bit more than I needed too. Since that's kind of the point of Thanksgiving, though, I don't feel too guilty. Mmm, mashed potatoes!

Anyway, if I stick around parents place until Saturday, I might get another Thanksgiving dinner out of the deal. As I am a poor college student (at least for another month, provided I pass Chem and all that), I might just do that, *especially* since it would likely get me some leftovers to take with me back to Point, and I'm kinda hankering for some homemade Turkey Noodle Soup.
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Back from Gramma's Thanksgiving dinner. I ate purple mashed potatoes. AND I LIKED IT! Enough so that I went up for seconds.

Again, ate entirely too much. My stomach is all "OMG, NO MORE FOOD FOR A WEEK!" on me at the moment thanks to overindulging twice over the course of three days. I will really be surprised if I haven't gained at least five pounds.

Also, saw Aunt Sandy and Uncle Mike and my cousin Merrium and told stories and quoted Get Smart and had the chicken salad I made go over really well cause there is hardly any left at all. Also took more pictures. Will have to send out Thanksgiving Pictures to all the aunts and uncles one of these days.

That said, Thanksgiving is over now, so BRING ON THE HOLIDAY LIGHTS! Oh my god, I have been itching to go wandering around wherever there is a Bright Sparkly Star (usually hanging over someone's door) to lead the way and going nuts with the holiday picture taking. Enough so that I am trying to convince Dustin to go to the awesome light display in Wildwood Park in Marshfield for his Birthday Thing, followed by bowling at the Rose Bowl cause Marshfield also passed a no smoking ordinance this last spring and the idea of going bowling for a few hours without inhaling an ashtray is very very appealing to me and everyone else I might go bowling with. And if there happens to be Glow Bowling involved (aka, Black Lights and Pretty Color Laser Pictures), all the better, because it will feed my I WANT PRETTY LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHTS-monger! It's like the Word Muncher, only I'm zipping around chomping on pictures of houses/businesses/whatevers decorated in holiday lights and turning into SUPER MUNCHER, only instead of a cape, I have strings of colored lights flaring out behind me and wrapping around those Troggles and strangling the life out of them. SHIIIIIIINY!

(yes, I am still wired. Is it that obvious?)
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Thanksgiving was fun. Went to Ripon for dinner at my grandparents and spent lots of time building towers out of building blocks (the *Original* main stream building blocks made from wood with painted letters and numbers on them that *my* parents played with when they were little. In fact, almost all the toys at Gramma and Grampa Meyer's are the same toys my mom and her brothers and sisters played with growing up. Gramma has taken extremely good care of them and they have so far seen 4 generations of children) that my little nieces and nephews promptly knocked down. I also ate waaaaaaaaay too much, going back up for a second helping of mashed potatoes and green beans and raw veggies and dip and then continuing to work on the raw veggie platter, home-made Chex mix, and pumpkin bars long after I was stuffed to the gills.

I was also running around trying to take pictures since Dad ended up staying home to continue recovering from the flu that has had him in bed all week. Got a few really cute ones of my little cousins Henry and Dawson knocking down one of my towers. Made me all nostalgic for when I was that little and small and had a grand ol' time of my own smashing block towers (made from the same blocks! With the same Tonka dump truck!) at Gramma and Grampa Meyers. Ah, memories. If only we could be children again, you know?

Got back to Point around 6 and proceeded to put on my pajamas cause the turtle neck sweater I was wearing was trying to suffocate me. Now I'm watching the Dirty Jobs marathon and not worrying about homework or school or *anything* for another two days. Yay for Thanksgiving break!

Gramma L will be having her Thanksgiving meal on Saturday afternoon, so I get even more food. Mmm, good stuff, yo.
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Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! Happy Thursday to those who don't. :)

Going to grandparents on my mom's side for Thanksgiving Dinner #1 this afternoon; Mom and Gus should be around to pick me up soonish.

Going to Gramma's (dad's side) either tomorrow or Saturday for Thanksgiving Dinner #2.

If I don't come back home weighing several pounds more, I'll be impressed.

(and I just got a text from someone in the 507 area code saying "Happy Turkey Day". If it's someone I know, I don't recognize the number. Thanks anyway, random person! And a Happy Turkey Day to you as well!)
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(That deaf, dumb, and blind kid sure) Plays A Mean Pinball is on the radio right now. It's been awhile since I've seen Tommy, but the song sounds kinda different. Did someone make a remake? Or is it all just in my imagination?

In other news, I only have on class tomorrow, yay. However, I'll probably be sticking around an additional hour or two to finish my Remote Sensing assignment, so boo for that. However, going down to one hour (three with the homework) of class/homework after having 6-hours-back-to-back-classes Wednesdays for the last three months (give or take) is an extremely nice and welcome change. Must love the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Also, ow. My foot hurts. Apparently my flexor hallucis longus really disapproves of the switch from shoe to boot these last few weeks.
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Am back in Plover. Had an extremely nice Thanksgiving at Gramma and Grampa Meyers in which no one bad-mouthed anyone else, Dad showed off his leet fire-making skillzz to the uncles (who were there, at least) I actually like, all attempts some certain uncle (the one I really don't like at all) made to start a "Woe, pity me!" party were completely ignored, I managed to almost entirely avoid aforementioned uncle who tried to start the "woe, pity me!" party, I caught up with two of my cousins who I hadn't seen in awhile (and I go to school with one of them. Same building and everything, but we have yet to see each other on campus), I did *not* get sick from Thanksgiving Dinner (I still hadn't really eaten much since Saturday what with the whole flu thing), and all in all a general good time was had by all. It was a smaller gathering than usual since a lot of the second cousins (and therefor their parents, who would be first cousins if I know my family labels) couldn't make it, so we all ate up stairs in the dining room(s). Our table had this big discussion on movies (Bruce Almighty, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Live Free or Die Hard, and various Adam Sandler movies were mentioned) and shared a laugh at Steve (uncle) and Taliya's (cousin) reaction to the gluten-free brownies Mom had brought for Dad. They looked like sweet, innocent, regular brownies, but they were about twice as dense and had the consistency of energy bars, so the faces Taliya and Steve made when they took big bites was apparently priceless. Alas, I missed the actual expressions as I had gone back for seconds on mashed potatoes when it happened, but the roar of laughter was loud enough to rattle the glass vases and what not sitting on the piano.

So, yes. It was a very good Thanksgiving. I took pictures, too, but I'm probably not going to upload any because 1) I really don't feel like resizing them, and b) I doubt anyone cares that much anyway. I might upload the one of Dad and Uncle Jeff playing with the fire pistons, though. "Oogga Oogga. Man make fire!"
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Oh, yeah, and I'm home for the weekend (at least until Saturday, I'm thinking, depending on the weather) in honor of Thanksgiving. Here's hoping I can enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow and not get all sick like since I'm still not eating much. I feel completely fine, but the smell of food still makes my stomach clench up a bit. I had a taco and a few nachos today, and yesterday I had a bowl of soup in the morning and an orange and a little turkey and cheese in a corn tortilla in the evening, but that's it for the last two days. Hopefully my appetite will be back by tomorrow cause it has been far too long since I've had Gramma Meyer's mashed potatoes.
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Thanksgiving dinner was nice. Almost everyone on my mom's side of the family made it, including Ben and Shana, so it was really good to see them again. Hope and Jeff and company couldn't make it, neither could Kim and Steve, but otherwise, everyone was there - grandparents, parents, grandkids and great grandkids. All in all about 23 people showed up, me thinks, and it was really nice to catch up with the rest of the family.

The weather was awesome, too. Temps in the lower 50s with mostly sunny skies. Grampa and Ben took Shana (along with quite a few others who tagged along, myself included) on a tour of the farmstead and barn, where first Kim and Steve (aunt and uncle) got married, then Sara and Matt (cousins), and then any number of other unrelated young couples who rented the area for their weddings and banquets before Gramma and Grampa decided to stop renting because it was getting too hard to keep up with demand. Then we spent a good hour or so standing around outside and catching up/trading stories/chasing the occasional runaway toddler (Henry - Sara and Matt's year and a half old - mostly, but Dawson - cousin Robin's oldest - got away a few times too, most of which occurred when we were trying to get a family picture. It was still fun, though, and seeing everyone again was great. It was especially nice that Ben and Shana could come up for the day, because most of the family hadn't seen them at all since they left for California in 2003. Now they're back in the mid west living in Aurora, Illinois, so it wasn't such a trial to get up here for the holidays.

So, yes, fun day, in which everyone seemed to get along, despite all the past difficulties there have been. I think I can safely label it a successful Thanksgiving. :D
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I was reading Emily's journal and she did a card post, which reminded me that I still needed to do a card post, too. So, yes, I will be sending out holiday cards again this year. And yeah, I have totally misplaced everyone's addresses again. So, if you want a holiday card from me, leave your name and address in the comments (which will be screened) or email me at if you want a bit more security.

And, because I probably won't get a chance to say it before we leave for my grandparents tomorrow morning, Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate it, and happy Thursday to all those who don't! :D

{{{{{hugs friends list in general}}}}}}}


Nov. 22nd, 2006 05:04 pm
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Home for the holiday. Made pretty good time, too. Left St. Cloud at about ten to 12 and got home at about 4:30ish, so I cut about 20 minutes off my time. I think the fact that it was daylight for the entire trip made me more sure of where I was going, so I didn't have to stop and check the map as much. ;)

But yes, am home. Will be here until Sunday morning. YAY for my own bed for four whole nights! I also brought my computer with me, because I am addicted like that. I might be banned to dial up until I get back to St. Cloud, but yay for my own bookmarks.
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We're about a half-hour away from heading to my grandparents in Ripon for Thanksgiving dinner. Mmmmm, piiiiiieee.... ;) And mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, which are also yummy. Not exactly looking forward to being the only un-attached cousin there, but such is life. Also taking my Germany pictures along cause I'm pretty sure the rest of the family will want to see them even if I haven't gotten them all nice and organized in a scrapbook as of yet. Maybe that'll be my semester-break project.

Anyhoo, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! And happy Thursday to those who don't. :)
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So. Got back home last night around 10:30. Food was nummy. Really really really nummy. YAY mashed potatoes and green bean casserole! And pie. Must love the pie.

After lunch, watched some of the football games going on with my uncles. Granted, I didn't really care who won, but there was nothing else to do. Then played a game of Sorry with my cousins, with a break to go pick up Isabella, another cousin's adorable 2 year old daughter, and play with their doggie Odie. Hee, gotta love that... Even if he looks nothing like the Odie in Garfield since he's a bull dog and I'm not sure what the Garfield Odie is.

A little after we finished our game of Sorry, however, came the serious talk about what to do about John (the creepy uncle) and his drunk/addict wife Tammy. Apparently things have gotten worse then they were before, and John's getting more violent. My aunt Kim put together a portfolio thingy explaining what was wrong and where he could get help, if he ever lets her anywhere near him again which really isn't likely. He's not listening to anyone anymore unless they tell him what he wants to hear, and not what he *needs* to here, which is his wife Tammy is a drunk and a drug addict, she's gonna keep running away and coming back when she get's hungry enough like a disobedient dog, and that his unwillingness to leave her and her unwillingness to let him go is affecting the entire family, not just the two of them. Ugh, emotions were high during those two hours, and I really really wished I had someone there to hug me instead of me doing the hugging, especially when I was close to crying a few times myself. It's stuff like that which makes me wonder if I really am an empath or something, cause oy... that was not fun. Sometimes it sucks being the strong one, especially when everyone else around you is crying, including some of the guys who never cry. I think dad and I were the only ones who had dry eyes in the entire house; even my grampa was crying a little, and my grampa *never* cries. Shows how serious this thing has gotten.

You know what I have discovered? Wishing on falling stars tends to work when you're wishing on someone elses' behalf. And right not, I really wish I had I falling star to pray on for this.
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Quiz spam. As always, lots of em.
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So. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We're headed up to Ripion for dinner with my mom's parents. Mmmmm, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. And hopefully lots of pie. :D

Speaking of pie, my mother and I are gonna probably end up making a few most of the night again since she doesn't get home until like 8 and there ain't no way I'm gonna start cooking before she gets here. Too lazy, and though I can cook pretty damn well when I have a recipe to follow, I don't feel like digging out all the ingredients and clearing off a space on the table which is once again cluttered with all sorts of stuff thanks to my dad. Ugh, sometimes I really really wish my parents weren't such pack rats. And I often wish my father wasn't such a procrastinator when it comes to paying bills and such, cause they end up spread all over the table in a disorganized mess and then he's all panicky when he can't find them at the end of the month. ::sighs::

Heading out, or at least we're going to try to, around 9 tomorrow morning, so I get to sleep in at least a little. But, chances are I won't be home all day tomorrow. Which means that I'm gonna fall even further behind on my friends page. As of the moment, I'm still on Sunday or Monday I think. Heh. I will, however, more then likely be online tonight for as long as we're up cooking stuff, so if you don't mind me scampering off to go beat, grease, or mix something, invite me to chat! I misses my friendses and being able to get into the nightly "God, that is so WRONG!" AIM chats. ::snuggles you all::

That said I ... um... Well, I dunno what I'm gonna go do. But I assure you, it will be something! :)


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