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Did not feel all that great yesterday afternoon; not sick, per se, but very tired and headachy. I crashed as soon as I got back to the house at 4:30 and slept - really slept, not just dozed off/zoned out like I usually do when I take a nap - and didn't wake up until almost 9 pm. I wasn't really hungry, either, but I did grab a bowl of cereal since I hadn't eaten anything since a handful of pretzels when I got home, and then I went back to bed. I knew I wasn't going to sleep, so I was up until midnight watching TV and catching up on my Hulu queue. I did turn in after that, but I didn't get any sort of sleep until around 4 or 4:30 in the morning when I finally managed about an hour, at which point I just called in sick because I was still tired and headachy and I knew that I would be pretty much useless if I tried to go in.

Slept another few hours before getting up just before 11 am. Still wasn't hungry, but I grabbed another bowl of cereal and some OJ, watched some more Hulu and popped my Wall-E DVD in after that to kill another hour or two before I crashed again at 2 pm. Woke up around 4, and though I'm still headachey, I'm not exhausted anymore, so hopefully I just needed the sleep.

There has also been some Emo, but I'm blaming that on the PMS. Actually, I'm blaming all of it on the PMS.
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It figures that on a day I have actually found something to do (organizing the data tables - attached to every shapefile; they with deal with all the numerical stuff that goes with them - into a format that will better fit into the new geodatabase) at work, I have absolutly no motivation to do it.

In fact, I am unmotivated enough to wonder if I could possibly get away with closing my door and taking a nap because I am just that tired and blah-feeling.

I blame it on the PMS.
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::yawns:: Alas, this seems to be a bit of a theme - no sleep the night before a 8:00 am final, despite whether I'm anxious about it or not. For this one (Remote Sensing), really not all that anxious because I'm doing rather well in the class and would probably still swing a B even if I did bomb the final (which hopefully won't be the case). Still didn't manage to fall asleep last night, despite going to bed around 9:30 because I wanted to get up early to study. Brain did not want to shut off - kept "planning" stuff like when I might want to have my graduation party or what holiday ornaments to make for my friends or other random, non-school stuff like that. Also, I did something to my shoulder around the same time I twisted my ankle, and whatever it is decided to be irritatingly achy all night long. Not in an "OMG, OW!" kind of way, but in a persistent "I'm going to twinge just enough to keep you awake and make every position you try and sleep in ever-so-slightly uncomfortable" kind of way.

Anyway, seeing as I usually wake up when roommate gets up at 4:30ish, I figured that would be a good a time as any to do the same and look over the Remote Sensing Power Points again (also, roommate doesn't leave until 5:30, and I would be getting up at about 6:00/6:30 otherwise, so trying to go back to sleep for a half-hour seems a bit useless). I had hoped I might get some sleep before having to get up, but such is life.

And now I am going to go make myself a nice strong latte. Or at least as strong as I can make it without having an espresso machine.
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The Anti Boob-Sweat spray I mentioned I got from the slumber party a few weeks ago works quite well, but it's also a lot smellier than I had hoped (aka, perfumed). Considering my general dislike for most things with a strong perfume, I'm kinda on the fence about the stuff.

On the one hand, no boob sweat! On the other hand, the strong perfumey scent is giving me a bit of a headache.

In other news, Sci Fi (I refuse to call it SyFy) has yet to get last week's episodes of Ghost Hunters International *and* Eureka posted online. Woe is me, for I am smelly (but not sweaty!) and being denied my weekly Geek Fest.

My life, so hard.
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My legs still hate me and now my left shoulder has decided to join the party, too. Still not sure why on that last part. And going down stairs continues to be some form of new, horrible torture.

That said, random change in subject:
I've made a few fruity discoveries thanks to Dole's Tropical Mix Immunity blend. The first being that mangoes are quite good, tasting kind of like a mix between melon and peach. The second of which is I could do with out papaya. Lastly, frozen kiwi and strawberries on a hot day are probably the best thing ever.

One more random change in subject - I am tired. I went to bed at 10 last night and set my alarm to go off at 6:30 so I could get to school to study for my GIS midterm for an hour or so before class. However, despite turning in plenty early, I still only got about an hour of sleep, and that was probably between about 11:30 and 12:30 - the rest of the night I did a lot of tossing and turning, maybe slipping into a light doze occasionally but nothing more than that. Not sure whether to blame the lack of sleep on some sort of buried worries about my GIS exam (I don't think I was stressing, but the subconscious is a funny thing) or the fact that lying in pretty much any position caused some part of my poor abused body to be in pain - or, most likely, some mix of the two - but either way, it still was much with the not being fun.

Thank god tomorrow is Friday. Even if I won't have much of a weekend cause of all the GIS labs I need to finish, at least I'll be able to sleep in.
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Last night, I got maybe an hour of sleep - enough to have one really twisted dream that didn't last long - but that's about it. Otherwise, a reeeeeally low pressure system followed closely by a relatively high pressure system has squished the isobars together and caused massive winds all last night (sustained winds of about 25 mph, with gusts up to 40ish mph) that will stick in the area throughout the rest of the day. Those winds kept me awake pretty much all night with all the rattling windows and the full-house shudders during some of the stronger gusts. Not fun, cause today I have my Chem lab and will be handling various chemicals that probably shouldn't be handled while sleep deprived. Woe.

Also, yesterday we had a high temperature of around 35. This morning, it is 2 degrees F, with a wind chill of -20ish. Gotta love Wisconsin.
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1 - I am massivly tired
2 - Did sleep last night, but not as much as I hoped and I would've loved being able to stay in bed another hour or two
3 - It is currently dark and grey and raining of the below freezing variety outside.
4 - Stomach is not happy.
5 - Mineralogy exam in two and a half hours. Ugh.

So far, the day is not looking promising.
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I am online on campus with the secure wireless! Yay!

It required I disable and delete the UWSP Wireless connection I had and then set it up all over again, which is not so yay, but hopefully I won't have to do that again until next password change.

In other news, my GIS lecture was canceled today, so now I have three two and a half hours to kill before my next class at 1. I could, of course, go work in my GIS lab somewhere, but I want food first. Specifically I want soup, and the soup place doesn't open until 11.

Also, I have discovered that I *can* drink a "steamer" with half a shot of expresso and not gag. This makes me yay cause I reeeeeally needed the caffeine this morning. It also made the barista look at me funny, but whatever, I call it win.
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Mandy was feeling down, so we went shopping! Well, she went shopping and I drove. It wasn't so much *shopping* shopping as picking up a few odds and ends that might come in handy in Central America when she heads there at the end of the month. There was No Boyfriend Talk Allowed for an hour and I made her tell me about her favorite holiday traditions as a child in hopes of further cheering.

After we hit Target, though, the alloted hour was up and talk of The Boyfriend came back and she made herself all sad again, so she was still kinda blue. Which is why I then I took her to the park so we could make a giant snow man! Or as giant as we could considering how hard it is to lift giant snowballs without breaking and/or dropping them. The end result stood at about 5' 5", and it had pine cone eyes and a stick for a nose and a mouth cause, you know, we didn't have carrots or coal or anything and had to make do with what we found underneath the pine trees, and we gave it *wings* (made from sticks, so again, I doubt it's going to be flying anywhere) and snowy arms, which Mandy was in charge of, and let me tell you, Mr. Snowman was *built*. He totally had some nice bulging biceps at one point (not really intentionally, that was just the way it turned out). Anyway, it was fun and it cheered Mandy up (I hope, at least) and it gave us some good exercise we got all snowy and wet. Alas, we did not have a camera, so we shall have to cherish the night in our memories - or go back tomorrow/later today and get a picture of Mr. Snowman if he is still there.

Then we came back to the house and drank hot tea and apple cider and watched the old 1938 black and white version of A Christmas Carol and almost fell asleep in front of the TV cause we were all tired and stuff cause by the time we started the movie it was 11:30 and we didn't finish making the snow man until almost 11 and yeah, that was our day. Fun and Childishness.

On a not so childish note, I did laundry. Yay having clean clothes to wear.

Also, this is my 3,999th journal post. I was going to wait to mention it until 4,000, but I figure Childishness and Giant Snow Men is a way better Momentum Post than, I don't know, rambling about cake or school or whatever it is I am in the mood to ramble about.

So, here's to five years, eight months, and *almost* 4000 posts worth of Rambley Maren Goodness!

Gonna go sleep now.

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Took all day, but we finally got the new computer working. Just spent the last two hours transferring files I already had on disk. Tomorrow will transfer stuff that isn't on disk, cause I'm getting a bit tired of looking at this thing.

Shadowlite, I miss you. And I am very tempted to keep using you as my main computer and just use this one to run Microsoft Office whenever I get it, and to download episodes and the like cause it has way more memory.

Okay, so maybe I'm being a bit unfair. After all, it isn't Shadownight's fault that she got stuck with a wonky version of Norton that, eventually, caused Dustin to have to do a complete reinstall of Windows Vista. At least I hadn't had a chance to start transferring files yet, so I didn't lose anything aside from the pictures of the new comp that I took last night.

::pats Shadownight:: I am ready to love you, but sweetie, you gotta work with me here.

And stop making the cursor jump around! It is very annoying when I am typing a sentence and suddenly my cursor is in the middle of the page.

Arg, transferring files = worse headache that I already have.
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I miss Sleep. I hope it comes back soon.

::stumbles off to her Insanely Long Wednesday::
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Today we threw a surprise 30th birthday party for Steve. Or, well, "surprise" in that he didn't really know about it until Dustin brought him to the park where we had everything set up. It's a bit tricky to pop up and surprise someone when they can see the balloons and birthday sign from the park's drive way.

Anyway, spent the day at Mead Park, where I ate way too much (seems to be a running theme these last few days. I think I may have actually gained 5-10 pounds with all the junk I've been munching, and the two sweet rolls, two cup cakes, and one piece of confetti cake I had through out the day have not helped matters any. I feel like a pig), went on a "scavenger hunt" with Angel (we made it up as we went. We had to find a feather, an acorn, a pine cone, a pretty rock, and a snail shell - we found everything except the snail shell, but I *did* find a tiny stone with tiny fossil clam shells in it, so we counted that as our snail shell), played on this huge and really nice playground with cushy rubber "padding" underneath it, and all in all had a good time. Wanted to go swimming, but not everyone had a suit, and with this whole ear ache I've had these last few days, I didn't really want to risk getting either of them full of water. As it is, I'm going to have to be damned careful at swim lessons tomorrow.

Left the park around 6:45 is cause I was tired after entertaining Angel all afternoon, and since Mandy and I were there an hour or so earlier than everyone else setting up (well, *I* was an hour earlier - Mandy had left the house around 10:30 to start setting things up), I figured it was okay for me to leave an hour earlier than most everyone else.

Came back here and watched several episodes of Eureka that the DVR had recorded this afternoon before showering, and now I am crashing. Cause did I mention tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired?

Thanks for the tips on the cell phone stuff. I will totally try replying to you all tomorrow night.
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Yesterday, I heard American Pie on the radio. Now I kinda want the whole song.

Also, I miss Shadowlite. I only copied my "favorite songs" folder onto this one, because I had *hoped* to have my beloved computer back by now. Yay for favorite songs and all that, but I kinda want my "Emo" list right now. I'm fine, honest. I'm just PMSing and while school stuff isn't quite getting to me yet, its still made its mark on my brain-fryage and stress increase, so I think I totally deserve some emo music.

Speaking of emo music... Anyone have "How to save a life" that they might be willing to share with me?
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::yawns:: Sleepy

Haven't been sleeping as well as usual this last week. Not sure if it's school stress or the allergy meds I've been taking messing with my schedule. It's Zyrtec, and I usually take it the night before because I know it's supposed to make you drowsy. Last night I forgot to take it, and found myself tossing and turning until around 3, only to wake up around 6 (I think) and I wasn't able to doze back off.

Though I suppose it could also be the Harry Potter fic I'm reading messing with my head. This sucker is long, and it has kind of eaten up all my free time (and some not so free time) since Tuesdayish. I don't think it's even supposed to be head-messy, it's just one of those that keeps all those "what happens next?" thoughts spinning around in you head.

Or maybe it's a mix of all that end of semester stuff manifiesting itself in a new and creative way. I'm not all "Ohmygodohmygod" freaking over being all this *stuff* I have to finish over the next two weeks (yet), which is only with the plus, but still. I'd kinda like to get more than 3 hours a night on average, kthnxbye
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I am at school, and aside from the whole OMG, SO TIRED! thing, I feel pretty good otherwise. Had a small bowl of cereal for breakfast, and a small bowl of potato soup for lunch, and so far my stomach has protested neither. YAY for being over the bug! In fact, I'm still kinda hungry. I might go get a mini sub from Cousins if I have the time before work.

No more classes today - only had Biogeography this morning. But, I've been trying to get a hold of my Statistics professor to see when I can come in to take the exam. No luck so far. Also, did an hour's worth of pollen counting for my Climatology class. I got maybe 30 pollen grains. Either the two levels I'm counting in just have, like, super low pollen content, or I'm just really really crappy at identifying pollen grains. Either one is equally likely at this moment.

Swim lessons tonight. I highly doubt I'll have the energy to swim laps before hand, so if I can't get a hold of my Stats prof in the next hour or so, I'm thinking I might head home and try and rest for an hour or two before heading back up town to the YMCA for work. I'm not sure if it's really worth it, though, because I wouldn't be getting back to the house until, like, 2:15ish, and then I would just have to leave again by 3:20ish. I guess it depends on how tired I get over the course of the next hour. On the plus side, I do only have two swim lessons tonight, so I'll be done by 5:45 instead of 6:30. Small favors and all that.

Also, no official lab tomorrow for Biogeography, so, like, I can sleep in. This is good cause last night I crashed at 9:30 and slept like the dead *only* to have some "unknown number" call my cell phone at 1:30 in the friggin morning. Of course, no one was there when I picked up, and of course I had all sorts of trouble getting back to sleep after that. So not only is Maren recovering from the flu, but she is also running on maybe 5 hours of sleep. These things do not mesh very well.

Alright, back to pollen counting. Posting from website, so I am totally not spell checking.
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I should be:
* working on my 280 assignment. (Neram: Seriously. You're a moron if you're not working on that here, where the computer might actually *work*)
* or working on my statistics assignment (Correction - you're a big freaking moron. That sucker is due at noon tomorrow, and you still got that pollen count to finish)
* studying for my Biogeography test on Thursday (do I need to repeat myself? ::sing-song:: Mooor-ooon)

What I've done (and am doing) instead:
* rewatched The Shakespeare Code (which is a very good episode - but your still a moron)
* read two short NCIS fics (Oh My God, do you have a educational death wish?)
* currently reading a slightly longer NCIS fic (::throws up hands:: I give up! I wash my hands of your procrastinative ways! Any bad grades we get because of this is solely on you!)

Yes, I am, in fact, a moron. (told you)
Oh, shut up. Like you have any more enthusiasm to do it than I do.
::blows raspberries::
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Ever have one of those days where you just don't want to do *anything*? I am totally having one of those days, enough so that I was bad and skipped biogeography this morning because I just didn't want to go. Now I'm sitting in a computer lab at school with intent to work on the statistics assignment that is due tomorrow at the beginning of class, and I have actually been sitting here for a good twenty minutes, and so far I've answered all of two really easy questions.

Ugh, I wish it were still Spring Break. I mean, yay, my brain is all back and working properly (or at least as properly as it ever did) after one week of not thinking about anything, but my body is all "We just spent the last week doing nothing but lie around and read fic, and now all of a sudden you want me to do *what*?!"

And, to top it off, I still have to work tonight. In a pool that, if last night was anything to judge by, will likely be friggin freezing again, made all the worse without hope of having any time between classes to stand under an insanely hot shower for a few minutes before diving back in. Tuesdays suck.
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I am insanely tired. Went to bed at 10:45 last night and stayed in bed until 9 this morning. Did not finish or even start the compare and contrast thing I have to do for my 280 class. Still have no clue where to start on that sucker.

Is it spring break yet?
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* Pantine ProV must put some sort of kitty crack into their shampoos and conditioners, because Kaza is even more obsessed with my hair when it is wet fresh from the shower. He just spent ten minutes curled up next to me on the arm of a chair with his face buried in my hair, purring like there was no tomorrow
* Dustin and Mandy claim that they haven't become re-addicted to any of the games on their old Nintendo 64. However, that has not stopped them from playing it for several hours straight these last three nights since they dug it out and plugged it in to feed Mandy's random Tetris fix on Saturday night.
* It is supposed to be above freezing for a high temperature all week! Yay!
* Amanda should have Kick Ass Driving Conditions all day Saturday. Double YAY!
* Die, Asian Beetles, Die
* Kaza might have the right idea. My hair really does smell good fresh from the shower
* Four more days until Amanda! YAY!
* I so totally do not have the brain power right now to write a page on comparing and contrasting the three spatial analysis articles from last week's 280 class. I hope she made the deadline for it on at midnight tomorrow so I can write it after class
* I need to get myself a boyfriend, if only to have someone to smear lotion on that *one spot* on my back that I can never reach
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Last night, I totally crashed at 10:00 pm and slept like the dead until... 3:30 this morning I think? when I was either woken up by an insanely painful cramp or dreamed about an insanely painful cramp in my right calf. When the cramp - real or imaginary, whatever - eased, I then I kinda fell asleep again, dozing until around 8:30, when I dragged my ass out of bed to study for the two tests I have today. Already had my Field Test for Biogeography, which I think I passed but I doubt I actually did really well on, and at 12 I have my first Statistics exam, which I could be studying for now but my brain is so fried and set in the state of "omg, want to go back to sleeeeeeeep" that I really don't have much hope of retaining anything I study, so I do mindless internet things instead. Hopefully I am doing decent enough in that class and the teacher is lenient enough in his grading that I can afford a bad test grade. We shall see.

::wanders off to do more mindless internet stuff::
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Back from lake sediment expidition. We were out on the ice by ten to 9 this morning and we didn't finish until 6 tonight. I'm not going to say it was fun because there was a lot of standing around doing nothing while the "professionals" discussed worked out the mathmatics and fundimental stuff, as well as there were really only enough regular "jobs" for about five people. When they lifted the cores out of the water, I ended up screwing some poles together, but mostly we watched as Sam (our professor) and Tim (their professor) and his two students (graduates who had done this thing before) did all the heavy lifting while me and the other two boys from my class stood around and watched, listening intently when Sam or someone else was explaining what was going on, but otherwise not much else.

I will admit that it was very interesting to watch the first few tubes go down empty and then come back up filled with lake sediment, but after that it got really repetative since we pulled seven sediment tubes from the lake to create one entire core (each tube was about a meter long, and then we had an additional 40-80 feet of metal poles screwed together to get the tube down to the bottom of the lake in the first place - you do that math), and the process was exactly the same every time *.

However, it was a very good learning experience. And, I didn't get cold! Or at least not until the sun got really low and the winds picked up around 4:30/5:00.

That said, I am insanely tired. You wouldn't think trudging a quarter mile through ankle-deep, broken up crusty snow would be that challenging, but holy cow is it ever.

::collapses on her desk and goes to sleep::

* There are pictures, but I am soooo not shrinking and uploading them all tonight.

Also, snow held off all day! We didn't actually hit any at all until we passed through Wausau on the way back, so thank you all for the crossed fingers and good luck wishes sent our way. :)
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Not many, but they are pretty big ones )

Mkay, I go shower now, cause did I mention ZOMIGOD, SO TIRED!
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With the End of Semester Hell these last two weeks, I had quite a bit of stress and ARG!ness to get rid of, so we all decided to go bowling, cause if throwing heavy objects doesn't relieve stress, I don't know what does. Anyway, it was me, Dustin, and Dan, with Chris and Andi meeting us there a few games later. Dustin and I got in seven games (it was 25 cent night again - 7 dollar cover charge got you 25 cent games, shoe rental, small sodas, and other stuff) and I broke a hundred in every one except the last, which I was playing left handed. My highest score for the night was 146, which ain't too shabby if you ask me. I should go bowling after finals more often.

When we started the third or fourth game, though, the adrenaline high I had been running off of these last two weeks completely drained and I was left exhausted, man. That game would've gotten a lot of granny shots, but the whole "bending down" thing just took entirely too much energy. Yeah, I was tired. I got my second wind a game or so later, though, and I still broke a hundred, so hey, go me.

Mandy and I also went shopping earlier this afternoon before my last final. She is now addicted to the Ben Franklin Crafts store. Bwahaha, I am evil.

Anyway, that was my day - finals, shopping, and bowling. All in all, I think it was pretty productive.

And now we get to the Keel Over Dead And Sleep Until New Years part of my To Do list from the last two weeks.

-chest thump- Peace out
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Whee, spam.

Still haven't done any of my homework. I know I'm totally going to regret it tomorrow, but the whole "running on Autopilot" end of the semester thing has kicked in, and at the moment I really can't be pressed enough to give a freaking damn.

So instead I went and tagged some more of my old entries. I am now up through February 2003, go me.
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Ever since I read that Smallville/Buffy crossover I linked too a few days ago, I've had Run Away Train in my head. I don't suppose anyone has a copy of the song I might be able to snarch?

::hums/mumbles:: (run-away train never coming back/wrong way on a one way track/feels like I should be getting somewhere/somehow neither here nor there...)

In other news, I wave of "OMG, TIRED!" just washed over me to the point where I actually stopped typing for a few seconds because I didn't have the energy. Semester needs to be OVER, plz, kthnxbye.


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