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I don't really watch Dancing with the Stars, but the second week I did catch the last half hour or so because it came on right before Castle. Dirty Dancing's Jennifer Grey was the last routine I saw, and seriously, it boggled my mind. The woman is 50 years old and still gorgeous, and it has been 23 years since Dirty Dancing came out and she can still dance beautifully. After that I was kind of hooked - or at least I made it a point to at least watch one of her dances on You Tube for the following weeks. It is *amazing* what that woman has gone through and yet she still manages to steal the show pretty much every week. Also, Derek (her partner) is pretty damned amazing as well. The guy is like the Fred Astaire of this 2010s (Becca, you would probably really enjoy the Quick Step they did for week 8).

It's taken me awhile, but I did finally catch their most recent dances from last week's Dancing with the Stars. The waltz they did? Quite possibly one of the most beautiful dances I have ever seen.
Jennifer and Derek, Way Over Yonder )

I am not ashamed to admit, I am totally rooting for her. Of course, I also haven't seen many of the other couples dance. Maybe three of them, and only once each, so it would probably be unfair for me to vote. That does not stop me from throughly enjoying the clips of Jennifer and Derek on You Tube.
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I do so love this time of the year. Nights are cooler, fall colors are starting to sneak in all over the place, and for the first time since June out here, the weather forecast actually calls for *rain* every once in awhile.


So, for those who haven't already checked out the schedule, here's the fall preview calender from

My personal TV To Watch List (bolds are "Hell F'in Yeah!", italics are "Maybe"s. Everything else is kind of the more typical "Yay, premier week!" kinda thing for old favorites)

Monday, Sept 20
8:00 pm - Chuck
I actually stopped following Chuck somewhere around mid March because I wasn't entirely sure I was happy with where it was going. last season's spoilers ) I might give it another shot, though. We shall see.

10:00 pm - Castle
CANNOT WAIT! Man, I miss me my fun fluffy show, even if I was kinda disappointed with the cliche ending on the Season Finale. Come on, Castle writers... People love your show because you *are* so darned unpredictable! Cliches are called that for a reason, you know.

Tuesday, Sept 21
8:00 pm - NCIS
It's NCIS. 'Nuff said.

Wednesday, Sept 22
8:00 pm - Undercovers
New series that looks like it could be fun.

Thursday, Sept 23
8:00 pm - Bones
End of season three pissed a lot of people off. End of season four ended up alienating quite a few who were still left. Season five, though, was actually pretty good for those of us who managed to hang in there, and it even gave us a few pleasant surprises. I'm game for season six, though I reserve the right to be horribly disappointed.

And I think that covers it, aside from my continued adoration of Ghost Hunters and Eureka, and the mid-season finale for Eureka is tonight. Sadness. White Collar's - yes, I admit it, I have fallen. Hard. Anyone where I can find season 1 streaming online? - was earlier this week, too, so I only have Ghost Hunters to tide me over until the end of the month. My life, so hard.
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So a few nights ago I'm watching a Ghost Hunters marathon on Sci Fi channel, and of course they show all these "original sci-fi series!" advertisements during the commercial breaks because they have to distract people from their irritating new name. Anyway, right now, Warehouse 13 is getting most of the screen time. I've seen the show a few times, and while kind of fun and mildly entertaining, it is also massivly cheesy with a big heaping side of corny and predictable - or at least that is the impression I got from the one or two episodes I've watched.

Then they mention that it is "Emmy nominated!", at which point I go "You're shitting me, right?" because did I mention the corn? And the cheese?

Nope, they're serious. Warehouse 13 was nominated for a 2010 Primetime Emmy award for its Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music.

Now that, at least, I can buy.
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* I have had "So long and thanks for all the fish" in my head *all day* and I don't know why.

* I still don't watch Supernatural, but I do occasionally read Supernatural fic. And thanks to This Night and it's sequel This Road We're On by [ profile] cordeliadelayne, Ruby/Castiel is now my new crack. If I can find anymore of it, that is. I get the impression it's not one of the most popular pairings in the fandom.

* Yesterday's impulse buy at the grocery store was Eggo's Cinnamon Toast Waffles. I have since worked my way through 3/4th of the box.

* Do anyone elses' feet cramp up painfully on a fairly regular basis? Or is it just me that's blessed with that particular curse? Ow.

* No new Chuck *or* Castle until next season. Monday nights are dead to me.
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Okay, so I'm not going through the Yuletide stories nearly as fast as I usually do - I'm not even half way through yet, and I doubt I'll get much farther over the next few weeks. So, I'm going to post the recs I have so far and leave it at that. Enjoy!

A Whole New World - Genie is free, now. Free to live forever, travel time, and come back home.

American President
Two Women - Two women, two parallels, two Presidencies. I kind of read this one on a whim since I always enjoyed the movie, but I was extremely impressed with what I found. Very well written and true to the characters, and it almost made me sniffle. Almost.

The Time Travelers Wife
und mit Geistesstarke tu ich Wonder auch - I have never read The Time Travelers Wife and all I know about it is that there is a time-traveling husband and a non-time traveling wife that often gets left behind. That did not stop me from loving this story (that I read on a whim because it had a lot of comments, which is a sign of good stories when it comes to Yuletide), which follows their daughter, Alba, as she inherits and uses her fathers ability. It is beautiful and lyrical and... amazingly well done considering how someone completely ignorant of the book (series?) can still follow it and love it. You ever see or hear something so beautiful that it makes you want to cry? That's kinda how I felt at the end of it.

Beauty and the Beast (1991 Disney Movie)
What Became of Marie La Fleur - What happened to the green sister after the movie

Bourne series (movie)
Easier - Nicky after Bourne Ultimatum.

Brimstone (with quite a bit of Supernatural in the second half)
26 Views of Mount Meggido - Zeke is still hunting. The author wanted it to be a surprise, but since only one person on my friends list might remember Brimstone, I figure I'd let anyone interested know that Supernatural pops up quite a bit, too. With bells on, even. Also, this story is looooong. Just shy of 35,000 words.

Four Times Chuck Was a Hero - Chuck is a giant geek (and that is why I love him ::hearts like woah::). This has saved his life and the lives of others on more than one occasion. Here are four more such occasions.

Four Things Bryce Larkin Regrets and One He Doesn't - Title pretty much says it all.

TV Commercials
Five Missions Erin Esurance Failed to Complete - The commercials kind of irritate me, but it helps that the story has nothing to do with the commercials except for Erin and Eric. Also, I am amused at the Silly Unimportant Insurance Front hiding Super Secret Government Terror-fighting Agency. It is very Get Smart of them.

Feast! - The continuing adventures of The Viking, The King, The Hawaiian, The Greek, and The Pilgrim from those Snickers commercials. While it didn't have me ROTFLing, it did have me snickering like mad several times. Also, totally qualifies as Cracktastic Fluff, which is the best kind.

Dead Like Me
Deck the Malls - Georgia, Mason, and Daisy all have assignments at the mall on Black Friday. Mostly posting this cause it was fun. Or, well, as fun as Dead Like Me can be what with people dying and all that.

Five ways Reality Beats Fairytales - Nancy and Edward get their own version of Happy Ever After.

Crisis Management ( - Five minor crises that cemented Jack and Henry’s friendship

Fairy Tales (trad)
... - A bit of a twist on the traditional story of Rupunzel

Galaxy Quest
The Rebirth of Brandon Wheeger - A kind of cute story that follows Brandon after the end of the movie.

Hancock - Through the Glass Darkly - They can’t be together, so they try and find third person to live through. Not exactly a satisfying ending, and not as snark-tastic as the movie, but it has it’s moments.
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- 7:00 - Sarah Connor Chronicles (sept 8)
- 7:00 - Chuck (sept 29)

- 7:00 NCIS (sept 23)
- 8:00 Eureka

- 7:00 Bones (sept 3 two hour premier)
- 8:00 Ghost Hunters (sept 3 - 10:00 reshowing)

- 9:00 Stargate Atlantis
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Watching that Samauri Girl thing that ABC Family is putting on. It's actually pretty good. Enough so that I spent the entire afternoon procrastinating watching all six hours.

On hour five now. And I gotta say. Severan is hot. I mean, I really didn't notice it at all the first four hours - yeah, he's English, and yeah, he's got a snazzy accent, but didn't really turn my head at all. I liked his character, but didn't have any "oo, pretty" moments.

Then he goes and takes his jacket off and is wearing a long-sleeved grey form-fitting t-shirt underneath, and I get a damned good look at his chest and abs, and I'm alll "guh". And then I go "guh" some more. Then there is a scene change, and I mourn my loss of Grey Shirt Severn.

He's also an older actor. Again my thing for older men.

Oooo, he's back on. Sans jacket. ::oogles like woah::
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In Plain Sight took over Dead Zone's time slot on Sunday nights. Basically, it's a show about two U.S. Marshals who put people in Witness Protection when some Big Bad wants them dead. Mary is the main character, tough-ass blond who is about as feminine as me. Does her best to not let any feelings show, too, which is another bit I can relate too. Big difference between us is that she carries a gun and is smokin hot (where as I only rate a hot on a good day. No smoke here). Not sure if I like her, she's a bit bitchy.

Marshall (I know - oh, the irony) is her partner. He gets all the great lines, he is extremely smart but doesn't seem to notice (or if he does, he doesn't draw attention to it), he is full of useful trivia (and of course some useless too, but aren't we all) and he is also smokin' hot. He is awesome. I know I like him. I'm pretty sure he has the hots for Mary, but I can't really blame him.

In the series, they banter. A lot. And snark at each other. And shoot people. And, you know, protect witnesses every once in awhile.

Oh, yeah, and their boss is Bobby Hobbs. Rock On.
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Watching reruns of Bones when I can, because hey, minus the last three episodes of this past season, it's all new to me. Not quite obsession level yet, but obsession is most definitely a possibility if I continue watching. It might even be in the running for partial soul ownership. Because Booth and Brennan are totally Best Friends Forever, and I dig that like woah. I just get a bonus of quirky plot twists and all the snark my heart may desire.

But mostly? Booth/Brennan BFF! I kinda wanna pinch their cheeks for all the adorableness.

When I first started watching Bones, I was all "Bones/Booth BFF! Even if they end up having sex!", but now I'm kinda hoping there never is any sex because that would totally ruin the Best Friends Forever. Sex always gets in the way of BFF-ness. At the least, sex would minimize the Best Friends Forever simply to Friends Forever, possibly with a side of Lovey Dovey. At the most, it would totally throw off their Leet Partnership Mojo Skillzz, and they wouldn't even be friends anymore, and that would make me very very sad.

Therefore, Bones writers? No sex between Booth and Bones. It would totally ruin everything. Just maintain the BFF, please. Oh, and don't kill either of them, cause that would make me cry.

Shutting up now.


Okay, now I am.
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I just realized that this is Broadcast Season Finale Week.

NCIS is going to be a bitch. ::wanders off to find soft stuff to throw at her TV and stockpiles the tissues just in case::
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I think I may have fallen for Bones. I've seen it off and on for the last year or so since my parents watch it, but I never really got into-into it. It's something I know I *could've* gotten into pretty easily, but I just haven't been watching as much TV (NCIS Tuesday, Ghost Hunters Wednesday, and the whopping two episodes of Moonlight that they've shown so far on Fridays).

Tonight I watched it on a whim. And I am hooked. I'm not going to say totally hooked cause we'll see if I remember it's on Monday nights (one week left of the classes, one week of finals, and 80 bagillion projects due. Okay, so more like one project and one report, but whatever, both are due by the end of the week), but I will say that I will say hooked. However, if I may use a fishing parsimile (sp?), there's always the chance that I'll get away despite taking the bait.

Also, Booth and Brennan are so totally Best Friends Forever. I wouldn't even mind if they were Best Friends Forever with sex. But mostly? BFF has totally won me over.
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Just an FYI for those interested, but tonight's two-hour special episode of Deal or No Deal with be completely Star Wars themed. Star troopers, R2D2, Chewie, and all of the ladies dressed ala Leia in Return of the Jedi, with Darth Vader filling in for the Banker. If nothing else is on tonight, I am totally watching.

In other TV guide news, I still haven't seen anything about a cameo appearance by Adam and Jamie on CSI, but it looks like it will be an amusing episode none the less (the episode was written by the some of the same people who write Two and a Half Men). Nothing is really on on Thursdays that I watch anyway, so I'm totally game.
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Dish on Demand went from having nothing on most of the day yesterday to having Cities of the Underworld, Transformers Animated, *and* the Mythbuster Young Scientist special all on at 10:00 am. That is so totally unfair, yo.
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ooo, flight of the navigator is on at 6. holiday weekends kick ass.

also, i want arby's.
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OMG, SUMMER GLAU IS IN THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES! How did I not know this? I mean, I was sitting here after the game going "to watch or not to watch, that is the question" because, seriously, Linda Hamilton is THE ONLY SARAH CONNOR, DAMMIT, but then I went to to see if it was okay for me to oogle the guy who plays John (who is supposedly only 15 in the series) without feeling like a dirty old lady (the actor is 19, by the way, totally legal for me to oogle) and I find out SUMMER GLAU IS IN IT and now I am totally going to start watching this series, lack of Linda be damned.

Now, if only they could bring Kyle back in some way, shape, or form.
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Watching Numb3rs, cause it came on after Moonlight and nothing else is on. HIYEEEEE WAAAALT! At least now I know why you left Dead Zone. He's the head of the FBI SWAT team (does the FBI have a SWAT team?), though I'm not sure he's a recurring character cause I don't watch Numb3rs.

And here ends tonight's episode of Randomness.
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My dad put Bionic Woman on. I have never see it. However, in the fifteen minutes it's been on, I have seen Kara from BSG, Daniel from Witchblade (MY BOYO! Where have you *been*!?), the guy who left Gray's Anatomy, the head doctor dude from Crossing Jordan, and Whats Her Face from Kyle XY - the cute girlfriend of the brother with the cancer? Damn, considering she is probably one of my favorite characters from the series, I really should remember her name. And a bunch of random guest stars from different series.
Anyway, looks like Bionic Woman is The Place To Be for cable series stars. I might have to actually start watching it now.

I probably won't, though. Kara's character is a bitch (even more so than in BSG, though she has gotten a few good one liners), and Whats Her Face from Kyle XY is an annoying drama queen. Daniel's character seems cool, though, so who knows.
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Bonus to having cable - like, ten gazillion different NBC and CBS channels. Okay, so only two or three of each, but it still means that when the people running one channel mess up the tapes or start a commercial too early (or a weather warning pops up, though I'm not sure what that says about me when Id rather watch my TV shows than get possibly life saving weather information), I can just switch to the next one and catch whatever I would've missed otherwise.
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First there was Quantum Leap, then there was Time Trax, and now there is Journeyman. And it was good. Yay time travel shows!

Though now I have the urge to make time travel jokes. "A Scientist, a Cop, and a Journalist walk into a trans-dimensional portal..."
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So far? I *reaaaaally* like Chuck. In fact, I kinda wouldn't mind having his babies. small spoiler ) He is geeky (or nerdy, as the Nerd Herd prefer) and adorable and he can't dance, but there is always room for improvement.

Also? Jayne (or I think his name is Agent? Casey in this series) looks really good. I like his hair. /hair fetish
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Entirely for my own use, feel free to skip

TV schedule )

Tuesdays and Fridays are the only days I have an overlap, and I have a video tape to record NCIS and Eureka (cause, woe, I have class until 8:30), and my parents will probably record Bones at home on the digital recorder. Friday I'll probably be at home so I can set the digital recorder myself. Yay for small favors.
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They're doing an Ugly Betty marathon on ABC Family. I put it on for lack of anything else to watch. I have now watched three hours in a row. It's kinda addicting.

... Does this make me more girly or less? And does the fact that she has won at least one Emmy? award and been nominated for at least one more factor in there at all?
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Last night I watched the series premier of the new Flash Gordon on Sci Fi. It was a little corny, but since the original movie was Corn Ball Supreme (with a kick ass sound track), I suppose it was to be expected. Not sure I'll keep watching, but it was a fun way to pass the time.

Early this morning, my subconscious mixed up the theme for Flash Gordon with the ideas behind Stargate Atlantis, which gave me a surprising mix of slight corniness paired with quite a bit of actual plot and drama that could work scarily well as a crossover.

So, I give you "ATLANTIS! AAAAh-aaaaah... Atlantis!"

under here )

There was more, but alas, I cannot remember any of it. And none of what I typed under the cut is in any particular order.
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Well that sucks.

Auggy chewed through the cord that connected our Dish to the house, which means until (and unless) we can get it fixed, the only channels we'll get are NBC and CBS if we're extremely lucky. Which means no new Eureka for me tomorrow night. :( Don't suppose anyone knows if, and if so, where I might be able to download the episode somewhere?
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The nice thing about my father having the same kind of lap top I do? His charger was plugged in right next to the couch while mine is waaaaay up stairs in my room. Must love interlocking parts.

In other news, Tru Calling just premiered on Sci Fi ten minutes ago. Apparently Tuesdays are now Tru Calling days. Cool.


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