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So, not so queasy that I am unable to eat, but stomach still hasn't been great. No idea what it is - if I was having Boy Issues, I'd blame anxiety because that is kind of what this feels like, but no boys to have issues over - of the two I was worried about, one is happily in the beginnings of another relationship and the other seems content to just be friends as we always have been. So if there is Anxiety, I have no idea what it is about. Finances maybe? Didn't get scheduled for as many hours as I hoped I would at the YMCA (only six hours a week), so the search for another part time job will continue. Have not heard back from the woman I had the phone interview for the GIS job in the City of Dubuque (not that I really thought I would, and I kinda like the idea of being home for the summer), so I might be more desirable locally as a part-time worker without the threat of me up and leaving after a month and a half. One can hope, at least.
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I forgot how miserable head colds are. Usually I only have to deal with chests colds - I spend one or two days sneezing and congested, then I spend a week or two hacking up a lung but feeling otherwise fine.

This is definitely a head cold, and we are already on day three without it showing any signs of heading south. On the one hand, yay for the chance to hopefully avoid the lingering cough that makes me sound like I am dying. On the other hand, my ears hurt and are all plugged up and it feels like my head is stuffed with dirty rags. And if past experience is anything to judge by, I still have at least a day (and more likely two more) of this. Boo, not on body.
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Either my allergies are acting up (and being all persistent about it and stuff) for the first time since I moved out here - in which case, I have no idea what the heck is setting them off - or my body is making up for being disgustingly healthy for over three years all at once and I have a cold. I am leaning more toward allergies because aside from a sore, scratchy throat and a partially clogged nose, I feel fine. It is still incredibly annoying, though.

In other news, I have finally posted pictures from when I went down to visit Cristin in Vegas back in January on Facebook, and I am in the process of posting photos from Portland this past weekend (zoo is up, Multnomah Falls is uploading now), so feel free to check them out if you so desire. If you can't access the FB albums, let me know, and I'll try and upload some of the highlights to Photobucket to share.

Portland Zoo and Multnomah Falls

Red Rock Canyon and Las Vegas
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After a month and a half of fuss, two computer tech places, and at least six or seven visits between them, it has finally been determined that the most likely problem with my computer going to black screen lies within the adapter cord. This was discovered totally on accident after I got it back the fifth time because we *all* wanted to make sure the problem was finally solved, so I hung out there for at least an hour waiting for the tell-tale flicker. And waiting. And waiting.

With all the waiting, the battery died down to less than half power, so I asked one of the tech people to plug it in for me using my own power cord. Sure enough, less than a minute after he plugged it in, the screen flicked and went black.

So, I've already gotten a new battery in the mail, and a new power cord is hopefully not far behind. *Hopefully* that will be the end of the issue, but after a month and a half of disappointment, I'm not getting aforementioned hopes up too high.

In other entirely unrelated news, holy cow does today seem to be dragging. Just over two hours into my day, and already it feels like I've been here twice that.
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Though I woke up feeling quite poorly, I did not spend the day worshiping the porcelain goddess, so hurray for small favors. In one of those random (okay, not random, usually stress-or-anxiety-related... golly, I wonder what caused that) episodes of body-rebellion that pop up now and again, I felt like crap for an hour or two, and then I was perfectly fine for the rest of the day. Sometimes, I really hate my brain. *Especially* when it turns my body against me.
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Yesterday - despite the sleep deprivation - actually passed pretty quickly, and the whole "Nurrrnung, haven't slept in almost two days" thing didn't hit me until *after* work, which was surprising but not unwelcome.

Time is making up for that today. It's not even 9:00 am, and I feel that the day should *at least* be half over by now. But alas, no, I've not even been here for a full two hours yet.

So, Monday turned out to not be near as long as I thought it would. Tuesday, however, is proving to be a right contrary bastard.
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40 mph sustained winds + wide-spread dust storms reducing visability to less than a half mile in some places + construction crew putting in a new water pipe right outside my office window and causing *the entire building to vibrate* = One Hell of a Headache

Is it 3:30 yet?

In other news, ::sends lots of hugs and Happy Thoughts toward Tennessee friends:: I hope you all are managing to stay safe and dry!
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Right, so once again, I literally have Nothing To Do and there is still an hour left of work. I have had Nothing To Do for about two hours now, and my make-work project digitizing the Snake and Columbia is something I can only work on so long.

Yes, we are, in fact, still having software issues, and the IT guy who is the only one who has any chance of figuring it out at this point is either out of the office for the week or ignoring my calls. This whole thing is getting insanely frustrating for all of us. Arrgh! ::headdesk::

So, the last two days I have been helping stick flags all over some of the HMUs, marking out where the new batch of trees that will be arriving in the next few days should be planted. Not at all in my job description, but at least it gives me something to do that is actually helpeful and stuff rather than sitting here like a lump fighting with the computer.

On that note, today we got to plant flags in 45 mph winds with gusts up to 60. There are localized dust storms all over the place, and it kinda makes me glad we only had one small HMU to flag this morning, and even *that* was all sorts of not fun. I know you all in Wisconsin are kinda annoyed by the snow, but honestly, with the way things are blowing out there and the Attack of the Tumbleweeds, I'd probably trade you quite willingly. Snow I can deal with - high winds and dust storms take some getting used to.
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Kennewick is a part of the Tri-cities area (Kennewick, Pasco, Richland), the total population of which is upwards of *one quarter million people*. And here I was hoping that it would just be three small towns relatively close together but not quite close enough to make one big city. Ugh, I'm probably going to dig out all the defensive driving skills I gained in Saint Cloud - really not something I'm looking forward to. Hopefully that is the *only* think remotely Saint Cloud-like I have to deal with. Anxious Maren is anxious.

That said, settled into the hotel for the next month. Put my clothes away and everything, and plan for today is to find something to fill the tiny refrigerator I have in the room and add some other food stuffs to the currently very empty cupboards.


Jan. 22nd, 2010 05:39 pm
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* Did not feel well, was very tired and cold. Did some laundry and slept the afternoon away. I felt much better after I got back up around 4 pm.

* Went into Marshfield with dad to see Gramma, get groceries, and drop stuff off at Saint Vinnys.
* The sun decided to half come out on the drive back home. It was very bright, and as it was still behind a thin layer of clouds, it was also very scattered. With the freezing rain we got last night and the sun-reflection off pretty much everything, it did not take me long to develop a headache....which I still have 3 hours later. Eye strain headache for the lose, especially since it is completely not my own fault like usual (usually I get them from playing on the computer too long).
* Did dishes, even though almost none of them were ones I got dirty. Go me.
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Ugh @ girl parts. At least I'm pretty sure what was a least partially responsible for all the "mmmmrrrrnnuuug, tired" I was all week.
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I am wearing a short tank top that I can't even *pretend* to be able to pull off, no bra, and short shorts, and it is not helping one iota. Want the heat to go awaaaaaaaay...

And the fact that my lap top is pretty much radiating heat does not help much, either.

::grumbles and sulks and considers putting ice down her shirt::
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I am hot and sticky and not in the good way and it is *only 79 degrees*. Not cool. Doesn't help that my room has got to be at least 85, either.

And Weatherbug is predicting highs in the upper 80s and low 90s pretty much for all of next week.

So not looking forward to this summer. ::fans self::

In other news, I just randomly got a really strong craving for coffee cake.
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Went with fam to the annual Energy Fair, which takes place in... Amherst, is it? Within spitting distance of Stevens Point, at least. *Finally* got the shirt I saw years and years ago but could not afford (I still cannot afford it, but it was 3 dollars cheaper than when I first couldn't afford it, so I gave in because, seriously, I've wanted that shirt for five years!), which is 100% cotton dyed with 100% red clay, and it says "Play In The Dirt" with two muddy hand prints on it, and it is awesome.

Wandered around a bunch, taking particular interest in the eco-friendly house building type stuff (like insulated cement) because even if I know I can never, ever afford to build a house like that, it would be awesome if I could and it would totally be the most comfortable house *ever* because it is so well insulated that it would stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so even if I had central air, I probably wouldn't need it unless I forgot to close the windows or something. Also, eco-friendly! The insulated cement isn't as cool as the clay-straw-cement Super Earthy House that I saw pictures of there years ago, but still, cool.

And then I spent three dollars on a chicken skewer that only had four pieces of chicken on it, but I was hungry and it was probably one of the least expensive things there. Pricey fair food so not for the win.

And now I am going to go take a cold shower because while it is down to 82 degrees, it got up to around 85 with a heat index of 90ish and I have spent the afternoon wandering around in muggy heat and I feel decidedly dirty. (yes, I know, you southerners may laugh at me and call me a wuss now; I figure turnabout is fair play as I mock you mercilessly in the winter when you complain about how "it's all the way down to 25 degrees!")
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Today, I tried to start running again for the first time in 3 years. It sucked. A lot.

On the bright side, I made it about two miles. On the not so bright side, I probably only ran maybe 1/2 mile of that, 3/4 of a mile, tops. Even though I tried to take it easy, I still think I over-did it and I'm thinking tomorrow my legs are going to hate me kind of a lot, especially considering at the moment they are rather unhappy with me, so tomorrow is probably going to be 10 times worse.

And since I also took my inhaler for the first time in about a year (and the last time it was only once or twice when my cough got really bad during a chest cold), I now feel all shaky and trembly, with a really fast heart rate (110 BPM give or take - which is why I don't like using my inhaler, even though the doc says I should when I exercise). Not fun, yo.

I'm hoping I'll be able to keep running just to get back in shape. Had a doctors appointment today to get my allergy prescriptions renewed, and my weight is up to 172 (from 156 last year), and the doctor made a very good point that I didn't even consider - I'm not swimming at all anymore since I'm not working, which means I'm not burning nearly as many calories as I used to, even though it was only a very easy swim for maybe 50 minutes two or three times a week when I was teaching lessons. I had hoped that my walking every day to school would help kind of even the scales, but all things considered - a relatively easy walk for only a half an hour a day doesn't even come *close* to the amount of energy burned in a 45 minute swim. Hence the trying to figure out some sort of exercise regime.

Problem is, I hate running, and I don't have a membership at the YMCA anymore to go swimming, even if I *wanted* to swim, which I kind of don't because as much as I love swimming, I hate chlorine twice as much, and swimming in a pool is about all you can do this time of the year.

My life, so hard.
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Chem final tomorrow. I seriously cannot be bothered to care.

Also, headache. Ugh.

Lastly, it would seem that Chuck will not be returning in the fall line up, which is a nice fitting addition to my current Hate The World state of mind. I suppose it could always be one of the shows to get the delayed start date in January, but I wouldn't get my hopes up too high.

ETA 7:24 because I am tired of spamming
It is just not right that I can read a regular, plain old paperback book for three hours and end up with a nasty headache, only to read a brightly-lit computer screen for an hour and have the headache start to slowly disappear. Or maybe the Aspirin I took a few hours ago is finally kicking in.

Oh, wait, there's the headache. I guess fic is just more distracting than plain old fantasy fiction.
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Headache is back, complete with light sensitivity and possibly a bit of sound sensitivity since the click of my fingers on the keyboard seems awful loud. I don't know if this qualifies as a migraine since the only thing I have to compare it too is the really horrible migraine I got back in high school some time that kept me in bed for several days with the full package - extreme light and sound sensitivity, a headache bad enough that I was seriously considering chopping off my own head, and rather bad nausea. For about three days I literally had to crawl to the bathroom because it was so bad.

This one isn't nearly as debilitating, but it sure isn't fun, and the whole "light sensitivity" is not any more fun the second time around.

So, yes, I feel icky. I was hoping to go back to school tomorrow because missing two chem classes in a row is probably a bad thing, but I don't know if that will be possible.
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Yesterday I developed a headache around the time Chem lab started. About halfway through chem lab, it got markedly worse, and I admit to bullshitting my way through the last few questions we had to answer on the report because I just wanted to get out of there. Finally finished 10 minutes before the official end of lab (which is 2pm to 4:50 pm) and took the bus home even if it was stuffy enough on there to make me feel worse, because it was faster than walking and meant I would get to my bed that much sooner. Got home and left all the lights out in my room, put an audio book on my computer, covered my eyes with a handkerchief and crashed rather hard. I didn't want to sleep - hence to audio book - but it still sucked to the point where even the audio book at a low volume was a bit painful to listen too, and I felt icky enough that I'm like "screw this, not going to class tomorrow".

Headache faded enough by around 7:30 that I could actually use my eyes and find something to eat, and it was pretty much gone by the time I went to bed, but it was still lurking when I woke up, so I still decided not to go to class. I know, shame on me - especially since we just finished Spring Break, but the headache paired with the fact that I could not seem to get to sleep last night (kept going into those half dozes I usually hit when I "nap", where I'm kinda resting and half asleep but still aware of everything around me, and then Real Life and Subconscious merge together to create some really weird half-dreams) decided me, so I slept in instead.

Now it is almost 10:30 and headache is threatening to make a return appearance. Arg, today sucks.
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1 - I am massivly tired
2 - Did sleep last night, but not as much as I hoped and I would've loved being able to stay in bed another hour or two
3 - It is currently dark and grey and raining of the below freezing variety outside.
4 - Stomach is not happy.
5 - Mineralogy exam in two and a half hours. Ugh.

So far, the day is not looking promising.
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First off - Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Not so cheerful secondly - RIP Paul Harvey.
I haven't listened to you in years, but you actually made the news interesting when I was a kid, so go you! Favorite story that still sticks with me today is one you told years and years ago about a little girl asking for a pet bunny and her mom telling her oh-so-politely that she would "When Hell freezes over". The next day, Hell, Michigan did, in fact, freeze over and the little girl got her bunny. Awesome.

In other news, I was at school until 4:30ish working on Huge GIS Project of Doom. Still not finished. Ugh.

Also, roommate and I decided that we really weren't watching all our extra cable channels enough to make it worth an additional 30 bucks a month, so we're back down to basic. Which means no more TNT and Bones afternoon reruns. Woe.
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On hour 8 of the Huge GIS Project of Doom. Wow do I want this sucker over.

On the bright side, I'm pretty sure I've finished the hardest part - no more DOS-like programs, yay! At least not until the next lab. Anyway, all that's left is basically taking the map I created (from scratch, hence the OMG IS IT OVER YET mindset) and making it look pretty and colorful. This I have done before many times. Still time consuming, but now the end is in sight!

Then, of course, I still have to do the brand new lab assignment we got today, but psh, details.
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Actually did go to school today to work on the Huge GIS Project of Doom. Still did not get it done (or even close to being done, for that matter), but at least now I am three hours closer to finishing it.

Also got groceries today since tomorrow I'm going to try and stay on campus after classes and hopefully get a few more hours in, which will likely take up the time I usually reserve for grocery buying. Also, I was out of bagels and low on lettuce, so now I actually can pack a lunch tomorrow and not have to eat out.

Now, though, I am home again and I have a headache, so the rest of the evening is going to consist of Not Doing Anything Constructive Unless I Have To. Hellooooo Due South season 3.
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1 - I feel icky. Aunt Flow has come for her monthly visit and I kind of want to stab her in the stomach.

2 - Job fair on campus today; I "dressed up" (as in, wore a nice shirt and my nicest pair of jeans) in order to look more hireable, but it appears that the companies represented are looking more for sales and accounting type than science and natural resources type, so yeah, I'm wearing a turtleneck for nothing. At least it's not too uncomfortable; I do wish it was longer, though.

3 - I have already spent about three hours on the GIS Lab of Doom and I imagine I still have at least three more. I hate digitizing.

4 - there is no four

5 - Today so far has totally been one of those days in which I just can't be expected to be able to focus on anything for more than 5 minutes. Higher brain function is on a hiatus.

::crawls off to play online and not do anything constructive::
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First two finals (Intro to Soils and Water, Sedimentology) did not go as well as I hoped, but at least they are over and there's only one more tomorrow (hydrogeology). Hydrogeology is probably the one I'm most worried about, but I take comfort in the fact that It's Almost Over.

On the brighter side, I found out I wasn't doing as horrible in Hydrogeology as I thought I was. Went in and talked to the teacher today and it turns out I'm getting a 78% instead of a 70% thanks to all the assignments we've done the last month or two. Hurrah for small favors, I suppose. I doubt it will prevent me from freaking out about the test tomorrow any less, though.

Stomach is still massively unhappy, made even more so with the whole Motion Sick thing on the bus ride back from campus (it's -1 outside with a windchill of -20; no way was I walking a mile home in that), but I have managed to eat about half a little Grab Bag sized bag of pretzels and one of those instant cup of soup packet thingies, so yay for being able to eat something.
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Alright, *now* I am worried. It's 4:13 in the morning and I haven't actually slept yet, and at this point, I doubt I will. I'm actually making myself all sick feeling like with nerves and anxiety, which still isn't a pleasant feeling. And it doesn't help one bit that it is extremely nasty outside, with the winds roaring loud enough to hear quite clearly outside my window, even over the sound of the radio and the air purifier going at medium speed. 3 degrees F with wind speeds averaging 20 mph, creating a wind chill of -18 degrees. Icky.

I was going to play with my computer in hopes of distracting myself, but so far it's not working all that great. Not to mention, you know, having my arms above the blankets is only making me colder. So, I'm going to curl up and *try* to get at least an hour of sleep now, but mostly I'm thinking I'll just be staying warm. Arrg, I hate finals.


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