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Friday, Dec 2 - Took Kristin along for a tree decorating party at JB's. We put geeky ornaments on his Christmas tree and had the Star Wars Holiday Special on in the background. I didn't notice much about it (thankfully) beyond the singing at the end and Cartoon Han's penis shaped head, and instead spent the entire time eating junk food and jabbering with fellow geeks.

Sunday, Dec 4 - Madgical Dinner at the high school courtesy of Kristin's mother. Soup was good, bread was *really* good, and I ate most of my stuffed pork chop even though I am neither a fan of pork chops nor stuffing, but it was still kind of nice to dress up. And wear my hooker boots. ;) Singing was pretty good, too - only about half the Mads were strong singers this year, but the choirs all did amazing, and the Mads were pretty good in and of themselves.
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* Saturday, Nov. 19 - Monday, Nov. 21 - let myself be convinced to go spend the weekend up in the wilds of the Northwoods without any running water or - at least on our side of the cabin - central heat with my friend Ethan and some of his family. It was kind of nice in it's own way; super pretty up there with the snow that started falling pretty thickly just after we arrived, and hey, who am I to protest the chance to spend the entire weekend reading guilt-free. It was very cold, however, and the sauna they use to clean up and bucket-shower was swarming with flies, which isn't fun when you're wet and naked. On the bright side, at least I didn't have to go four days without washing my hair like I did when we went up camping on Mt. Ranier.

* Tuesday - didn't do much as I was rather exhausted after three days without sleep (don't sleep - or eat much, come to think of it - well when I travel), though I did go into work for a Water Aerobics drop-in class in the evening. With the YMCA not running any programs this past week due to Thanksgiving, I figured I could use every bit of extra on my paycheck I could possibly manage.

* Wednesday - bit of cleaning, and then I took Buddy to the Marshfield dog park, and was pleased to discover he seemed to get on well with the other dogs. Kind of shy and came running back to me to "hide" pretty often, and he was drooling so much he looked a bit rabid, but no barking, growling or snapping from him or the other dogs, hurray! Might try and do it again soonish - the poor boy loves to play, but we're never around to play with him.

* Thursday, Nov. 24 - TURKEY DAY! - Rode down to Ripon with my parents and my brother Ben to have Thanksgiving Dinner with a good chunk of Mom's side of the family. Had dinner at a catering place owned by a high school friend of Mom's instead of Gramma M going crazy trying to have it at their place again. Ate entirely too much (but less than I usually do at these sort of things) and caught up a bit with aunts, uncles, and cousins.

* Friday - cleaning like a mad cleaning thing, getting ready to host about a two-thirds of my dad's family for that side's Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday.

* Saturday, Nov. 26 - Dad and I were crazy busy in the morning trying to get everything cooked (I was charged with the green bean casserole, twice-baked potatoes, fruit salad, and getting the munchies set to go since we would be eating so late while Dad mostly focused on the cleaning and the sweet potatoes) and all the last minute cleaning accomplished before his oldest sister and her family arrived at around 12:30. Mom finished up the few work things she had and brought Gramma home with her around 1:30 pm and we were able to sit down to a late dinner by about 2:30. Caught up with cousins, ate too much again, and spent the rest of the evening watching movies (Tron: Legacy is awesome) and playing on my computer before crashing at 8:45ish because I was Just That Tired. Of course then I tossed and turned from 10pm to 1 or 2am because of my sorta nap beforehand, but such is life.

* Sunday, Nov. 27 (Today) - did two loads of laundry, otherwise? A whole lot of nothing. Watched another movie (The Tourist with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, where I totally spoiler ), but it was still fun and I'd watch it again and hey, who am I to turn down two such pretty, pretty people together on one screen?

Back to work tomorrow, alas, but I'm very sure my bank account will thank me. Speaking of bank accounts, note to self - You WILL go on another job-applying spree tomorrow afternoon before work. We really, really DO NOT NEED to go any further into debt than we already are.
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Facebook is stealing what I would otherwise spam on LJ.

So - in brief - an update

* Friday, Nov 11 - spent a good chunk of the day driving around with Dad. He had a meeting with a guy who hit it rather big in the Ethanol sales in the early-to-mid 2000s... and then he got Too Big, and government types (not just senators and the like, we're talking DNR and Forestry Department, even the DOT) did everything they possibly could to bury him. Depressing to hear, but informative and now hopefully we can learn from his mistakes and wiggle around some of the confinements on Ethanol production. We're also never going to "go big", which is hopeful because everyone pretty much left him along until he started making too much money.

* Saturday, Nov 12 - while playing with the dog, Buddy managed to jab a stick into my right eye. It was red and gunky and irritating the rest of the weekend, which pretty much killed my motivation to do anything else. On the bright side, it was almost totally better by Monday, and generally back to normal yesterday, so hurray for the healing power of the ocular orbs!

* This coming weekend, Nov 18-21 - fair to middling chance I'll be heading up nort' to do some camping with a friend of mine. Bright side - his family owns a rustic cabin in Nicolet National Forest, complete with wood stoves and bunk-beds. Down side - no electric or running water, so my hair is going to be driving me nuts. I predict lots of braided pigtails and hats in my future.
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I have discovered that if I am willing to wait 5-15 minutes for each and every LJ page to load, I can actually get into it and stuff. Mostly, though, not so much with the patience. But, since I'm here...

The last two days at work LJ has been super slow for me. Like, slower than dial up slow. No clue what is causing this as it does not appear anyone else is having this issue (at least not that I know of or the one LJ maintenance community I did actually wait to load), but it does mean that replying to comments might be awhile. It might just be a work thing, but who knows.

Also, last night our internet provider at the house - Clearwire - apparently was experiencing a state-wide outage, so I couldn't get online at all there. Not sure if the issue has been resolved or not as I didn't check before leaving for work this morning, but it is yet another reason why I haven't been around much the last 36 hours or so.

So, you know, just an FYI for those who are curious.

Also, not spell checking this entry because did I mention the whole 10+ minute loading time? So sorry for any spelling errors.

Hopefully I'll be back soonish as I am kinda going through LJ withdrawl and playing waaaaay to much Farmville because of it.
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* No internet access at home for the last two days, and I'm not sure when we're going to get it back. So I might not be around as much.

* Geology/Geography banquet last night - did win the Writing Award, so go me. I'm thinking it might be because I was the only one that applied, but who am I to complain?

* Over the last three nights, I have *maybe* gotten a total of 8 hours sleep. Not fun.

* Mineralogy final in an hour and 45 minutes. Also not fun.

And finally, the worst news of all - Ninety Nine did finally pass away yesterday. I am sad and I will miss her, but all things considered, I'm surprisingly okay. We've been expecting this for awhile, and when I went home last weekend, she was in pretty bad shape. I said my goodbyes then, which helps a lot, and the important thing is she isn't suffering anymore.

I'll post a memorial post in my LJ once we get internet access again at home.
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Just a weekly reminder for those of you who are interested that Girls Night In, Vol. II is scheduled for Saturday, January 31, which is a little over two weeks away. Though it's not really necessary since we didn't actually pay much attention to it last time around, we can still pop in a movie to watch together. So, if you want to watch a movie (which, again, is totally unnecessary), feel free to request Independence Day or Spaceballs - chosen only because if I recall correctly, those were the two aside from Serenity that most of us already had in our possession. If anyone want to suggest another movie that we can hit the movie rental place for, that is also an option, though you all are going to have to let me know what is new on the DVD rack. Last time I paid attention to a release date, it was Get Smart. :)

I also considered the possibility of watching a movie on TV - that way we wouldn't have to play "sync our DVD players!" again. I'll get back to you all on that bit cause only has the next two weeks listed.


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