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Right, so... I have no life, hence the lack of posts. But, for those of you who might still be curious:

Monday, April 11 - Stayed in bed sleeping and reading most of the day after spending a good chunk of the night barfing thanks to food poisoning, which still sucks by the way

Tuesday, April 12 - Feeling much better, I think I went into town to do... stuff. I could be wrong, though.

* Fell into Serious Organization Mode and decided to attack one of the moving boxes i had yet to unpack, which was mostly full of clothes, and another that had a bunch of books and binders and the like in it. After stuffing my wardrobe and dresser about as full as I could, and using up all the available storage space in my room, I still had stuff to put... somewhere.

* Unburied the door to the small attic in our upstairs living room, donned a dust mask and a hair kerchief - because the ceiling was very low and full of dead asian beetles in spiderwebs, and the floor was just full of dead asian beetles. And, you know, dusty and stuff - and swept a bit of floor free of dead bugs and dust so I could store stuff in there and relocated some of the plastic boxes cluttering up the living room into there.

* Then I vowed to hit the department stores the next day for storage boxes of my own and maybe the stuff to build another shelf up in my room. By that time it was late afternoon/early evening and I decided I had totally earned a Ghost Hunters break and called it a night, at least as far as Accomplishing Stuff went.

Thursday - Shopping, lunch with Mom and Dad at World Buffet, and then more shopping. Got home around 2 or 3ish, proceeded to fill my bounty of brand, shiny new storage boxes to capacity (well, three of the four at least - turns out I had less stuff than I thought and didn't really need the fourth one) and stored them away. Then I used the excuse of "rearranging stuff in my room, call if you need help with something!" to rearrange a few things in my room for a bit before I spent the rest of the evening until Prime Time curled up in bed reading some more. Then I played on my computer the rest of the evening, though I did kind of half pay attention to the episode of Bones my parents were watching.

Friday - attached two hooks onto the wall in my room, were I can now hang all of my bags, hurray! Also washed dishes, and at some point during the week I did do laundry, but I can't recall exactly when so I'll just stick it here and move on.

And that brings us to today, Saturday, April 16, in which I have accomplished very little except read some more, watch the latest episode of Mythbusters, and made popcorn. So, very lazy day, probably due entirely to the fact that it snowed all of last night and into this morning and the weather has been rather poor pretty much since Thursday afternoon. Cold and windy on Thursday, cold and crazy strong winds (at least as far as Wisconsin is concerned) all day yesterday, which turned into first sleet, and eventually snow last night. Thankfully the ground is warm enough that there was little accumulation, and it will probably be all gone again within a few days, but for now, looking out side is rather depressing.
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I was going to go visit The Emmies this afternoon, but a rather rotten, sleepless night thanks to horrible allergies and/or asthma (which hasn't acted up in 15 years, dammit!) made me decide I didn't really want to drive an hour and a half, especially with the weather being just primed and ready to spit out severe thunderstorms and tornadoes at a moment's notice (if you're lucky - these storms are moving *fast*, anywhere from 50-70 mph, man). Asthma/allergies were so bad last night that i actually had to use my inhaler for the first time in I can't remember when, and of course Albuteral(sp) is a steroid, and as I have been free of the drug for a decade, my body reacts to it as a steroid and makes me trembley and shaky and massively tense, which makes sleeping impossible, and the reaction lasts several hours. On the up side, at least I could breath again without wheezing. Still not sure it was worth the hassle, though.

In other news, THUNDERSTORMS! Which are, as always, hopping right over the top of us and hitting directly to the north and the south instead, leaving us to stand mournfully in the dry zone with barley a sprinkle as they pass us by. Ah, well, at least we got some nice lightning last night, and we are under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 11 pm, so hope springs eternal and all that.
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Last night's dream involved werewolves and vampires and rose thorns embedded in my palm. If I believed in the messages and precognition of dreams, I'd be rather worried right now.

The gravity of what would've been an otherwise very creepy dream was lessened significantly with Butch and Sundance (or Bonnie and Clyde, one of the famous partnerships of history) making havoc in the underworld and crashing an undead wedding, and what may have been a guest appearance of Betty White worried about not doing her hair before she ran away from the werewolf outside our house. So, again with the less creepy and more "WTF, brain?"

On an entirely different note, our driveway is currently holding four - count em, *four* - of our vehicles hostage, including my own Coyote with his 4WD. Dad was able to get him out yesterday so mom could make it to her in home Aspirius cares yesterday afternoon, but she ended up having to cancel all of her morning ones, and it required the use of my brother's higher clearance 4WD pickup truck to crack him free of the ice that had frozen his tires to the ground before he could go *anywhere*. Gus's pickup truck actually had gotten stuck in our driveway earlier, too, but we were able to get it free with lots of shoveling and rocking and a few hundred pounds of dog-and-family-members in the bed for traction. On the bright side, it stopped snowing/sleeting at some point last night, and today dawned bright and clear (and cold). The road has been plowed finally, too, so provided we are able to actually get out of our driveway - which is a huge mess - everything should be grand. Still working on the "get out of the driveway" part of that plan, though.
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some tiny Castle spoilers )

In other news, I am home sweet home for the time being. Trip across country was blessedly uneventful aside from the general "whee, we're going on a road trip!" excitement. Weather got kinda iffy on Monday night, so we ended up driving all day in order to get back to Manda's place at least before a nasty winter storm rolled in. I spent the night on her couch, and then I managed to sneak the rest of the way home in the very brief clear corridor between two storm systems and made it to my parents place about an hour or before it started sleeting and the worst of the two storms hit. And *then* I got to stand on the porch and experience thunder sleet! So hurray for home and rare weather phenomena!
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One last field day before I vamoose. We went up to Skookum HMU to pound in stakes marking new irrigation locations, and then I GPSed each one. Fifty stakes total, covering five draws/little gullies. Turned out to be a really nice day to be out on the boat and doing field work, too - actually *sunny* and stuff, which after four days of rain? Was a very nice change. We were at Skookum all morning, and then we hit several of the other HMUs on the way back down river. Saw tons of deer, and at least a half dozen coyotes. Only down side was all the windy roads we drove to get to the HMUs, and me without my Bonine. It wasn't too bad, though, and mostly it was just nice to get outside and actually *enjoy* the nice weather for a change instead of watching it mournfully from my office window.
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Something amongst the building's heating or ventalation system just wooshed and grumbled, and it sounded a lot like thunder. Man, I miss storms.

The downside to not being around much on Facebook anymore - I end up spamming my LJ instead when I am particularly bored. Two hours until freedom. ::sigh::
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Okay, so, I've never fully understood the whole Groundhogs Day thing. I mean, I get that the tradition is - see shadow, 6 more weeks of winter; don't see shadow, early spring! What I don't get is... on February 2, it will *always* be six more weeks of winter because spring doesn't start until March 20. That's just how it works, people - it's written in the stars! Or, well, the star? The solar system?

The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, and after that point the amount of sunlight the northern hemisphere receives slowly starts creeping up. Around March 20, the amount of day and night hit equilibrium, and after that the longer days allow for all that lovely solar radiation to seriously get the upper hand, and temperatures that had been slowly creeping up as February progressed start to increase in leaps and bounds (well, comparatively at least), depending on what the ocean-atmospheric interaction has up it's sleeves. And I am sorry to say, giant rodent yanked out of his den half way between the winter solstice and the spring equinox just does not have the gravitational pull to make a difference in that cosmic event.

Or perhaps I’m just to climatarily (because making up words is fun) minded to enjoy the tradition for what it is - a novelty cabin-fever crazed northerners religiously maintain to keep themselves from going crazy in the midst of a very long winter.

Happy Groundhogs Day!
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Yay, B&N has informed me that my books are being shipped! \o/ Especially since I've been ohmygodsobored the last few weeks because I have been computerless (after two shops and three return visits each, it has been determined that the Black Screen of Death is likely a sign that my harddrive keeps freezing up and thus needs to be replaced, so it is ONCE AGAIN at the repair shop, this time for two weeks) AND without any new books to read since I finished that J.D. Robb one middle of last week, and as I have no life, this has led to much boredness. I have probably killed more brain cells vegging out in front of the TV in the last two weeks than I have since I regularly watched *at least* three hours of TV every night back in my high school and early college days because I have NOTHING ELSE TO DO. My only saving grace has been Um Friend who drags me away from my bored thumb twiddling to watch movies at his place once or twice a week.

Though, you know, I suppose I managed to entertain myself this weekend well enough, but that was mostly because the weather was finally working with us a bit. This coming weekend it might not be so kind.
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* Ma Nature finally blessed the Tri Cities with an absolutely lovely day - sunshine, light wind, temps in the low 50s - so I tried to take advantage of it. First I hit Best Buy and bought a pair of headphones for my cell phone, so now I can be on the phone and doing stuff with *both* hands without having to go to speaker. Also, I can finally make use of the built in MP3 player I was so excited about

* Second I spent an hour and a half or so wandering up and down Columbia Park (also - opportunity to test out new head phones, hurrah!). Everyone else and their dog was there taking advantage of the sunshine - because, yeah, we haven't had that in, oh, I don't know, THREE AND A HALF FREAKING MONTHS! - but the walking path wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be, so yay for that, too. It also helped that I got to say hello to several of the dogs in question.

* Third, I drove up to Walmart - more because it is a rather nice drive than any desire to go there, but hey, we did need toilet paper. It was also lunch time, and they have a Blimpies attached, so I hit them up for lunch and then I spent about a half hour or so wandering around for lack of anything better to do. Almost bought a snazzy screened thermal shirt, but I was able to convince myself that no, the last thing I need is more clothes.

* Lacking anything else to do, I headed back to the house after Walmart to finish my laundry and watch some TV. Um Friend called around 3 and asked if I wanted to go to dinner, and when I said sure, I've been craving Mexican, he suggested we meet at a place over in Pasco at 4:30 to beat the dinner rush.

* After dinner, we did the movie thing at his place again. This time it was that X-Men/Wolverine movie (Wolverine: Origins?) because he was shocked I had never seen it. Movie was indeed quite good, but I totally found myself more distracted by how pretty Hugh's hair was for most of it than I was by the half-dozen gratuitous Shirtless Scenes, not to mention all the Running Around Naked Scenes. I have strange priorities.

* Headed back to the house around 8:30/9:00ish after we made plans to maybe get together for the NFL Championship games on Sunday.


* Slept like crap and was having One Of Those Days where I wasn't sure I'd be good company, so I axed the tentative plans to get together for football. Took all my energy to drag my ass out of the house long enough to get groceries so I'd have lunch this week, and then I pretty much just shut myself up inside for the rest of the day.

* As both house mates were gone - one is off doing training this week, and the other one was out with some friends - I took advantage of having the house (and the big screen in the living room) to myself and grabbed some of the munchies I had lying around to make my own little Football Party of One for the NFC game. I made it through the first half before encroaching exhaustion from the sleepless night convinced me to pack away the goodies and catch the rest of the game in my room.

* Third quarter kinda vanished into a haze as I dozed off, and I didn't zone back in until spoilers for the Packers-Bears NFC championship )

My brain, man... Some days I seriously wonder.

* After the game, I spent the rest of the night watching whatever movies that happened to be on that I could tolerate, and when I ran out of those, I popped in some SG-1, which tided me over until I finally let myself go to bed at about 10.
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One housemate is sick, so I am up to help the other one with his paper route as he messed up his leg a bit and can't walk too far on it. Second morning in a row, and we have two inches of fresh snow on the ground which will likely make getting up and down all those steep driveways quite interesting. Lacking long johns, I am wearing my least baggy pair of pants underneath what I hope is my most water-resistant baggiest pair.

And, because of the super early morning, I did not actually get much (if any) sleep because apparently my brain still has this irrational paranoia of over-sleeping, even though I had the alarm set and I am an incredibly light sleeper, so the chances of me actually sleeping through the alarm are quite slim. Also, I still have to go to work at 6:10 to work a full day at the dam after we get done. Goody.

On the bright side, at least I'll get a good work-out in today.
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Ha, yesterday it was freezing rain and snow and a high temp of around 34. Today it is still cloudy with bits of rain, but the current temperature is 56. I was able to wash my car, hurrah!
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Spent the last two hours making chili. NOM NOM! Except we don't have any chili powder, so hopefully the pre-seasoned beans will make up the difference.

In other news, it is snowing outside! Big fluffy flakes, which is pretty but will make for some slippery roads this weekend. Not fun. Hence the grocery run and the stocking up on chili to tide me over for the weekend. And probably well into next week, too... there is an awful lot of chili on the stove.
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Went into town with Mom this morning so she could drop me at the YMCA and I could get some swimming in before I leave. Alas, as I am no longer a student, I don't have a free membership through my mom anymore, so I did have to pay the $8 for the day pass, even though I only swam for an hour. It was still very nice, though. I miss swimming, and I got to say hi to a few of the people I used to work with.

After I had dressed and the like, I had two voice mails from my dad informing me that he was on his way to pick me up and that we were going to be going to Stevens Point to visit one of our old professors (Dad and I both had him for our GIS classes, albeit about 10 years apart) to show him my new toy. Because I won't be home for Christmas, parents decided to give me a present this morning instead. Mom made breakfast and after Dad woke me from a rather disturbing dream (something about running and/or hiding from a creepy dude, and then having to walk/climb up this almost vertical sidewalk to get away. Thankfully I don't actually remember much about it) at around 9 am to give it to me - it was an old-fashioned brass compass that they had found at an estate sale or the like. No merchant stamp or anything, and the inner dial you're supposed to be able to rotate to mark the directions you've wandered (used when making maps the old fashioned way - by drawing them by hand) appears to be fixed, which suggest that it is a reproduction made by someone who had very little idea how compasses worked. However, it still points north, and it is just darned cool looking in and of itself, so I am pretty content.

Anyway, Dad wanted our old GIS/cartography professor to check it out, so we took a mini road trip over to Point for the afternoon. Dad took me out to lunch at The Wooden Chair, a little cafe down town with a very nice atmosphere and some tasty food, and then we went over to UWSP to talk to Dr. Rice, who gave me some suggestions as to where to look for another temporary position and generally just caught up a bit. I also was able to chat with some of my other professors and tell them about what I've been doing the last nine months. I did not get visit with my favorite teacher, Sam, because she wasn't in today, but I was still able to catch up a bit with three of the six or so professors I was hoping to see, so that was nice.

Then we came home and had pie and left overs and watched two of the three (four if you include both parts of Call of the Wild) episodes of Due South that Leslie Nielsen guest-starred in as Buck Frobisher. RIP, Leslie! We will miss you!

Heading back to Washington tomorrow night, and I am sad. On the one hand, it will be very nice not having allergies again (seriously, they have been *awful* the last two or three days. Severe Tylenol Allergy is the only reason I've gotten any sleep). On the other hand, all my friends and family are here in Wisconsin, and I won't be seeing them again until the end of my internship in March 2011. However, that's only another three and a half months or there abouts, and they are probably going to be pretty busy months at that, so I'm not too worried. I do, however, reserve the right to be as morose as hell when Christmastime rolls around cause you all are 1700 away from me! ;)

Unfortunately, though, the relatively nice warm weather we've been having the last few days is currently being shoved aside by a cold front. Right now it is raining; later tonight it is supposed to turn to freezing rain, and then tomorrow to snow, and the storm system pretty much covers the entire distance between here and Minneapolis/St. Paul, which is where my flight is leaving from. Driving through it will not be fun, and wow will it suck if the flight gets delayed or, worse yet, canceled entirely and I have to spend the night at the air port. Here's hoping that will not happen. ::crosses fingers::
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* Monday - went into Marshfield for a bit of running around, but otherwise didn't do much

* Tuesday - went to Stevens Point to get a new phone, hurrah! New phone is pretty much just an updated version of the old phone, but I don't care, YAY being able to replace my old sickly sounding phone with a new one for only $30! Of course, then I also had to get a new SD card and car charger to fit it, so my total bill was like $65, but hopefully I am set for another two years now.
* Also was able to meet Tracy at Cousins for lunch, so that was awesome being able to see friends and catch up!

Today - my to-do list right now consists of laundry, dishes, and getting a fire started on the porch. We're under a winter weather advisory that includes chances of freezing rain and snow, up to two inches. Fun.
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So far I am not liking the Weather Channel's new website beta. Takes to long and too many clicks to find all of the weather details like barametric pressure, dew point and humidity and all that jazz because I am a weather geek and I want me my details, dammit!

On the bright side, YAY RAIN! Okay, it really isn't that much, and even *less* of that is actually reaching the ground, but it is overcast and there are patchy, tiny rain showers here and there all over the area, so I'll take what I can get.

Also, since we're on the subject of beta changes/websites and what not, I am also really not that fond of LJ's new way of tagging entries on the website. Used to be I could start typing something and the rest of the word - provided there was already a tag for it - would show up highlighted in the little tag text box, and I could just push the right arrow button to get finish the word and move on to the next tag. Now you start typing and a drop down box shows up with all the possible tags, and if you click on any of them, whatever tags you had already written in the text box disappeared. Not on, LJ. Give me back my old tagging feature!
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Right, so once again, I literally have Nothing To Do and there is still an hour left of work. I have had Nothing To Do for about two hours now, and my make-work project digitizing the Snake and Columbia is something I can only work on so long.

Yes, we are, in fact, still having software issues, and the IT guy who is the only one who has any chance of figuring it out at this point is either out of the office for the week or ignoring my calls. This whole thing is getting insanely frustrating for all of us. Arrgh! ::headdesk::

So, the last two days I have been helping stick flags all over some of the HMUs, marking out where the new batch of trees that will be arriving in the next few days should be planted. Not at all in my job description, but at least it gives me something to do that is actually helpeful and stuff rather than sitting here like a lump fighting with the computer.

On that note, today we got to plant flags in 45 mph winds with gusts up to 60. There are localized dust storms all over the place, and it kinda makes me glad we only had one small HMU to flag this morning, and even *that* was all sorts of not fun. I know you all in Wisconsin are kinda annoyed by the snow, but honestly, with the way things are blowing out there and the Attack of the Tumbleweeds, I'd probably trade you quite willingly. Snow I can deal with - high winds and dust storms take some getting used to.
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Hmm. There is this big bright yellow ball in the sky. Must be some strange cosmic event; will have to hit the Astronomy communities to see if they know what it is.

In other news, I officially have about 24 hours before I leave for Washington. Still need to do laundry and finish packing up my clothes and over-night bag. Also plan to pack up a box of my favorite books and DVDs, as well as my big covered frying pan and pizza sheet cause those things are expensive and I don't plan on buying new ones. There is a whole list of other stuff to take care of, too, but those are the few off the top of my head.

Am I excited, you ask? Not really, no, or at least not in the "YAY, I'm going to Washington!" that usually proceeds a much planned trip, but I can definitely say I am looking forward to the adventure. I'll be in a really cool area, geologically and culturally, and I'll be getting a ton of in the field experience and the people I'll be working with sound like a pretty good group, so yeah, it should be a cool time.

That said, Happy Pi Day!
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Today in * points

* Went to the Daily Grind for coffee. Mmm, coffee.
* Went to the grocery store for donuts. Came out with lunch and some sort of Elephant Ear-esque pastry because their donut selection was for crap.
* Went to the zoo! In the fog and the rain and the general sogginess of early spring in Wisconsin, but still, yay Zoo!
* Dropped Manda off at YMCA to work out while i went and chatted with Gramma for a bit, and then spent about 20 minutes at the bank trying to inform them that I'll be leaving for Washington on Monday and that they don't need to flag my debit card or anything if some weird out-of-state purchase show up. Also, Gramma gave me a check $400 because she is a sweet old lady who loves me. And, you know, I still haven't gotten any money for travel from the SCA, so I kinda needed it to pay for the gas to get over there.
* Met Manda at the YMCA for a swim after her workout. Yay swimming!
* Went to the Coffee Cabin. Mmm, Chai Latte...
* Came home

Manda leaves tomorrow! ::sniffs:: Though not until tomorrow night, so we're going to run around La Cross for a few hours in our un-ending quest for new bags/satchels that we actually like before she hops the train back to Saint Cloud.
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WINTER HOLIDAY! In... Minnesota. Classy, right? ;) )

2:00ish pm - At parents house. YAY FOR HAVING INTERNET ACCESS AGAIN! Summary now, pictures later I hope. Happy (Belated) New Year everyone!

Next on the agenda - take a nap Clean off my bed and *then* take a nap. Sleep deprivation for the lose, but four whole days with Manda - TOTALLY WIN! It was fun, and I hope to do it again now that I know the train has a regular schedule. Next time, though, I'm going to shoot for a time when the Midwest isn't in a deep freeze.

Vid rec!

Dec. 7th, 2009 06:20 pm
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[ profile] icepixie has been systematically working her way through all of the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movies out there for the last month or two, and recently she decided to make a fantastic fan vid of the two of them. It is very awesome and if you like dancing at all, you all should go watch. :)

In other news, my Weatherbug is now informing me that there is no longer any maybe - we *will* be clobbered by the blizzard that is currently building up over the Central Great Plains, and it will also be gaining intensity as it moves east. Should get here tomorrow afternoonish, with 6-14 inches possible by Thursday. I am very glad I got all of my shopping and running around done yesterday.
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Good - it is warm outside! Like, a whole 61 degrees!

Not So Good - it is very rainy and humid, and tomorrow it is only supposed to get up to around 40 degrees and windy; tomorrow night - Halloween - it will be down around 35 for the All Hallows Eve part of the night (aka, before midnight, give or take an hour) and feel like about 25. Not ideal conditions for custume wearing, alas.

Good - I have a giant soda cup to use as a Caf-Pow prop for my Abby costume!

Not so good - I have to drink 44 oz of soda now. Or dump it out (it only cost me two bucks, so that might be the direction I go)

Not so good - Chem test in 40 minutes. ::gnaws fingernails::

The not good or bad,really - I studied for about two and a half hours last night, and another two hours this morning. Hopefully it will be enough to get me a passing grade.


Good - DAYLIGHT SAVINGS SUNDAY MORNING! Yay extra hour to sleep off Halloween night (not that I plan on *needing* to sleep anything off, but still)

Good - Oh, yeah, I get paid today!
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The Good
* Passed my Chemistry quiz with about a 75%! If he curves it, it will be worth a B grade, so yay for kind of knowing what I am doing in that class. At least for now.
* It was a freaking beautiful day today - sunny with a high of 66 degrees F. I'm thinking it will probably be one of the last nice "warm" days we have until next March

The Bad
* Structural Geology may make my head explode by the end of the semester. I spent four freaking hours on one problem this afternoon after I finished all of my other classes.
* Because of back-to-back classes and the four hours I spent working on Structural, I only actually got to enjoy the nice day on the 15 minute walks too and from school and spent the rest of the day stuck inside.
* The Asian Beetles are swarming. I must've gotten dive-bombed at least three times today, and one of them managed to stow-away on my jacket or some such and get into the house. It is now buzzing around my closet light.
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Fall is officially here, weather-wise. Saturday it was sunny and warm. Sunday it was still sunny for the most part, but cooler and some storms rolled in Sunday night. Yesterday it was cold and miserable, with a high temp not reaching much higher than 50, and extremely windy to boot. Today it's still cool (current temp is 47 degrees F), but at least we're supposed to get some sunshine. Tonight frost is predicted for most of the state.

So, yeah. I guess summer is over, for all the summer we had to begin with. It's kind of one of those days where I want to wrap myself around a cup of hot chocolate and curl up under some blankets, but alas, I have Chem lab at 11. At least I can still do the hot chocolate part of the plan. Yay travel mugs!
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I am reading bad BtVS fic. I really kind of want to stop, but so far I am not having any luck.

Okay, so it's not *that* bad, but it is annoying in that the idea is extremely intriguing (which is why I haven't stopped reading... yet), but the author is just... not really doing it justice.

Just... arrg, annoying. Will see how much longer I can stand it.

In other news, it is raining, yay! We need it. There won't be enough to even put a dent in the amount we need, granted, but every little bit helps.

ETA 11:32
OMG, sap! Sapity sap! Worse yet, the author is trying to make it *angsty* sap! ::headdesks::

someone make me it stop!
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According to Weatherbug, most of Wisconsin is under an Air Quality Watch. I have lived in Wisconsin for all my life, and I've been an avid user of Weatherbug for almost 10 years now, I never recall there ever being an Air Quality Alert over Wisconsin before. This does not bode well, especially on top of the allergies that have made my life a bit more difficult these last few weeks.


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