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WINTER HOLIDAY! In... Minnesota. Classy, right? ;) )

2:00ish pm - At parents house. YAY FOR HAVING INTERNET ACCESS AGAIN! Summary now, pictures later I hope. Happy (Belated) New Year everyone!

Next on the agenda - take a nap Clean off my bed and *then* take a nap. Sleep deprivation for the lose, but four whole days with Manda - TOTALLY WIN! It was fun, and I hope to do it again now that I know the train has a regular schedule. Next time, though, I'm going to shoot for a time when the Midwest isn't in a deep freeze.
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I've been awake since 3ish (computer updating woke me up again. One of these days, I'll just learn to shut the damned thing down on Tuesdays and Wednesday nights), been up since 5:15ish, helped Haley rediscover our driveway as it was buried under 18 inches of snow and she was supposed to be at work by 6. That didn't happen - our road still hasn't been plowed, so despite our driveway clearing, it wouldn't have done her much with her little 2 wheel drive sedan. Thankfully, Coyote has 4 wheel drive and pretty much eats snow up to about 20 inches (or whatever his undercarriage clearance is) for breakfast, so we were able to get her to work only a half hour or so late. It involved me doing some fancy driving in the driveway so my car was facing forward, and then just gunning it into the road until I made it to the thankfully plowed street about a half a block away from the house. Good times.

Pretty much every public school district in Wisconsin is closed, including a lot of the tech and two-year colleges. Stevens Point is still up and running, but I imagine there will be quite a few canceled classes. Not that it matters much on my end seeing as I have my rock climbing final today, and I have a bunch of homework and studying to do, so I'll be on campus anyway. Thank you, Stevens Point public transportation system! I really don't envy all you bus drivers at all.

Also, I really wish I could go back to bed. Darned 9:00 class.

ETA 7:43
Um... The Wisconsin Governor has just ordered all state agencies closed for today - including UW campuses. Wow. I don't know if that's ever actually happened before.

But yay, I don't have to go to school!

Vid rec!

Dec. 7th, 2009 06:20 pm
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[ profile] icepixie has been systematically working her way through all of the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movies out there for the last month or two, and recently she decided to make a fantastic fan vid of the two of them. It is very awesome and if you like dancing at all, you all should go watch. :)

In other news, my Weatherbug is now informing me that there is no longer any maybe - we *will* be clobbered by the blizzard that is currently building up over the Central Great Plains, and it will also be gaining intensity as it moves east. Should get here tomorrow afternoonish, with 6-14 inches possible by Thursday. I am very glad I got all of my shopping and running around done yesterday.
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Last night, I got maybe an hour of sleep - enough to have one really twisted dream that didn't last long - but that's about it. Otherwise, a reeeeeally low pressure system followed closely by a relatively high pressure system has squished the isobars together and caused massive winds all last night (sustained winds of about 25 mph, with gusts up to 40ish mph) that will stick in the area throughout the rest of the day. Those winds kept me awake pretty much all night with all the rattling windows and the full-house shudders during some of the stronger gusts. Not fun, cause today I have my Chem lab and will be handling various chemicals that probably shouldn't be handled while sleep deprived. Woe.

Also, yesterday we had a high temperature of around 35. This morning, it is 2 degrees F, with a wind chill of -20ish. Gotta love Wisconsin.
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Mineralogy Midterm - EPIC FAIL. 37% - go me. But, anything is better than zero, and I seriously just wanted the damn thing over with. I knew I was going to bomb it pretty much when I woke up this morning, but now that it is over and done I won't be all FREAKING about it anymore and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to keep my grade up with the quizzes and other stuff. At least I hope I will be. I guess I'll find out at the end of the semester.

In other news, it is still drizzling, but at least it isn't freezing anymore. Of course, tonight it is supposed to turn into a wintry mix followed by just plain snow, with a high of only 14 degrees F for tomorrow, so that will be all sorts of interesting.
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Got another winter storm. This one deposited about 5 inches of wet, packy snow. Now I want to make a snow man.

Also, it is weird that it is 6:30 and still daylight outside. Darned Daylight Savings Time.
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Huge massive snow storm only dumped us under about 4-5 inches of snow because it was moving so fast (one of the meteorology blogs I read occasionally said it was "moving at warp speed", which amused me), so that was a lot nicer than the 6-10 they were predicting.

pictures )

I also took pictures from my bedroom window if anyone wants more. Those show the snow building up on our neighbors SUV quite nicely, but I didn't feel like posting them all. There's also a video I made of the snow falling about an hour or an hour and a half after it started. You can check them out in my photobucket account here:
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There is a big white, pink and green (with bits of yellow and red) mass coming toward us. Map. The various weather websites and programs I use agree in that the predicted snow fall will range in the 7-10 inches. Also, according to radar, it looks like our area in particular gets an additional treat of freezing rain or a wintry mix before all the snow hits. Good times, ya'll.

On the bright side, one of my classes is canceled tomorrow because the teacher has to be at a conference of some sort all day, and the other is canceled because of the icky weather. So, I get a three day weekend. Nice.

Also found out that we have another week on the huge GIS Project of Doom, so thats kind of nice. I still want to try and get it done by lab on Monday, but I have a week of wiggle room if I don't.
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Walking to school this morning was all sorts of not fun. All the sidewalks were ice-glazed, with the temperature hovering right at 32 degrees (0 degrees C). I almost fell on my ass a few times, and I doubt the additional rain today and snow tomorrow is going to help matters. (6-9 inches predicted. Arrg, I'm ready for spring now)

In other news, Chem lecture and lab today. I'm supposed to come up with two methods to determine the decomposition of NaHCO3 (baking soda) before I get to class and I have no idea where to even start.

Also, PMSing.

This might qualify as counting my chicks before their hatched or a self-fulfilling prophecy but I don't care. I'm thinking today is just going to be a bad day.
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Its raining. On top of the several inches of snow we got a few days ago. Supposed to rain most of the day today, and then tonight we're supposed to get more snow and colder temps again. This should be interesting.
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The Mineral Identification test wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I do, however, smell like sulfur now cause several of the minerals we identified had a bunch of sulfur in them. I should probably wash my hands, huh?

On the weather front, we are currently at 43 degrees. It is very wet. And rather windy, but YAY warmer temps! If only this was an actual sign of spring and not a mid winter thaw. I'm not looking forward to when things start freezing up again cause then there will be all this ice where we have all this water now, and walking to school will be all sorts of slippery fun.
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It is snowing. I was rather surprised by this when I woke up to see big white flakes falling outside my window again. Apparently I haven't been checking the weather as religiously as I usually do these last few days.

On the bright side, it is a whole 6 degrees out! And it's supposed make it all the way up to 20 degrees! Yay!
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Like I said, I chopped my hair off. Here is a before and after picture.

click for pics )

To get the full effect, I'd have to do a self portrait, but as my face is currently a acne war zone, I'll save that for another time. For now I'll estimate I had her take off 12 inches, give or take - 10 to Locks of Love and an additional 2 to even out the ends and stuff. It is... very short. And will take some getting used to.

In other news, I jammed my toe against a stool. It is now all bruised and sore. Damned stool.

Also, we are supposed to get freezing rain followed by several inches of snow most of the weekend. Fun times
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I went for a Winter Walk and took a bunch more pictures, which can be found starting here. Snow-phobes click at your own risk cause there is a *lot* of it.

In other news, last night I had my first nightmare in a long while that actually made me afraid to go back to sleep. I am grateful that the only thing I remember about it now is that it involved lions, demons (possibly demon lions), a creepy estate, the headlights on my car mysteriously going out just as I was entering Creepy Estate, and lots of me screaming and fighting like hell to wake up (in my head, there was massive amounts of screaming and thrashing and begging for someone to wake me up; in real life, I don't think I was even moving at all or making much, if any, noise).

When I was finally brave enough to go back to sleep, I had another dream involving a church and a strong desire to find a dark corner in the balcony to cry in and not draw attention to myself while I listened to the choir singing hymns down below. But no matter how hard I looked, I was never able to find anywhere that wasn't already extremely crowded with people who took one look at me over the top of their Bibles and just sneered, making it very clear I was not welcome. When I woke up from that one, my eyes were wet and there were tear tracks down my cheek.

So, yeah. Not a good night for dreams. I'm hoping tonight isn't more of the same.
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Coyote's tires are frozen into our drive way. They're stuck in about a half inch to an inch of mostly solid ice with a few inches of kinda hard, slightly crumbly snow on top of that. Even with four wheel drive, I can't even make them spin.

So, you know, I might be doing Girls Night In from my parents house tonight after all. Must love Winter in Wisconsin.

I also might be moving the time up an hour or two so you East Coast types aren't up until the wee hours of morning. Actually, I might just get tired of waiting and end up opening chat whenever I see more than three people online at once. :D
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Wow... Mother Nature is still PMSing but good. Temperatures have dropped almost 15 degrees since this morning (but then went back up slightly, so that's something I suppose) and our driveway and road are nothing but a slushy, soggy, soon-to-be-icy mess. I'm still hoping for a travel window to open up tomorrow afternoon so I can get back to Point for the Girls Night In. *However*, in case that does not happen, I want to let all you interested parties know that Girls Night In is still a GO! I have my computer with me, and my parents have wireless, so the internet thing shouldn't be a problem. However, I didn't have enough space to pack all three of the movies in my overnight bag, so Serenity is the only one I have with me at the moment. I still plan on doing the chat no matter what movies are being watched, however, but Serenity is the one I'll have handy.

Also, because I'm at my parents house, I do have a few more DVD options. I have no idea if anyone else has these, but I figured I would list them none the less just in case.

additional movies under the cut )

So, there you go. Whether I manage to get back to Point tomorrow or not, there will still be Chattage, cause dammit, I miss you all.

Oh, yeah... I suppose I could mention that I also have the Doctor Who Christmas Special downloaded, so if anyone is in a Who mood instead of a Movie mood, I don't think it would be too difficult to put that one up for grabs, either. I haven't tried it yet, but you should be able to watch it online here: (link courtesy of my good friend Dan - thanks, Dan!)

Also, if you all don't mind, I might invite Dustin and Dan in, too, cause they're both pretty big Firefly fans. Also, they are bored, and I figure the more the merrier. And I've warned them on how dirty minded we can get. ;)
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Finally stopped snowing an hour or so ago. I just shoveled an additional 3-4 inches out of the drive way. Since the sun is about to go down, though, and our road still hasn't been plowed, I think I'll just hang out here for tonight and meet my family at Gramma's tomorrow morning/afternoon. Kinda woe that I won't be spending Christmas Eve with my family since... well, ever as far as I remember, but Christmas day is supposed to be beautiful and sunny and good for driving, so I'll take what I can get. I figure this way I won't be miserable with allergies tomorrow, either, thanks to one my day not being exposed to the smoke and dust of my parents house. I also plan on spending the night tomorrow for sure and possibly Friday night if the weather continues to make a nuisance of itself (tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful and sunny - tomorrow night we're supposed to get more snow with "significant accumulation possible", and Friday it's supposed to rain - freezing or otherwise depends on how high the temperatures want to climb, with Saturday and Saturday night more of the same. At least Christmas is supposed to be nice. I'll just have to pack additional clothing in case I end up spending a few more nights.
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Yesterday, I spent an hour shoveling our drive way and side walk. This morning, when I got up, there was another 3 inches already on the ground and it is STILL SNOWING, OMG STOP ALREADY! I like snow, I really do, but 1) I wanted to drive home today to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with the family and I probably won't risk it until it stops snowing, so either way I'm delayed another several hours. 2) I am really, really tired of shoveling every freaking day (this will be the forth day in a row we've had to shovel), and 3) because we/me are shoveling every day, I am running out of places to put the displaced snow.

Arrrg. I mean, YAY for a White Christmas and all, but I'm sorely tempted to put Coyote in 4WD and hope he's able to blast through whatever builds up and just stop shoveling all together. But then I would have all the more work for when Mandy got back cause her little Ford doesn't have the option of 4 wheel drive and is extremely low to the ground.
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I have spent most of the evening reading smutty Merlin fic. I now have an image in my head of both Merlin and Arthur that does not match what they look like in the series (which I have not seen, but plan on watching when it makes it to the US airwaves), but since I hate Merlin's haircut, I like the visions in my head better anyway. In my head, Arthur is dark haired and kind of scruffy and Merlin is blond and doesn't have a constant state of helmet head. It works for me.

In the weather vein (haha, puns are fun), we made it all the way up to 1 degree F today! It happened about an hour ago and only lasted for about 10 minutes, but we Wisconsinites take what victories we can this time of the year. We are still under a wind chill advisory until 9:00 tomorrow (well, today I suppose) morning, though.
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Currently, it is -9 degrees F (-23 C) with a wind chill of -34 (-36 C). The high temperature predicted for to day is 0 (-18 C). Wow... Words cannot express how much I do *not* want to go outside and shovel the sidewalk and drive way. I have never missed having access to a snow blower so much.

And, I was planning on posting this this morning. Woops? (for the record, currently it is -2 degrees F with a wind chill of -19, so lets hear it for warming up 7 degrees!)

Well, at least it saves you all some spam, cause BEDKNOBS AND BROOMSTICKS IS ON TCM! There is not enough YAY in the world, you all... YAY!
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Alright, *now* I am worried. It's 4:13 in the morning and I haven't actually slept yet, and at this point, I doubt I will. I'm actually making myself all sick feeling like with nerves and anxiety, which still isn't a pleasant feeling. And it doesn't help one bit that it is extremely nasty outside, with the winds roaring loud enough to hear quite clearly outside my window, even over the sound of the radio and the air purifier going at medium speed. 3 degrees F with wind speeds averaging 20 mph, creating a wind chill of -18 degrees. Icky.

I was going to play with my computer in hopes of distracting myself, but so far it's not working all that great. Not to mention, you know, having my arms above the blankets is only making me colder. So, I'm going to curl up and *try* to get at least an hour of sleep now, but mostly I'm thinking I'll just be staying warm. Arrg, I hate finals.
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Yesterday we had a high of around 15 degrees. Today we are currently at 36 degrees.

I am torn between being lazy as possible and wanting to go outside and make a snowman. Snowman is kinda winning since I am also bored and procrastinating on finishing my last two (hopefully short) assignments, but first have to wait for my laundry to get done cause I don't think I'd be quite warm enough in my PJs.
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* It is -2 outside. Sunny, but bitchin' cold. Don't wanna walk to school.

* Ooo, Goo Goo Dolls "Better Days" is on my radio! Haven't heard that one for awhile ("awhile" being since it was played religiously eleventymillion times a day on the radio about a year or two ago. Still like the song, though, and kinda wish I had it in MP3 format - what can I say, I love the "AND SING OUT LOUD" part cause I do that a lot, especially when I am in the house alone. I miss choir)

* Girls Night In people, the date is still up in the air. I have two who won't be able to make it on the 21st cause they have family stuff, but I haven't heard any conflicts with anyone else. If there are, *please* let me know - like I said, nothing is set in stone, and it wouldn't be hard to push the date back another week or two. Let me know what you think.

* On that same note, still looking for movie lists and AIM names. If you haven't already, please post your movie list and your AIM name here

::wanders off to find some layers::

ETA 9:44
I actually caught the bus, so I didn't have to walk to school in -2 degrees F! However, my toes are still cold.

In one of the school computer labs right now cause I'm a dutiful student - even if it is the last day of classes and no one else is probably going to show up. Sooooo don't want to be here.
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1 - Ow. My arms and ab muscles really hurt today. Who knew sledding could give you such a work out.

2 - Most of Wisconsin is under a Winter Storm Warning from 4 pm today until 6 pm tomorrow. 8 to 12 inches of total accumulation is expected. Not looking forward to shoveling the sidewalk or drive way after that

3 - Anyone have suggestions on good fruits to dry in a gas oven?

4 - Final Test List (this is more a note for me than for anyone else).

Remote Sensing - Tuesday, Dec 9 at 11 am (prof. is going on sabbatical starting Wednesday or Thursday, so we're taking it a week early)

Intro to Soils and Water - Monday, December15 at 8 am (ugh)
Sedimentology - Monday, December 15 at 10:15
Hydrogeology - Tuesday, December 16 at 10:15
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(as opposed to flying... you know, a play on words? ::crickets chirp:: Never mind.)

Today, as Mandy and I were sitting on the couch/chair, trying to decide what to do that would be amusing and active and get our minds off things our minds shouldn't really be dwelling on, one of us went "Lets go sledding!" So we did. Took a bit of planning cause we weren't sure there was enough snow yet for actual sleddage, and then we had to go *buy* actual sleds/snow tubes before we could even do that, but! Turns out the one sledding hill in the area had *just* enough snow to actually go sledding on, so Mandy and decked out in our Leet Fashion Snow Pants And Puffy Jackets and we went SLEDDING! I was fun and there was hardly anyone there and it started *snowing* with big, fluffy flakes just as we were arriving, and yeah, our tubes were meant for someone more child-sized, but it was FUN and it gave us all sorts of exercise and my hair froze cause the snow kept melting in it and then the wind from the sledding passage froze it again and my hair looks freaking awful right now, but I don't care cause it was AWESOME!

And... that's all, really. Wheee, sledding!

In other news, still looking to see if anyone is interested in a Girls Night In.


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