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Totally lacking any and all motivation to keep working. Yay it being Friday and all, but not so yay that there is still four hours before I can leave.

Also, wow, bored.
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One housemate is sick, so I am up to help the other one with his paper route as he messed up his leg a bit and can't walk too far on it. Second morning in a row, and we have two inches of fresh snow on the ground which will likely make getting up and down all those steep driveways quite interesting. Lacking long johns, I am wearing my least baggy pair of pants underneath what I hope is my most water-resistant baggiest pair.

And, because of the super early morning, I did not actually get much (if any) sleep because apparently my brain still has this irrational paranoia of over-sleeping, even though I had the alarm set and I am an incredibly light sleeper, so the chances of me actually sleeping through the alarm are quite slim. Also, I still have to go to work at 6:10 to work a full day at the dam after we get done. Goody.

On the bright side, at least I'll get a good work-out in today.
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The last few days have been rather dull and without stuff to spam over due to, OMG, actually having WORK TO DO, HURRAH! But, I'll give you the * points anyway.

* Treated myself to two new books from Barns and Noble, then went to Sheri's (PNW version of Perkins) and ate a giant sweet roll while I started reading one of them.
* Got groceries
* Spent the rest of the day reading.

* Went to work. Started making maps for the wildlife contract. Read the first 20 or so chapters of The Consort while I was waiting for the maps to print.

* Made more maps. Went to BBQ at Windust Park for the campground volunteers who were all done for the season. Got cake. Finished The Consort while I was waiting for more maps to print (it takes about 1-2 minutes for the computer to "draw" the map when I use the Best Photo Quality setting and send it off to the printer)

* Yet more maps were created (I'll probably have a few hundred by the time I'm finished, and that isn't including the ones I screw up on and have to reprint)
* Went up to Walla Walla and experienced my first Conference Call with bosses and the guy who is in charge of the pesticide application for The Core's properties along the Snake and Columbia River. He wanted pictures of the all HMUs and projects (not hard; I was able to get three to take up there as examples that took all of five minutes to make), the guy on the other end of the phone kept telling him that one picture of one project was enough. This argument pretty much went on for the entire hour and a half we were up there.

And that pretty much covers the last week. My life, so exciting.
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It figures that on a day I have actually found something to do (organizing the data tables - attached to every shapefile; they with deal with all the numerical stuff that goes with them - into a format that will better fit into the new geodatabase) at work, I have absolutly no motivation to do it.

In fact, I am unmotivated enough to wonder if I could possibly get away with closing my door and taking a nap because I am just that tired and blah-feeling.

I blame it on the PMS.
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small spoiler on last night's Castle )

In other news, the computers at work are now functioning again! Yay! I can actually do my job rather than sit around being bored! Actually accomplished quite a bit - finished three maps and started another one. Hurrah.

OMG, IT IS STORMING! YAY YAY YAY! (as of 8:20ish - my internet died before I could post)

ETA 10:09 - Also, I really liked whatever the song that was playing at the end of the episode. Will totally have to look into the soundtrack if there is one out for season 2 yet.
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This might qualify as the coolest video I have ever seen )

It is *definitely* in the top five, that is for sure.

In other news, this LJ post brought to you by the fact that the computers at work are still down. I drove in, asked if the computers were working, then I drove right back to the house. Hurrah for an extended weekend!

So, because it was 7:30 am and nothing was open yet when I returned, I went and treated myself to a big gooey cinnamon roll at Sheri's (Pacific North West version of Perkin's according to a friend of mine) before I hit Target to get a few odds and ends (I have more razors now! Yay! Still, though, $12.50 for a pack of Mac3 blades? You'd think that with all the four and five bladed shavers out there these days they might go down a few bucks) and then I went to Barns and Nobles because I told Beth I would cashier for her Yard Sale tomorrow and Sunday, and since I finished the book I had been reading yesterday at work (damn computers), I figured it would not be a bad idea to pick up another one... and then I ended up buying two instead.

10 o'clock rolled around by the time I finished the Shopping Thing, so I came back here and proceeded to crash like a mad crashing thing for two hours. Hey, I was already 5 hours into my day by that point, so I figure it is no worse than taking a nap at 1:00 in the afternoon.
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So, the computers at work are down. I logged out for lunch yesterday and I haven't been able to log in since, and neither has anyone else from the Outlook Building. Which means I have had precisely squat to do for the last two days at work, and because I take the Van Bus rather than my own vehicle (it's about a 20 mile drive from here to Ice Harbor, so that is a 40 mile long trip. With gas at $3.05 a gallon over here? Yeah, not going to use my gas if there is another option) pretty much every day, that means I don't have the option of going home myself once it has been determined that the computers are still down.

I was able to waste half a day or so this morning driving around and finishing up my GPS stuff at Big Flat HMU. The GPS thing itself took a whopping 20 minutes, but knowing the computers were down, I basically just drove around the HMU taking pretty pictures as a way to kill time. Got back to Ice Harbor in time for about a half an hour of working on The Tree Drawing that I have been doing in my office in lue of not being able to do my actual job, and then we went over to the dam for a meeting at 11 and a spaghetti dinner at 11:30, so that killed an hour and a half. Then I spent another half hour or so drawing The Tree some more (it's turning into a regular old masterpiece, I tell you) before Beth, who also can't do her job, said "Wanna go with me to Big Flat to get some pictures of the graffiti in the bathroom? Just as something to do?" around 1:30, and I was all over that. We proceeded to spend the next hour or so driving around checking out the rest rooms at the HMUs between Ice Harbor Dam and Big Flat, just in case the Graffiti Artist decided to tag more then one toilet (it's the important things, right? He/She hadn't, by the way). We were also able to kill a bit of time driving the long way around the river, too, because the road across th dam is was closed today (something I found out the hard way, and yay, I was able to kill another half an hour because of it!)

So, yes. That has pretty much been the case at work the last two days, because without computers, I got nothing. Here's hoping the computers are up and working again by tomorrow because I really don't have anything else to do anymore.
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I have survived the first day of work! Yay! Granted, I didn't really *accomplish* much - I spent most of the day on the computer taking these security test/quiz/lecture thingymabobs that were mostly about keeping your computer/cell phone/PDA secure as well as the information on said computer/cell phone/PDA secure by recognizing hoaxes/phishing scams/etc and not falling for them. I also got a security card and stuff, got my finger prints taken and put on record, and read about all of the different layers of security the Army Core of Engineers has, and how I'd better make sure that any Secure Information *stays* secure or else I'd be very very sorry.

Also, even more Yay is how last night I wasn't really even anxious much at all, and I still got 4 or 5 hours of sleep, which is *way* more than I expected. Hurrah!

Aaaand now I am trying to convince myself to walk down the street to the grocery store so I can get some odds and ends that would make packing my lunches easier. Still working on that bit.
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Spent the day walking around kinda zombified because I was/still am insanely tired. Pat tried to send me home, like, three times, because she was all "Are you *sure* you're okay? You look ready to pass out. Do you need to go home? Are you sure you can finish this?" and the like. I really get lucky (usually) with employers.

Even in my zombified state, I was able to fold clothes, unload and load the dishwasher without breaking anything, help Pat with some organizing and stuff, and spend two hours organizing their collection of DVDs and VHSs so it looked more like a living room and less like the VCR had the flu and spewed all over the place. Go me.

And then I took all my books and a few other boxes to the new place cause in case this Insanely Tired thing is the first sign of me getting sick (hopefully not, but it has happened before). If it is, and I am useless tomorrow, at least I accomplished something today. Hopefully I'll still be able to accomplish stuff tomorrow, though, cause yeah, did I mention there is only a week before school starts and we want to be moved in before then?

On an entirely different note, there are still four days left to take advantage of my Driving Music list. Yeah, my music list is kinda limited, so it is likely many of you have the songs, but I figure it was worth a shot. As a bonus, though, the lovely [ profile] cogenthoughs has uploaded a bunch of the songs she likes to drive to in the comments, and her music collection is way bigger than mine. Check it out if you're interested.

Oh, yeah, and feel free to upload your own music so I can mooch off you all and your extremely impressive combined musical collection. ;)
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When I was showering, one of the hairs that pulled out started off brown, went to silver/grey about three-fifths of the way up, and then turned brown again just before it got to the root. Does this mean I'm aging in reverse?

In other news, spent the entire day working for Pat, cleaning and organizing this time around rather than kid-sitting. Got all sorts of stuff done, but wow were my feet starting to get sore around hour 6. Pat told me "I'm not trying to mother you, but those sandals just look far to worn out to be doing your feet any good." She's probably right. I mean, they're only 10 or 13 years old. But their my faaaaaaaavorite! And they are molded to my feet all nice and comfy like.

I blame the "on my feet for almost 8 hours straight" thing, not my shoes. I still might wear my sneakers tomorrow, though, if its going to be another 8 hour day.

(and how twisted is it that my "hair" and my "boobs" are the only two body parts that have their own tags)
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Today we had a hydrochloric acid spill down the road from our house. We didn't have to evacuate, but I think some of the houses a bit further down the road may have had to. Traffic was, however backed up a bit since the highway our house is on is a pretty major one, and the detour around the spill started right in front of the house. Traveling east from the house was easy enough - which is good cause I had to go watch A, T, and J again and thankfully the route I take was *away* from the spill - but the two west-bound lanes were a bit congested. Anyway, the spill got news coverage and everything (if you want to call it that). I'll have to check the story out on Channel 7 this evening to see if our house got any air time. :)

That said, I think I may have found myself a job for the rest of the summer! As I said in the previous few posts, I've been doing some in-home child care for a family in Point these last few days (every day since Monday, in fact). I wasn't sure it was going to be a regular thing, but P - the mother - has requested that I come back tomorrow. So far, she seems really really happy that I can take the kids off her hands and go swimming for a few hours so she can stay in the house and work uninterrupted, and today especially she got a lot done. Not that I wish any ill will or a delay in recovery for the family's previous kidsitter, but I'm kinda hoping that I'll be able to keep working for them at least through August, and, if The Powers That Be smile upon me, maybe a few hours in the afternoon once school starts, too. I'm not sure the after school thing will pan out since being able to swim outside in the pond behind the house with the kids was a major selling point, which isn't really an option once it gets too cold outside, but maybe I could take them to the YMCA when that happens since the whole family has a membership. It's something to shoot for, at least, and I think being able to help out with chores and cooking might also sell me a bit more. We shall see.
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Meeting the family and the kids today for the in home child care position went really well. The mom is extremely nice, and the kids are pretty well behaved - or at least as well behaved as a 6 (J), 8(T), and 10(A) year old ever are. One of them, T, was a bit difficult, probably as a sort of testing of the new authority, and refused to go outside when all of the rest of us were dressed to go swimming, which meant we all had to stay inside for another hour because leaving children alone in the house without supervision is a no-no. After a bit of quiet time and a lot of ignoring his fussiness, however, he changed his mind, so it was all good in the end. We still got to swim for about 45 minutes, and then I just barely had enough time to get the three of them fed before the mom got home and we all had to rush to get A, the oldest, off to practice

The mom called me later on after I had dropped A off at softball practice (the park where she played is almost literally a mile or two down the road from where I live, so that was convenient) and said the kids all had fun and thanked me profusely for helping her out, so I think I made a good impression. Enough so that she asked me back tomorrow, so YAY for more money. Speaking of, I still have to figure out how she's going to manage my payments. Today was kinda hectic just before we all left the house, but I'm not sure if she simply forgot to pay me in all the rush (hell, it was a big enough whirlwind that *I* completely forgot that I would be paid for this), or if she does things on a more weekly basis. Hopefully I'll remember to find out tomorrow.

That said, OMG SO TIRED! I totally understand why the mom posted the job - if I'm this exhausted after only 4 hours with the kids, I can only imagine how dead she is by the end of the day.
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Don't wanna go to wooooooork. Anyone wanna go for me?
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If one spent the entire day wading a mile and back through ankle-to-knee deep snow yesterday, and will be spending a good chunk of this week walking a mile or so to get too and from the location where she will be monitoring the spread of nap weed (gnap weed? Knap?) on an almost daily basis, does one really need to a) leave a half hour early so one can swim laps before work, or b) not feel guilty about *not* swimming laps if she doesn't leave a half hour early to swim laps before work?

Questions questions. So far, I'm going with selection B.

Also, I have 98 Degrees songs in my head. And no, I am not ashamed that I know almost all the words to I Do Cherish You, because they were big on the teeniboppers in the late 90s and I was a teenibopper in the late 90s.
I am, however, ashamed that I also know almost all the words for "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You" by NSYNC, which has also been in my head off and on.


::goes to hide under her bed now::
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I just spent two hours looking through a microscope trying to count pollen grains. Helloooo eye strain. ::head hurts now:: So far I've only found 40-some grains - teacher wants us to get 100 by class time tomorrow. Not fun, yo.

In other news, because I spent two hours looking through a microscope, and the PB and J I brought for lunch really wasn't doing it, I once again did something I can't really afford and went to Hardiee's for one of their big Hot Ham and Cheese sandwiches. Shame on me. ::tisks:: I put it on my credit card, so at least it wasn't taken directly from my checking account.

Work at 4. Thinking about not swimming laps, what with the "just ate" thing and the "I really don't want too" thing and the "the pool is always really crowded Tuesday afternoons anyway" thing. I am totally the queen of excuses.
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* Biogeography - we finally got up into Schmeeckle to do some field stuff. No actual data collection yet, but I did spend an hour and a half walking around the reserve looking for the two places I'll be doing the data collection. I seriously do not think it could've been a nicer day, and the fact that I spent an hour and a half walking around the woods at a pretty good clip made me not feel guilty at all for not swimming laps on Saturday morning. Yay for work and exercise all in one fall swoop!
* Statistics - we finished watching one of those biography movies on ... Robert Kinsey is it? The guy who was slightly obsessed with collecting data on human sexual activity in the 1940s and 1950s. It was quite interesting, actually.
* I think I did something else in the afternoon, but if so, I can't remember what it was.

* Worked in the morning teaching swim lessons from 10 until 11:30 or there abouts
* Attempted to take a nap in the afternoon. Failed. Why is it that I can doze off (as much as I ever do, that is) pretty easily when I'm really not all that tired originally, but I cannot for the life of me actually do more then lay there and *try* and doze of when I really am insanely tired and want a nap? It is so totally unfair, yo.
* Went to JB's to watch a movie. He just got a new flat screen TV and he wanted to show off his new toy - super high def, paired with a Blue Ray DVD player. He was insanely pleased with how "it looks like you can walk into it!" - I was more "Dude, it's a *TV* - I mean, YAY clear pictures, but did you really have to spend a few grand on a new TV?" and he was "But you can almost *walk into* it!" and then I gave up and we watched Curse of the Black Pearl and ate pizza, which is fun no matter how clear the picture is.

* Went to the art fair at the Fine Arts center on campus with Dustin, Mandy, and Dustin's mom Deb and brother Derick. There were lots and lots of very cool things I wanted to buy, but I was a good girl and didn't.
* Had my very first ice cream treat from Stevens Point's big ice cream spot, Belts. Little place on Post Road about two blocks from campus that serves soft serve, but apparently it's popular enough that people were *camped out* in the parking lot over night when it reopened for the season. I had a chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard which really wasn't all that impressive, honestly. I'm still not sure what the big fuss is about, but hey, I'm all for supporting the little guys.
* Went to Hudson's Grill at the Crossroad Commons for a very late lunch/very early dinner around 3:00. I was the only one who actually *got* lunch in the form of a sandwich - everyone else just got soup. Dustin and Steve also got appetizers, though, so I didn't feel as guilty as I might've otherwise. Oh, there was still guilt - I totally can't afford eating out at the moment, and Mandy ended up picking up the bill for everyone, but at least the guilt wasn't as extreme as it would've been otherwise. Aka, I didn't call the waitress back to cancel my order, even though I was sorely tempted too.

* Statistics this morning/afternoon. We actually did statistic stuff today, because alas, we finished the sex movie on Friday. It wasn't nearly as fun.
* Had lunch with Dustin and Melissa at the University Center. Again with the "I totally can't afford this!" (this being a three piece chicken tender that cost $2.85 or there abouts), so I really do feel guilty about that one.
* Worked from 4 until 6:30 teaching swim lessons. Actually was a good girl and swam laps today, woo.
* Over the course of the entire day - Got Very Wet. It has been non-stop rain since I got up this morning, and the local news is saying that we got about 1.2 inches, give or take. It was cold, it was wet, and walking too and from my car at school was not much fun, but I can only be grateful that it was *rain* and not snow. We're finally getting rid of the gigantic snow pack that built up these last several months; thinking about how much we would've accumulated if it *had* been snow instead of rain is just depressing.
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Today's high temperature? 52 DEGREES FARENHITE!!! And it was SUNNY! HELL FREAKING YEAH!

Oh, spring... How I have missed thee.
Granted, I'm sure this warm spell is only going to last a few days and then we'll be all frozen and cold again, but OMG, FIRST SIGNS OF SPRING ROCK! I totally had a Shamrock Shake to celebrate. Okay, so it's not a *McDonald's* shake, it's from the Plover Drive Through, but it is the same thing only cheaper, which is all for the good with my lack of funds right now.

Wheee, Spring!

Also, to make the day even better, I only had two swim lessons to teach tonight, and all of the kids were *listening* and *swimming by themselves* and that just totally rocks.
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ZOMIGOD, there are like eleventybillion-point-two things I have to do by tomorrow (okay, so more like 5, but whatever), but they are so totally not going to get done tonight because OMG, SO TIRED!

Swim lessons keel me. No, seriously. I be ded now. Cold and ded. Or at least very very cold because the locker room at the Y is FRIGGIN FREEZING! Want hot shower, NOW, mkay?

On a positive note, I'm Not Sick, YAY! ::knocks on wood until her knuckles hurt::

SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! ::scampers off with flannel PJs and Warm Fluffy Towels::
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So, like, today was actually really really fun in a very generic and productive way. So now I'm going to ramble about it.

It started eeeearly this morning (okay, so 7:20 isn't super early, but earlier than I usually get up) when I got up to get ready for a meeting at the YMCA. The meeting itself was at 8:50, but I may have kind of sorta forgotten to print out and fill in all the paperwork that the Human Resources Girl Tiffany sent me a few days ago for that whole "Congrats on getting a job here! Now give us all your personal information and background so we can start the process of owning your soul!" thing, so I had to get up early-ish to fill that out and be ready to leave here by 8:30 or there abouts. Meeting went well, and Tiffany was super friendly, and now I have a YMCA parking pass so I can park in the Y lot whenever I want too without getting a ticket! Since the Y is all of a block and a half from the Science Building, this is a very good thing.

Then, of course, I had Biogeography lab at 10, in which we went outside in the BEAUTIFUL sunshine and windless 20 WHOLE DEGREES FARENHEIT weather that we were blessed with the entire day, which rocked beyond belief after more than a week of FRIGGIN COLD and even more snow (current snow depth - probably around 3 feet NOT in the drifts, and of course that has settled quite a bit, so total snow fall for this year is probably somewhere around 4+ feet, give or take a few inches). Anyway, we were out in the parking lot in front of the Science Building playing with compasses. It was actually way more fun than one might think.

After Biogeography, there was Statistics, which still sucks and which we had a quiz in (think more test-like at 20 questions taking on average around 15-20 minutes to complete. If the quizzes are that long, I'm not really looking forward to the testing), BUT I'm pretty sure I nailed the quiz ::knocks on wood::, so yay for that.

Now comes the fun part! Okay, so next week Thursday I'm going to actually be going *out in the field* to do some cool geography field-stuff - in this case, we'll be taking sediment cores from the bottom of a lake to do some cool-sounding investigative on the climate and what not these last 12,000 years (basically, since the last ice age). So, I'm going to be standing on top of a frozen lake lowering and highering tubing into the friggin cold waters getting all DOWN AND DIRTY, BABY! Literally, even... Ha, I crack myself up.

Aaaanyway, I'm going to be spending the entire day standing in the middle of a frozen lake with my teacher and two or three other students, as well as one of her fellow Geography Teachers from down in Florida is it? with two or three of his students taking lake sediment samples without any form of shelter for at least a quarter mile all around. Therefor, I need to bundle my ass up but good or risk turning into a frozen Marensicle. So, today after class I headed to Marshfield to meet my parents, who had graciously dug out some of their old Cold Weather Gear from their college days to loan to me. I'll be bundled up in my dad's old insulated kinda drab olive green coveralls which he used to use when he was working construction in the Wisconsin Cold of Winter, lined leather gloves (two pair of these, cause we'll be handling wet tubing all day, and spending the day wearing cold, wet gloves does not sound at all appealing), and some thick wool socks.

And, since I was going to be in town and they were going to be in town and we needed to meet at some point anyway, we all decided to go have a very late lunch at Gramma's (it was around 2:30 by this time, and I hadn't eaten anything more than a cereal bar around 12:00 all day. Mom was in pretty much the same boat, so we were *huuuungry) where I could try on the coveralls to make sure they fit (which they do! In fact, they are kind of huge, but that's okay cause I'll be wearing at least two layers on the bottom and three on the top underneath them, so the bigger the better) after we finished eating. Mmm, rotisserie chicken and potato salad. Also, it meant I got to see Gramma! Which is good cause I hadn't seen her in almost a month.

After food and the Smokin' Hot fashion show, there were still a few things I needed to pick up to be fully prepared to face Old Man Winter head-on - such as, I don't know, a *hat*, as well as some Super Warm Polypropylene (sp, I'm sure) long johns, so Dad and I headed over to Fleet Farm while Mom went to back to work. There I got the hat and long johns, as well as some of those little open and shake thermal packets they use in hunting and what not that you can stick in your pockets. Dad also decided to take it upon himself to buy me a pocket knife and one of those handy All Purpose Tools that I could carry with me. Wheee, sharp pointy objects to play with!

Buy the time we finished with all the shopping, it was getting close to 4:00, which was about the time I wanted to head back here to Plover, so Dad dropped me back off at the Marshfield Y where I had left the car. After thanking him again for all the new toys he got me, he drove off, and I went inside to catch a few seconds with Mom, give Katie a hug cause I hadn't seen her in forever, and *hopefully* get a chance to talk to Amy before she moved on to her New and Improved place of Employment somewhere... not in Marshfield. Alas, I did not get to see Amy, but I was able to hug Kristin - the girl who will holding Amy's former position as Aquatics Director until someone else is hired - who I also hadn't seen in forever. I also got a hug from Mom and Katie, so yay for two out of three!

Now I'm back at Plover with a bunch of stuff and as prepared as I believe I can possibly be to spend a day on a frozen lake. Forcast suggest that the weather on Thursday should actually be pretty nice, with temps hovering around 20 degrees F. Hopefully there won't be too much wind, but only time will tell. I'm actually really excited. I think this whole coring thing should be fun. Lots of hard, muddy, and probably cold work, but still fun.

So! That was my day! YAY accomplishing stuff and seeing the family and getting new toys!
Now, however, I go OMG, SO TIRED!
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I just cut my hair myself by bending over and brushing it all in front of me so I could see what I was cutting. Front part is slightly-below-shoulder-length and it angles back (fairly) evenly to about mid-back or slightly above. Doesn't look too bad wet, but I guess tomorrow we shall see if it looks decent enough dry.

In other news, another double shift today. Was at the Y from pretty much 10:30 to 6:30 - could've been worse, but as today was the last day of swim lessons for the summer, things didn't seem quite as wearing with an end to the 7+ hour days in sight. I'm still double shifted three or four more times before the pools close for cleaning last week of august, but now my days will be 5 and a half to 6 hours instead of 7 and a half to 10 hours, which is manageable.

Now all I have to worry about is finding a place to live, finding a way to *pay* for that place to live, and figuring out a way to pay tuition. Financial aid will cover my tuition if I do the Staford Loan thing - not something I want to do, but in this day and age it's rather impossible not to make use of the loans you can get. And I worked out that I *should* be able to live with rent, food, and bills on $650 a month. Ideally, this would mean finding a job that pays 8 or 9 bucks an hour for four or five hours a day with a hours that I can fit around my school schedule. However, finding a job like that with my under-grad qualifications might be a bit of a challenge. There is a personal in-home care job available through the university that pays $9-something an hour during the day and $6-something overnight that I'm interested in. I'd be one of the people helping take care of a man with Cerebral Palsy. Now, I am a lifeguard, which means I am certified in CPR and First Aid, and I have worked with lots of *children* with special needs, but never a full grown adult, so I'm not sure if they'll want me. I suppose it doesn't hurt to ask.
Otherwise, any other suggestions welcome. I'd apply at the Point YMCA, but that would be a case of only getting $7.00 and hour, and that won't be enough to live on unless I work a *lot* more than 4 or 5 hours a day, which is about all I can do in order to set time aside for homework and sleeping and stuff. Yeah, I know you all are going "You're a college student! You don't need sleep!" but I kinda do. I function best on 6 or 7 hours a night, and once the stress of school sets in (especially on top of everything else), I imagine that number will increase. So, yeah. Either I find a job and get a place to live, or I travel back and forth from home and spend 15 hours on the road every week. Otherwise, Maren=SCREWED.
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Roommate meeting thing was a bust - girl didn't show up and didn't call or communicate otherwise to give a reason for the not showing up bit. Hazard of scheduling a meeting with someone you don't know, I suppose.

However, the trip wasn't a total bust. Dad and I looked at the boarding house kind of set up that I had called a few times for information - we decided it wasn't worth the $200 a month, and some of the "neighbors" really didn't look like people I wanted to be sharing a bathroom with. We also drove around randomly looking for other places to rent in the area. Found a really nice studio apartment near campus for $380 (utilities included! YAY!) that opens up on the first of September. It's a little out of my price range, but if I can get it before anyone else lays claim, I totally will (and then I will have to ask my grandmother to take pity on me again for this semester and give me money, cause, yeah, did I mention out of my price range?).

On a slightly different note, I am this {} close to a total burn out. Work is starting to really ware on me (but we got paid today, yay! Almost five hundred dollars this paycheck around, which is extremely nice), and all this stress with school starting soon and trying to find a place to live and being able to *afford* it through the entire lease period and trying to squeeze my friends in somewhere between now and Sept. 4 (which is extremely challenging as I am working 7+ hours a day at the Y, all of it either in a pool that never feels warm enough these days or on a hot pool deck, so I am either chilled or over-heated, and as a lifeguard, it's a constant state of awareness because You Never Know) is really starting to get to me. I'm no where near freaking out yet. However, passing out due to utter exhaustion or having a bit of a cry fest because I'm so friggin' tired and in dire need of a break (or being an over achiever and doing both) are well within reason.
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Not only was a double shifted again today, but I was also Lead Swim (instructor) this morning starting at 8:45. Which means that I spent 10 friggin hours straight working at the Y today. It wasn't horrible, but there are, like, a bunch of other ways I would much rather spend 10 hours doing. However, I need the money, especially since I just forked over 60 bucks to get Coyote's breaks (this is something that was a problem before the engine went out - we knew they were going to have to be replaced eventually, we just hoped "eventually" would've been a little longer in coming). However, Coyote no longer makes any horrid scraping or rattling noises! Hopefully this will be the last fix for awhile. ::knocks on wood::

In other news, I am going to Point tomorrow to meet a possible roommate! Wish me luck - hopefully we don't hate each other on sight or something, because this late in the season, I highly doubt either of us will be able to find anyone else. If we do get along well enough, tentative plan is to possibly drive around a bit and see if we can find anywhere with apartments for rent who can show us around a bit since it will be around 5:00 by the time I get there and she gets off work. Hopefully it will be a productive evening.
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Worked a double shift again today (did on Tues, too, but was too lazy to complain about it online). And today we had the added bonus of Dick and the rest of his jolly maintenances crew using loud power tools like saws and jackhammers to drill two separate holes in the floor - on in our store room and one between the inner and outer doors to the pool area that are supposedly fire exits - to get to a cracked pipe that, had it been allowed to break completely, would've fried the boiler and cut off all the hot water in the building, including several pipes that put water into the pool system. And that would've been bad.

So for the last half hour or swim lessons and the last hour of my guard shift, I was an unwilling audience to a symphony of buzz saws and jackhammers. It was very noisy.
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Worked a double shift today. And will do so again tomorrow. Ugh.

Yesterday went swimming with Luke. We found pretty rocks and I only got a little sunburned, yay me!

Here ends this spammity update.
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Today was an extremely long day. Taught swim lessons from 8:45 until 11:15, then I was double shifted again for guarding, so I lifeguarded from 12:45 until 6:30. The long hours paired with the way too hot temperatures both indoors and outdoors added onto the fact that the Kids Club kids were extremely loud, obnoxious, and naughty today *and* were down there for Two Friggin Hours Straight made for One Unhappy Maren. And, on top of everything else, standing for 8 hours straight in a pair of flip flops that have little arch support (they are the more expensive Speedo types with slight arch support as compared to your average every day cheap flip flops that are just a flat piece of plastic with straps) has made the tendonitis in my left foot act up something fierce. I started hobbling with about an hour and a half/two hours before I finally got done today, and I haven't really stopped since. I cringe to think how bad it would be if I *had* been wearing cheap, flat plastic sandals. Ugh.

On a more positive note, however, it is additional hours I wouldn't otherwise have on my pay check. And, in an another entirely unrelated positive note, I am Truly Clean and not sweaty or chlorieny for the first time since this damned heat wave hit on Tuesday. One takes what she can get.


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