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Because I am a masochist, I decided to go look at some of my "early" bits of writing that I actually started attempting to write down around age 19, even if the ideas themselves had been in my head for years. In particular, inspired by this post, I went looking for the other little bit of that particular story that I had succeeded in getting on paper, even if I didn't quite manage to finish writing the scene itself.

And... truth, it isn't *bad*, parsay, but OMG SO SAPPY! Seriously, seriously sappy. I still like the *idea* of that particular scene (it would've gotten all nice and smutty if I ever managed to finish writing it), just as I kind of like the few bits of plot I managed to come up with for it (even if I never actually got to writing down said plot developments and instead, for some teenybopper reason(s) I'd rather not recall), but... wow. Sappy.

However, in my defense, at least it isn't as bad as the bad poetry I wrote in junior high when I was going through my sappy love phase. No quite, at least.
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Of the six or so of you who still read this thing - anyone interested in being a beta for the Dogma fic I've been working on? First 10 "chapters" or so I think are ready to go, which would be about 10,000-11,000 words give or take, most of which is Dogma-esque fluff and humor. Sequel to the movie, no attempted apocalypse as of the moment, and so far the plot bunnies have squashed any ponderings about *making* another apocalypse. This thing, once finished, might very well be 25-50k of fluff and relatively angst-free.
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A prologue to the Iron Man/Eureka crossover I wrote last week, because I needed a break from data entry.

In other news, I now own RED, and it is just as awesome the second time around.

Also, it is Friday and there is only an hour left of work! Woot!
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Love Connection - Eureka/Iron Man crossover.

Ah, crack... tis good for the soul.
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Spoilers: Vague ones for the most of the series (particularly season three and four), but mostly All the Queen’s Horses

Characters: Fraser/Thatcher

Warnings: None

Disclaimers: Not mine, no profit being made

Authors Note 1: Thatcher might qualify as ever so slightly out of character for this one, but I figure there is a point where anyone would snap, even a calm, cool RCMP Inspector.

Authors Note 2: A holiday gift for [ profile] icepixie, who asked for Fraser and Thatcher being awkward and adorable. I didn’t do so well with the awkward, but I think the adorable is there. :D Also, thanks to [ profile] ashura_fan for the quick beta. All mistakes left are my own – point them out and I will happily fix them!

Again )
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This morning was my third and hopefully final assistance with the early morning paper route, so yay getting to sleep in tomorrow! Well, in a matter of speaking at least - 5:15 totally qualifies as sleeping in since I've been getting up at 3:30 the last three days.

In other news, I have my holiday cards finished and addressed and good to go, and all of the holiday ornaments I am sending out as well! I just... haven't made the effort to get to the post office yet. So, you know, they might be a bit delayed in the arrival. Just saying.

On the work front, the good news is I have my computer back! The bad news is something went wonky with the install of ArcGIS (which is kind of the program I need to actually do my job and stuff) and I can't access the geodatabase where I've been stashing all of the most up-to-date files, so I still can't do much. The problem should hopefully be fixed by tomorrow or Thursday, though. ::crosses fingers::

Lastly, I have two of the three fic prompt requests finished for my virtual presents! One I am pleased with, the other not so much, and the third is kicking my butt and so far I only have a third of a page written for it, but progress is progress.
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December 17, 2010 -7:30 am

Last night was the Ice Harbor Dam Christmas party at Tony Roma's. There were probably 30 or 40 people there and we only had two servers, but they managed fairly well considering. Only forgot one person - me. :) I was last to get my chicken alfredo, but I didn't mind the extra wait too much. Thanks to a stop by Taco John's on the way back from work (4:15 pm), I was by no means starving when I finally got my meal (about 8:30 pm). Have the leftovers for lunch today, so bonus.

Also had a White Elephant gift exchange. I considered not participating because apparently it is a tradition to make your white elephant give something alcoholic with this particular group, and as I am not a drinker, I didn't want to end up with a booze I wasn't going to use. I already had my present, though - two packages of Lindor Truffles, both of which were types I don't often choose so as to reduce the temptation to crack into them before the exchange - so I decided 'What the hell?' and went for it. I actually got lucky and pretty much picked the one presents that was most suited for me - a four pack of Starbucks hot chocolate mixes and two new Starbucks holiday mugs. Small and easy to pack, sounds good to me! Starbucks hot chocolate, granted, but I figure I can add more milk to cut the syrupy-ness. Drinking one right now, actually. ::slurps::

In other news, ow. Lacking a computer at work, all the writing I've done the last week has been hand-written in a notebook (I really have nothing better to do), and then transferred it to my own computer when I got back home. I haven't written this much since I was taking daily notes for Chemistry my last two semesters of school. Add on the holiday cards I;ve been trying to fill in at least a little on every one, and my right hand is not 100% pleased with me. So, what do I do? Write more! It is a vicious circle, I tell you. I seriously think I might have an addiction to writing - no matter how much damage I'm doing (well, hand cramps aren't really damage, but they do ache), I just can't stop!

Also, it is now 7:52. This writing-stuff-out-by-hand thing is a great way to kill time.
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Fandom - Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series

Title - Count the Blessings that are Real
(song I mooched the title from here)

Spoilers - none in particular, but vague reference to a characters all through the books

Timeline - In my head, it takes place after the fourth book in the series (Bone Crossed). It could probably fit anywhere, though.

Disclaimer - characters belong to Briggs, not me, just borrowing them

Rating - PG or less

Prompt: An attempt to fill part of luna_del_cielo's stocking at [ profile] fandom_stocking

Authors Note - I currently live in the Tri-Cities, so Downtown Kennewick should be written pretty close to the real thing, even in relation to where I *think* Mercy's garage is supposed to be. Only thing I am not sure of is whether or not there is actually a coffee shop down there somewhere, but as Washington is kind of the coffee capitol of the US, I'd be willing to bet there is at least one.

Also, thanks to Karen for the quick'n'dirty beta and convincing me that I didn't totally fail at keeping the Mercy Voice believable. It's been over a year since I did a re-read of the series, so I thought I might be a bit off.


Count the Blessings that are Real )
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So I don't think many of you are going to take me up on this offer, but with the craziness of the last month and a half or so with the traveling and the conferences and planning and the packing, I totally spaced signing up for Yuletide this year. Now that I am out of school, I was really looking forward to having time to do it for once, but alas, due to my easily distracted brain, it is not to be.

Since I am bummed about missing Yuletide, though, I thought I would play the Holiday Elf and offer to fill fic requests for you, my wonderful geeky Friends List. So, my dear friends, if you would be in the mood for a bit of holiday fic present cheer, comment with a fic prompt and I shall try very hard to give you with at least 1000 words worth of it by New Years Day (or January 7th if I procrastinate too long).

I so know I am going to regret this, but here is a list of fandoms directly from my LJ Interests that I am offering up for the prompting:

Anita Blake, Bones, Castle, Charmed, Chuck, Doctor Who (9th-10th, and *maybe* 8th), Due South, Eureka, Fairy Tales, Firefly, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Garfield, Harry Potter, Invisible Man, Iron Man, Mercedes Lackey, NCIS, Sea Quest, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Tamora Pierce, The 10th Kingdom, The Dead Zone, The Pretender, Tin Man, Transformers

I also *might* be able to pull off if I work at it and provided it's all character-based rather than plot-based:

Buffy, Merlin, Supernatural, and Torchwood (second season)

So, there you have it. If you are so inclined, go thee forth and prompt me! (And if you can give me a particular line you would like to see used in the story, that usually gets the creative juices flowing a bit better, too!)
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I have just finished watching Casper the Friendly Ghost - the 1995 movie with Christina Ritichi (only spelled right) and Bill Pullman - for the first time in probably at least 10 or so years, and it is just as much fun as it used to be.

While watching several scenes, however, I was forced to recall that once upon a time, way back in my Jr. High years - well before I even knew what "fan fiction" was - I actually had about 70% of a sequel to the movie all worked out in my head. Something about reverse-engineering that little bit of Magic Life Giving Liquid that we saw left in one of the other containers next to the machine, and using it to create a new batch, and thus giving Casper a Second Chance at Life. I had a villain and a plot and everything!

Of course this was also around the time where I was going through my Supper Sappy Love Conquers All stage, so I am not at all upset that that particular story never made it on to paper, and most of what was in my head has long since been forgotten. It might in fact be the one story I don't regret not writing down when it was still fresh in my little 12 or 13 year old brain, because judging from what little of it I *do* remember, it would've been horribly horribly bad.

Still... I suppose it goes to prove that even as a kid I was a geek, especially since I'm pretty sure it is not the only "fan fiction" that has been lost in the dark, disused catacombs of my brain.
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The Small Fandom and Rare Pairing/Rarely-Written Character Promote-a-thon!, courtesy of the the ever wonderful [ profile] icepixie! Plug your own Small Fandom/Rare Pairing/Rarely-Written Character fic! Or make request for That One Story You Always Wanted But Could Never Find in small fandoms/rare pairings/rarely written characters! It's like Yuletide, only year-round!
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Added another chapter to TwitterCaked. Because I am a geek and I always get ideas in the shower.

In other news, went to see RED and it was awesome. You just cannot go wrong with an all star cast, big freaking guns, and a plot that consists of "Who the fuck is trying to kill us!?" and not much else.

Then we went for dinner at Red Lobster and I ate too much and spent too much money, but now I have cheesecake for dinner.

And, lastly, I am currently watching Bandits on some random movie channel. All in all, I'd say it was a pretty good day.
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While I don't think humans are responsible for the current changes in climate, they have certainly done enough damage, and I am quite willing to cast a bit of blame at our feet as long as it scares people into taking better care of the planet. We only have the one, after all.

Biggest worry that we *are* responsible for, at least in part, is the high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, which is a green house gas. By studying air bubbles trapped in ancient ice cores from the poles, climatologists have determined that concentrations of CO2 are way higher then have been documented in the last few hundred thousand years (using my Google Search Skillz, 650,000 years give or take), which is about as far back as the ice core record goes. Still tiny in comparison to the entire geological record, but still kind of scary when you think about it. At least it kinda freaks me out when I think about it because, as far as we know, increases in CO2 directly correlate with increases in temperature in the past.

Also, while doing the search thing for how far back the ice core record goes, I ran across this poster and the spoiled little girl in me is screaming "OMG, I WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT! WANT WANT WANT!" and having a big old hissy fit in my head.

And then, of course, the actual articles I found on Paleoclimatology, because I am Just That Geeky. - from the Nasa website - Science Magazine - Scientific American

They're all a few years old, but still full of paleoclimatology goodness.
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The Dogma fic I started writing a few weeks ago has just reached 13 pages and 8,700 words, making it the longest fan fiction I have ever written, and the third longest story after the two unfinished novels I have had sitting on my hard drive pretty much untouched for years. And it still isn't finished.

Compared to most writers, I know that really isn't much, but considering how rarely I do write and how I often refuse to write some of the ideas I've had *because* there is such a huge risk of them becoming "long fic", this is kind of momentous. At least for me. :)
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I am up to the one "scene" in the Dogma fic I have been writing on and off the last few weeks (though I admit, I started the story more than a year ago) that pretty much inspired the whole thing... and I am stuck. I have written the actual bit I can see crystal clear in my head, almost word for word as I first imagined it; the problem is, I have nothing as far as the whole lead in to that particular scene, and I have no clue where to go after it.

Not fair, muses. What have I ever done to you? I mean, besides locking you all in a closet and pretty much ignoring you for the last five years.
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Anyone willing to spare an Archive of our Own invite for me? I'm in the process of writing a Dogma fic and I'd rather not have it get lost in the sucking void that is

Also wouldn't mind a beta for said fic if anyone is interested.

/geekery (for now)
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Oooowwww... I just typed up a 56 minute transcript (which ended up being about 7 pages) of my grandfather talking about his experiences as a soldier during World War II. I did not expect it to take as much time and effort as it so far has; I have a whoooooole new respect for those Mystery Things (not sure if they are computers or people) that end up typing the closed captioning during live news programs, or just typing up closed captioning in general. My wrist hurts, my hands hurt, my *fingers* hurt, and even my back is kind of sore from sitting so long in a not-so-supportive chair... and I still probably have another 3 minutes or so to type up before I'm completely finished. All of this is *after* I started the thing around 11:00 this morning, too. Who'da thunk something that takes 56 minutes to listen to would take six and a half hours to transcribe?

Ow. If my hands aren't stiff as boards tomorrow, I will be very very surprised.

In other news, the phone interview seemed to go well enough. I should hear back from them in a day or two to let me know what they decided.
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The Writer's Block corner on the LJ home page caught my eye today, and because I am in a typeity mood, I figured "why not?" and decided to answer it.

Did you ever do anything in your youth that you lived to regret? Do you think you ultimately learned from it or do you wish you could go back in time and do it over?

Well, duh... )

There are many many more regrets, far too many to name. Those are the biggest two, though, and I figure I've babbled enough for now.
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I am writing again! Kinda. At least I just wrote up about a page of notes for the His Dark Materials/Stargate SG1 story I attempted to start yeeeeeears and yeeeears ago (give me a break; SG1 is the only series I could think of with dimension-hopping that might work even a little bit as a crossover with Golden Compass/Subtle Knife/Amber Spyglass-kind of dimension-hopping). Unfortunately, if I go with the new ideas I just came up with, what I started writing yeeeeeears and yeeeeears ago will pretty much have to either be completely rewritten or discarded all together. Granted, that stuff doesn't even come to a full page and a half, but it is still a really kick-ass page and a half and it would suck not being able to use it.

Now, though, I am going to attempt to go to bed. Considering how the most annoying and non-ignorable plot bunnies tend to pounce just as I'm dozing off, though, I have no idea how successful said attempt will be.
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You know, it figures that when I actually *want* to write a story, inspiration decides it's a *fantastic* time to go vacation in Bali. I've totally been trying to think of a storyline to write for a proper series finale for Dead Zone (that takes place after season 5 rather than season 6 because most Dead Zone fans would agree that season 6 sucked) - to the point where I've actually gone through and made a list of all the Important People that owe Johnny a favor in hopes of trying to think of a situation where having friends in high places might come in handy. So far? Nada. Not even a single line of dialog, and I'm usually pretty darned good at dialog.

*Then* I tried a different approach, thinking that maybe I could somehow rewrite a sixth season in which That Thing doesn't happen. I'd probably have more luck with that, but it would involve actually *watching* Season 6 again, and I'm not sure I can bring myself to do that. Oh, sure, Johnny is hella Oogle Worthy in season 6, but aside from one or two episodes that were freaking awesome, the rest of the series was incredibly disappointing.

It's times like this that I really wish Dead Zone wasn't such a tiny fandom. Big fandoms not only tend to have the lion's share of the good writers, but they also guarantee that for every Bad Thing that fans are unhappy about, there's at least a half a dozen rewrites to make said Bad Thing go away.
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It is that time of the year again. Temperatures are getting colder (at least in the northern hemisphere), nights are getting longer, hot drinks are practically an accessory, and the annual Yuletide story exchange is taking applications.

And lo, I am torn. To write for Yuletide or not to write for Yuletide, that is the question. On the one hand, I'm pretty good at prompts on the rare occasion I actually request them. On the other hand, writing anything - even a short story - totally takes over my life until I either finish the story or give up on it entirely, and I really don't want to be one of those party poopers who ends up not holding up their end of the exchange.

On that same note, I have finally made it most of the way through the Yuletide 2008 archive! Or, well, at least I've read most of the stories in the fandoms I'm 1 - familiar with and actually give a damn about, or 2 - not super familiar with, but read anyway because there were lots of comments.

recs under here )

OMG, FINISHED! And I have almost two months to recover until Yuletide 2009 stories are up.
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This morning I woke up before 5 and could not for the life of me get back to sleep. Seeing as I didn't fall asleep until 1-ish, I'm not entirely sure that's a good thing.

On the other hand, being unable to sleep but also unwilling to get out of bed, I put the hours to use trying to think of something more to write for The Novel That Refuses To Die - aka, Powers That Be, which keeps hanging in there despite the fact that I tend to only work on it once a year - *at most* - and sometimes don't added anything to it for several years (case in point - last time Microsoft Word tells me I opened it? November 2008, and I think all I did was correct a few spelling errors and punctuation).

Anyway, I'm still kind of stuck a few pages in to Chapter 3, and I've come to the conclusion that I'm probably going to have to rewrite large portions of the beginning if I ever want to even think about publishing it - which is kind of okay since I'm not really happy with the Prologue anyway. I started writing the story in... ::checks:: ... Yikes, 2002, and that in turn was based off a story I literally had all written out in my head, almost word for word, back when I was junior high-aged and very, *very* obsessed with "the true power of love" (and even if I was love-obsessed, I still curse myself for being too stupid to write the damn thing down then; having it mentally written almost word-for-word *then* is no match for the 10+ years of memory degradation I had to deal with when I finally did get around to the whole "I should write this down" sort of thing). Thinking back on a good chunk of my original plot devices, I can't help but cringe slightly and some of the stuff I came up with, but the over-all plot line is still pretty solid - I just have to tweak it a bit so it's less "OMG, TRUE LOVE WILL SAVE US!" and more "Love might come in handy, but this fight is only going to be won by a lot of blood, sweat, and tears... And it's probably reeeeeally going to hurt."

I think I've come up with a pretty good climax, though, part of which I wrote out this morning when sleep escaped me. So, you know, progress.
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I am rereading the Immortals series by Tamora Pierce - yeah, I know, the series is written for young adults or adolescents, but in my defense I bought the series when I *was* a young adult, just as the books were coming out 12 or so years ago, and I still heart the series like woah even if it is so very obviously written for a younger audience - and because of this, a long-standing plot bunny has been demanding attention.

And now I am in Microsoft Word writing an outline of said plot bunny and actually considering writing it, even though *no one* will ever read it because there are only two people who I know who have even *heard* of the series, and I don't talk to one of them anymore and the other one could care less and the fandom itself is *tiny* to the point of being almost nonexistant.

Bad Kitten*. No cookie for you... Or whatever dragonetts eat.

* She was my first muse, and is actually a character from the series. Haven't heard from her in a very long time, and I wouldn't have minded keeping it that way.
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Hey there, Due South fans

I'm not usually one to try toot my own horn by begging comments from everyone about one thing or another, but if you would be so kind, I really would appreciate some comments/tips/whatever on the Due South story I posted a few days ago. The story isn't long, and it's my first time writing in that fandom, so I want to make sure I'm doing the characters justice - *especially* considering it's from Diefenbakers point of view and writing someone who doesn't actually have any spoken lines was a bit of a challenge, no matter how agreeable his muse counterpart was during the writing process.

I also ended up rewriting a few bits on [ profile] icepixie's suggestion, which were not betaed because I was so anxious to post the story, so another few sets of eyes to look it over would be welcome.

/shameless self plug
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Spoilers: Chinatown; A Cop, A Mountie, and a Baby; and Good for the Soul for sure – general spoilers for the entire series, though.

Warnings: None

Disclaimers: Diefenbaker, the two Rays, Fraser, and everyone else mentioned in the story – barring one small kinda cameo appearance (does it count as “cameo” if the character is only mentioned in passing?) - belong to Paul Haggis and Alliance Atlantis. All I own are the situations.

Authors Note 1: I was going for Laugh Out Loud Funny when I wrote this, so I hope you all get at least a few giggles out of it. Personally, Diefenbaker!Muse took to the idea with enthusiasm he usually saves for delivery pizza, and there were many many times when his suggestions made me start giggling like mad, so that’s good enough for me.

Authors Note 2: In my head, Fraser and Diefenbaker have always had an actual one-on-one dialog using words and/or feelings - expressed mentally on Diefenbaker’s part - rather than Fraser just being really good at reading Dief’s body language. I see it more as super strong empathy than telepathy, but call it what you will – either way, that perception shows up quite a bit in the story.

Authors Note 3: This story is the result of a prompt from the lovely [ profile] icepixie, who also happens to be a grammar goddess and my betaed for it. Thanks, Becca! All other mistakes you see are mine.

Five Things Diefenbaker Shouldn’t Have Eaten, and One That Was Worth It Anyway )

I think that was the most fun I've ever had writing a story. Diefenbaker also may be the most considerate muse I've ever had - he only kept me awake with his ideas once, and only because I couldn't stop giggling. It was more of a "This one, right here! Funniest thing ever, or what?" scene he had playing instant replay-like in my head rather than a "Write this now! I don't care if it's 3 am!" kinda thing.


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