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I am in the mood for some Long and Plotty NCIS gen, so I went and did a random Google search for "Live journal + NCIS + gen" because I know that once upon a time, there was a handy dandy little fic community that specalized in "all gen stories, all the time!" So I thought I might get lucky.

I have not found the LJ community yet, but I did run across a fic reccomendation for a NCIS/Dragonriders of Pern crossover. It made me go o.O in a very big way, because I just cannot seem to wrap my brain around the idea. At all. I try to imagine it, and my brain goes all "Error! Error! Does no compute!"

Not even my curiosity has been able to overcome that particular glitch, but I thought I would share the link incase anyone else wants to try. Or purely to share the "WTF?!" with the rest of the world at large (or at least the six or so people who actually read my journal).
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1 - S.A.R.A.H/J.A.R.V.I.S. Consider, boggle, discuss.

2 - There is a Star Industries catalog on one of the shelves in my office. I keep adding a "k" to the end when I read it.
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Okay, so, about three weeks ago, give or take, I took my Tracker in to get the front passenger side break caliper fixed, only to discover that the rear breaks had pretty much disintegrate, too, and the parts wouldn't be in for a few days. We are still waiting on the parts, so Coyote is out of commission.

This past weekend, my brother rolled his pickup truck. The truck itself actually took the hit rather well - the windshield, however, is pretty much shattered, and the only dent is of course at the seam between windshield and cab ceiling, so that will have to be fixed before he can find a windshield that will fit. That leaves us with two vehicles down for the count.

About a half an hour ago, my mom stopped briefly at home to grab some food before she went off to another to home care appointment. Just as she was leaving, the heater coil on her VW Passat failed rather catastrophically and filled the cab with a whoooooooole lot of smoke, so that one can't be driven any time soon, either.

Three cars in less than three weeks. Seriously, Karma, what did we ever do to you?

On the bright side, my parents are kind of car mongers, so we have a few spare, and we just acquired my grandmothers car since she can't legally drive it anymore. That means despite our mishaps, we still have three functioning vehicles to use between the four of us. For now, at least. ::knocks on wood::
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My VCR clock set itself back an hour again. I'd swear it was programmed for Daylight Savings if it was, in fact, daylight savings today (which it isn't; I think the "fall back" starts next week). Though considering they changed Daylight Savings a year or two ago, it might make sense. Still damned disorienting, though.
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So, in one of those random brain wanderings, I manage to go from "I miss Argyle and Niner" to "OMG, I think McGee is That Cat Guy from Hocus Pocus!" (yeah, don't ask - it's kind of WTF, even for me, and I'm the one who thunk it)

And of course as soon as I thought that, I had to go IMDB it. And he *IS*! Number 16, fifth from the bottom, SEAN MURRY AS THACKARY BINX! Aka, That Cat Guy from Hocus Pocus! Who, you know, was kind of awesome in his own catty way, but I'm not entirely sure I will ever be able to watch NCIS without giggling at least a little bit ever again. Not that I don't giggle anyway cause it's NCIS and the Tony And Tim Show is kind of hard not to laugh at, but now I will be giggling for an entirely different reason.

That's all. Just thought I would share my epiphany.
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Okay, so I'm going through and tagging old entries and I'm up to September 2004.

Two minutes ago, I got a Live Journal Comment email telling one [ profile] ebuyings0011 had left me a comment in this entry from *five years ago*. Seriously, people, you might want look into updating your registry.

I did, however, just add tags to that particular entry, so maybe that's where they got the in. Otherwise it's a really weird coincidence.
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Ever notice how your brain jumps around from one thought to another, pretty much on a whim? One small, insignificant thing reminds you of another insignificant thing, which in turn makes it jump to another insignificant thing and so on and so forth, until suddenly your brain is on "Zathras talks to dirt!", even though it started on "bananas". Bananas and Zathras - despite the fact that they rhyme with a little imagination, they are otherwise two completely and totally unrelated subjects. And yet, through the quirkieness of mental leaps and bounds, they manage find common ground in your head.

How, you ask? By a series of completely insignificant things, such as:

Bananas - tasty and also yellow, and they look kind of like a submarine. Didn't the Beatles have a song about a yellow submarine? Hmm, beetles. Beetles live on the ground, and can sometimes be rather pretty in their own right. You can usually find them on flowers or some such, along with other insects, which are also quite pretty. Flowers grow in the ground, which has more creepy crawlies - like beetles and worms. Worms eat the dirt. Hey, dirt! Zathras talks to dirt! It's good for protein!

And lo, you have just jumped from bananas to Zathras! The mind is such a quirky thing.

The process really is quite entertaining. Especially when you realize that you just managed to jump from bananas to Zathras, and curiosity paired with a healthy dose of WTF causes you to go back over the process step by step to determine how, exactly, your brain was able to make that jump.

(This post brought to you by wishing I had telekinesis to turn off the light without actually having to move, which lead to Telephonesis - as in a movie preview for some new kids movie I ran across recently - which led to the visual of a kid's head being surrounded by a puff of smoke as something exploded comically in his face, which lead to visions of Seamus Finnigian having all his homework blow up in his face first year, which lead tiney-tiney spoiler on Half-Blood Prince ), which finally led me to Professor Snape's potions book.

Deciding to write it down, though, is mostly due to my unwillingness to go to bed before 10 pm, even though I was seriously considering it)
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It was a city-wide power outage, apparently. We only had internet thanks to the UWSP generators.

Power came back on around 3:30, though, so is all good. Still not sure why it went off, though.
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The lights just went out in the lab, and further investigation indicates that they are also out in the rest of this section of the building. Either a circuit was tripped somewhere, or they turned off the electricity in here to do the construction thing, but I think that is unlikely because 1 - none of the construction crew are here right now, and 2 - they would probably need to keep at least one circuit working in order to use their spiffy power tools, and as far as I can tell the electricity is down in the entire 3rd floor D-wing.

On the other hand, the internet still works, which makes it unlikely its a power outage since the wireless modem would need to be plugged in to work.

Yeah, this week really hasn't been a good week for Max Lake lake sediment analysis.

ETA 1:31
Turns out that the power is out in the entire building, as well as a few others on campus. So, yeah... No one is sure what is going on. I'm thinking that somewhere nearby there are the smoking remains of some poor, unfortunate rodent or bird who got into the transformer. Or something.
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I have gotten the May/June and June/July copies of Teen Vogue Magazine. I did not subscribe to it, and would never actually fork over money for that kind of thing. TAPS magazine, Oh Hell Yeah (but alas, I cannot afford it), but Teen Vogue? No freaking way.

And so the mystery remains... Why the heck am I getting Teen Vogue Magazine?
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There are two pileated woodpeckers strutting their stuff under one of the maple trees in my parents' front yard. Not sure if they're male, female, or one of each, but they have literally been dancing around each other on the ground for the last 10 minutes.

In other news, did not sleep well last night. Weird dreams I can't remember much about, and weird half-dreams that kept startling me awake. I wonder if it's because I read the really big spoiler for the third Green Rider book ) just before I went to bed. I'm pretty sure there were no ghosts in my dreams, though, and nothing scary. Just... weird, but not weird enough for me to remember, beyond something about some sort of tag-sort of game involving roller blading through three or four feet of water trying to tag your opponent.
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I don't know how I did it, but I somehow managed to snort orange juice up my nose. It is not a pleasant sensation.

I suppose it could be worse, though. I imagine snorting something with jalapeƱos in it would burn a whole lot more.
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It is 6 in the morning. My alarm isn't supposed to go off for two hours. And yet...

You ever have one of those dreams where a purely innocent sound filters into your REMing brain and turns that purely innocent sound into something OMG, SCARY! and you wake up rather terrified? Yeah. That would be why I am up at the moment.

In this case, it was the scary snow plow/snow eater going by and doing something that sounds like it involves using a big saw to cut the ice (or maybe my brain is just still in that OMG stage), but that particular little nasty sound made it's way into my brain as the form of one of those giant machines that are used to peel the bark off cut logs - you know, when you stick a full-sized log into a void of churning metal bits and it goes ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZRRRRRRRRRT and lo, the log comes out naked. Kind of scary in and of it's self, but when you are actually *sleeping* on a big log in your dream, and the NOISE IS COMING CLOSER, and no matter how fast you move you are never fast enough? Yeah, it can be a bit freaky. It's even worse when you wake up and SCARY NOISE OF DOOM IS STILL COMING CLOSER! Scared the bejesus out of me. Big time.\

It also didn't help that I wasn't having the nicest dream in the first place. First it involved being trapped in a runaway car that was going 100 mph, then it involved getting lost in the woods (barefoot, no less) and someone telling me that two of my cousins were dead by not very nice means and that the only reason I was seeing them was because they were ghosts (or something; possibly hallucinations), and finally it was the scary log eater coming to get me. Not cool, brain. Not cool at all.
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* I hate my uterus. I want to stab it.

* I had a dream last night that we were back at my dad's old store, only it wasn't a store it was a house, and it wasn't us it was one of those random dream families, and it was being haunted by three teenage boys who looked remarkably like the human, non-cartoon version of the Animaniacs.

* I have a headache.

* I hate the Double Stuffed commercials

* I *despise* the new Geico commercials with the money and plastic eyes. I want to stab the TV whenever those come on.

* I should probably eat something other than Pringles and muffin mix.

* I want a pair of jeans that actually fit. Or, rather, I want the clothes making companies to get their act together and make clothes with the same size on their tag, oh, I don't know, *the same size*, and *then* I want a pair of jeans. I have, like, four pairs of pants ranging from size 9 to size 13 that I actually wear. It is annoying.

Stopping now. At least until I have more stuff to stab * point
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I have chopped off all of my hair. Like, all of it. As in my hair hasn't been this short since I was two years old, and even that might be pushing it a bit. I now have just barely enough to pull back into a pony tail, and it takes a *lot* of effort and will only stay completely pulled back for about five minutes because, who would've thought, my hair is massively thick under all the split ends and frizz. I got it cut almost two hours ago and the stylist did that water-spritz thing they do to make even cuts and stuff - just spritzed, mind, not washed or anything - and my hair is still slightly damp. I went from having hair almost to my waist to having it just above my shoulders. It is very floppy and flippy my head feels quite a bit lighter.

On the bright side, the look seems to work for me and I don't hate it - yet. That might be subject to change as I attempt to figure out what the hell to do with it now that pony tails won't stay in and elastic hair bands look just as stupid on me as they always did. I have a massive store of those snappy clips, but most of them are too small to do much good when it comes to holding all my hair back. Right now I have it tied back with a bandanna and it doesn't look *too* bad, so at least I know that works. I think I'm gonna have to try and find myself a female friend around here to go shopping with me and look at those plastic or fabric covered plastic headbands that are all the rage these days. Hey, Emmies, wanna go shopping with me?

Will post pictures later. For now, I am going to eat chocolate and mourn the loss of my hair. We had, after all, grown rather attached these last 24 years together, but now it is donated to Locks of Love and will hopefully make someone else very happy.
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Coyote's tires are frozen into our drive way. They're stuck in about a half inch to an inch of mostly solid ice with a few inches of kinda hard, slightly crumbly snow on top of that. Even with four wheel drive, I can't even make them spin.

So, you know, I might be doing Girls Night In from my parents house tonight after all. Must love Winter in Wisconsin.

I also might be moving the time up an hour or two so you East Coast types aren't up until the wee hours of morning. Actually, I might just get tired of waiting and end up opening chat whenever I see more than three people online at once. :D
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I've seen it all over my friends list lately, and even been so curious as to investigate it a few times, but I still don't really know what it's all about.

So, um... What is LoudTwitter? I have been assuming it's kind of like making an LJ post via text or the like, but I don't know how close to correct that assumption is.

That said, some * points:
* Ow, tendonitis sucks

* I actually passed my Sedimentology lab with a 76%! I have no idea how. However, since Sam is going to let us "correct" using notes and the text (with a bit of extra writing for the multiple choice and T/F questions) and then give us a final score of the average of the First Attempt and Corrected Attempt, correction it is. I figure I can use all the help I can get.

* It was a bit chilly today. Temps in the mid-to-upper 20s and low 30s, but lots of wind. Kinda cold for walking to and from class. I did anyway, though, which is probably why my foot hates me.

* Holiday Cards! post is still open for address trading. So far I only have four people. Woe, no one wants Maren Love. :(

* New Bones and Ghost Hunters tonight! ::soul is PWNED::

* Wow, that last * gave me really weird visuals involving Souls in the place of Slaves when it comes to Training of any sort. And then I got even weirder visuals of incorporeal bondage, which consisted of one Floaty White Spirit Blob in a leather corset holding a whip and another hovering between two shackle chains hanging from the ceiling. My brain is weird, yo.

* Headache. Ucky.

* Intro to Soils and Water Resources test on Friday. More ucky (especially since I'm thinking this one will reach "Insanely Hard" levels)

* Dude, Brain! Stop Pornifiying things!

* Is it the end of the semester yet?
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I am listening to the radio, as I am apt to do when in my room and not watching TV. It is the local Lite FM channel, and they are currently playing "Do you hear what I hear?"

Oh my god, people! I understand Walmart hitting the holiday spirit rather hard because, hey, they are a department store and want you to buy stuff ASAFP, but the *radio*? Its not even Thanksgiving yet!

ETA 4:07 - okay, so apparently here in starts the "Festival of Lite" in which Lite FM plays Christmas music all day long from now until the end of December. I'm going to go look for a new radio station now; not even I can handle two straight months of Christmas music.
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... Is LJ already doing the scheduled downtime thing? I thought it was later this week. I think I might be wrong, though, because their homepage looks kinda sickly at the moment.

In other news, I'm on campus waiting for my sediment samples to cook, and I have no homework I can do because I finished the non-lab stuff last night and the Lab is currently occupied for the In Lab stuff.

I really dislike Mondays.
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Wow. Is it just me, or is Microsoft Outlook kinda weird? Or, you know, stupid.

I just used the Outlook Express email on this thing for the first time, using my Gmail account as the default account. It decided it needed to add, like, almost every email I had sent or received in gmail since I got the account back in 2005 was it? Anyway, my computer is *still* loading a bunch of the 175 emails I received (I guess I should be grateful that it doesn't appear to have sent every one of my daily Garfield comics, which I have been receiving since 2006 or longer) in the last three years, despite how, you know, I'd already deleted them in my actual gmail account.

Outlook and I have never really gotten along, so I'm not entirely sure it's worth it to actually use the darned thing. I only opened it because it's easier to just click on the email of someone and let Outlook set it up automatically for me than to go into my account and copy and paste the address I want to send something too.

Aaand now it's sending 2 of 3 messages, and I have no clue what those messages might be. So, um. Anyone who randomly receives an ancient email from me? Totally not my fault.
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Hey, Becca? Any idea why your website is demanding I log in whenever I try and check my friends list on Live Journal? Its kind of odd. Especially since I'm really not anywhere near your website. Seriously. I just go to which is my friends list filter and it's all "Enter Username and password for", which I can't really do cause I'm not you. And then when I went to your lj, it wouldn't let me leave. Had to ctrl+alt+del and shut down Firefox entirely.

Just, you know. Thought I should mention something. Not sure if I'm the only one having this problem or not.
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Went to Marshfield yesterday to meet Luke at the annual Rock, Gem, and Mineral show, which is totally any geologist's dream. I got a new pair of earrings, Luke got a big glass emerald cause he's weird like that (something about Sonic and chaos) and we generally just got distracted by shiny objects, which is always fun.

Before the Rock and Gem show, I headed home to pick up mail and to get a small bouquet of wild flowers for both Gramma and Mom as an early Mother's Day gift since I won't be around next weekend. It was rainy and wet and cold, so I burned excess fossil fuels by driving my car down the road instead of walking. Argyle followed me anyway, for which he got yelled at because he is not supposed to follow cars. Doubt the lesson will last more than a week, but at least I tried.

Also, the whole reason I was going to head home yesterday - aside from mail and seeing parents paired with sparkley objects - was so I could give Dad his computer back now that Shadowlite is home all safe and sound. Well, I forgot his computer yesterday, so I ended up heading back to Marshfield earlier this afternoon to return the laptop he loaned me. Burned another 3 gallons of gasoline in the process, but my parents continue to rock and Dad gave me fifty dollars along with a hug of thanks, and I seriously don't know what kind of good Karma I built up in a past life to be blessed with such awesome parents. I can't help but be grateful for it, though.

Dad also informed me that there had been a young man inquiring about me earlier today at their display (they had a booth set up at the Rock and Gem show, which is one of the reasons I went in the first place aside from being a big rock dork). Dad asked "How do you know Sal W****?" and I went "Who?" and proceeded to make a confused face. Then he went on to talk about the guy who was a kinda-sorta acquaintance of theirs as he came to the house on a few occasions to quiz Dad about his arrowhead collection. I even met him once. Then I was all "Is that the farmer kid from up the road?" who I met all of once maybe 5 years ago and only in passing. Turns out I made an impression or something, cause no only did he remember me well enough to ask about me by name, but also guesstimated on my age. And if I recall, he is also insanely cute. Score. Too bad I'll probably never see him again, but it's nice to know I'm memorable.

After dropping off Dad's computer, I was hungry and I didn't really want to have made the 35 mile drive to Marshfield just to turn around and go right back to Point again, so I decided to hit McDonald's for some chicken strips and a yogurt parfait before heading over to Younkeer's in search of End of the Season deals on fluffy sweaters. Found an extremely soft cream-colored knit one for 3 bucks (original price of $35 - score!), as well as some new bras cause I'm down to two that are actually comfortable for all-day wear. Do you know how hard it is to find comfortable non-underwire bras that don't cost an arm and a leg? There's a reason why all I ever wear these days are sports bras, but anyway, I did find a black strapless non-underwire that, thankfully, had removable pads for about 12 dollars, and then another regular lavender-colored non-underwire one made by Jersey for about the same price (yay for sales - they both would normally be around 20 bucks each). Also, I found a pair of lavender briefs to go with made by the same company! Finally, for the first time since I actually got boobs, I have a matching bra-and-panty set! It is extremely crazy how happy this makes me, but hey, I hear sanity is over-rated anyway.

Drove back here after my mini shopping spree. Drive was uneventful albeit quite pretty since the sun decided to make an appearance for the first time since Tuesday, I think. Headed to Walmart to get groceries cause I was almost out of OJ and chocolate. Also got an air freshener for Coyote cause I think I think a bunch of ladybugs crawled into his vent system and died. Mmm, Citrus Blossom.

Got back to the house, put groceries away, and then proceeded to spend the next half hour trying to figure out how to get the bulb out of Coyote's passenger side headlight, which burned out a few days ago. Called Dad so he could tell me how, since he also has a Geo Tracker. It took a bunch of wiggling and the creative use of a flat head screwdriver, but I finally got the sucker to release from the "white plastic thingy" holding it in. Will take it to Fleet Farm or somewheres at some point to get a new one, cause now poor Coyote is blind on both ends on that side of the car (still haven't replaced the side-view mirror I broke off a few weeks ago).

And now I go fold laundry. And maybe do some homework.
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Did I *seriously* just see Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters on the preview for the next episode of CSI?


... Um. When is CSI on again?
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Wow do I miss my "fic pages" bookmark folder. It was all full of websites I could go to for almost guaranteed good fic, and I could be all "Hmm, what am I in the mood for..." and go through the list and pick something Stargate or Doctor Who or Random Multi-Fandom Pages and a bunch of other stuff and I could totally amuse myself for the next half hour before I want to go to the Y and swim laps because I want my pants to fit again, darnit. Stupid weight loss last summer that forced me into size 9 instead of size 10... ::grumbles mumbles:: I would totally have no qualms about wearing size 10 again, but all my size 10s are ripped in very inconvenient and hard to fix places, which is why I went on a pants-shopping spree last summer. It was just bad luck that I hate wearing belts and all of the size 10s I tried on required belts unless I wanted to be showing off my crack to people. Which, no. Who the hell wants to see the crack? Seriously? Why, people? Not even skinny chicks can pull of the crack-showing - it just looks like your pants are too small!


Okay, so I totally went from my intended "I want my bookmarks back!" spammity post to butt cracks... Even I'm not entirely sure how I managed that one.

My brain is the queen of WTF! Bow to me, minions!

Stopping now.
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Last night I dreamed Captain Jack Harkness proposed to me. And that he was naked.
Dude, brain, WTF? I mean, not that I'm complaining about the naked thing, but seriously... WTF?

I guess this is what happens when one watches two episodes of Torchwood in a row. Or something.

That said, Haywood postponed our Biogeography lab today in leu of giving us the opportunity to observe a guest speaker brought in to help some of the seniors on their senior project. He also told us that sticking around wasn't required because he knows all the stuff college students tend to have backlogged, and it would be a good opportunity to try and catch up.
I was very tempted to stay because the project sounds hella interesting (the students and what not are trying to figure out why a specific lake tends to lose water/change it's bank lines over the course of a few years), but I went to finish my statistics assignment instead.

On an entirely different note, I don't suppose anyone out there has a copy of Microsoft Office 2003 I can mooch off of them for a reasonable price?


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