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So, the whole black screen thing with my computer that has been a giant thorn in my side since December? Turns out, once I got to a *competent* Best Buy Geek Squad (which Kennewick's is so not), the problem was actually too serious to fix. Which meant Best Buy had to buy me a new computer because it was still under warranty! Granted, they only gave me an exchange that was worth the current value of my old computer, which was $475ish rather than the $650ish I paid when I got it new, but hey, it's still $475 that wasn't out of *my* pocket, and considering my old computer was two and a half years old? Not bad at all.

Anyway, this post is brought to you by my new HP Pavilion dv5! So, basically same make, slightly newer model, and it is happily *not* all "Chrome and Orynx finish!" or whatever it was, so it doesn't get all smeary the moment you lay your fingers on it. The touch pad is kinda weird and will take some getting used to, BUT I HAVE BUTTONS AGAIN! For volume and playing an pausing DVDs and wireless assistant and all that? BUTTONS! Glorious buttons! Old comp had that damned touch pad across the top that never worked - not from the day I first got it- which was irritating as all get out, but I didn't feel like it was worth going and complaining because the regular volume control bar worked just fine, and I never use any of the DVD stuff.

So, new computer! Which I did not get the extended warranty on because it would've cost me $250 bucks, and if this one does go and crash on me again in two years, I'd probably only get an exchange rate of $300 (and that's if I'm lucky), so I didn't think it was worth it. Hopefully if it is going to crash, it will happen in the next year so my factory warranty will cover it. ::knocks on wood::

Also, because I was in Point anyway and Best Buy is right next to MC Sports where he works, I was able to meet my friend JB for lunch. Since it had been like two years since I last saw him, that was a kind of a nice happenstance.

And now I'm am hanging with my former roommates Dustin and Dan watching NCIS and Castle and stuff at their place. Dustin even went and cleaned up all the useless trial programs and installed my anti virus for me on the new comp! Having techies for friends kind of rocks.
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some tiny Castle spoilers )

In other news, I am home sweet home for the time being. Trip across country was blessedly uneventful aside from the general "whee, we're going on a road trip!" excitement. Weather got kinda iffy on Monday night, so we ended up driving all day in order to get back to Manda's place at least before a nasty winter storm rolled in. I spent the night on her couch, and then I managed to sneak the rest of the way home in the very brief clear corridor between two storm systems and made it to my parents place about an hour or before it started sleeting and the worst of the two storms hit. And *then* I got to stand on the porch and experience thunder sleet! So hurray for home and rare weather phenomena!
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I am... pretty much packed I think. Aside from lots of little things like my surge protectors and daily toiletries and the clothes I hope to be able to stuff into my overnight bag, that is, and I am hoping it will all be little enough to fit into the three or so shoeboxes that I have yet to fill, rather than the one last big box that I think might be way overkill. I guess I'll find out tomorrow evening when I pack up all but my toothbrush and the like.

Manda is on her way, too - I called her just before she boarded the plane about an hour ago. Road trip in t-minus 36 hours, give or take!
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I have a Nook! ::slightly maniac laughter and clapping::

After months of debate, I finally have a Nook in my hot little hands! $193 for the Nook and cover (same one you have, Emma, because wow, the rest were boring. Or way too pastel for my tastes), and then I went and immediately bought an additional $15 worth of books. So far I am resisting on buying up a bunch of old favorites, so at least my checking account doesn't hate me *too* much... yet. Though, Emma - as it was at least half your prompting that finally convinced me to get one - if there is any particular collection you want to "borrow" from me, feel free to make a request. Were you the one who liked the Green Rider book(s) so much? Cause I totally might fork over extra funds to get digital copies of those.

And... I was going to post something additional that was gleefully Nook-related, but I have totally forgotten what it was going to be.

In other news, while I feel otherwise fine aside from the head-cloggedness and sneezing that I mentioned earlier, I could definitely do with out the burning-tickling-pre-sneeze sensation that has been making my eyes water and my face all flushed All. Day. LONG. Seriously, body, the least you can do is actually *sneeze* when that happens, and not spend half and hour or more torturing me with the pre-sneeze sensation!
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Yay, B&N has informed me that my books are being shipped! \o/ Especially since I've been ohmygodsobored the last few weeks because I have been computerless (after two shops and three return visits each, it has been determined that the Black Screen of Death is likely a sign that my harddrive keeps freezing up and thus needs to be replaced, so it is ONCE AGAIN at the repair shop, this time for two weeks) AND without any new books to read since I finished that J.D. Robb one middle of last week, and as I have no life, this has led to much boredness. I have probably killed more brain cells vegging out in front of the TV in the last two weeks than I have since I regularly watched *at least* three hours of TV every night back in my high school and early college days because I have NOTHING ELSE TO DO. My only saving grace has been Um Friend who drags me away from my bored thumb twiddling to watch movies at his place once or twice a week.

Though, you know, I suppose I managed to entertain myself this weekend well enough, but that was mostly because the weather was finally working with us a bit. This coming weekend it might not be so kind.
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I am back in Wisconsin for two whole weeks! Awesome!
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Thanksgiving comes first - Day 11
I am thankful for having pretty much all of my work done so there won't be anything waiting to be completed for the two weeks I'm gone. Makes for another boring day at work, but that is what fan fiction is for. :D

Day 12 - I am leaving for Wisconsin tomorrow where I will see my family and hopefully a bunch of my friends for the first time in eight months! \O/ Down side is I have to be at the airport by 5ish in the morning, so no sleeping in for me, but as I always get up at 5:15 anyway, this really isn't a huge challenge.
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Unlike some of my eastern brethren (sisteren?), I did actually get Castle tonight! And it was good!

No spoilers, but that last scene between Castle and Beckett might be one of the most adorable things ever. ::smishes them:: Well, until the next adorable scene they have. They do a lot of adorable, don't they?
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OMG, YAAAAAAAY! Live Journal is working at work again! I HAVE MY CRUTCH BACK! ::dances the dance of the LJ junkie::

That's all. I have absolutly nothing else interesting to talk about beyond my LJ Joy.

So. How are you?

More \o/

Oct. 2nd, 2010 01:26 pm
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* I now own Iron Man 2!

* I also found a pair of clunky boots for my Abby costume that can double as my Dress Up Shoes provided I wear long pants, AND they were on sale -$39 down from $60 or there abouts.

* Got up early this morning and went and got pictures of the sunrise on the Columbia River. It was quite pretty. Afterward I came back to the house and wandered around creeping out the neighbors as I got my Macro on and took lots of pictures of the flowers in their yards. Quite a few of them turned out quite nice, and no one called the police on me, so hurrah! (okay, so I pretty much stuck to the sidewalk, so I wasn't *really* doing the Creepy Neighbor Thing, but it sounds more interesting when I say it that way)

* Found some fall colors! One house about three or four blocks away has two maples in their yard, both of which were turning bright red, so woot for that! Also, parents are driving down to Fountain City, WI this weekend to visit some friends, and they promised to take lots of fall photos and email them to me.
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Things that make me \o/ today:

* It's Thursday, which is *almost* Friday, which means I am that much closer to the weekend

* As of today, there is one month until I go to GSA, one month an 18 days until I get to go home for TWO WHOLE WEEKS, and around three months and 8 days until I might be going down to Vegas to visit Cristin for an extended weekend (still haven't bought plane tickets, hence the 'around' BUT I WILL SOON, HONEST!)

* My Barnes and Nobel order arrived last night, so I have new books to read! (this one gets a Double \o/)

* New Bones tonight! I don't geek over it like I used to, but honestly, it really does brighten up my Thursday. At least for now; we're only two episodes in to the season, so I still reserve the right to get disappointed.

* You all remember that shirt I bought and was all "Yay, I love this shirt! Boo, the shoulders are too tight" about a month or two ago? (I'd link the entry, but it still takes Anything Live Journal at least 10 minutes to load here at work for some reason) Well, I went and actually found a clothing alteration place and they told me it was indeed possible to alter it so it didn't fit so tight in my arms and shoulders, all I needed was some fabric they could add. I took it in last week and got it back Tuesday AND I AM WEARING IT TODAY, YAY! It still is a tiny bit tight in the shoulders - those, alas, are incredibly difficult to alter - but adding an extra inch and a half or so to the sleeves means I can now reach above shoulder level without feeling like I'm going to rip a seam. Hurrah!

* Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks FTW
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It's raining! Yay!

Not much and probably not for long, but I'll take what I can get.
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I got to go swimming! Finally!

Boss had a BBQ. Boss also has a pool. Boss is *awesome* and wanted to invite us to all use his pool if we so desired this next week while he is on vacation! He actually invited us over specifically to show us how to do the pump thing and the vacuum thing and the cleaning out the filter thing, so it's a good deal for everyone involved - he gets someone to take care of his pool next week, and we get to go swimming in it. It's a win win for all!

So, I got food, I got to spend the evening in good company (seriously, my co-workers are pretty darned awesome. I am totally going to be all spoiled when I leave next year and have to go work in the Real World and stuff),*and* I got to go swimming! Yay! And I'll have access to a pool all next week so I can swim again, so double Yay!

However, it is kind of sad that I've been living out here in the desert for four months and this is the first time I've been swimming since I got out here. You'd think three cities with a combined population of around 200,000 *in the middle of the desert* would at least have a public pool to use that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. There is the river of course, but there's no actual swimming areas until you get down to the Snake River, and when it's 100 degrees outside, 70 degree water is a bit chilly to actually swim in.
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I have a Manda! Had her for almost a whole 24 hours, actually - picked her up at the airport at around 11 last night, so hurrah! We went to Columbia Park and played on the playground in the rain this morning, then we drove around aimlessly for a bit because I wasn't entirely sure where I was. We ended up at the mall, though, which is a pretty big landmark and comes in right handy on this side of town. Wandered around there for an hour or two and went to see Iron Man 2 at the theater they have in there. Which, by the way, was a pretty awesome movie. I will totally spend money on it when it comes out on DVD. Also? There were maybe 8 people in the theater with us total, and it was a pretty darned good sized theater. This, my friends, is why I wasn't to antsy about waiting to see the movie - three weeks after it comes out, the hooplah has died down considerably and we didn't have to deal with annoying screamy girls or That Tall Guy Who Always Sits Right In Front Of You, or That Annoying Kid Who Keeps Kicking The Back Of Your Seat. Hurrah!

Went to Olive Garden for dinner, then we came back here and watched Practical Magic. No clue what we will do tomorrow.

But hurray, I have a Manda for a whole week!
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Taking a short break from the digitizing because, according to my bosses, I am too darned efficient for govt. work because I keep getting everything done so fast. Also, there is only so much digitizing a girl can do before her eyes cross and her wrist and elbow start complaining.

Anyway, I took Coyote to an auto place today to get his oil changed and a new air filter. The people seemed nice enough - Perfection Tires and Auto Repair or something like that - and while it was more expensive than I had hoped ($60 some for both), that's only because they couldn't get the cheap generic version of the air filter I needed, so instead of spending 17 bucks on as I planned, it was $28 plus tax and the a half hour or so of labor.

Also, as auto repair shops tend to do, they gave me a whole long laundry list of everything else that is falling apart on my vehicle that I should probably get fixed eventually - all $450 bucks worth of it. They didn't pressure me or anything to do it now, just suggested I get it taken care of soon, so bonus to them for that. Most of it sounded pretty believable, too - a bunch of belts that are falling apart at the seams (quite literally) and a small leak in the transmission (which I didn't know about, but which doesn't surprise me considering my transmission is about the only major thing left on Coyote that I haven't already gotten fixed), which unfortunatly is blocked by my 4WD drive shaft, so most of the $450 bucks would be going into labor since they'd have to remove that in order to get to the transmission. No way can I afford all of it right now, but I'm going to have to start setting aside a tiny bit of my living allowance every week to save up for everything. Will also call Dad tonight to get his two cents worth - I'm pretty sure these guys aren't trying to screw me or anything, but a second opinion is always good.

And, on an entirely different note, wheee, I get a Manda tomorrow night! Granted, we will probably both be half asleep and not do much of anything until Friday, but still!

Also, only one more day of work before VACATION! Hurrah!

ETA 2:36 cutting for what might qualify as a Girly TMI )
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small spoiler on last night's Castle )

In other news, the computers at work are now functioning again! Yay! I can actually do my job rather than sit around being bored! Actually accomplished quite a bit - finished three maps and started another one. Hurrah.

OMG, IT IS STORMING! YAY YAY YAY! (as of 8:20ish - my internet died before I could post)

ETA 10:09 - Also, I really liked whatever the song that was playing at the end of the episode. Will totally have to look into the soundtrack if there is one out for season 2 yet.
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I found the local library! And it is only a few minutes drive from where I live! Hurrah! Access to wireless!

The down side is Hulu is a blocked website. However, I can still watch stuff at the channel websites (ie, Fox, ABC, etc), so hurrah for being able to watch stuff online still! Not sure about Sci Fi Channel and USA, but I'm hoping those are also a go cause I want me my Ghost Hunters and In Plain Sight.

In other news, I am currently online due to neighbors with unsecure wireless. Shhhhh! Don't tell! :) Only two bars, and the internet access is sketchy at best, but it is enough to check email and occasionally get on FB for a bit.
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Software has been updated! I can now export Shapefiles *AND* differentially correct data in Pathfinder Office! Hurrah!

Almost a month into my internship, I can *finally* start doing my actual job! \o/

Also, went out and collected the lat/long of a bunch of markers along one of the irrigation ditches the Army Core of Engineers manages, and I was totally able to take those data points from the Trimble, convert to a shapefile, add the proper coordinate system and MAKE IT SHOW UP ON THE MAP IN THE RIGHT PLACE! This makes me insanely happy. ::hugs Pathfinder Office 4.0::
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I am totally loving this song the last few weeks, even if I have no clue what it is trying to say beyond the awesomeness of fireflies.

Fireflies )

Also, this might be old news to a few of you, but Castle has been renewed for a 3rd season! \o/ Must be some sort of record for Nathan Fillion - three consecutive seasons on one show! I think the last time that happened was when he was a semi-regular on Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place back in the late 90s.
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Okay, so today was good. Went out with the head GIS person who I'll be working with and looked at a bunch of the sites we'll be remapping when the time comes. Turns out I'm *not* going to be out re-mapping property lines in a Cement Jungle as I initially thought, and instead we'll be re-mapping a bunch of the Wildlife Habitats that the Army Core of Engineers has been maintaining along the Columbia and Snake rivers. And these are definitely wilderness areas, all grass and trees and shrubs, and we'll be going around and drawing polygons around areas like "Mixed Trees" and "Big Sage Growth" and "Mixed Shrubs" and "::enter specific botanical species here:: Growth". This makes me happy because wilderness is way cooler than empty lots and buildings, and it will totally fall into the "conservation" department, and it makes a Liberal Tree Hugger like myself go all "YAY, nature!" Granted, come summer time when I am out there in 90+ heat and direct sunlight, miles from the nearest air conditioning (and the nearest bathroom), the whole "nature" bit might lose some of it's appeal, but for now? Yay, nature!
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I have survived the first day of work! Yay! Granted, I didn't really *accomplish* much - I spent most of the day on the computer taking these security test/quiz/lecture thingymabobs that were mostly about keeping your computer/cell phone/PDA secure as well as the information on said computer/cell phone/PDA secure by recognizing hoaxes/phishing scams/etc and not falling for them. I also got a security card and stuff, got my finger prints taken and put on record, and read about all of the different layers of security the Army Core of Engineers has, and how I'd better make sure that any Secure Information *stays* secure or else I'd be very very sorry.

Also, even more Yay is how last night I wasn't really even anxious much at all, and I still got 4 or 5 hours of sleep, which is *way* more than I expected. Hurrah!

Aaaand now I am trying to convince myself to walk down the street to the grocery store so I can get some odds and ends that would make packing my lunches easier. Still working on that bit.
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Manda is gone. Sadness. :,(

BUT! The last few days have been a blast, and today was a lot of fun, too. Manda's train wasn't scheduled to leave until 7:30 pm tonight, and both of us have been in search of a new bag/satchel for quite some time, so we figured we would leave late morning for La Crosse and get some shopping in before we went to the train station. Left around 10:30 this morning with my dad's Garmin Roadmate (or something like that) GPS (so named Maggie by my father as it is short for Magellan) suctioned to the windshield of my car, too the "shortest distance" route, which turned out to to be a route I have never driven before. It involved taking a lot of different roads (one of which was really pot-holey, but the rest were fine) that got us to the Onalaska/La Crosse Mall by 1:00 in the afternoon. Dad was doing an artifact show there, so we checked in with him and then we wandered the crowded and noisy walkways for about an hour, myself in search of a new bag I actually kind of liked, and Manda in search of whatever caught her eye. Finally found something at a Native American artsy kind of store that I didn't hate - it is an over the shoulder canvas satchel with a whole bunch of peace signs on the cover flap (my words when I saw it? "It's a bit hippie for my tastes"), but I really like the colors, and it actually isn't as retro as it could be. Wouldn't mind a few more pockets, either, but at least it has a cell phone pocket, which is what sold me over the other two I had been considering.

Anyway, by the time I was successful in the baggage department it was close to 3:00 pm, so we hit the Red Lobster down the road for a late lunch... A lunch that turned out to be a lot more interesting than we thought it would be. Click for story )

After dinner, we headed down the road to ShopKo so Manda could get another charger for her iPod (she left hers in Saint Cloud, and a 6 hour train ride without music can get kinda long), and then we went back to the mall to see how Dad was holding up. He was feeling a bit under the weather, and since Manda and I already finished up with all of our shopping, we decided to pack it up early and head to the train station. Dad had his own vehicle, and he was the only person who knew the area, so we followed him to the station, where he left his car all locked up and stuff in the long-term parking lot - he and Mom are taking the train back from Washington next weekend, and with Gus going to Tennessee for some Ethanol/Alternate Fuel Sources conference next week, they wanted to have a car available to them at the station to drive back home - and Manda and I discovered the station wouldn't open for another hour (it was around 5:00 by this time), so we all hopped into Coyote and dad drove us to Riverside Park to kill a bit of time. Manda and I went wandering along the river for a half hour or so taking pictures and getting some exercise in before we were both stuck sitting in a moving vehicle for a few hours. On the way back to the train station, dad drove us by the World's Largest Six Pack so Manda could get a picture of that as well. Only in Wisconsin, you know? I love my state!

Got to the train station just after 6 pm and sat waiting with Manda for a bit before Dad and I said our last goodbyes and started for home. The drive seemed quite dark and there was one deer standing in the road that certainly gave us a nice adrenaline boost, but the ride was otherwise uneventful.

So, that was our day. YAY for free food and Manda-time! Boo for crowded shopping malls and having to send Manda back to Saint Cloud.
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Oh, hey, I haven't posted since Monday.

First off - Manda is here! We braved the rain and the fog and went to retrieve her in La Cross yesterday morning, and then we found some lunch at a Chinese place and drove around the area a bit. Hit Fort McCoy on the way back home to get my "Access Card". I have no idea what it gives me access too, but darn it, I gots one! Still hoping for the travel reimbursement debit card before we leave on Monday, but I'm thinking it ain't gonna happen.

Today I took Manda too the Marshfield YMCA cause our facility kicks the Saint Cloud facility's ass. We swam maybe five laps before we got distracted sharing YMCA horror stories with Kristin, a friend of mine and the current Aquatics Director at the Y. Ran into Mom in the locker room as we were heading out - she had to lifeguard at 1:00 pm - and then went to McDonald's for a SHAMROCK SHAKE, YAY! and some actual lunch and stuff. Then we went to Thimbleberry Books and I spent an hour or so snuggled in the comfy chairs Kim keeps in front of the fire place while Manda browsed.

Got home around 4:00 pm, at which point we crashed like a mad crashing thing and I had a bunch of weird half-dreams. Now we are feeding out internet addictions and waiting for dinner. All in all, it was a pretty darned fun day.
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I spent entirely too much money today.

First, I spent an hour or so at Thimbleberry, a used bookstore in Marshfield, and left there with five new books. Thankfully I had a bit of store credit there, so I didn't spend any actual money on the books. I have been wanting to reread the Dragonriders of Pern *forever*, but I didn't have any copies of my own. Now I do! Well, two of the three - Dragon Quest and The White Dragon. Still don't have the first - Dragonflight - so I hit Book World after I left Thimbleberry in hopes I might find the first book there. Anyway, I also picked up a duel-copy of Through the Looking Glass/Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, some book I've never heard of but which sounds interesting called The Elementals, and A Wrinkle in Time by L'Engle, which is another one i've been meaning to re-read for awhile. So, the next few months will totally involve me reliving my childhood through some childhood favorites, and I see no bad in this.

In search of Dragonflight, though, I wandered down the road to Book World, which isn't the greatest bookstore in the world, but it's the best we have in Marshfield as far as new releases and what not are concerned. Alas, i did not find my quarry, but I did buy two *more* books there - I finally have a hard copy of Bone Crossed (newest in the Mercy Thompson series, or at least the newest until March, when the next hard cover is coming out), and I picked up the first in the Outcast Series by Rachael Caine (Undone maybe?) As new books, those cost me about 18 bucks total, but I know I'll read them again, so I figure I can treat myself a bit.

Next stop was The Daily Grind, a little coffee shop between Thimbleberry and Book World, where I got myself a Chai and started reading Alice in Wonderland while waiting for my dad to finish up with Gramma the clinic (we carpooled). Dad was hoping to hear back from someone he called about looking at a vehicle about 20 miles away, so to kill time we went out for a really late lunch at Perkins after he picked me up at the coffee shop, and then we hit Walmart because I wanted to pick up some of those vacuum storage bags to make the most of Coyote's reeeeeally limited cargo space for the move to Washington next month. Those suckers are expensive! 25 bucks for maybe 5 or 6 bags! Expensive but necessary, so I forked over the funds. I also picked up two new pairs of cargo pants - one I can hopefully wear over a pair of shorts because according to Emma, dressing in layers is pretty much the only way to get through a Day in the Washington Desert, and one pair to replace the pair that just ripped on me earlier this afternoon (you'd thing after how much I spent on the darned things, Eddie Bauer cargo pants would last longer than a year and a half. ::sigh:: ). Both pair were 15 bucks, so I can live with that, but it still means that with the pants and the bags I spent almost 60 dollars at Walmart today.

Before I leave, I also want to give Coyote a nice through mechanical check-up with Simon, and get him a new set of tires, so there goes *another* $500 in the next month. The financial security cushion I hoped to have because I'll spend the next year working in an unpaid position in Washington is quickly shrinking, and almost all of this is for stuff I kind of need. Money stinks.
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It cost me a hundred and sixty bucks, which is not so yay, but the fact that I have my vehicle back and it is functioning and I can *drive* it again is Awesome with a capitol A! AND! It has passenger side-view mirror for the first time in almost three years! I can see what I'm doing when I parallel park again! Yay yay yay yay yay yay!

In other news, I totally forgot I applied for a few positions through the Geographical Society of America a few weeks back, and they want two letters of recommendation and a cover letter to complete the application process, and the deadline to get those things in is February 1. Woops?


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