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Hurray, my [ profile] fandom_stocking has been hung! Kinda forgot I made one... woopse.

Note to self - fill someone's (or several someones!) stocking tomorrow - even if there are no story ideas that jump out at you, there are always icons, wall papers, or regular run of the mill holiday greetings.
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This morning was my third and hopefully final assistance with the early morning paper route, so yay getting to sleep in tomorrow! Well, in a matter of speaking at least - 5:15 totally qualifies as sleeping in since I've been getting up at 3:30 the last three days.

In other news, I have my holiday cards finished and addressed and good to go, and all of the holiday ornaments I am sending out as well! I just... haven't made the effort to get to the post office yet. So, you know, they might be a bit delayed in the arrival. Just saying.

On the work front, the good news is I have my computer back! The bad news is something went wonky with the install of ArcGIS (which is kind of the program I need to actually do my job and stuff) and I can't access the geodatabase where I've been stashing all of the most up-to-date files, so I still can't do much. The problem should hopefully be fixed by tomorrow or Thursday, though. ::crosses fingers::

Lastly, I have two of the three fic prompt requests finished for my virtual presents! One I am pleased with, the other not so much, and the third is kicking my butt and so far I only have a third of a page written for it, but progress is progress.
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So I don't think many of you are going to take me up on this offer, but with the craziness of the last month and a half or so with the traveling and the conferences and planning and the packing, I totally spaced signing up for Yuletide this year. Now that I am out of school, I was really looking forward to having time to do it for once, but alas, due to my easily distracted brain, it is not to be.

Since I am bummed about missing Yuletide, though, I thought I would play the Holiday Elf and offer to fill fic requests for you, my wonderful geeky Friends List. So, my dear friends, if you would be in the mood for a bit of holiday fic present cheer, comment with a fic prompt and I shall try very hard to give you with at least 1000 words worth of it by New Years Day (or January 7th if I procrastinate too long).

I so know I am going to regret this, but here is a list of fandoms directly from my LJ Interests that I am offering up for the prompting:

Anita Blake, Bones, Castle, Charmed, Chuck, Doctor Who (9th-10th, and *maybe* 8th), Due South, Eureka, Fairy Tales, Firefly, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Garfield, Harry Potter, Invisible Man, Iron Man, Mercedes Lackey, NCIS, Sea Quest, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Tamora Pierce, The 10th Kingdom, The Dead Zone, The Pretender, Tin Man, Transformers

I also *might* be able to pull off if I work at it and provided it's all character-based rather than plot-based:

Buffy, Merlin, Supernatural, and Torchwood (second season)

So, there you have it. If you are so inclined, go thee forth and prompt me! (And if you can give me a particular line you would like to see used in the story, that usually gets the creative juices flowing a bit better, too!)
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So, going through some of the stuff that has gathered in my Documents folder, I ran across some additional Yuletide 2007 recs that it would appear I never got around to actually posting. So, here they are, almost 3 years later - Yuletide 2007 fic recs, part 2.

Yeah, no idea what happened in most of them anymore, but I'm assuming they are worth a read considering I liked them enough to start a word document on my hard drive for them.

ETA 1:51 pm
Umm... I have absolutely no idea what is wrong, but for some reason all of the links in this entry have my LJ web address before the actual Yuletide address in the < a href > coding - something which does not show up whenever I attempt to go in and correct it; "Edit Entries" just show me the regular HTML coding and the proper address for what I am attempting to link. It is extremely confusing, and I can't seem to fix it, so I'm assuming the error is LJs, not mine. So, I'm just going to post the links without the fancy HTML coding. Seriously, LJ... WTF?

lets try this again )

There, that should at least make the links accessible if not fix the initial problem.

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Slowly working my way through the 2009 Yuletide stories. Hopefully with the new archive and easier to find fandoms, it won't take me almost a year to get through it all.

Yuletide fic recs, numero uno )

Knowing me, though, and my tendency to be very easily distracted by something else new and shiny, that isn't a bet I would take.
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There is stuff I should be doing. I need to clean my room up because Mandy is going to be showing the house to a possible roommate on Saturday - my room is of course the one they would be taking, and while at the moment it doesn't look quite like the disaster zone it did yesterday, I still need to vacuum and dust and do another load of laundry so the poor guy doesn't have to see my dirty bras and socks lying in the corner.

I am all packed for Minnesota (aside from my toothbrush and cell phone charger and other stuff I use every day) at least, especially since I'll be leaving tomorrow morning instead of early afternoon as I initially planned. My train doesn't leave until 6:30 tomorrow night, but the family made last-minute plans to get together for dinner at Gramma's tomorrow because my aunt and uncle will be in town and want to see me before I leave.

Cleaning and packing is what I *should* be doing right now. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of checking out a few of the new Yuletide stories (I blame [ profile] icepixie - if she hadn't posted that Oregon Trail story, I would've totally not been sucked into the archives) instead, and now suddenly it's 1:00 in the afternoon and I'm wondering where the last three hours went. And I am still in my pajamas.

I fail at will power.
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It is that time of the year again. Temperatures are getting colder (at least in the northern hemisphere), nights are getting longer, hot drinks are practically an accessory, and the annual Yuletide story exchange is taking applications.

And lo, I am torn. To write for Yuletide or not to write for Yuletide, that is the question. On the one hand, I'm pretty good at prompts on the rare occasion I actually request them. On the other hand, writing anything - even a short story - totally takes over my life until I either finish the story or give up on it entirely, and I really don't want to be one of those party poopers who ends up not holding up their end of the exchange.

On that same note, I have finally made it most of the way through the Yuletide 2008 archive! Or, well, at least I've read most of the stories in the fandoms I'm 1 - familiar with and actually give a damn about, or 2 - not super familiar with, but read anyway because there were lots of comments.

recs under here )

OMG, FINISHED! And I have almost two months to recover until Yuletide 2009 stories are up.
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Okay, so I'm not going through the Yuletide stories nearly as fast as I usually do - I'm not even half way through yet, and I doubt I'll get much farther over the next few weeks. So, I'm going to post the recs I have so far and leave it at that. Enjoy!

A Whole New World - Genie is free, now. Free to live forever, travel time, and come back home.

American President
Two Women - Two women, two parallels, two Presidencies. I kind of read this one on a whim since I always enjoyed the movie, but I was extremely impressed with what I found. Very well written and true to the characters, and it almost made me sniffle. Almost.

The Time Travelers Wife
und mit Geistesstarke tu ich Wonder auch - I have never read The Time Travelers Wife and all I know about it is that there is a time-traveling husband and a non-time traveling wife that often gets left behind. That did not stop me from loving this story (that I read on a whim because it had a lot of comments, which is a sign of good stories when it comes to Yuletide), which follows their daughter, Alba, as she inherits and uses her fathers ability. It is beautiful and lyrical and... amazingly well done considering how someone completely ignorant of the book (series?) can still follow it and love it. You ever see or hear something so beautiful that it makes you want to cry? That's kinda how I felt at the end of it.

Beauty and the Beast (1991 Disney Movie)
What Became of Marie La Fleur - What happened to the green sister after the movie

Bourne series (movie)
Easier - Nicky after Bourne Ultimatum.

Brimstone (with quite a bit of Supernatural in the second half)
26 Views of Mount Meggido - Zeke is still hunting. The author wanted it to be a surprise, but since only one person on my friends list might remember Brimstone, I figure I'd let anyone interested know that Supernatural pops up quite a bit, too. With bells on, even. Also, this story is looooong. Just shy of 35,000 words.

Four Times Chuck Was a Hero - Chuck is a giant geek (and that is why I love him ::hearts like woah::). This has saved his life and the lives of others on more than one occasion. Here are four more such occasions.

Four Things Bryce Larkin Regrets and One He Doesn't - Title pretty much says it all.

TV Commercials
Five Missions Erin Esurance Failed to Complete - The commercials kind of irritate me, but it helps that the story has nothing to do with the commercials except for Erin and Eric. Also, I am amused at the Silly Unimportant Insurance Front hiding Super Secret Government Terror-fighting Agency. It is very Get Smart of them.

Feast! - The continuing adventures of The Viking, The King, The Hawaiian, The Greek, and The Pilgrim from those Snickers commercials. While it didn't have me ROTFLing, it did have me snickering like mad several times. Also, totally qualifies as Cracktastic Fluff, which is the best kind.

Dead Like Me
Deck the Malls - Georgia, Mason, and Daisy all have assignments at the mall on Black Friday. Mostly posting this cause it was fun. Or, well, as fun as Dead Like Me can be what with people dying and all that.

Five ways Reality Beats Fairytales - Nancy and Edward get their own version of Happy Ever After.

Crisis Management ( - Five minor crises that cemented Jack and Henry’s friendship

Fairy Tales (trad)
... - A bit of a twist on the traditional story of Rupunzel

Galaxy Quest
The Rebirth of Brandon Wheeger - A kind of cute story that follows Brandon after the end of the movie.

Hancock - Through the Glass Darkly - They can’t be together, so they try and find third person to live through. Not exactly a satisfying ending, and not as snark-tastic as the movie, but it has it’s moments.
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one small Chuck spoiler )

Potatoes were very tasty. Pot roast was extremely tough, but still tasted good. I'm hoping that by having the meat sitting in all the broth, marinading in the fridge will mean it will be less tough when we microwave the leftovers. Granted, I highly doubt it, but a girl can hope.

On an entirely different note, someone please convince me why I should *not* sign up for [ profile] yuletide, because I have a very huge tendency to never, ever, *ever* finish what I start and I do not want the Sad Face Of Woe And Disappointment directed towards me on Christmas Morning when whoever was unlucky enough to be my receive-ee wakes up to find their stocking empty.
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Two and a half months later, I have *finished* looking through Yuletide 2007! I have a few more recs, too, but alas, they are on Shadowlite, so I won't be posting them until I get her back. If at all, depending on whether or not they wipe her hard drive because that's what Computer Fixing People Do when they can't solve the problem, and sometimes even when they can solve it. No matter that her hard drive was completely fine and it was just the actual outside casing of the laptop itself that was cracked.

Aaaanyway, enough of my pessimistic outlook on whether I'll ever see my beloved computer again, I have finished Yuletide and I rock! Okay, so i finished reading all the stories in fandoms I was actually familar with (TIME TRAX! there was a TIME TRAX fic! Yes, it was all of a paragraph and not really memorable, but ZOMIGOD, TIME TRAX! Yes, I did in fact do a literal out-loud "Wheee!" and clap my hands when I saw that listed) because holy cow do a lot of people do yuletide.

And... that's honestly the entire point of this post. I made it through all the Yuletide stories! Go me!

::wonders if Time Trax is already or is coming out on DVD one of these days, cause that would rock so hard-core::
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While it didn't throw (or Ew) me nearly as much as the Full House thing (in fact, there really is no Ew for this one, mostly just o.O. And yes, I am still looking through Yuletide. How'd you guess?), the "Murdoc/MacGyver is love!" summary did make my eyes cross a bit.

I know I shouldn't be surprised, but I am.

(okay, so the point of this entry was pretty much just to make it a place holder to remind me how far I got next time I go a-yuletiding, but that doesn't make the cross eyed thing any less true)

This is the last spam for the night, I promise.
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I am no where near the end of the list (traditional fairy tales (Fa) are as far as I've gotten so far), but I figured I'd post the stories I've liked the most so far so the links aren't clogging up my "draft" option.

Batman, Chuck, Narnia, Dark Angel, Dresden Files, Eureka, and Fairy Tales (trad) Yuletide recs )
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I am slowly working my way through the [ profile] yuletide entries for 2007. So far I have almost made it through "E". I so love Eureka.

That said, tomorrow, if all goes as planned and the weather behaves, I will have an Emmies to glomp! We've been meaning to set up a doggy play date so Scout, Marly, and Argyle can have someone not delicate to romp with for a few hours (poor Niner and Jake are just getting too old for rough-housing), and since Em has today and tomorrow off, we decided to finally make it happen. Hopefully Em and her dad will be heading out to the house (parents house, not Plover house) with the doggies and there shall be much glompage and doggie snuggles.

And thats all I got right now.
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Right, so I've spent the last few weeks reading Yule Tide stories, and only now am I getting close to the end. So, finally, after entirely too long, I give you my Yuletide reccomendations )

And those are only the fandoms I'm even remotely familiar with. Still haven't read the Torchwood ones or any the series there-after, but since Torchwood and Wonderfalls are the only ones I have even one iota of information about, I figure I'll post the ones I have and make another entry should I find another one I like.
* = personal favorites (or, well... Favorites of the favorites, since all of these are favorites to a degree, otherwise I wouldn't be linking them. Shutting up now), though I think there's only one or two of those

On an entirely different note, I am actually reading through the last 50 or so posts on my friends list filter (meaning all real people, no communities) for the first time in... An extremely long time, so if you find yourself getting a random comment from me, that would be why. I'm going to actually try and stay caught up this time - wish me luck! ;)
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The Art of Dying - Children of Dune
Because the one thing I loved most about the book was the relationship between Leto and Gahni, and this story captures it quite nicely.

Making the Best of Things - Earth 2
Because it's Earth 2. And there isn't enough Earth 2 fic. And I figured Cristin might appreciate it if she hadn't already found it. ;)
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oOo, hey... Shirtless Joe on Medium... ::goes to happy place::

Also, more [ profile] yuletide fun:
My Thing - Scrubs fic. Innuendo out the wazoo and several sections that had me laughing hysterically and my parents looking at me really really funny.

From Mathematics Further Off - Madeleine L'Engle novels
Meg fic, who was my favorite character when I read the books as a little girl. As much as we Anti-math people hate to admit it, math really is a part of everything. Meg thinks in numbers, but that doesn't make the meanings she conceives any less.

On Black Holes, Miracles, Singularities, and Nothingness - L'Engle novels
Charles Wallace's point of view this time, thinking in terms of science more than the math of his sister, but still with plenty to think about.

And I am sleepy, so I am going to bed. At least I almost made it to midnight this time around. ::misses her ability to stay up and awake until 2 in the morning:: (now watch as I get back in the late-night swing of things just before I have to start getting up early again.)
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Though I didn't participate in it, I do have a few favorite [ profile] yuletide recs for anyone who might be interested. Because I'm a lemming.

Afraid of Americans - Dead Zone
Johnny didn't believe that he was a prophet. A prophet should have a better idea of what he was doing. A prophet should be more comfortable with being disbelieved when he met new people. A prophet should be willing to do what was necessary to save the world from Greg Stillson.

Nativity - Dogma/Brimstone
Just your average, everyday biblical Christmas Story. Only set in a Walmart. And not really biblical. But, highly amusing! :)

Loving Mere Folly - The Last Unicorn
The name of Schmendrick the Magician was spoken with awe by kings and queens; was written in glorious illumination on venerated scrolls of parchment; was passed in a poisonous hush by sea monsters to their young. He had become such a legend that many did not believe he was still alive. Fewer would have believed what they saw, if they had been there to see this: the great man buckling to his knees, his forehead touching the ground, and the sound pouring from his throat. It was mixed with laughter, first. Soon it was only weeping.

Also, speaking of Yule-tide treasures, Cristin! Lookie what I found! )
Yes, I fully realize that she is probably gonna kill me for posting this, but at least it'll be worth it. ;D Besides, I'm sure she has plenty of revenge-fodder pictures to post of me if she feels similar action is required. :D
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Am in a much better mood now that I have several hours of [ profile] yuletide fic reading behind me. :D

Meant to post this sooner, so the image says Merry Christmas. For all those of you who don't do the Christmas thing, just ignore the words and enjoy the adorableness that is Niner!


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