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It also gets a tiny bit Emo - less in the "Woe is me!" and more in the "Arrgh, BITE ME" department, so seriously, you might want to ignore this. I decided not to lock it to "Private" only because this way I can pretend I'm ranting to a sympathetic audience - or not sympathetic, whatever - and not really just talking to myself. Seriously, I won't feel bad if you ignore it, because it's very self-centered.

I'll even hide it under a cut )

Actually, now that the words have been purged a bit, I don't know if I really feel better or just more shallow and self-centered.
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Just watched last week's episode of Bones. The end? Yeah, I've had Valentines Days that I really would've loved to do that.

It isn't even about being single, really - I've always been single on Valentines Day, so it isn't a huge deal for me. I just get kind of irritated with the whole idea that Valentines is the one day you need to really express your love, because if you love someone? Why the heck would you only show it one day a year? I'd think it would be more important to try and find ways to express it on a random rainy Saturday after a long week, or even a spontaneous Tuesday when he/she least expects it. It just seems like Valentines Day is an excuse to only really express yourself one day a year. Like we need another excuse to be lazy.

It's kind of the same way I feel about New Years Resolutions; if I want to change my life, I am going to start changing it right away. Waiting until the "new year" - which is an extremely flexible date, by the way. I know of at least three different cultures that celebrate it on totally different times of the year, and that isn't even counting the leap years when we have an extra day on our own calenders - just seems like another excuse to me. You control your own life - why the hell would you wait until New Years Day if you wanted to change it for the better?

Just a pet peeve of mine, and it is to the point where I'd plan my "Valentines" day for February 15 *just* to celebrate the fact that it isn't Valentines Day anymore. Also, bonus - chocolate and flowers would all be half price. ;)

My only other thought beyond the awesome endings with itty bitty spoiler ) was this....
Shame on you, Booth, you aren't wearing ear protection. ::tisks him::
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Joining the Thanksgiving Comes First Brigade, because I know I'm not the only one who gets kind of miffed when I walk into Fred Meyer (a slightly more classy version of Walmart, if you squint a little and it gets bonus points for having a coffee shop that *isn't* Starbucks inside of it) two whole weeks before Halloween, and the first thing I notice is that they already have their fake Christmas tree display set up. Or when I hit Walmart for some small, completely non-holiday related thing and I see Christmas decorations right along side the half-price Halloween candy, and a tinny version of "Let it Snow" is playing over the speakers, cheerfully driving me insane as I realize that this is only the beginning of two-and-a-half-months of getting A Consumer's Christmas Carol shoved down my throat.

Once upon a time, way back maybe five or six years ago (I know it's tough, but you can do it! Stretch those memories, people! Remember the days when Bush Jr. was still in office, Kayne West was all over the place, and a NCIS was one of television's biggest dramas - you can do it if you try!), department stores and television advertisements were content to take advantage of the fact that Thanksgiving came before Christmas, and holidays were celebrated one at a time. A magical time, that, when a month or so before Thanksgiving, cartoon turkeys and Pilgrims hit the lime light to sell you car insurance, spread the word that their store was having a "Huge Thanksgiving Sale with savings up to 50% off the original price!", and Thanksgiving wasn't just a quick bathroom break along the long, twisty road that was the Holiday Season, or an extra day to arm for battle before braving the Frenzied Consumer Masses on Black Friday.

Once upon a time, Christmas was more than a greed-filled excuse to supply your family with a bunch of toys, trinkets, and trifles that were destined to become lost, broken, or forgotten again in two months, and Thanksgiving was more than an extra day off during your work week.

When I was a kid, Thanksgiving was the marker for the start of the best, most awesome time of year. In school, it was the time of the year all of the teachers started having to go to conferences and end-of-the-year meetings to discuss Boring Adult Things, and because of it, classes got done a lot earlier and days off for the students got a lot more frequent. During the months of November and December, there were *maybe* three full weeks of school - otherwise, there would always be at least one day per week when we were let out of school early, and if that wasn't the case, we would have all of Friday off, and sometimes even Thursday or Monday as well.

Out of school, we knew that Thanksgiving was just around the corner, and that after Thanksgiving, it would be Christmas. Thanksgiving also meant *four whole days* free from the dreary halls of our grade school, a lovely extended weekend where we could sleep in and sloth off on our homework for a few days. On top of that, there was the promise of way too much good food and the chance to visit with family that we probably hadn't seen since the previous Thanksgiving. Perhaps most of all, though, Thanksgiving ushered in the Holiday Season - a very important job to a seven year old - and my most favorite time of the year, because during that time, everything just seemed a little brighter, everyone seemed a little bit happier, and cities would come to life after dark, shining with the glow of thousands of brightly colored holiday lights.

We wrote Christmas list to Santa of all the things we hoped to receive when he made his annual round-the-world journey, filling our tiny little hearts almost to bursting with the Joy and the Hope of the season. Christmas carols were a tradition, and they were special because that was the *only* time of the year that they were sung and every time we heard one, it brought a little more joy to our heart. Some of us had so much joy bottled up inside that we just had to share it, and so many a church group or friendly gathering decided to carry candles and sing the carols door-to-door, sharing them with our neighbors and being rewarded with hot chocolate, apple cider, and home-made cookies.

Christmastime was special. It was about sharing and family and hope for the new year. It might not be the same for everyone else, but for me, it was never about the presents. They were a rather nice extra, don't get me wrong, and like any kid I gleefully tore into the few brightly wrapped packages under the tree with my name on them on Christmas Morning, but what I remember most now, twenty years later, isn't the mystery and excitement as each new toy was revealed, or the childish disappointment when it ended up being Yet More Boring Clothes. Instead, what I remember the most is the slight sadness I felt after all of the presents were unwrapped and all the big family dinners done, because that meant that Christmas was well and truly over for the year, and I had to wait a whole eleven or so months before the holiday lights and carols would be magic again.

Christmas was special because it was only once a year, and it was magic because it was special. It gave me something to look forward to, and even the sadness of it ending was never enough to overcome the promise that I'd get to experience it all over again next year.

I still love the holiday season, but by the time it actually arrives these days, I am so fed up with the constant barrage of Christmas advertisements, the audio assault of carols being repeated over and over again in a hundred different styles on a thousand different radio stations, and the frustration of fighting wave after wave of fanatic holiday shoppers when all I want is some damned shampoo, that the spark - the magic for the lack of a better term - is gone. And I miss it.

Once upon a time, Thanksgiving came first and it ushered in the most amazing time of the year.

Once upon a time, Christmas was special and my childhood memories didn't so closely resemble a fairy tale.

Thanksgiving Comes First

I know very few people read my journal, and I know some of you who do don't actually like Christmastime all that much - for religious reasons or just a general frustration at how commercialized this once special holiday has become - but I'm still encouraging you all to write your own entries and share your own reasons why The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year isn't so wonderful any more. Maybe if enough people group together and spread the word, the Big Companies will get a clue and we might just be able to rediscover the magic of the season shining through the greed-fueled muck that tries so hard to snuff it out.

ETA Saturday, November 6, 2010
In hopes of backing up the Thanksgiving Comes First thing, I'm going to try and post either one happy Thanksgiving memory per day, or to share one thing I am thankful for. Here are the links to those posts so far.

Day 1 - Thanksgiving 2007
Day 2 and 3 - Mmm, mashed potatoes
Day 4 - In which I give thanks for fan fiction, because I am a Geek.
Day 5 - Why Thanksgiving is Awesome, at least for me
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Watching Beauty and the Beast since I was in a major cartoon mode this morning. And while I really and truly love the movie, watching it with an older (and much less sappy and romantic) brain than I had as a child, I gotta say that the Beast gives up way too damned easily. I mean, yeah, so his True Love went to save her father, but that doesn't mean she would've stayed away or anything. So did he *have* to just lie down and let the towns people attack his castle without a fight? Granted, the servants put up a hell of a fight for him, so Yay Castle Servants, but he was perfectly content to let Gaston kill him. Seriously, Beast, even if you didn't think Belle loved you, you gotta admit that if she came back once after you scared the bejesus out of her - and this is when she didn't even *like* you - she would totally come back after you all had made amends just to visit as a friend. Or, you know, to take shameless advantage of your library.

And yet there you were, all ready to let Gaston and his band of Merry Cultist raze you, your castle, your servants, and the ever precious library. Not on, my furry friend.

But that's okay, cause the movie is still awesome and I'm totally blaming the lack of manliness (or would that be beastliness?) on Disney's tendency to turn most of the men into wusses. At least until they have to fight the manly fight for their One True Love, who they fall for after a whopping 20 minutes. And don't even get me *started* on some of those early Disney women, who would faun and faint in their flowy dresses while the Evil Stepmother/Stepfather/Bitter Uncle sacrificed them for... whatever reason they would have to sacrifice them (I think the running theme was jealousy in the early years, and threat to power in the later years), waiting for their Prince Charming to save them. To this day, the only Disney women I recall who could Kick Ass if necessary (or at least use their brain to outsmart the baddie when they lacked the physical training to Kick Ass) are Mulan, Princess Jasmine, and Belle (even if the Beast did have to save her eventually, that was mostly because she and Phillip were outnumbered by, like, 12 to 2 when those wolves tried to take them out. Also, she's Insanely Smart, which qualifies as a version of Kicking Ass in my book).

::wanders off to ponder buying The Fire Rose from
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(the movie is more than ten years old. I am so not doing a cut-text)

Let it be known that I love Bill Pullman and that the movie Independence Day will forever have a place in my heart as one of my most beloved movies of all time. However, as much as I adore it, there is always one little clip in there that bugs me to no end. I may have ranted about this before, so forgive me if I'm repeating myself, but there is no way in *HELL* that anyone with even an iota of military or governing power would let President Whitmore into that fighter jet toward the end of the movie. The Vice President and all the joint chiefs - anyone in the top ten of presidential succession - was fried in the first attack, *AND* the First Lady was also lost. Whitmore was the only one left - if he died in the final attack, the entire US Government would be tossed into the utmost chaos, and the military would be forced to declare martial law.

However, that isn't what annoys me most. What annoyed me most was the fact that his wife just died, and that if he had the misfortune of getting blown up in the final battle, his daughter would've ended up losing *both* her parents within a twenty-four hour period. And that just ain't right. It doesn't matter that he didn't, in fact, die and leave her all by her lonesome; it matters that he *could* have - sacrificed his daughter and the future of his country just so he could go out there and blow up aliens. Grrraarrr.

Yes, I am aware that this is a movie, and in movies, people do all sorts of stupid stuff for the sake of heroism and ratings and all that good stuff, but that scene still bugs the hell out of me.
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Ugh. I hate riding the bus on the weekends. Starting 5:30 Friday nights, the regular Sundowner bus too and from Q and K lots changes schedules, and it no longer stops at every bus stop unless someone is actually standing on the curb waiting, *or* unless you call a head of time and tell them you need a ride. Today, however, the friggin bus *didn't even stop* when I was waiting at Atwood to catch a ride down to my car so I could go to work. I was walking out the door and it just drove right on past. Guess it's my own fault for not being *quite* to the actual bus stop yet... ::sarcasm:: Which meant I had to wait a half hour and catch the 6:45 bus at the Library, where they're required to stop no matter what anyway. Mind you, I had to work at 7, so I ended up being 15 minutes late. AAARG! At least I was able to call work and let them know. Must love cell phones.

Then, when I got *back* from work (at 10 pm), all the spaces up on campus were taken (no permit is required to park up campus on weekends), so I ended up having to drive back down to Q lot and park it there. Of course there was a hockey game tonight that happened to be getting finished just as I was getting back to campus, so the police had all the lower lots blocked off to make way or the hella heavy traffic disembarking from the hockey center, so I couldn't even get to Q lot and park my car. Okay, I can deal with that. I needed gas anyway, so it gave me an excuse to drive around some more, give Coyote a chance to warm up further (it takes a long time for his engine to warm up to the point where it can go more than 20 mph if it's below freezing outside) before shutting him down for the night. Oh, yeah, and did I mention that at this point it was freezing rain? Roads weren't deadly yet, but anything not totally saturated with road salt was. Anyway, I get gas, and by that time the heaviest of the hockey traffic is gone, so the lots are unblocked, and I get as good a parking space as one can in a lot in the middle of freaking no where, and head to the heated bus stop to wait for the Sundowner. It was supposed to be there at 10:10. And it was. Except, guess what? This time it didn't even drive *by* the bus stop! It just went to Q lot (at this point, I was at the Husky Hub one lot up from there because, um, yeah... heated with benches and everything; the Q lot's bus stop is wooden box that occasionally manages to keep the rain off, but nothing else). And the Husky Hub is *supposed* to be one of those required stops! ARRRRRG!

So, I end up having to wait for the 10:40 bus, which miracle of miracles, actually stops where it's supposed too. But, dammit... I should've gotten back to the dorm an hour before I did. I was on time! I was even early! And I was at stop that is supposed to be required on the weekends! I got done with work at 9:30. The university is all of THREE MILES AWAY from the Y. I didn't get back here until 11 pm! Yegads, I hate weekend public transportation!
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This is just some bad luck for Australia. But...
rant under the cut )

These are just my opinions and I'm not trying to force them on anyone else, I'm just telling it like I see it. You can flame me if you want, but don't expect any response. These are my beliefs and the chance that they are going to be changed by anyone else screaming at me that I'm wrong are slim to none. But, just as I have a right to my own opinions, so does everyone else, so if you want to rant in the comments, feel free.

Edit: 11:51 am
I changed the link because the other one was going to a "page cannot be found" in that publications records, so now it's CNN. The article says about the same thing, though, so I didn't change the quote.
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They just did a mass live marriage proposal on the Today Show. You know something? This whole idea of proposing on national television or in front of thousands of spectators really bugs me. What if she wants to say "no"? It's humiliating for her if she's too polite to to turn you down immediately in front of all those people, and it's humiliating for *both* of you if she does have the guts to tell him to piss off. Not to mention the fact that, in doing *anything* in front of thousands of people (especially if you have trouble with being in front of an audience of any kind), it is putting a *lot* of stress on the poor girl (or guy if she's direct enough) which indicates that this person on his/her knees in front of you a) doesn't give a damn about your feelings and is doing the public proposal entirely for themselves or b) he or she *knows* that there is a chance, slim though it may be, that you are going to say no so they decided to do it in front of everyone to give you less of a chance to escape. It just isn't polite, people! If that ever happens to me, I will say no just to spite him. I don't care how much I love the guy, he should *not* have put me in that position and it serves him right to have his heart handed back to him on a plate.

They also did a special on engagement rings. Personally, I really don't see the appeal of diamonds. They are useless except to look sparkly and you can get a pretty, sparkly Austrian crystal or cubic zirconium (only spelled right) which are just as useless for far less money. Diamonds do more good on the end of a saw then they do around someone's finger.
Also, diamonds have absolutely no story behind them. "Once upon a time there was a hard rock that was under ground. Then, by luck or determination, the hard rock was dug up and taken to a jewelers to get cut up into sparkly gem stones. The end." Absolutely no soul what so ever. I think the *real* meaningful, priceless gems are those that have a story behind them. A black pearl (or any pearl for that matter) that started off as a grain of sand and spent years growing and becoming a pearl inside an oyster, or a black rainbow opal that was once upon a time, thousands of years ago, part of a living tree (and I think that applies to most other opals, too, but don't quote me on that). Even an amethyst that spent thousands, if not millions of years growing inside a geode has more of a story behind it than one measly diamond. Come on, people... I know they're just rocks, but even *rocks* should have a story to tell. Go outside and pick up any of the stones you see lying on the side of the road and you're holding a piece of physical history in your hand, so the least you can do is give your loved one something to think about and put into perspective.

Okay, yeah, so that got a bit longer than I was thinking it would be. Will shut up about it now.

On an entirely different note, I'm currently skipping gym. Shame on me, but I figured I could use a break, especially with this tendonitis acting up so bad again (and I've also been working my ass off 6 days a week for the last two weeks, going from incredibly unactive to incredibly active all within a few days. So my body - my legs and feet especially - could probably use a reprieve, too). Besides, I'll still get my 5th workout in tomorrow since I have to teach swim lessons and will be swimming laps between my first (and only) class at 9-9:45 and my private lesson at 10:30.
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Bad Sci Fi B-movies that give those good animals from legends and myths and stuff bad names.

I was just surfing channels and ran across this movie on Sci Fi called "Gargoyles: Wings of Darkness". You know, just with that whole "wings of Darkness" thing, you know it's likely going to make the gargoyles the evil party, but I figure I'll do the "info" button thing just in case, by some miracle, the title is just for show.
The summary was, however, something along the lines of "ancient creatures of evil from the past come back and wreak havoc" and so on and so forth, and that's the part where I get rather annoyed because, dammit, gargoyles were used to *protect* buildings (and the people within them) from evil spirits! THEY ARE NOT FRIGGIN EVIL SPIRITS THEMSELVES! They are the *good* guys, they are *not* evil, and any havoc they might create if one showed up out of the blue in present day would not be created by it's person (or... gargoyle), but would rather be the mass panic as hords of people freak out and start trying to bomb the poor thing because they believe gargoyles are evil and going to eat their heart or something BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THEY ALWAYS DID IN THE MOVIES!

And, you know, it's not just the gargoyle thing. A few weeks ago I saw this advertisement for another B-movie which was totally and completely dissing on Cerebus (sp?). Yes, he *is* and ugly three headed dog from the underworld, but they never said he was *bad*! He *guards* the underworld, he doesn't try and send people to it! HE IS NOT AN EVIL HELL HOUND! He was guardian of the Underworld, and for some people, the Underworld wasn't all that bad. In fact, it was darn right pleasant for pretty much anyone who wasn't an evil, selfish war lord or king or something. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Cerebus trotted around looking for handouts from some of the softer-hearted dead people (you think one set of puppy dog eyes is bad, think how much worse it would be with three) when he wasn't guarding the entrance to Tarterus. Or, better yet, win 'em over from the start at the entrance with affection and puppy-lovin, and he probably had the whole of the Elision Fields eating out of his hands (paws?).

I mean, if you Sci-Fi B-movie makers wanna raile on mythic creatures, hows about going after ones who were actually evil for once. I heard the harpies weren't the nicest of people, and god(s) know there were enough monsters that all those Mythic Heroes had to kill. I mean, I doubt if Hercules had all that much fun trying to take out the Hydra, and I imagine killing the Chimera was no treat for Pegasus and Belepherone (only spelled right), either. And then there's the She-Demon, basilisks, general demons, incubus, succubus, kappas, and any number of other nasty critters you could choose from.

But, of course, it would go against the bad sci-f B-movie code to research your material, right? Because it just isn't done. It would ruin the appeal of the movie for all those mindless zombies you're trying to entertain, yes? You might accidentally kill us with shock if it was discovered that one of your movies was researched, and think of all the lawsuits *that* would bring up.
Oop, watch your step there... That sarcasm dripping off the screen and puddling on the floor can get kinda slippery.

Just a general FYI? Humans as a whole are a rather stupid and gullible species; many of us actually believe, on some deep, dark level of our conscious, that whatever you show us in the movies is true, no matter *how* far-fetched and ridicules it may seem - even if we say or believe otherwise ourselves. If I may quote Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black, a *person* is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals. Thinking rationally is not one of our strong suits, especially when mass-panic is involved. So, seriously, you'd be doing us *all* a favor if you actually researched your plots for once and only made us subliminally afraid of those creatures that are actually, you know, evil.

On the other hand, feel free to continue to diss on aliens and zombies and vampires and all those unidentified/supernatural being kinda things, because those movies can actually be rather fun. Just, you know, leave my myths alone. Or at least *try* and get the basic legends right whenever you decide to mess with them. Seriously, I'm not talking deep, in-depth "in the library all night living on coffee and nicotine" kinda research, just, like, a 5 minute search on Google or something. I'll even do it for you if you're that lazy! Here, take a peek at this site. I'm sure it will offer you loads of ideas on your next uber-thin plot! And I didn't even use up the whole 5 minutes!
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Right, you all are going to think I'm a cold, heartless bitch for saying this, but fuck it, I don't give a damn.
(Dawn, I am incredibly glad that you and you family are okay, but I have issues with your Headline city and some of the people in it)

All this news coverage on the disaster in New Orleans as they show all the pissed off citizens who are complaining about not being saved yet? Is really pissing me off. I understand that things are tough, and that people are running out of food and water and living under awful conditions, but all of these interviews of people on the street who are demanding why more isn't being done, and why the hell haven't they been rescued yet... My only opinion after I've watched these stories is that Americans really are greedy, selfish bastards who think only of themselves.
Granted, I know this isn't the case for all of them and I know that all of them have been under *tremendous* stress these past few days, but dammit! They aren't the only ones who are suffering! And, honestly, IT'S THEIR OWN FUCKING FAULT! We've known ever since New Orleans was build that it was a flood risk waiting to happen, and every frigging hurricane that has passed over the last 150 years has had people wondering to themselves "Will this be the one to bury us for good?" Well, guess what, this time it *was*. New Orleans has always been below sea level, and it has been a century and a half of close calls and barely missed bullets, and we all *knew* that this tragedy was coming... Why the *hell* is everyone so shocked?

Another thing that pisses me off is how everyone seem so "Me me me!" on all these interviews. We get the barest mention of good deeds and small human kindnesses that were so prominent after the tsunami disaster earlier in the summer that I *know* are there, and instead all the news reporters focus on all these poor, suffering people who have lost their homes and who friends and family still missing and children who don't know where their parents are and people who are pissed and grumpy that the government isn't doing more to rescue them. I feel for those people, I really do... God knows what I would do in under such awful circumstances, and no one should have to face such tragedy, especially not children. But for Christ's sake, there are thousands of people down there who should be helping EACH OTHER instead of complaining about not being rescued yet! I mean, I've never been in a hurricane and I have no first hand experience of what it's like to live through one, but dammit... People need to stop hoping for someone one else to save them and start trying to save them selves.
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I love the first nine Anita Blake books. I really really do, and I love the old Ace covers that featured the St. Louis sky line or bloody paw prints under a full moon or ancient grave stones in a deserted cemetery. They made sense, they were linked to the story, and they were often times very expressive pieces of art. They gave you a preview of the story without giving anything away, dark and mysterious just like the words that filled the pages between them.
The new covers? Make absolutely no sense what so ever. What the hell do naked ladies have to do with anything!? What? Can someone answered this for me? Every friggin cover of the Jove editions features some discretely unrevealing part of female autonomy in the foreground with maybe, *maybe* some small, transparent, easy to ignore image of a wolf or a butterfly or some other entirely small and insignificant reference to the actual story taking place between the covers in the background. The closest any of the covers of the four books I have get to actually giving you an important detail about the story is the one on Circus of the Damned, which has a picture of a cobra on it (a cobra which, by the way, is 'drawn' on the side of one of the aforementioned naked ladies). It's an easy to see reference to Oliver's animal to call, and snakes are, in fact, rather important through out the whole book. However, in Lunatic Cafe? I didn't even *see* the wolf image in the corner until I read the little "this is what other well known authors/magazines have to say about this book" quote new books tend to have that was printed right below it, and even then I didn't notice anything until I saw a weird, out of place spot on the moon that looked kinda like an eye.
Now, tell me... What the hell do naked ladies have to do with the story? Usually the only naked bodies we see in these books (at least until the later ones) are the murder victims Anita is called into investigate, yes? With maybe the occasional "Dammit, I've been kidnapped and they took my clothes" moments Anita has every once in awhile. And usually such moments (for the dead bodies, Anita, or otherwise) are rather short lived and only get a page or two through out an entire 30-some chapters of material. Why the *hell* do live, breathing, "Look at me, I'm so sexy" naked ladies get all of the cover space?! They have *NOTHING* to do with the story, people! These stories are dark and dirty, and there's no way a smiling, living, *breathing* naked lady would last ten minutes if she was thrust into one.
What, weren't the tens of thousands of women who were reading the books with the plain old St. Louis covers enough? You had to add naked girls to catch some of the male population? Which, you know, doesn't seem to be working because all of the men I talk to just look at me funny whenever I mention the Anita Blake books, yet I can think of at least seven girls just off the top of my head that have read the books and loved them for the stories, and loved them *before* all the bare skin started showing up on the books' covers.

It's just cheap. And cheapens the story, too, because they damned sure had plenty sex appeal before it was plastered all over their covers like a cheap whore.

And with that, I'm gonna go to bed, because that rant lasted about an hour longer than I thought it would. What can I say, it's been bugging the hell out of me ever since I bought and started rereading the books.

Anyhoo, I'll shut up now.
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Which I'm not cutting, dammit, because this is *MY* journal!

I really really really should be working on my final speech, but I really really have no motivation to do so. I mean, I was all psyched about my last speech (it was on Maya and the important of Astronomy in their culture) cause it was all interesting and stuff (even if I did only get a B- on it), but that was just a "Speech to Teach" kinda thing. This final speech is a persuasive speech - worth a good portion of our grade - that I'm doing on the necessity to start depending on renewable resources (such as wind/solar/geothermal/etc) NOW rather than 10, 20, 50 years in the future.

Currently, there is almost *nothing* (and I mean nothing) that isn't effected in some way, shape, or form by our dependance on petroleum and oil - and, guess what? If we keep using the stuff at the rate we're going, our oil reserves will likely run out before the end of the century (don't quote me on that, it's only a guess at the moment, but it's kinda hard to believe how we *couldn't* run out when we consider that every damn thing we make, use, and do leads back to oil and coal. The paper we write on? Created in factories, where the machines require oil to function properly, and than transported all over the country using trucks/trains/and other forms of transportation, which run on gas and/or coal and also require quite a bit of oil to keep them working properly. Buying a bottle of soda? Plastic bottles, which require oil to make (I think?) and, even if they're recycled, oil to fill as they're stuck on those little conveyer belts thingies at the factory which are run by oil or some byproduct of oil and require oil to keep all the bearings and stuff lubricated... I could go on, but I think you get the point.
Anyhoo, while I may know a bit about this kinda thing, and I am quite passionate about it, it's so damn hard to find evidence that would be *solid* enough to use this in a speech to convince people. And, I know you're thinking that dude, you an find tons of stuff on global warming and over use of fossil fuels out there - and yes, you're right... there's tons of stuff, but most if it is by people like me and their opinions. I mean, who the fuck knows who Mark Lynas is and why the hell should they care what the fuck he thinks on the ideas of global warming? In reality, he's the son of a geologists who traveled around the world for *three years* looking for evidence that can be seen *today* of the effect of global warming, and who found enough of it that he wrote a friggin *book* on what he saw! But, to the audience? He's a nobody; someone who they've never heard of, just one of the hundreds of thousands geologists or sons of geologists out there. What about Paul Tolme? Jessica Warden? Timothy Hey? Ring any bells? I doubt it. They're just more nobodies who wrote articles on the energy crisis/renewable energy options at one point or another.
It would be so much easier talking about ancient culture or how astronomy set the foundation for their cultures a subject that we can see, now, in the awesome monuments they left behind - than talking about global warming and all this stuff happening because of it (and all the bloody stupid people who are trying to claim that its not happening, and if it is, it's only a natural shift in the Earth's climate that happens all the time through out history - at least there are and equal or more number of smart people/scientists who have the same "WTF is the matter with you?!" attitude I do. :D ), but which no one wants to believe because we're not the ones who are going to have to deal with the consequences. It will be our children, and our children's children, and I don't want them to grow up in a world where the air is toxic to breath and there are people being killed over oil (sounds entirely too sci-fi and Road Warrior, right? Think back a few years toDesert Storm and the oil wells burning, and it might not be as far fetched you think), but again... that's all in the future; people don't want to start worrying about it now. And, while there are plenty of other energy sources available to us this day and age, money still talks and people will only look to the short-term expenses rather than the long-term benefits and no matter what the fuck I say I know it's only for a grade and I won't be making a fucking difference because MONEY IS THE EVILEST CREATION OF MAN KIND AND WE'RE ALL TO STUCK UP ON HOW MUCH IT WILL COST!

::takes a breath:: ::counts to ten::
Right, yeah... so this is a bit of a sore spot with me. And, I know I'm a hypocrite because, in a few hours, I'm gonna get dressed in my factory-made clothing, get in my gas-guzzling car (well, not really gas guzzler - 1992 Dodge? Colt that gets about 20 to 23 miles per gallon, which is pretty good for a 4-wheel drive car) and drive the 15 miles into town, where I'll go buy me some lunch at a fast food restaurant who put enough grease in their food to keep a diesel truck running for a week (seriously... I saw this on some TV special a few years ago - these two people bought this diesel truck (van?) and go around to the fast food places and use their left over deep fryer grease as 'gas' - and it actually *works*) and than I'll wander off to school and write on all that factory-created paper made from all those trees with my factory-created pencil, reading from books made from paper made from more of those trees, and yada yada, because that's all we *can* do in this day and age because it's what is available to us and how we've learned to live for the past 30 years.

At least I can say we've made a good start in the whole "Saving the World" (from ourselves) thing... I'm proud to say that it's basically illegal to *not* recycle where I live, and plenty of other places around the mid-west as well. We're seeing more recycling bins scattered around schools and places of work (though more would be nice, seeing as the human race is a chronically lazy species who won't often walk the additional 100 feet down the hall to put their plastic bottles in the nearest recycling bin). More trees are being planted to replace those that were cut down 50 years ago, cars are becoming more energy efficient, and gas stations around the country have switched to a useable gasoline source made from corn rather than oil, and - in my family's case, at least - more wood is being used to heat homes (which is a very handy thing to have when the power is knocked out by one of the Midwest's famous ice storms).

So yes, people are taking the first steps. But, dammit, it's not enough, and I know for a fact how helpless we are to try and change that because I've been in this "business" since I was born because my father is one of those people who tried to *sell* the alternate energy sources (mostly wood stoves and propane (which, while still kind a 'fossil fuel', is slightly better for the environment), though he also did the 'energy saving' stuff like window quilt and better insulated windows and stuff. He also tried to spread awareness on alternate sources of energy, like solar and wind, though we never sold any of the systems) - and we had to close our business in town because we didn't have enough customers, which is evidence that not enough people cared or were willing to *listening* to what we had to say. Yes, there were a few... but how can having two customers a day (sometimes 4 if we were lucky) compare to the thousands of people who every day went to other sources for their energy needs? We're just so incredibly outnumbered, and even if people pretend to listen, how often will they actually follow through?

Money talks... And, unfortunately, the alternate sources of energy cost thousands of dollars off hand to buy and install; even if they *are* more energy efficient and will likely pay for themselves within 2 to 5 years, people want *immediate* results, screw the cost differences over time. And often times, my self included, people simply just can't *afford* to give up three to ten thousand dollars at the drop of a hat to pay for these things. And it sucks.

And this thing ended up way longer than I planned. Koodos if you made it through the whole thing. I've also wasted an hour and a half of valuable homework time... Damn me and my tendency to talk too much. :)
I'll shut up now.
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This is just frickin insane! ::growls::

Rant a head... Please forgive any comment or statement made within this next paragraph or so that might cause friction...

Even though I'm not fat, I am considered overweight for my hight. I'm 5 feet 4 inches and I weigh 150 pounds. which is something I freely admit to on a regular basis. However, most of that weight comes from muscle... MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT, PEOPLE! Also? I eat pretty damn healthy, going for the pretzels and corn chips before I go for potato chips of pretty much any kind because I don't *like* potato chips! I far prefer chicken and turkey to red meat, and I can honestly say I don't even *like* pork chops or ham and/or steak. Given the choice, I'll go for 100% juices or iced tea before I go for the soda, and when I *do* go for soda, I tend to lean toward the uncaffinated brands like Ginger Ale and Sprite. I prefer walking to driving, and I try to swim laps at least once a week when I'm working and once a month if I'm not. My lung compasity is 125% of what is normally considered average for a person of my height and weight, and that is *with* asthma which I have had all my life. My weight is pretty much *ideal* for my body type, and people guess my weight at 20-30 pounds less it really because, well, I guess society isn't used to seeing a girl who actually has some meat on her. Weight and percent body fat should have *nothing* to do with the public and government snooping around to make sure heaftier men and women are following some universal *plan* to become one more skinny little speck of a being that can be blown over by a sudden gust of wind on this skinny=beautiful fucking world we live in!

I have never been scorned because of how I look, but I have been scorned because I'm different. And this? This just makes that scorning all the more heart-breaking.

In other news, dad went into town and rented a whole bunch of videos. We already watched X2, and we still have Finding Nemo, Tomb Raider - Cradle of Life, Disney's The Black Hole, and Pocohantus (dad wants a copy of this so we're gonna piret it... YAY having a new VCR that Gus gave us for Chirstmas). And yet right now dad has on The Hulk, a movie which I never wanted to see that we actually have on tape. But, Gus hasn't seen it and wanted too, and he's leaving tomorrow morning. So, we're watching it. It's times like that that I really wish I had a book to read, which at the moment I don't since I finished Owl Knight yesterday. ::pouts:: But, I will say one thing about the movie; Sarah (Jennifer what's her face played her in Labyrinth) *really* grew up. I didn't even recognize her until the end (cause dad had it on the first time on like Monday or Saturday or something like that) when she does this look out the window at the trees after getting off the phone with her dad... That look was one she used in Labyrinth a lot, and that's when it clicked on where I had seen the actress before. So, YAY Jennifer growing up!

Also? I'm all the way up to skip=50 on LJ friends! Go me!
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Ya know, sometimes I really wish we had one of those BowFlex machines... Just so I could get more balance with my muscle build. Thanks to my mother, I have rather broad shoulders for a girl, so I figured if I was gonna look like a muscle women anyways, I might as well actually have some muscle build. So, I started doing pushups every night and arm curls. Unfortunately, all I have is a 10 pound weight, so it doesn't do me a whole lot of good anymore. Also, though my triceps (or whatever that muscle crossing from the backside of your arm next to the biceps is) are nice and firm cause of the 55 pushup a night, everything else in my arms is strongish, but still kinda flimsy, and I am not really liking how it looks. With a Bowflex machine, maybe I could de-flimsaify the rest of my arms.
See, me being the slight feminist I am, I really don't like the 'average teenage girl' stereotype of always emotional and crying and needing the big, strong male to protect her. I don't cry, or only very rarely, and I have learned to hide my emotions, like most men have. So I am doing the best one simple girl can to change that stereotype. I mean, I know it is far from true, and it is getting better with all those kick-ass girl fighters on TV and such, but I know it's still there. It really pisses me off, just because I know it's not true, at least not for all of us... I have always considered myself a Tough-Assed Bitch... Nice and cheerful, but still tough. I grew up with two older brothers, so maybe I kinda learned it from them.
But, there's only so much you can do with the floor and a 10 pound weight. (and please do not porn that, even though I'm sure it's really easy to do)
Too bad those Bowflex machines cost so much, cause I would probably use one pretty regularly.
Anyways, end rant... If you followed all that random Maren babbling, well done...

On a totally different note, I really liked todays Forever Knight...
Confusing as hell (as many episodes of different series have seemed to be in recent weeks), but really cool... Loved the chicks whole "Dark side of the glass" song and how it was kinda used for Nicks own little personal music video.

Ok, going now, seeing at I'm sure I've pissed a few people off and don't wanna make it any worse...
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So, we have this presentation to do on Friday on the first half of the book we're reading for English. My groups book is Deliverance by James Dickey.
Only problem is (and no offence intended to those who like the book), ** I hate this book!!**
And, see, I *really* don't wanna re-read what I already have read in.order to take notes for the presentation...
Now this type of thing happens, like, almost never in my life... I might not like a book, but I'll be ok reading it cause I just love reading. But... I really really really hate this book, and would much rather throw it out a ten-story window then ever have to re-read any part of it... Don't know *why* I hate it so much, but I do... Just doesn't sit right I guess...
Anyhoo, now back to the basis of this post... Does any one know where I can find notes or a summary of the book online? I'm not one who usually even *considers* this when it comes to books we have to read, and have never so-called "cheated," even though it really wouldn't be cheating cause I've already read what I needed to, but still... I *do not* wanna re-read this book. At all. Ever again in my life. So just this once, I'm considering it...
O-key, and now I feel guilty about it... But, not guilty enough. So... Any information on where I might find notes would be greatly appreciated...? ::looks innocent and cute::

Ok, end rant... Sorry all! :)


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